The American Mathematical Monthly: The Official Journal of the Mathematical Association of America, Bind 31

Mathematical Association of America, 1924
Includes articles, as well as notes and other features, about mathematics and the profession.

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Side 2 - THERE is sweet music here that softer falls Than petals from blown roses on the grass, Or night-dews on still waters between walls Of shadowy granite, in a gleaming pass; Music that gentlier on the spirit lies, Than tir'd eyelids upon tir'd eyes; Music that brings sweet sleep down from the blissful skies. Here are cool mosses deep, And thro...
Side 10 - The squares of the periods of revolution of any two planets are proportional to the cubes of their mean distances from the sun.
Side 64 - Also A Table of Odd Numbers less than One Hundred Thousand, shewing Those that are Incomposit, And Resolving the rest into their Factors or Coefficients, etc.
Side 6 - Letters, addressed chiefly to a young gentleman, upon subjects of literature: including a translation of Euclid's section of the canon; and his treatise on harmonic; with an explanation of the Greek musical modes, according to the doctrine of Ptolemy.
Side 88 - The primary purposes of the teaching of mathematics should be to develop those powers of understanding and of...
Side 193 - If a pyramid is cut by a plane parallel to its base, the area of the section is to the area of the base as the square of its distance from the vertex is to the square of the altitude of the pyramid.

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