They Said I Wouldn't Make It

AuthorHouse, 6. mar. 2008 - 336 sider
They Said I Wouldn't Make It. This is a book that needs to be read by all. It is full of everyday life situation. A book about one man's dreams and strggles to get custody of his ten siblings and reunite his family together again. This book is a pure inspiration to millions. I was always challenged by people that said that they were normal, telling me that I wouldn't make it in life because of how I was born. Not only is this book written from my heart, but it is also written through my pain and tears, triumphs and victories. It is my desire that kids that are born handicap would have the understanding that no on can make you handicap, if you chose not to be that handicap is a state of one's mind. It is my desire that the department of Social Services will remove the name 'foster' from kids. There is no such thing as a false child, all kids are real. For those that are single parents, I hope that you receive new strength. You can make it, don't give up. For the parents that have kids that were born handicap, if you want them normal, don't raise them handicap. For you that have lost your family through the system, don't give up, miracles still happen. For those of you that had been through sexual, physical, psychological, or any other abuse you can be healed. Many people's childhoods destroyed their adulthoods. For you this does not have to be so. Remember a quitter never wins, and a winner never quits. Last, those who say they can and those wh say they can not, are both correct.

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