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and of the whole World: By the Feave'rish Heat of thy whole Body, occafion'd by the Extremity of thy Pains: By thy Tongue's cleaving to theRoof of thy Mouth, ' and having Vinegar given thee, when Thou C wert Thirsty; thy Soul, in the mean time, more vehemently thirsting after our Sal"vation: By thy having refus'd the Wine, ' and Myrrh, which was given Thee, to Stu'pifie thy Senfes, because Thou woud'ft feel all the Pain of thy Crucifixion for us, in its greateft fharpnefs, without the leaft mitigation: By the tender regard which Thou hadst in the midst of thy violent Pains, for thy Holy Mother, and Beloved Difciple: By the Sword which pierced through her Soul, and the Sorrow which 'Wounded his Spirit, and the extream Af'fliction which overwhelm'd them both, to

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behold Thee Suffering: By the Gracious • Comforts vouchfafed the Penitent Thief, in the midft of thy own Distress: By the Anguish of thy Soul, not to be exprefs'd, in beholding the Wrath of thy Father, fo hotly flaming against us, for those Sins of ours which Thou didst bear in thy own Body on the Tree; and that too under fo great Weakness of Body, that both made Thee Cry out, My God, my God, why haft Thou forfaken me! By thy voluntary giving up the. Ghoft, (when Thou mighteft have brought • down thy felf from the Crofs, and that no Man cou'd take away thy Life from thee,) that the Work of our Redemption might

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be finish'd by Thee: By thy bleffed Side, being pierc'd with a Spear, entring into thy Heart,and letting out the laft Remains of thy Blood; that Thou mightest shed all ofit for us, and give full Proof to the World, of thy being truly Dead: By thy Soul's 'being feparated from thy Body, (that defi'rable Union being violently Dissolv'd) and 'its paffing into the State of the Dead, and ' of perfect Separation; and Sanctifying that • Middle State to thy Servants, for their Souls to Reft in, till the Refurrection.

6 By all these feveral Sorts and Degrees of thy Suffering: By all this Bitter Pain and Sorrow and Shame, and Agony and Anguifh, which thou didst endure in thy Body and in thy Soul, for miferable Men, ' and for me a miferable Wretch,

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Have mercy upon me!

For wherefore didft Thou fuffer all this for us, and for me, but that Thou mighteft have mercy upon me? My Sins, O Lord, have occafion'd all this to Thee; 'for less than this, wou'd not have Aton'd them. Tho' in respect of Thee, who wert the Sufferer, O thou Eternal Son of God, these thy Sufferings are fufficient to atone • Innumerable Worlds: Yet fince Thou didft fuffer them for me, I beseech Thee, by the Remembrance of all their Bitternefs, to have Mercy upon me: Thou didst 'fuffer the Shame, and the Pain, and the Sorrow due to my Sins; O Pardon those Sins, which Thou haft fo dearly aton'd • for.

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Since then, O my Saviour, Thou commandeft me to Commemorate these thy Sorrows, and to Do this in Remembrance of Thee; Amen. I will do it, in Remem'brance that I have Wounded, and Griev'd, and Bruis'd Thee: In Remembrance that I have made thee behold the Wrath of thy Father, and feparated thy Precious Blood from thy Body, which Thou prepareft to give my Soul. But at the fame time, the Thoughts of thy Wonderful Love in the midst of thy Pains and Sorrows,must yield my Soul unspeakable Delight: Wherefore, while I am griev'd with thy Grief, I will Feast my self in the Pleasures, and Triumphs of thy Love. I will partake of thy Torments, and also of thy Joys, which thy Love did yield in the midst of thy Ago• nies.

I fhall add only one Sacramental Meditation more; which fhews how his Thoughts and Time were ufually employ'd after the Communion; being compos'd upon his return Home, from that Heavenly Feast.

The Glory of my God with his Heavenly Hoft, fill'd the place; God the Fa'ther, Son, and Holy Ghoft, were all there, beholding and accepting their little Flock. The Angels were pleas'd to take knowledge of thefe Candidates for Heaven, that they might be acquainted with them, when they 'fhou'd Arrive in their happy Mansions. My Saviour Impregnated the Confecrated Elements, and in a manner Embody'd him

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felf there; yet still remaining where he was, filling Heaven and Earth, but more particularly our Chancel; faying to Us, and to Me an undeferving Gueft; You are all my Friends, and Worthy, whatever your Sins be, through my Sufferings. I receiv'd my Blef fed Saviour into my Heart,nay the whole Trinity; for the Unity of the Father, and the Power of the Spirit, accompany'd the "Sacred Action; But, O my Soul, let not what is past, content Thee; Thirst more and more, after thy Dear Lord, and give up thy felf entirely to him; let there be no Referve; but in Body, Mind, and Spirit, defire to be, made a fit Receptacle for him. And let all that belongs to thee, be His; in entire Refignation of it, to the will of God, and Refolving to part with what is convenient, for the Relief of his 6 poor Members.

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How Bleffed an Inftitution is, this, O my Adorable Saviour! What con'd have been found out comparable to it, to quicken us in Holiness! How does it actuate all our Thoughts, and fet all our Powers awork! How does it entertain our Minds, and fill our Souls! Like the Difciples going to Emans, our Hearts burn within us, and are full of amazing wonder at thy Rich Mercy! Before I come to thy Holy Table, Trifles divert my Mind, and engage my Thoughts; but when I come from thence, my Heart is all Joy and Wonder, all Adoration and Praife, all Sacrifice and Refignation; CouN rage

rage and Refolution. How is my Saviour 'to be Ador'd for this Wife, and Gracious Inftitution, who has provided fo effectually for his faithful Servants, to the Worlds end! Be Thou ever Ador'd, O merciful Jefu, O my God, and my Lord! For thy wonderful Defigns of Love and Mercy to the Sons of Men. Amen.

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He was a ReFrom the preceeding Account of Mr. Bonligious obfer nell's Conftancy and Behaviour at the Holy ver of the Lord's-Day. Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, the Reader will of himself conclude, that he was a Religious Obferver of the Lord's-Day; and such he was in a very ftrict manner, giving it entirely up to the Service of God, and Exerci fes of Religion. He had Private and Fami ly Devotions fuited to the Day, and all his Drefling time he employ'd in Repeating Pfalms, which had moft Relation to the Bufinefs of it, as the 84th, 116th, 118th, and 122d, and others, as his time allow'd him.

He exprefs'd a great Diflike to the Practice of fome Families, in making the Lord's-day, a Day of Publick Feafting, and Entertainment; infomuch that most of their Servants, are depriv'd of the Benefits of it, being to them, neither a Day of Reft, nor Devotion. To this purpose, I find the following Remark of his, upon David's refufing to Drink the Water of Bethleem, which Three of his mighty Men had hazarded their Lives to bring him, 2 Sam. 23. 17. Is not this the Blood of the Men that went in Jeopardy of their Lives, therefore be won'd not Drink it.



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