Bibliografie ceske historie: II. Zpracovani. Dejiny ceske od roku 1670-1679. cis. 22.999-30.910. Jan Amos Komensky c. 17.324-30.638. 1912

Nákladem České akademie cisaře Franktiška Josefa pro vědy, slovesnost a umňí, 1912

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Side 499 - Visible world: or, A nomenclature, and pictures, of all the chief things that are in the world, and of men's employments therein; in above 150 cuts.
Side 359 - A certain Inducement to found such Schools in all the Parishes, Towns, and Villages of every Christian Kingdom, that the entire Youth of both Sexes, none being excepted, shall Quickly ', Pleasantly , & Thoroughly Become learned in the Sciences, pure in Morals, trained to Piety, and in this manner instructed in all things necessary for the present and for the future life...
Side 155 - THE Entertainment of his most excellent majestie Charles II., in his passage through the city of London to his Coronation...
Side 495 - Orbis sensualium pictus. Hoc est, Omnium fundamentalium in Mundo Rerum et in Vita Actionum Pictura et Nomenclatura.
Side 426 - Janua Linguarum Reserata. Sive Seminarium Linguarum et Scientiarum Omnium. Hoc est Compendiosa Latinam (et quamlibet aliam) Linguam, una cum Scientiarum, Artiumque omnium fundamentis, perdiscendi Methodus ; sub Titulis centum, Periodis autem mille, comprehensa.
Side 154 - Homer his Iliads translated, adorn'd with sculpture and illustrated with annotations by John Ogilby . London printed by Thomas Roycroft, and are to be had at the Author's House in Kingshead Court within Shoe-Laue.
Side 359 - The Great Didactic: Setting forth the whole Art of Teaching all Things to all Men...
Side 153 - Kölnische Künstler in alter und neuer Zeit. Johann Jacob Merlos neu bearbeitete und erweiterte Nachrichten von dem Leben und den Werken Kölnischer Künstler, herausgegeben von Dr.
Side 350 - An Exhortation of the Churches of Bohemia to the Church of England: Wherein is set forth The good of Unity, Order, Discipline and Obedience, in Churches rightly now, or to be Constituted. With a Description premised of the Order and Discipline used in the Churches of the Brethren of Bohemia.
Side 305 - Colus, oder Pfy, lose vieh der Weiber, darinnen gleich hundert allerhand gewöhnliche Aberglauben des gemeinen Mannes lächerig wahr gemachet werden: die kurtze Zeit zu verlängern und die lange Zeit zu vertreiben, auffgesetzet durch MIciPSaM (Mag.

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