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Works published by G. and W. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria Lane.

Each County is published separately, (price 19.) and is therefore complete in itself; containing a compendious and accurate account of its History and Topography, its Antiquities, natural and artificial Curiosities, local Peculiarities, Commerce, Manufactures, &c.; comprising also the Biography of its most Eminent Persons; and every local information to be met with in larger Statistical Works; and embellished by a neat and correct Travelling Map.

The Publishers anticipate that the County Histo ries will meet with the liberal support of the public in general, as their contents are highly useful and interesting to people of every age, and in every class of Society; but they beg to insure the Instructors of Youth, who have been so long their liberal Patrons, that they are peculiarly adapted to the purposes of .Education, and contain that kind of local information with which every Parent must wish his Child should be made acquainted; while not a phrase or sentence has been admitted into them that can be objected to.

Great care has been taken to ensure correctness; but in a Work collected from so many sources, some errors will be waavoidable. The Publishers therefore beg to be favoured with any errata that their friends may discover, which shall be carefully attended to when the HISTORIES are reprinted.

Counties already published:



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[The remainder of the Series is in a rapid course of of publication.]

"The whole is a concise and excellent perform. ance, contrived to bring a vast deal of useful information into a small compass; and there is no one proud of his native Country, but must feel a secret pleasure that its treasures, beauties, and interests, are so ably and familiarly delineated, and brought within the reach of the humblest individual.”

Literary Chronicle, No. 62.

In recommending the foregoing " Explanatory and Scientific School Books" to the notice of the Public, the Proprietors have great satisfaction in observing that independent of the high enconiums which have been bestowed on these publications by numerous respectable Instructors of Youth, and their very general adoption in the first Seminaries in all parts of the Kingdom, they have separately and collectively undergone the test of public criticism, and received a degree of praise, which operates as a powerful stimulus to pursue their system with increased ardour. Anxious, therefore, not merely to preserve the reputation which their Books have already attained, but to improve them in every possible manner, it will be their constant study carefully to revise every succeeding Edition, and to take advantage of every improvement in Literature and Science that can contribute to the Instruction of Youth, by introducing it in an easy and pleasing form in these Elementary Treatises. For the further accomplishment of this most desirable object, they will at all times feel themselves indebted for the judicions remarks of their friends, either in suggesting such ideas as may appear likely to facilitate the progress of Education, or in pointing out any typographical inaccuracies which may have inadvertently crept into some of the publications.


History, etc.




From the earliest Periods to the Second Retura of

Louis XVIII. to the Throne of his Ancestors. With a Chronological Table of Contents, and a List of Contemporary Princes, at the end of each King's Reign: and an Appendix, containing a slight Sketch of the Political Arrangements of Europe as settled by the Treaty of Paris.

By Mrs. JAMIESON, (late Miss Thurtle.) Third Edition, 12mo. Price 69. boards. "What could be done in a compass so limited, the writer seems to have accomplished. She has exercised her judgment in selecting such circumstances as are best fitted to shew by what means the grand po litical changes in the government of the country were effected; and has very properly been least copious respecting those of ancient date. So short, indeed, is the account of some of the early reigns, that little more is recorded of the ruling prince than that be was born, and that he died. When we advance

so far as the 14th century, the details become more ample; and the work increases in interest, as we approach to its conclusion,

"The style appears in general to be simple and unaffected, exhibiting much of the ease so remarkable in the writings of Dr. Goldsmith."

Edinburgh Monthly Review, Jan. 1820.



From the earliest Ages of which we have any authentic Records, to the Return of Ferdinand VII, in 1814, accompanied with the Chronological and Genealogical Tables, of the Visgoth and Spanish Princes and Caliphs, and a List of the Contemporary Sovereigns at the end of each Reign; also the Political Arrangements of Europe, as settled at the Treaty of Paris, with Notes.

By Mrs. JAMIESON. 12mo., Price 8s. 6d. boards.

"We are glad the task of writing an abridged History of Spain has fallen into such hands as those of our authoress. The present political aspect of Spain increases the interest of this publication, which, ia conciseness of style and clearness of expression, re

Works published by G. and W. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria Lane.

sembles the writings of Goldsmith. The chronologi

cal and genealogical tables are excellent; the divi-
sions and subdivisions of the work perfectly regular;
and we recommend it as extremely amusing and in-
structive for youthful readers, and as a well-arranged
help to the memory of the elder and better informed
in historical science." Literary Gazette, May, 1820.



In which the Geography, the Character, and the
Manners of Nations are described; and the Phæno-
mena of Nature, most worthy of Observation, are il
Instrated on scientific Principles. The whole embel-
lished with many beautiful Engravings. For the In-
struction and Amusement of Youth.

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Third Edition. Price 4s. boards.

"We cheerfully recommend this tale to general circulation. If it should be received as it merits, we shall not, we trust, hear so much of disunion among those whom nature itself specially desires to love one another;' and we may expect that when these branches leave their stock, they will retain their blossoms; and, by after-sought intercourses, cause it to be said, how good it is for brethren to dwell together in unity."

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Antijacobin Review, August, 1948. "This little book well merits public encouragement, and ought to occupy a place in every juvenile library. The story is interesting, and enlivened by a variety of lively sketches of manners calculated to improve the heart, while the dialogues on architecture, heraldry, and antiquities, contribute very much to enlarge the understanding."-New Monthly Mag. Oct. 1819. STORIES


For the Amusement of Children.

Price 28. half-bound.

"This little volume, designed for the nursery, contains a fund of anecdote, and exhibits many pleasing traits of character."





Mentioned in the New Testament: Illustrated by Sixteen beautiful Engravings from Rubens.


Price £s. 6d. half-bound; or 3s. 6d. fine.



Comprehending the Principles of Language and Style,
the Elements of Taste aud Criticism; with Rules for
the Study of Composition and Eloquence; illustrated
by appropriate Examples, selected chiefly from the
British Classics; for the Use of Schools or private

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Works published by G. and W. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria Läne.

THE PRECEPTOR'S KEY; Containing Answers to the Questions and Exercises

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"The plan of this Work appears to us an evident improvement upon those in general use, for the pose of initiating young people into a knowledge of history."-New Monthly Magazine, April, 1819.

"These conversations are of a very superior cast; the tone of criticism prevalent in this Work is mode. rate, not pointed; and it will be perceived that the dialogue form adopted in all this narration is mere form, and that either interlocutor can continue the story where bis predecessor left off. Charles and Amelia are as able to make reflections as their father; and that happy communion of intelligence exists between them, which is the highest triumph of reciprocal instruction."-Monthly Review, May, 1829.



From the Invasion of Julius Cæsar to the present Time:

Exhibiting to the Minds of Youth a Variety of instructive and pleasing Information, adapted to the Capacities of young People of both Sexes; on a Plan nearly similar to that of Dr. Henry,

By the Rev. JOHN ADAMS, A. M.
Fifth Edition, illustrated with Plates.
Price 4s. 6d. bound.


Adapted to the above.
Price Is. sewed.

THE ROMAN HISTORY, From the Foundation of Rome to the Subversion of the Eastern Empire, and the taking of Constantinople by the Turks, in the Year of our Saviour One Thou sand Four Hundred and Fifty-three; including the

Antiquities, Manners, and Customs, as well as the Jurisprudence and Military Establishment of the Romans.

In Seven Books, on a new and interesting Plan. By the Rev. J ADAMS, A. M.

Third Edition, with Questions on each Chapter. Price 4s. 6d. bound.


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BRITISH CHRONOLOGY; Being a Catalogue of Monarchs, from the Invasion of Julius Cæsar to the Conquest of William, Duke of Normandy; to which are added, Chronological Tables, from the Conquest to the present Reign. Fourth Edition, with Alterations and Additions. By the Rev. G. WHITTAKER, A. M. Price 2s. bound.

"Notwithstanding the variety of works on this subject, none will be found better adapted to teach the chronological history of our own country, or convey in a more concise manner a brief knowledge of its political history. It is a extremely useful as a book of reference."

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In a Series of Letters to a Youth at School.

By the Rev. R. TURNER, JUN. LL. D.
Illustrated with a new Set of Maps. Fourteenth
Edition, improved and considerably enlarged. To
which is added, a large Map of the World, in which

are delineated the different Tracks of Captain Cook's

Ship, in his Three Voyages round the World. Also,

a Plate of the Terrestrial Globe, and a Plate of a

new and curious Geographical Clock. 1

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