The American Mathematical Monthly: The Official Journal of the Mathematical Association of America, Bind 32

Mathematical Association of America, 1925
Includes articles, as well as notes and other features, about mathematics and the profession.

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Side 18 - Professor Peirce, the largest natural genius, the man of the deepest reach and firmest grasp and widest sympathy, that God has given to Harvard in our day, whose presence made you the loftiest peak and farthest outpost of more than mere scientific thought, the magnet who, with his twin Agassiz, made Harvard for forty years the intellectual Mecca of forty States...
Side 22 - The latitude of the Cambridge Observatory, in Massachusetts, determined from Transits of Stars over the Prime Vertical observed during the months of December, 1844, and January 1845, by Wm.
Side 27 - Fifteen young ladies in a school walk out three abreast for seven days in succession : it is required to arrange them daily, so that no two shall walk twice abreast...
Side 513 - In making the award, preference is given, in accordance with the will of Lord Strathcona, to such persons or to the sons of such persons as have been, for at least two years, connected in some manner with the railways of the Northwest.
Side 495 - Equation 3, we see that an angle of 1 rad is the angle subtended at the center of a circle by an arc equal in length to the radius of the circle (see Figure 2).
Side 4 - Looking back over the space of fifty years since I entered Harvard College, Benjamin Peirce still impresses me as the most massive intellect with which I have ever come into close contact, and as being the most profoundly inspiring teacher that I ever had. His personal appearance, his powerful frame and his majestic head seemed in harmony with his brain.
Side 21 - An Elementary treatise on Arithmetic, designed as an Introduction to Peirce's Course of Pure Mathematics...
Side 13 - ... assailed. But in approaching the forbidden limits of human knowledge, it is becoming to tread with caution and circumspection. Man's speculations should be subdued from all rashness and extravagance in the immediate presence of the Creator.
Side 212 - In the extension of space construction to the infinitely great, we must distinguish between unboundedness and infinite extent ; the former belongs to the extent relations ; the latter to the measure relations. That space is an unbounded threefold manifoldness is an assumption which is developed by every conception of the outer world ; according to which every instant the region of real perception is completed, and the possible positions of a sought object are constructed, and which by these applications...
Side 366 - This book is the first of a series of monographs on mathematical subjects which are to be published under the auspices of the Mathematical Association of America and whose publication has been made possible by a very generous gift to the Association by Mrs. Mary Hegeler Carus as trustee of the Edward C. Hegeler Trust Fund. The purpose of the monographs is to make the essential features of various mathematical theories accessible and attractive to as many persons as possible who have an interest in...

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