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(b) The organization, discipline and management of schools. (c) The duties of inspectors, school boards and teachers, and the operation of the school law and regulations of the Province. Fifty per cent. of the marks in each of the three divisions of the examination will be required for passing.

8. The documents produced by the candidates and the results of their examination shall be submitted to the Protestant Committee for their approval, and the candidates found qualified by the Committee for the position of inspector shall be granted Certificates of the First or Second Class, according to Form No. 2.

20. The cities of Montreal, Quebec and Sherbrooke shall be centres of examination for the three grades of diplomas, and the following places shall be centres of examination for elementary and model school diplomas, viz.: Shawville, Aylmer, Lachute, Huntingdon, Cowansville, Waterloo, Stanstead, Richmond, Inverness, Three Rivers, New Carlisle and Gaspé village.


Protestant Committee of the Council of Public Instruction.


a native of ...

We hereby certify that aged .... residing and professing the Protestant faith, has produced the requisite certificates, passed the examinations, and fulfilled the conditions prescribed by the School Law and Regulations for Candidates for the position of Inspector of Protestant Schools to the satisfaction of the Protestant Committee.

We further certify that a class certificate has been granted to him and that he is, therefore, eligible for appointment as Inspector of Protestant Schools in the Province of Quebec.

In witness whereof, by order of the Protestant Committee of the Council of Public Instruction, we have hereunto affixed our hands the .... day of .... in the year one thousand eight hundred


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To the Secretary Protestant Central Board of Examiners, Quebec.

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2. A certificate of moral character according to the authorized


3. The sum of

being examination fee.
Signature in full.

8. On the motion of the Very Reverend Dean Norman, seconded by R. J. Hewton, Esq., the following deputy-examiners were appointed for the examination under the Central Board of Examiners in July

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8. Quebec....

9. Richmond...

10. Shawville.... 11. Sherbrooke 12. Stanstead.... 13. Cowansville.

14. Three Rivers..

T. A. Young...

Rev. John McLeod...




.Normal School

..Court House

High School

St. Francis College

.. Rev. W. H. Naylor...... Academy

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Inspector Hubbard... ... Ladies' Academy
Inspector Thompson... . Wesleyan College

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...Alex. Houliston.

15. Waterloo........ . Rev. J. Garland..

9. Moved by R. J. Hewton, M.A., seconded by Dr. Kneeland, and resolved, "That a committee composed of Mr. Masten, the mover and seconder, associated with the Secretary, be appointed to draw up regulations under which diplomas and medals may be distributed to Superior Schools in this Province."

10. On motion of Sir William Dawson, seconded by Dr. Heneker, it was resolved, "That it be a recommendation to the Central Board of Examiners to examine in a subject or subjects of a higher grade any candidate for an elementary or model school diploma or holder of such diploma, during such examination, and on his passing to insert a certificate of the same in his diploma."

11. On motion of Sir William Dawson, seconded by the Reverend Dr. Shaw, it was resolved, "That this Committee desires to express its sincere sympathy with the Corporation of the University of Bishop's College, Lennoxville, in the loss sustained by the recent calamitous fire, and would cordially recommend to His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor in Council that a special grant be made to the said University from the general funds of the Province, in order to enable the College and school to be restored to their former condition of efficiency, and that the Honorable the Superintendent be requested to transmit a copy of this resolution to the Honorable the Provincial Secretary."

12. Moved by Dr. Kneeland, seconded by R. J. Hewton, M.A., "That the Honorable the Superintendent of Public Instruction be requested to cause a revision of the English edition of the Code of Public Instruction to be made, and to distribute copies of the same to the Protestant clergy and teachers of the Province." Carried.

13. The Secretary reported that arrangements had been made to hold five Teachers' Institutes during the month of July next, but that the recent destruction of the school building at Bishop's College and the meeting of the National Educational Association in Toronto during the third week in July, has made it necessary to modify the arrangements, and he is, therefore, unable at present to give the arrangements in detail.

14. Notice of motion by R. J. Hewton :-

"That the Committee ask the Provincial Legislature to amend Section 1967 R. S. Q. to read as follows: The Central Board of Examiners shall be composed of not less than five or more than ten members, and a secretary, who, etc."

15. The Inspector of Superior Schools then appeared before the Committee and read his interim report upon the inspection of the Model Schools and Academies. The report was received and considered by the Committee.


Summary of Semi-Annual Financial Statement of the McGill Normal School and Model Schools from the 1st of July to the 31st of December, 1890, submitted for the information of the Committee :The McGill Normal and Model Schools in account with the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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The following Financial Statement submitted by the Secretary was received, examined and found correct :—



I.-Superior Education.

Nov. 14. Balance in hand. . . . .


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Examined with Bank Pass-Book and found correct.

(Signed), R. W. H.

The Sub-committee on Equipment grants beg to report as follows: They have given great consideration to the matter, but find difficulty in recommending any scale of grants in the absence of some definite principle on which such grants should be made.

They therefore beg to refer the matter back to the Committee for definite instructions.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Sub-committee.

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Moved by R. J. Hewton, seconded by Sir William Dawson, and resolved, "That the report be received and that the sum of $2,500 be distributed to the Academies and Model Schools for the equipments of the Schools, and that it be made on the basis of the scheme prepared by the Inspector and Secretary which has been submitted to the Committee; and that each Academy and Model School receiving an equipment grant under this resolution be required to show that the grant has been so expended and in what manner, by report to this Committee."

Moved by J. L. Masten, seconded by Dr. Kneeland, and resolved, "That the sum of two hundred dollars be appropriated from the interest on the Marriage License Fees to procure assistance for Dr. Harper in examining the Academy and Model School papers, and that the certificates of Grade II Academies be sent to the Academies before the closing for the Summer holidays, say the fourth week of June." The Quebec members of the Committee were appointed a sub-committee on the appointment of Assistant-examiners.

Dr. Heneker reported on behalf of the Sub-committee on representations from certain schools concerning the Superior Education Grants distributed in September last.

The report was received, and on the motion of Dr. Heneker, seconded by Dr. Shaw, it was resolved "That the report of the Subcommittee be adopted and that grants of twenty-five dollars each be paid to the schools at Cowansville, Sorel and Shawville."

The Standing Sub-committee on Elementary Schools begs leave to report

1. Your Sub-committee finds that from the legislation of the past concerning the distribution of funds granted for elementary schools, and from the smallness of these grants, the Protestant Committee is in a position to do but little to raise the status of this class of schools. In some instances we are credibly informed, rather than submit to the just and wise regulations of the Committee, school boards have waived their right to the grant, and, thus committed to a course of retrogression, the schools under their care are in a stationary or worse condition.

In view of this, and with the experience of the past to guide us, it is the opinion of the sub-committee that, until more funds are available for the encouragement of elementary education and these funds be placed under the control of the Protestant Committee of the Council of Public Instruction, so that they may be used to secure greater efficiency and not to relieve the people of their just share of financial responsibility, there will be no satisfactory change in the status of these schools; therefore, it is recommended that the Committee on Legislation take the necessary steps to bring these questions before the Government.

2. Again, whereas all matters concerning public education should receive the attention of this Committee, and whereas matters con

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