The Good Aunt; Or, a Summer in the Country. A Moral Tale, Etc

1811 - 217 sider

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Side 176 - Profuse of bliss, and pregnant with delight! Eternal pleasures in thy presence reign, And smiling Plenty leads thy wanton train; Eas"d of her load Subjection grows more light, And Poverty looks cheerful in thy sight ; Thou mak'st the gloomy face of Nature gay, Giv'st beauty to the sun, and pleasure to the day.
Side 112 - Then, leading him to his closet, he locked the door, and, opening a coffer, first took out sixteen ducats, delivering them to Frescobald, and said, " My friend, here is the money you lent me at Florence, with ten pieces you laid out for my apparel, and ten more you paid for my horse ; but considering...
Side 176 - ... grape's soft juice, and mellow it to wine, With citron groves adorn a distant soil, And the fat olive swell with floods of oil: We envy not the warmer clime, that lies In ten degrees of more indulgent skies, Nor at the coarseness of our heaven repine, Though o'er our heads the frozen Pleiads shine: Tis liberty that crowns Britannia's isle, And makes her barren rocks and her bleak mountains smile.
Side 80 - many times in the pleasant fields of the Holy Scriptures, where I pluck up the goodlisome herbs of sentences by pruning, eat them by reading, digest them by musing, and lay them up at length in the high seat of memory, by gathering them together ; that so, having tasted their sweetness, I may the less perceive the bitterness of life.
Side 115 - At length, being become completely master of his errand, he drew from his purse a guinea, and with a scrape made an uncouth offer of it. " Put up thy money, poor fellow...
Side 111 - Frescobald was surprised and astonished with admiration who this great man should be, that acknowledged such obligations, and so passionately expressed a kindness for him ; but, contemplating...
Side 113 - ... he transmitted to one of his servants, with a charge to find out the men, and oblige them to pay him in fifteen days, under the penalty of his displeasure.
Side 114 - Towards the beginning of the last century, an actor celebrated for mimicry, was to have been employed by a comic author, to take off the person, the manner, and the singularly aukward delivery of the celebrated Dr.
Side 112 - These the modesty of Frescobald would have refused, but the other forced them upon him. He next caused him to give him the names of all his debtors., and the sums they owed ; which account...
Side 109 - Frescobald, commiserating his necessities, and having a particular respect for the English nation, clothed him genteelly, took him into his house till he had recovered strength...

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