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A SERIES OF ENGRAVINGS, explaining the COURSE of the NLRVES. By CHARLES BELL, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. On royal 4to. w.'h letter press Descriptions. Price 1'. Is. in Boards *sho ni mog bem the a thousand style of correctness and ele c, acahy by therefore be regarded as a valuable to the medical library," M. kev. AU, 1.8.

ENGRAVINGS OF THE BONES, MUSCLES, and JOINTS, illustrating the First Volume of the Anatomy of the Human Body. By JoHN BELL, Surgeon. In 40 with about 200 pages of explanatory Letter-press. Price 11s. 6d. in Boards.


Second Edition, in Svo Price 65. in Boards. SURGICAL OBSERVATIONS. Part I. containing a Classification of Tumours, with Cases to illustrate the History of each Species; an Account of Dis. eases which strictly resemble the Venereal Disease; and various Cases Hlustrative of different Surgical Subjects.


Honorary Member of the Royal Medical Society of Edinbuigh, and of the Medical Societies of Paris, Philadel phia, &c. Assistant Surgeon of St. Bartholomew's Hospi tal, and Teacher of Anatomy and Surgery. 8vo. 6s. in Bds Part II. containing an Account of the Disorders of Health in general, and of the digestive Organs in particular, which accompany local Diseases, and obstruct their Cure; Observations on Diseases of the Urethra, particularly of that Part which is surrounded by the Prostrate Gland; and Observations relative to the Treatment of one Species of the Nævi Materni.

In 1 vol. Svo. Price 6s. in Boards.

THE CHEMICAL LECTURES of the late celebrated Dr. JOSEPH BLACK. Regins Professor of Chemistry in the University of Edinburgh; published from the Author's Manuscripts, by JOHN ROBINSON, LL.D. Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. With Notes, philosophical and historical, by the Editor, partly for Illustration of the Text, and partly in order to ascertain the Claims of Dr. Black, and other eminent Philosophers of these Kingdoms, to the great Discoveries and Improvements which have been made in this Science, especially since the Year 1756. In 2 vols 4to. with a Head of the Author Price 31. 3s. Bds.

ELEMENTS OF CHEMISTRY AND NATURAL HISTORY. To which is prefixed, the Philosophy of Chemistry. By A. F. FOURCROY.

The 5th Edition, with Notes. By JOHN THOMSON, Surgeon, Edinburgh. In 3 vols. royal 8vo. Price 17. 11s. 6d.

"This edition has a claim to our attention, on account of the notes which have been added by the editor. The Notes on the Animal Kingdom, Part IV. are particularly instructive and inte resting. The same may indeed be said nearly of the whole; and we have no doubt that this edition will be found highly useful to chemical students." M. Rev.

LECTURES ON DIET AND REGIMEN; being aystematic Inquiry into the most rational Means of preserving Health, and prolonging Life; together with Physiological and Chemical Explanations, calculated chiedy for the Use of Families; in order to banish the pre vailing Abuses and Prejudices in Medicine. In 1 large vol. 8vo. By A. F. M. WILLICH, M. D. The Third Edition, enlarged and improved. Price 9s. Bds. "We have said enough to evince that the writer has fulfilled al his promises, and, on the whole, has given by far the fullest, most perfect, and comprehensive dietetic system which has yet appeared." Crit. Rev. "This work is not only a valuable accession to medical science, but must prove an inestimable accommodation both to tamilies and individuals situated at a distance from regular

advice." New Lond. Rev.

QUINCY'S LEXICON MEDICUM; A New Medical Dictionary; containing an Explanation of the Terms in Anatomy, Physiology, Practice of Physic, Materia Medica, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Surgery, Midwifery, and the various Branches of Natural Philosophy, connected with Medicine. To which is added, A Glossary of Obsolete Terms, from Castelli, Blanchard, Quincy, James, &c.

By ROBERT HOOPER, M. D. F. L. S. Assistant Physician to the Saint Mary-le-Bone Infirmary, &c. In 1 very large vol. 8vo. Price i6s. in Boards.

THE PHARMACOPŒIA OF THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS OF LONDON, translated into English; with Notes, Indexes of New Names, Preparations, &c. &c. By THOMAS HEALDE, M. D. F. R. S. Lumleyan Lecturer at the College of Physicians, and Senior Physician of the London Hospital. The Ninth Edition, revised and adapted to the last improved Edition of the College; with an Index, showing the general Doses of Medicines. By JOHN LATHAM, M.D. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Physician to the Magdalen, and to St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Price 78. in Boards.


By BENJAMIN MOSELY, M. D. Anthor of a "Treatise on Coffee," " Medical Tracts," &c. Physician to Chelsea Hospital, Member of the College of Physicians of London, of the University of Leyden, of the American Philosophical Society at Philadelphia, &c. The Fourth Edition, in 1 vol. 8vo. Price 12s. 6d. in Boards.

MEDICAL TRACTS: 1. On Sugar-II. On the Cow Pox-III. On the Yaws-IV On Obi; or African Witchcraft-V. On the Plague, and Yellow Fever of America-VI. On Hospitals-VII. On Bronchocele-VIII. On Prisons. By BENJAMIN MOSELY, M. D. &c. &c. In 1 vol. 8vo. Price 6s. 6d. in Boards. A TREATISE on the VARIETIES and CONSEQUENCES of OPHTHALMIA; with a Preliminary Inquiry into its Contagious Nature.

By ARTHUR EDMONDSTON, M. D. Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. In one vol. 8vo. Price 7s. in Boards.

The objects of this Work are to trace the Origin and Progress of the Opinion, which considers Ophthalmia to be propagated by Contagion or Infection; to investigate the nature and influence of the Causes of Ocular inflamma tion in general, but particularly of the Egyptian Ophthal mia; and to detail a mode of Treatment which has been found successful in its Cure.

THE OUTLINES OF THE VETERINARY ART, OR THE PRINCIPLES OF MEDICINE, as applied to a Knowledge of the Structure, Functions, and Economy of the Horse, the Ox, the Sheep, and the Dog; and to a more scientific and successful Manner of treating their various Diseases. By DELABERE BLAINE, Professor of Animal Medicine. In 2 large vols. 8vo. with Anatomical Plates. Price 1. 5s. in Boards.

"In the execution of this comprehensive plan the author deserves considerable credit." M. Ren." It appears to us that this work is the best and most scientific system of the Veterinary Art that has hitherto appeared in this country." Brit. Crit.

THE MODERN PRACTICE OF PHYSIC. By EDWARD GOODMAN CLARKE, M.D. Of the Royal College of Physicians, Loudon, and Physician to the Forces, &c. In 1 vol 8vo. Price 9s. in Boards.

This volume may be recommended to the student, as containing the best compendium of modern improvements in medicine and therapeutics, which we have had occasion to peruse." Crit. Rev. We earnestly recommend this work as deserving of the attention, particularly of the junior branches of the profession, as it is written in an able and scientific manner." Med. Fourn.

MEDICINE PRAXEOS COMPENDIUM, Symptomata, Causas, Diagnosin, Prognosin, et Medendi Rationem, exhibens. Auctore E. G. CLARKE, M. D. Collegii Regalis Medicorum Londinensis, nec non exercitus Medico. Editio Quarta, Plurimum Aucta et Emendata. Price 5s. sewed. the

PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS on UTERINE HEMORRHAGE; with Remarks on the Management of the Placenta. Lecturer on Midwifery, and Physicians and Surgeons in Price 5s. in Boards.

By JOHN BURNS, Member of the Faculty of Glasgow. In 1 vol. 8vo.

OBSERVATIONS on ABORTION; containing an Account of the Manner in which it takes place, the Causes which produce it, and the Method of By JOHN BURNS, Preventing, or treating it. Lecturer of Midwifery, and Meinber of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow. The 2d Edition. Price 5s. in Boards.

AN ESSAY, Medical, Philosophical, and Chemical, on DRUNKENNESS, and its Effects on the Human Body. By THOMAS TROTTER, M. D. Late Physician to his Majesty's Fleet, Member of the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh. The Second Edi. tion. In i vol. 8vo. Price 5s. in Boards.

Diseases of Seamen.


MEDICINA NAUTICA; an Essay on the By THOMAS TROTTER, M. D. Late Physician to his Majesty's Fleet, &c. In 3 vols. 8vo. Price 11. 3s. in Boards.

MEDICAL COLLECTIONS ON THE EFFECTS OF COLD, as a Remedy in certain Diseases. With an Appendix containing an Account of some Experiments made with a View to ascertain the Effects of Cold Water upon the Pulse.

In 1 vol. 8vo. Price 6s. in Boards.

AN ACCOUNT OF THE OPHTHALMIA which has appeared in England since the Return of the Egyptian Expedition, Containing an Examination of the Means by which the Disease is communicated, the Extent to which it is influenced by Climate and Situation, its Symptoms, Consequences, and Treatment, with a coloured Representation of its external Appearances.

By JOHN VETCH, M. D. Member of the Medical Society of Edinburgh, and Assistant Surgeon to the 67th Foot. Price 6s. Boards.

CONVERSATIONS ON CHEMISTRY. In which the Elements of that Science are familiarly explained and illustrated by Experiments. In 2 vols. 12mo. with plates by Lowry. Price 14s. in Boards.

"This is a book which we have no hesitation in recommending to all such as are entering upon the study of Chemistry, and who wish to have the useful mixed with a little of the sweet. They will find Mrs. B. to be a very intelligent instructor." Lit. Journ. "We do not hesitate to recommend this Work as an useful and entertaining performance. The plates are engraved by Lowry, and though they are mere outlines, yet, by the truth of perspective and judicious adaptation of their several parts, they answer all the purposes of finished designs, and have no slight claim to elegance." Gen. Rev. "We shall not scruple to claim the thanks of our readers for thus pointing out to them the very best introduction to the science of Chemistry that the English language affords."

Ann. Rev. "The view which is taken of the subject embraces the

most interesting and important parts of the science; the leading doctrines of Chemistry are explained in a manner which is at the same time familiar and correct; the siyle is perspicuous; and the dialogue, on the whole, is natural and unembarrassed." M. Rev. "This work may be strongly recommended to young students of both sexes. The perspicuity of the style, the regular disposition of the subject, the judicións selection of illustrative experiments, and the elegance of the plates, are so well adapted to the capacity of beginners, and especially of those who do not wish to dive deep into the science, that a more appropriate publication can hardly be desired." Brit. Crit.

THE MEDICAL GUIDE, for the Use of Families and Young Practitioners, or Students in Medicine and Surgery; being a complete System of Modern Domestic Medicine; exhibiting in familiar Terms the latest and most important Discoveries relative to the Prevention, Distinction, Causes, and Cure of Diseases by Medicine and Diet, particularly Consumption of the Lungs, Asthma, Indigestion, Flatulence, Gout, Scrophula, Palsy, Rheumatism, Cancer, Worms, Nervous and Bilions Complaints, the Diseases of Children, &c. &c. To which are added, a Family Dispensatory and a Copions Appendix, containing explicit Instructions for the ordinary Management of Children, and such Cases or 'Accidents which require immediate Aid, &c. By RICHARD REECE, M. D. Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Author of a Treatise on the Lichen Islandicus, in Diseases of the Lungs, &c. Fourth Edition, considerably enlarged and corrected. In 1 vol. 8vo. Price 10s. 6d. in Boards.

AN ACCOUNT of the DISEASES of INDIA, as they appeared in the English Fleet, and in the Naval Hospital at Madras, in 1782 and 1783 With Observations on Ulcers, and the Hospital Sores of that Country. To which is prefixed, A View of the Diseases on an Expedition and Passage of a Fleet and Armament to India, in 1781. By CHARLES CURTIS, Formerly Surgeon of the Medea Frigate. In One vol. 8vo. Price 7s. in Boards.


SERMONS. By Sir HENRY MONCRIEFF WELLWOOD, Bart. D.D. and F.R.S. Edinburgh; one of the Ministers of St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, and Senior Chaplain in Ordinary in Scotland to H. R. H. the Prince of Wales. In 1 vol. 8vo. Price 8s. 6d. in Boards.

"We have endeavoured to do justice to the learned and pious author, by such extracts from his work, as our limits would allow us to insert. They are but few of very many that we could have selected; and we have no hesitation in saying, that by far the greater part of the book, if not the whole, will be found equal to the specimens here presented to the reader." Brit. Crit.


By the Rev. WILLIAM TOOKE, F.R.S. In 2 large vols. 8vo. Second Edition, Price 17. 1s. Boards.

SERMONS ON THE EVILS THAT ARE IN THE WORLD, and on various other Topics, from the German.

In 2 vols. 8vo. Price 12, 1s. in Boards.


TION, &c. from the German.

By the Rev. WILLIAM TOOKE, F.R S. In 2 large vols. 8vo. Price 17. 1s. in Boards. The concurrent testimony of all the perodical journals, both at home and abroad, in favour of the Sermons and devotions of this celebrated divine, not only on account of the unaffected and captivating strain of eloquence in which they flow, but for the benign and truly evangelical spirit with which they are animated, is sufficiently known. That they breathe the pure and genuine spirit of christianity, and exhibit religion to our view in a form the most animated and alluring, is indeed their peculiar praise, as thousands can happily testify, from their own experience of the cheerful and placid influence they have had spon their heart and life. In short, they irresistibly recommend themselves to all who would see christianity rescued from the jargon of the schools, and imbibe it as the pure and immortal religion of the Son of God.

OCCASIONAL DISCOURSES on various Subjects. By the Rev. RICHARD MUNKHOUSE, D.D. of the Queen's College, Oxford. In 3 vols. 8vo. embellished with a Portrait of the Author, Price 1. 4s. in Boards. "We are of opinion that Dr. Muukhouse deserves much commendation, and of that particular kind which it has been his ambition to obtain." Crit. Rev.

A NEW LITERAL TRANSLATION from the Original GREEK of the APOSTOLICAL EPISTLES, with a Commentary, and Notes Philological, Critical, Explanatory, and Practical: to which is added, a History of the Life of the Apostle Paul.

By JAMES MACKNIGHT, D. D. Author of "A Harmony of the Gospels," &c. The 2d Edition (to which is prefixed an Account of the Life of the Author.) In 6 vols. 8vo. Price 3l. 13s. 6d. in Boards.

LECTURES delivered in the Parish Church of Wakefield, in the Year 1802, on that Part of the Liturgy of the Church of England contained in the Morning Prayer. By THOMAS ROGERS, M.A. Master of the Grammar School, Afternoon Lecturer of St. John's, and Sunday Evening Lecturer of the Parish Church in Wakefield. In 4 vols. crown 8vo. Price 1. 4s. in Boards.

THE RULE and EXERCISES of HOLY LIVING, in which are described the Means and Instruments of obtaining every Virtue, and the Remedies against every Vice, and Considerations serving to the resisting all Temptations; together with Prayers, containing the Whole Duty of a Christian, and the Parts of Devotion fitted for all Occasions, and furnished for all Necessities.

By JEREMIAH TAYLOR, D. D. Chaplain in Ordinary to King Charles the First. And edited by the Rev. Thomas Thirlwall, M. A. the 27th Edition, in 1 vol. 8vo. Price 7s. in Boards.

LETTERS TO DISSENTING MINISTERS, and to STUDENTS for the MINISTRY, from the Rev. Mr. JOB ORTON, transcribed from his original ShortHand, with Notes Explanatory and Biographical.

By S. PALMER. In 2 vols. 12tno. Price 8s. in Boards. These Letters were addressed to the Rev. Dr. Ashworth,

SERMONS. By the Rev. SYDNEY SMITH, the Rev. Messrs. Clark, Seddon, Robins, Hughes, Palmer,

A.M. late Fellow of New College, Oxford. In 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. Price 8s. in Boards.

Mr. Smith possesses a command of words, and he is a spirited and sensible declaimer." M. Rev.

&c. in all upwards of Seventy; besides several to and from Persons of a different Description, introduced the Memoirs and Appendix.


"We have no hesitation in saying, that Mr. Palmer has perform ed an acceptable service in compiling this collection of Letters. They may be read both with pleasure and profit by persons of all denominations, and, more particularly, both by Dissenting Ministers, and those also of the Established Church."" Crit. Rev.



By CHARLES WELLBELOVED. The Third Edition, in 1 vol. 12mo. Price 38, bound. "The design of this little volums is excellent, and equal commendation may be given to its execution." M. Rev.

LETTERS from the Rev. Mr. Job Orton, and the Rev. Sir James Stonehouse, Bart. M D. to the Rev. Thomas Stedman, M.A. Vicar of St. Chad's, Shrewsbury The 2d Edit. In 2 vols. foolscap öve. Price 10s. 6d. Boards

THE POWER OF RELIGION ON THE MIND, in Retirement, Affliction, and at the Approach of Death. Exemplified in the Testimonies and Experience

of Persons, distinguished by their Greatness, Learning, or Virtue. By LINDLEY MURRAY. The 10th Edit. corrected, and greatly enlarged. 3s. 6d. bd. "It is a book which may be read with profit, by persons in all situations; and, with the rising generation, it may answer the double purpose of improving them in biography and in virtue." We have had frequent occasion to speak of the diligence, good sense, and good intentions of Mr. Murray; and we con gratulate him sincerely on the success of this particular work." Brit. Crit. "This work has been long and justly admired; and, in its present enlarged state, forms, in our opinion, one of the best books that can be put into the hands of young people." Gua. of Ed.

M. Rev.

LE POUVOIR DE LA RELIGION SUR L'ESPRIT, dans la Retraite, l'Affliction, et aux Approches de la Mort; demontre par les Actions, les Sentimens, et la Conduite, des Personnes illustres par leur Rang, leur Savoir, et leurs Vertus Traduit de l'Anglaise, de la dixieme Edition de Lindley Murray, par L. R. LAFAYE Price 4s. bound.


AN ENGLISH SPELLING BOOK; with Reading Lessons adapted to the Capacities of Children : in Three Parts, calculated to advance the Learners by natural and casy Gradations; and to teach Orthography and Pronunciation together.

By LINDLEY MURRAY, Author of " Euglish Grammar," &c. The Fourth Edition. In demy 18mo. Price 1s. 6d. bound.

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"We doubt not that, in process of time, the spelling book will have as many admirers as the grammar has already obtained." Imp. "We recommend to the public this most important little volume, as the only work with which we are acquainted, in the English language, for teaching children to read, written by a phi losopher and a man of taste." Lit. Journ. "We can recommend it as the best work of the kind which has lately fallen under our inspection" Anti Fac. "In this book are several useful things, not commonly found in such works." Brit. Crit. "This little

book is singularly well adapted to answer the purpose for which it is intended." M. Rev. "Mr. Murray has composed one of the best elementary books for children in the English language." Crit. Rev. "This is a very neat and useful elementary book." Chr. Ob.


By LINDLEY MURRAY.. Price 6d. sewed. "This very improved Priminer is intended to prepare the learner for the above mentioned Spelling Book, and is particularly intended by the author to assist mothers in the instruction of their young children." M. Rev.

ENGLISH GRAMMAR, adapted to the dif ferent Classes of Learners. With an Appendix, containing Rules and Observations, for assisting the more advanced Students to write with Perspicuity and Accuracy. By LINDLEY MURRAY.

A new and improved Edition, being the Twelfth. In 1 vol. Demy 12mo. Price 3s. 6d. bound; and on superfine royal, Price 5s. in extra Boards.

AN ABRIDGMENT OF MURRAY'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR. With an Appendix, containing Ex ercises in Parsing, in Orthography, in Syntax, and in Punctuation. Designed for the younger Classes of LearnThe Fourteenth Edition, enlarged and improved Price 1s. bound.


ENGLISH EXERCISES, ADAPTED TO MURRAY'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR, consisting of Exemplifications of the Parts of Speech, Instances of False Orthography, Violations of the Rules of Syntax, Defects in. Punctuation, and Violations of the Rules respecting Perspicuity and Accuracy. Designed for the Benefit of Private Learners, as well as for the Use of Schools. The Ninth Edition, much improved. Price 2s. 6d. bound.

A KEY TO THE ENGLISH EXERCISES; calculated to enable private Learners to become their own Instructors in Grammar and Composition. The Eighth Edition. Prce 2s. bound. The Exercises and Key may be had together. Price 4s. bound.

"Mr. Murray's English Grammar, English Exercises, and Abridgment of the Grammar, claim our attention, on account of their being composed on the principle we have so frequently recommended, of combining religious and moral improvement with the elements of scientific knowledge. The late learned Dr. Blair gave his opinion of it in the following terms: Mr. Lindley Murray's Grammar, with the Exercises and the Key in a separate volume, I esteem as a most excellent performance. I think it superior to any work of that nature we have yet had; and am persuaded that it is, by much, the best Grammar of the English language extant. Syntax, in particular, he has shown a wonderful degree of acuteness and precision, in ascertaining the propriety of language, and in rectifying the numberless errors which writers are apt to commit. Most useful these books must certainly be to all who are applying themselves to the arts of composition'." Guard. of Educ.


"Mr. Murray's Grammar, Exercises, and Key to the Exercises, form alto her, by far, the most complete and judicious analysis of the English language, that has hitherto been pubished." A. Rev. "The principle upon which all the publications of Mr. Murray, for the instruction of the rising generation are founded, is such as gives him an unquestionable claim to public protection." Anti Fac. "This Grammar is a publication of much merit, and fully answers the professions in the Title. The Appendix contains some of the best rules for writing elegantly, and with propriety, that we recullect to have seep." M. Rru.

"Its materials have been carefully and judiciously selected; its arrangement is distinct, and well adapted to the purpose of instruction; and its expression is simple, perspicuous, and accurate." A.R. "There appears, in this Grammar, a considerable share of judicious analysis and arrangement. The Author applies his philological rules, with great success, to some of the most striking anomalies in English phraseology." Rrit. Crit.

"This work has attained to so extensive a circulation, and we earnestly recommend it to all who are desirous of acquiring a clear and comprehensive knowledge of the English language." Eclec. Rev. "I need not acquaint the Public with the merit and success of Lindley Murray's English Grammar, which seems to have superseded every other." Walker's Outl. of Eng. Grammar.

We have been much pleased with the perusal of Mr. Murray's English Exercises. They occupy, with distinguished excellence, a most important place in the science of the English language." M.Re. "These exercises are, in general, well calculated to promote the purpose of information, not only with regard to orthography and punctuation, but also in point of phraseology, syntax, and precise perspicuity of composition." Crit. Rev.

"There is great judgment shewn in these Exercises; and, what is no common merit, the greatest perspicuity in the adaption of the examples to the several rules." Brit. Crit.

INTRODUCTION TO THE ENGLISH READER; or a Selection of Pieces, in Prose and Poetry, &c. By LINDLEY MURRAY.

The Third Edit. enlarged and improved. 3s. bound. "This Introduction may be safely recommended, and put into the hands of youth: and the rules and observations for assisting them to read with propriety, form to it a very suitable introduction." M. Rev. Our pages hear ample testimony, both to

the ability and the diligence of Mr. Murray. His diferent publi

cations evince much sound judgment and good sense; and his selections are well calculated to answer the intended purpose." Br. Cr.

THE ENGLISH READER; or, Pieces in Prose and Poetry, selected from the best Writers. Designed to assist young Persons to read with Propriety and Effect; to improve their Language and Sentiments; and to inculcate some of the most important Principles of Piety and Virtue. With a few preliminary Observations on the Principles of good Reading.

By LINDLEY MURRAY. The Fifth Edition, 4s. bound. "There is very considerable merit in this compilation, the contents of which are pretty equally made up of the agreeable, and the useful." New L. Rev. "This work may be recommended as a useful companion to the young of both sexes." Crit. Rev. The 'an of this work is highly commendable, and the execu tion good." Gent. Mag. "The selections are made with good taste, and with a view to moral and religious improvement, as well as mere entertainment." Brit. Crit. "This selection reflects much credit on the taste of the compiler; and the arrangement of the various pieces is judicious." M. Rev.

SEQUEL TO THE ENGLISH READER; or, Elegant Selections, in Prose and Poetry. Designed to improve the higher Class of Learners in Reading; to esta blish a Taste for just and accurate Composition; and to promote the Interests of Piety and Virtue.

By LINDLEY MURRAY. The Second Edit. 4s. bound. "The character that we formerly gave of Mr. Murray's English Reader, is justly applicable to the present supplemental volume." Gent. Mag. "The present publication is evidently directed to the same important object, which our author has uniformly pursued in all his former works; the further improvement of the mind and the heart." Lond. Rev. "It is enough to say of this useful volume that it displays Mr. Murray's taste, judgment, and acquaintance with English literature, and that enlightened regard to religion and morality which so eminently qualifics him to guide


the studies of youth." Lit. Fourn. "This compilation (the Sequel) appears more free from objectionable passages, and better adapted to the improvement of youth, than any other of the kind which we have seen." Eclec. Rev. "We have no hesitation in recommending this selection as the best of its kind." Crit. Rev.

LECTEUR FRANCOIS: ou, Recueil de Pieces, en Prose et en Verse, tires des Meilleurs Ecrivains, pour servir a perfectionner les jennes Gens dans la Lec ture; a etendre leur Connoissance de la Langue Fran coise; et a leur inculquer des Principes de Vertu et de Piete. Par LINDLEY MURRAY.

Auteur d'une Grammaire Angloise, &c. 12mo. 4s. 6d. bd. "Mr. Murray is entitled to great commendation for the care and judgment evidently displayed in the useful collection before us." Anti Jac. "Especial care has been taken to render the study of eloquence subservient to virtue, and to introduce only such pieces as shall answer the double purpose of promoting good principles, and a correct and elegant taste. This wili, no doubt, be found a very useful school book." M. Rev. "This volume follows the uniform size, neatness, and accuracy of Mr. Murray's productions. It is a valuable addition to the library, not merely as being free from gross defects of other collections, but as af fording the student such an introduction to French literature as is no where else accessible." Ecl. Rev. "Mr. Murray may claim the proud title of the friend of youth. His numerous and excellent publications for the use of young people, are too well known for us to descant upon them. The student will find his advantage in making use of this work, as he will be sure to form his taste after the most correct models." Crit. Rev.


The Eighteenth Edition. Price 38. bound. LECTURES ON BELLES LETTRES AND LOGIC. By the late WILLIAM BARRON, F.A.S.E. And Professor of Belles Lettres and Logic in the University of St. Andrews. In 2 vols. svo. Price One Guinea, Boards. "This work is well calculated for the initiation of the young into the arts of criticism and rhetoric. The style is remarkably perspicuous, and at the same time animated; while the neatness and distinctness of the arrangement merit every praise." Lit. Jou. THE SYNONYMES OF THE LATIN LANGUAGE, alphabetically arranged; with a Critical Dissertation upon the Force of its Prepositions, both in a simple and compound State. By JOHN HILL, LL.D. &c. Professor of Humanity in the University, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. In 4to. 12. 11s. 6d. Bds.

The variety of curious and important information which this contains must render it a valuable acquisition to every lover of ancient learning." Lit. Journ.



C. JULII CÆSARIS ET A. HIRTII. 12mo. 4s. 6d. hd. NOVUM TESTAMENTUM Grace. 12mo. 4s. bound. HOMERI ILIAS. 12mo. Price 65. bound.

M. ANNEI LUCANI PHARSALIA. 12mo. 3s. bound. MUSARUM ANGLICANARUM ANALECTA. 2 vols. 12mo. Price 6s. bound.


CORNELII NEPOTIS VITE. Price 1s. 6d. bound. P. OVIDII EPISTOLÆ 12mo. Price 3s. 6d. bound. FASTI TRISTIA. 12mo. Price 3s. 6d. bound. C. PLINII CÆCILII SECUNDI Epist. et Paneg. 12mo. Price 3s. bound.

CAII SALUSTII CRISPI. 12mo. Price 2s. 6d. bound. SOPHOCLES TRAGŒDIA Septem. 2 vols. 12mo. 8s. bd. P. VIRGILII MARONIS OPERA. 18mo. 3s. 6d, bound. A SHORT INTRODUCTION OF GRAMMAR, generally to be used. Compiled and set forth for the bringing up of all those that intend to attain to the Knowledge of the Latin Tongue. By JOHN WARD. 12mo. Price 2s. 6d. bound.



12mo. Price 2s. 6d. bound.

AN ABRIDGMENT OF MR. PINKERTON'S MODERN GEOGRAPHY; and Professor VINCE'S ASTRONOMICAL INTRODUCTION. In 1 large vol. 8vo. with a Selection of the most useful Maps, accurately copied from those in the larger Work, all which were drawn under the Direction and with the latest Improvements of Arrowsmith. The Second Edition. Price 12s. in Boards.

AN INTRODUCTION TO GEOGRAPHY AND ASTRONOMY, by the Globes and Maps. To which are added, the Construction of Maps, and a Table of Latitudes and Longitudes. By E. and J. BRUCE,

Teachers of Geography and the Mathematics. The Se

cond Edition, with considerable Additions and Improve ments. In 1 vol. 12mo. Price 5s. in Boards.

AN INTRODUCTION TO THE GEO GRAPHY OF THE NEW TESTAMENT; comprising a Summary Chronological and Geographical View of the Events recorded 'respecting the Ministry of Our Saviour with Questions for Examination, and an accented Index, principally designed for the Use of Young Persons, and for the Sunday Employment of Schools.


In vol. 12mo. illustrated with Maps. Second Edition. Price 5s. Boards.

"We recommend this book to all such as are anxious to obtain accuracy and precis on in their geographical and chronological knowledge, as far as relates to the History of the events recorded in the writings of the New Testament." Lit. Jour.

PITY'S GIFT; a Collection of interesting Tales, from the Works of Mr. Pratt. In 1 vol. 12mo. embellished with Wood Cuts. Price 3s. bound.

THE PATERNAL PRESENT; being a Sequel to Pity's Gift. Chiefly selected from the Writings of Mr. Pratt. Embellished with 11 Wood Cuts. 3s. bound.

AN INTRODUCTION TO THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF PLANE AND SPHERICAL TRIGONOMETRY, and the Orthographic and Stereographic Projections of the Sphere, including the Theory of Navigation. Illustrated by a Variety of Practical Examples, and applied to the Mensuration of Heights and Distances; to determine the Latitude by Two Altitudes of the Sun; the Longitude by Lunar Observations; and to other important Probleins on the Sphere, and in Nautical Astronomy. By THOMAS KEITH.

In 1 vol. 8vo. Price 10s. 6d. in Boards.

A NEW TREATISE on the USE of the GLOBES; or a Philosophical View of the Earth and Heavens comprehending an Account of the Figure, Mag. nitude, and Motion of the Earth; with the natural Changes of its Surface, caused by Floods, Earthquakes, &c. designed for the Instruction of Youth.


In 1 vol. 12mo. with Copper-plates. Price 6s. in Boards. "This volume comprehends a great quantity of valuable matter in a small compass, and we think it cannot fail to answer the purposes for which it is designed." Brit. Crit. "This work is ably executed." Gen. Rev.

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Complete in 1 vol. Price 4s. bound. "Much topographical and historical knowledge is contained in these volumes, mingled with pertinent reflections." Crit. Rev. MATERNAL INSTRUCTION; or, Family Conversations, on moral and interesting Subjects, interspersed with History, Biography, and original Stories. Designed for the Perusal of Youth.


In 2 vols. 12mo. with Frontispieces. Price 6s. in Boards. "These little stories are interesting and instructive, and may be put into the hands of children at about ten years old, with much advantage." Ann. Rev. "There is something in the plan of the present little work particularly pleasing. It is with great pleasure that we recommend a work, the design of which is so sensible, and the execution so satisfactory." Brit. Crit. "Mrs. Helme has in this work made a very pleasing addition to the Juvenile Library. Every child must be amused with reading them, and to be improved, we think he cannot fail," Crit. Rev.

THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND, related in Familiar Conversations, by a Father to his Children. Interspersed with moral and instructive Remarks and Ob. servations on the most leading and interesting Subjects, designed for the Perusal of Youth.


In 2 vols. 12mo. 8s. bd. with Froutispieces by Hopwood. "The present performance seems exceedingly well adapted to the proposed purpose, and it is worthy of a respectable place in the Juvenile Library." Brit. Crit.

LETTERS addressed to a YOUNG LADY, wherein the Duties and Characters of Women are considered chiefly with a Reference to prevailing Opinions. By Mrs. WEST.

The Second Edition. In 3 vols. 12mo. Price 12. 1s. Boards. "We do not venture without mature deliberation to assert, that not merely as critics, but as parents, husbands, and brothers, we can recommend to the ladies of Britain, The Letters of Mrs. West'." Crit. Rev.

LETTERS addressed to a YOUNG MAN, on bis First Entrance into Life; and adapted to the peculiar Circumstances of the present Times. By Mrs. WEST.


The 4th Edit. In 3 vols. 12mo. Price 16s, 6d. Boards.

This work appears to us highly valuable. The doctrines which reaches are orthodox, temps rate, uniform, and liberal; and the ainer which it recommends are what every judicious parent Gold wen bis son to a lopt." Brit. Crit. The writer is alad known to the world as a novelist and poet, and her writings ech of these departments have acquired her considerable cele

Gent, Mag. "We consid 'r these levers as truly vable, and would strongly recommend them to the attention of younger friends," G. Rev. "We cannot withhall our triite of praise which a work of such superlative ment demands." 23. Qf Ed.

LETTERS FROM MRS. PALMERSTONE TO HER DAUGHTER; inculcating Morality by entertain. ang Narratives. By Mrs. HUNTER, of Norwich.

In 3 vols. post Evo. Price 15s. in Boards. "This is a very pleing and well executed performance." Mr. Cr. The present jetters evidently di play a habit of observation or 10 and manners, but it is of more importance to add that they -hibit, in the person of the author, the patroness of virtue.' 7.2. Rev. "These letters justly claim a distinguished rank among Le literary productions of the present day, for young persons of ene female sex, in kenteelle." Guard. of Educ.

LETTERS ON NATURAL HISTORY, exhibiting a View of the Power, the Wisdom, and Goodness of the Deity, so eminently displayed in the Formation of the Universe, and the various Relations of Utility which inferior Beings have to the Human Species. Calculated particularly for the Use of Schools and Young Persons in general of both Sexes, in order to impress their Minds with a just Knowledge of the Creation, and with exalted Ideas of its Great Author. Illustrated by upwards of 100 engraved Subjects, applicable to the Work.

By JOHN BIGLAND. In 1 vol. 12mo. Price 9s. Boards.


The different subjects are treated with brevity, and not unfrequently with ele ance, and are all rendered subservient to morality and religion. The Engravings are executed with considerable Crit. Rev. In his arrangements the author has displayed great judgment, as indeed he has in the execution of the work. He has suffered no opportunity to escape him of blending religious and moral lessons with his instructions, and he deserves the highest praise for the total excusion of all indelicate expressions; and, indeed, of every thing which could have the most remote tendency to contaminate the youthful mind. His Letters may, therefore, with great safety, and with a certainty of affording much valuable instruction, be put into the hands of youth of both sexes." Anti Jac. "We recommend our young readers to peruse the present work, as a compilation o very useful and entertaining information, free from indecorous allusions and interspersed with useful reflections." Ecl. Rev.


In 1 vol. 12mo. Price 38. bound.

GRAMMATICAL EXERCISES UPON THE FRENCH LANGUAGE, compared with the English. By NICHOLAS HAMEL. The Third Edition, with great Improvements. Price 2s. 6d. THE WORLD IN MINIATURE; containing a curious and faithful Account of the Situation, Extent, Productions, Government, Population, Dress, Manners, Curiosities, &c. &c. of the different Countries of the World, compiled from the best Authorities; with proper References to the most essential Rules of the French Language, prefixed to the Work, and the Translation of the difficult Words and idiomatical Expressions: a Book particularly useful to Students in Geography, History, or the Freuch Language. By NICHOLAS HAMEL,

The Second Edition. In 1 vol. 12mo. Price 4s. bound.

AN ALPHABETIC KEY TO PROPRIA QUE MARIBUS, QUE GENUS, and AS IN PRESENTI, containing all the Examples declined and translated, with the Rules quoted under each, and numerical References to the context. By J. CAREY, LL.D.

In 1 vol. 12mo. Price 2s. 6d. bound.

A KEY TO CHAMBAUD'S EXERCISES : being a correct Translation of the various Exercises con. tained in that Book. By E. J. VOISIN. Price 3s. bound.

TAYLOR'S USEFUL ARITHMETIC: or, the most necessary Parts of the Science of Numbers rendered easy. The Second Edition, corrected and improv ed. Price is. 6d. Also, a key to the useful Arithmetic; containing Answers to all the Questions and Exercises, and Directions for the Solution. Price 1s.

"Mr. Taylor's Useful Arithmetic is better calculated to instruct a child, than any other little treatise we know extant." Crit. Rru. "The attention of the author to the utility of the work, and the plan which he has pursued, appear to promise it a favourable reception." M. Rev. "This tract will be found very useful as an initiatory treatise." Eclec. Rev.

THE ARITHMETICIAN'S GUIDE; or, a Complete Exercise Book, for the Use of public Schools and private Teachers. By WILLIAM TAYLOR, Teacher of the Mathematics, &c. &c. &c. The Fifth Edition. In 1 vol. 12mo. Price 3s. bound.

THE UNION DICTIONARY; containing all that is truly useful in the Dictionaries of Johnson, Sheridan, and Walker; the Orthography and explanatory Matter selected from Dr. Johnson, the Pronunciation ad

AN EXCURSION FROM LONDON TO justed according to Mr. Walker, with the Addition of Mr.

DOVER. containing some Account of the Manufactures,
Natural and Artificial Curiosities, History and Antiquities
of the Towns and Villages; interspersed with Historical
and Biographical Anecdotes, Natural History, Poetical Ex-
tracts, and Tales, particularly intended for the Amusement
and instruction of Youth. By JANE GARDINER,
Elsham Hall, Lincolnshire. In 2 vols. 12mo. 8s. bound.

GUAGE, on a new and improved Plan, in English and
Member of the Philological Society at Manchester. Neatly
printed in 12mo. Price 6s. in Boards.

"This werk is in reality what in the title-page it professes to be, a Greek Grammar upon an improved, as well as a new plan. We cannot but regard Mr. Jones's Greek Grammar as a book that will be peculiarly serviceable to those who study or teach the Greek language." Imp. Rev. "It exhibits many proofs of ingenuity and extensive research, of a mind acute and vigorous, and habitually, and often successfully, employed in philosophical investigations." Ann. Rev.

GREEK EXERCISES, in Syntax, Ellipses, Dialects, Prosody, and Metaphrases, (after the Manner of "Clarke's and Mair's Introduction to the making of Latin,") adapted to the Grammars of Eton, Wettenhall, Moore, Bell, and Holmes. To which is prefixed, a con. cise but comprehensive Syntax.

By the Rev. WILLIAM NEILSON, D.D. Minister of Dundalk, Ireland. The Second Edition. In 1 vol. 8vo. Price 5s. in Boards, and with the Key, 8s.

"This work strictly fulfils the professions of the title-page." Ecl. Rev.

AN UNIVERSAL FRENCH GRAMMAR, being an accurate System of French Accidence and Syntax, on an improved Plan. By NICOLAS HAMEL,

Fourth Edition. Price 3s. 6d. bound.

"Of the many excellent French Grammars now in use, this is among the best.""It is both comprehensive and concise, and is as well adapted as most Grammars for the use of schools.". "He has composed his work on sound principles and exact defitions."-" His book demands our commendation."

Sheridan's Pronunciation of those Words wherein these two eminent Orthoepists differ.

The Whole designed to present to the Reader at one ew, the Orthography, Explanation, Pronunciation, and Accentuation of all the purest and most approved Terms in the English Language. With a Mythological and Historical Appendix of proper Names, deduced from the best Authorities. By THOMAS BROWNE, LL. D. Author of a "New Classical Dictionary," "Viridarium Poeticum," &c. The Second Edition, with numerous Additions and Improvements. In 1 vol. Price gs. bound.

Upwards of One Thousand Words not inserted in Dr. Johnson's Dictionary, and selected from the Writings of our most eminent modern Authors, namely, Burke, Blackstone, Chesterfield, Bryant, Hawkesworth, Gray, Mason, Shenstone, Cowper, Blair, &c. &c. have been carefully ingrafted on the present Edition. A concise Historical and Mythological Dictionary has been also subjoined.

HISTORICAL AND MISCELLANEOUS QUESTIONS for the Use of Young People; with a Selec

tion of British and General Biography, &c.

The Fifth Edition, corrected, in 12mo. Price 4s. bound.
Intended for the Use of Schools and private Tuition.
Master of the Academy, Ilford, Essex. The 7th Edition,
corrected and improved. Price 1s. 3d. bound.

THE CHILD's MONITOR; or, Parental Instruction. In Five Parts, containing a great Variety of Progressive Lesson's, adapted to the Comprehension of Children; calculated to instruct them in Reading, in the Use of Stops, in Spelling, and in Dividing Words into proper Syllables; and at the same Time to give them some Knowledge of Natural History, of the Scriptures, and of several other sublime and important Subjects.


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