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Herbert Spencer's Miscellaneous Works.

THE FACTORS OF ORGANIC EVOLUTION. Reprinted, with Additions, from "The Nineteenth Century " and "The Popular Science Monthly." 12mo. Cloth, 75 cents.


Containing "THE NEW TORYISM," "THE COMING SLAVERY," "THE SINS OF LEGISLATORS," and "THE GREAT POLITICAL SUPERSTITION." Reprinted from "The Popular Science Monthly," with a Postscript. Small 8vo. Paper 80 cents.


Or, the Conditions essential to Human Happiness Specified, and the First of
Them Developed. With a Notice of the Author. 12mo. Cloth, $2.00.


12mo. Cloth, $2.00.

"Those who have read the work on Education will remember the analytic tendency of the author's mind-his clear perception and admirable exposition of first principles-his wide grasp of facts-his lucid and vigorous style, and the constant and controlling bearing of the discussion on practical results. These traits characterize all Mr. Spencer's writings, and mark in an eminent degree the present volume."-N. Y. Tribune.

ESSAYS: Moral, Political, and Æsthetic.

12mo. Cloth, $2.00,

12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

12mo. Cloth, $2,00.

EDUCATION: Intellectual, Moral, and Physical. 12mo. Cloth, $1.25; cheap edition, paper, 50 cents.


12mo. Flexible cloth, 50 cents.

For sale by all booksellers; or sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of price.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 1, 3, & 5 Bond Street.


THE SENSES AND THE INTELLECT. By ALEXANDER BAIN. LL. D., Professor of Logic in the University of Aberdeen. 8vo. Cloth, $5.00.

The object of this treatise is to give a full and systematic account of two principal divisions of the science of mind-the senses and the intellect. The value of the third edition of the work is greatly enhanced by an account of the psychology of Aristotle, which has been contributed by Mr. Grote.

THE EMOTIONS AND THE WILL. By ALEXANDEr Bain, LL. D. 8vo. Cloth, $5.00.

The present publication is a sequel to the former one on "The Senses and the Intellect," and completes a systematic exposition of the human mind. MENTAL SCIENCE. A Compendium of Psychology and the His. tory of Philosophy. Designed as a Text-book for High-Schools and Colleges. By ALEXANDER BAIN, LL. D. 12mo. Cloth, leather back, $1.50.

The present volume is an abstract of two voluminous works, "The Senses and the Intellect" and "The Emotions and the Will," and presents in a com. pressed and lucid form the views which are there more extensively elaborated. MORAL SCIENCE. A Compendium of Ethics. By ALEXANDER BAIN, LL. D. 12mo. Cloth, leather back; $1.50.

The present dissertation falls under two divisions. The first division, en. titled The Theory of Ethics, gives an account of the questions or points brought into discussion, and handles at length the two of greatest prominence, the Ethical Standard and the Moral Faculty. The second division-on the Ethical Systems —is a full detail of all the systems, ancient and modern.


Theories of their Relations. By ALEXANDER BAIN, LL. D. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"A forcible statement of the connection between mind and body, studying their subtile interworkings by the light of the most recent physiological investi gations."-Christian Register.

LOGIC, DEDUCTIVE AND INDUCTIVE. BY ALEXANDER BAIN, LL. D. Revised edition. 12mo. Cloth, leather back, $2.00. EDUCATION AS A SCIENCE. BY ALEXANDER BAIN, LL. D. 12mo. Cloth, $1.75.

ENGLISH COMPOSITION AND RHETORIC. Enlarged edition. Part I. Intellectual Elements of Style. By ALEXANDER BAIN, LL. D., Emeritus Professor of Logic in the University of Aberdeen. 12mo. Cloth, leather back, $1.50.

ON TEACHING ENGLISH. With Detailed Examples and an Inquiry into the Definition of Poetry. By ALEXANDER BAIN, LL. D. 12mo. Cloth, $1.25.


New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 1, 3, & 5 Bond Street.



EVOLUTION AND ITS RELATION TO RELIGIOUS THOUGHT. By JOSEPH LE CONTE, LL. D., Professor of Geology and Natural History in the University of California. With numer. ous Illustrations. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"Much, very much has been written, especially on the nature and the evidences of evolution, but the literature is so voluminous, much of it so fragmentary, and most of it so technical, that even very intelligent persons have still very vague ideas on the subject. I have attempted to give (1) a very concise account of what we mean by evolution, (2) an outline of the evidences of its truth drawn from many different sources, and (3) its relation to fundamental religious beliefs." -Extract from Preface.

ELEMENTS OF GEOLOGY. A Text-book for Colleges and for the General Reader. By JOSEPH LE CONTE, LL. D. With upward

of 900 Illustrations. New and enlarged edition. 8vo. Cloth, $4.00. "Besides preparing a comprehensive text-book, suited to present demands, Professor Le Conte has given us a volume of great value as an exposition of the subject, thoroughly up to date. The exam ples and applications of the work are almost entirely derived from this country, so that it may be properly considered an American geology. We can commend this work without qualification to all who desire an intelligent acquaintance with geological science, as fresh, lucid, full, authentic, the result of devoted study and of long experience in teaching." -Popular Science Monthly.

RELIGION AND SCIENCE. A Series of Sunday Lectures on the Relation of Natural and Revealed Religion, or the Truths revealed in Nature and Scripture. By JOSEPH LE CONTE, LL. D. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"We commend the book cordially to the regard of all who are interested in whatever pertains to the discussion of these grave questions, and especially to those who desire to examine closely the strong foundations on which the Christian faith is reared."-Boston Journal.

SIGHT: An Exposition of the Principles of Monocular and Binocular Vision. By JOSEPH LE CONTE, LL. D. With Illustrations. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"Professor Le Conte has long been known as an original investigator in this department; all that he gives us is treated with a master-hand. It is pleasant to find an American book that can rauk with the very best of foreign books on this subject."-The Nation.


New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 1, 3, & 5 Bond Street.


BODY AND WILL: Being an Essay concerning Will in its Metaphysical, Physiological, and Pathological Aspects. 12mo. Cloth, $2.50.

BODY AND MIND: An Inquiry into their Connection and Mutual Influence, specially in reference to Mental Disorders. 1 vol., 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

PHYSIOLOGY AND PATHOLOGY OF MIND: PHYSIOLOGY OF THE MIND. New edition. 1 vol., 12mo. Cloth, $2.00. CONTENTS: Chapter I. On the Method of the Study of the Mind.-II. The Mind and the Nervous System.-III. The Spinal Cord, or Tertiary Nervous Centres; or, Nervous Centres of Reflex Action.-IV. Secondary Nervous Centres; or, Sensory Ganglia; Sensorium Commune.-V. Hemispherical Ganglia; Cortical Cells of the Cerebral Hemispheres; Ideational Nervous Centres, Primary Nervous Centres; Intellectorium Commune.-VI. The Emotions.-VII. Volition.-VIII.-Motor Nervous Centres, or Motorium Commune and Actuation or Effection.-IX. Memory and Imagination.

PATHOLOGY OF THE MIND. Being the Third Edition of the Second Part of the "Physiology and Pathology of Mind," recast, enlarged, and rewritten. 1 vol., 12mo. Cloth, $2.00. CONTENTS: Chapter I. Sleep and Dreaming.-II. Hypnotism, Somnambulism, and Allied States.-III. The Causation and Prevention of Insanity: (A) Etiological.-IV. The same continued.-V. The Causation and Prevention of Insanity: (B) Pathological.—VI. The Insanity of Early Life.-VII. The Symptomatology of Insanity.VIII. The same continued.-IX. Clinical Groups of Mental Disease.-X. The Morbid Anatomy of Mental Derangement.-XI. The Treatment of Mental Disorders.

RESPONSIBILITY IN MENTAL DISEASE. (International Scientific Series.) 1 vol., 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"The author is at home in his subject, and presents his views in an almost singularly clear and satisfactory manner. . The volume is a valuable contribution to one of the most difficult and at the same time one of the most important subjects of investigation at the present day."-New York Observer.

"Handles the important topic with masterly power, and its suggestions are practical and of great value."-Providence Press.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 1, 3, & 5 Bond Street.



MENTAL EVOLUTION IN MAN: Origin of Human Faculty. One vol., 8vo. Cloth, $3.00.

This work, which follows "Mental Evolution in Animals," by the same author, considers the probable mode of genesis of the human mind from the mind of lower animals, and attempts to show that there is no distinction of kind between man and brute, but, on the contrary, that such distinctions as do exist all admit of being explained, with respect to their evolution, by adequate psychological analysis.

"The vast array of facts, and the sober and solid method of argument employed by Mr. Romanes, will prove, we think, a great gift to knowledge."Saturday Review.

JELLY-FISH, STAR-FISH, AND SEA-URCHINS. Being a Research on Primitive Nervous Systems. 12mo. Cloth, $1.75.

"Although I have throughout kept in view the requirements of a general reader, I have also sought to render the book of service to the working physiologist, by bringing together in one consecutive account all the more important observations and results which have been yielded by this research."-Extract from Preface.

"A profound research into the laws of primitive nervous systems conducted by one of the ablest English investigators. Mr. Romanes set up a tent on the beach and examined his beautiful pets for six summers in succession. Such patient and loving work has borne its fruits in a monograph which leaves nothing to be said about jelly-fish, star-fish, and sea-archins. Every one who has studied the lowest forms of life on the sea-shore admires these objects. But few have any idea of the exquisite delicacy of their structure and their nice adaptation to their place in nature. Mr. Romanes brings out the subtile beauties of the rudimentary organisms, and shows the resemblances they bear to the higher types of creation. His explanations are made more clear by a large number of illustrations."-New York Journal of Commerce.

ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE. 12mo. Cloth, $1.75.

"A collection of facts which, though it may merely amuse the unscientific reader, will be a real boon to the student of comparative psychology, for this is the first attempt to present systematically the well-assured results of observation on the mental life of animals."-Saturday Review.

MENTAL EVOLUTION IN ANIMALS. With a Posthumous Essay on Instinct, by CHARLES DARWIN. 12mo. Cloth, $2.00. "Mr. Romanes has followed up his careful enumeration of the facts of Animal Intelligence,' contributed to the International Scientific Series,' with a work dealing with the successive stages at which the various mental phenomena appear in the scale of life. The present installment displays the same evidence of industry in collecting facts and caution in co-ordinating them by theory as the former."-The Athenæum.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 1, 3, & 5 Bond Street.

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