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I. 16 To "the one" etc. add marg. Or, they that are moved by love do it. 17 To "but the other" etc. add the marg. Or, but they that are factious proclaim Christ

22 Read in the text "if this shall bring fruit from my work" with marg. Gr. this is for me fruit of work.

[blocks in formation]

Let the text run "counted not the being on an equality with God a thing to be grasped" and omit marg. 4

14 For "disputings " read "questionings"

15 For "may be " read "

may become"

III. 8 Substitute marg. 5 (“refuse") for the text.

9 For "of God" read "from God"


12 For "apprehend... apprehended" read "lay hold on... laid hold on", and in marg. for "apprehend... apprehended" read "lay hold... laid hold on

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13 For "apprehended” read "laid hold"

IV. 4 Omit marg. 3 ("Farewell")

19 For "fulfil" read "supply" [Comp. "Classes of Passages," XIV.]


I. 26 For "from all" read "for"

II. 15 For "having put off from himself" read "having despoiled" and substitute the text for marg. 2

III. 5 For "Mortify” read “Put to death” and omit marg. 3

16 For "richly" read "richly;" and omit the semicolon after "wisdom" putting the present text into the marg.


II. 6 Let marg.1 run claimed authority, and then let the marg. and the text exchange places.

IV. 12 For "honestly" read “becomingly "

[blocks in formation]


II. 2 For "is now present " read "is just at hand"

10 For "are perishing" read "perish" with the text in the marg.

III. 2 Omit marg. 3 ("the faith")


I. 16 For "hereafter" read "thereafter"


18 Substitute marg. ("led the way to thee") for the text.




II. 4 Read "who would have all men to be saved"


15 Let marg. and the text exchange places.

V. 12 For "faith" read "pledge" (with marg. Gr. faith.)

VI. 9 For "desire" read "are minded"


I. 10 For "incorruption" read "immortality" with marg. Gr. incorruption.

II. 26 Read "having been taken captive by him unto his will"; and let marg. run Or, by him, unto the will of God Gr. by him etc.



I. 2 "before times eternal" add marg. Or, long ages ago

II. 13 Let the text and marg. 3 exchange places.

III. 10 For "A man . . . heretical" read "a factious man"


I. 7 Omit marg.” (“spirits”)

9 To the first "God" add marg. Or, O God

II. 16 Let the text run "For verily not to angels doth he give help, but he giveth help to" etc. (with marg. Gr. For verily not of angels doth he take hold, but he taketh hold of etc.)

17 For "might be " read "might become"

III. 9 Let marg. 8 (" Where") and the text exchange places.

11 "As" add marg. Or, So So in iv. 3.

IV. 2 Let the text and marg. exchange places, reading in marg. 66 Many ancient authorities" etc.


7 Read "a certain day, To-day, saying in David, so long a time afterward (even as hath been said before), To-day if ye" etc. VI. 1 For "let us cease" etc. read "leaving the doctrine of the first principles of Christ, let us" with marg.1 Gr. the word of the beginning of Christ.


9 In marg. for " are near to" read “belong to"

VIII. 8 "finding fault" etc. add marg. Some ancient authorities read finding fault with it he saith unto them.

IX. 4 Let marg.1 and the text exchange places.

9 For "parable" read "figure" So in xi. 19.

Omit "now."

14 "the eternal Spirit" add marg. Or, his eternal spirit


17 Let marg. and the text exchange places.

X. 1 For "they can" read "can" (and for marg.3 read Many ancient authorities read they can.)


22, 23 Let the text and marg. exchange places.

25 For "the assembling of ourselves together" read "our own

assembling together"


X. 34 For ye yourselves have” read “2 ye have for yourselves" (and omit marg. 3, letting marg. 2 read Many ancient authorities read that ye have your own selves for a etc.)

XI. 1 Read "faith is assurance of things hoped for, a conviction " etc. 5 Read in the text "for he hath had witness borne to him that before his translation he had been" etc. with the present text in the marg.

XII. 3 For "themselves" read "himself" (and let marg. * run Many ancient authorities read themselves.)

17 For "rejected (for... of repentance)" read "rejected; for he found no place for a change of mind in his father" with marg. Or, rejected (for he found no place of repentance), etc. Or, rejected; for... of repentance etc.

XIII. 18 For "honestly" read “honourably”

20 For "the eternal" read "an eternal"

24 "They of" add marg. Or, The brethren from


I. 3 For "proof" read "proving"

17 For "boon" read "gift"

III. 1 For "many" read "many of you"

IV. 4 "adulteresses" add marg. That is, who break your marriage vow to God.



II. 2 In marg. * for "reasonable" read "belonging to the reason." V. 2 For "according unto God" read "according to the will of God" (and so in marg. 3). Comp. Rom. viii. 27.



I. 1 Let marg. * and the text exchange places.

7 For "love of the brethren" read "brotherly kindness" (twice) with marg. Gr. love of the brethren.

17 For "came such a voice to him from the excellent glory" read "was borne such a voice to him by the Majestic Glory" and omit marg.


18 For "come" read "borne" and omit marg."

II. 13 For "love-feasts" read "deceivings" and in marg,' read Some ancient authorities read love-feasts.


III. 19, 20 For "him, whereinsoever... because God" etc. read "him : because if our heart condemn us, God" etc. (with the present text in the marg.)


V. 18 Substitute marg. 3 for the text, and add marg. Some ancient manuscripts read him.

[blocks in formation]

1 For "Judas" read “Jude” and add marg. Gr. Judas.

4 For "set forth" read "written of beforehand" putting the
present text into the marg.

22 Against "And on some" etc. add the marg. Some ancient au-
thorities read And some refute while they dispute with you.

[blocks in formation]


6" of the throne" add marg. Or, before [comp. v. 6; vii. 17.]
V. 6 “in the midst of the throne" etc. add marg. Or, between the
throne with the four living creatures, and the elders


VI. 6 "A measure" etc. add marg. [instead of marg. and ] Or, A
chanix (i. e. about a quart) of wheat for a shilling-implying
great scarcity.

11 For "be fulfilled" read "be fulfilled in number" and then let
the marg. and the text exchange places.

VII. 17" of the throne" add marg. Or, before (See iv. 6.)


X. 6 Substitute marg. ("delay") for the text.

XII. 4 For "stood . . . was... was...
... might" read "standeth... is

... is... may"

XIII. 1 "he stood" add marg. Some ancient authorities read I stood
etc., connecting the clause with what follows.

8 Let marg. and the text exchange places. [comp. xvii. 8.]
XIV. 6 For "an eternal gospel" read "eternal good tidings "

15 For "over-ripe" read "ripe" with marg. Gr. become dry.
XV. 2 For "that come" read "that come off"

XVI. 9 For "the God" read “God”

16 "Har-Magedon" add marg. Or, Ar-Magedon
XIX. 15 For "of Almighty God" read "of God, the Almighty"
XXII. 3 For "do him service" read "serve him"


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