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amination and report. After examination of the documents submitted they recommended that an academy diploma be granted by the Central Board to Mr. E. Smith upon his passing a satisfactory examination in Latin, Greek and Trigonometry; a model school diploma to Miss L. M. Kerr after she has made good the required standing in Latin and French, and has passed in school law. They further recommended that Miss Kate A. Chisholm be allowed to take the examination for an advanced elementary diploma in McGill Normal School, and to receive a kindergarten diploma there as an equivalent for the extra-provincial diploma she now holds; that Miss A. L. Stevenson receive an elementary diploma after examination in school law, or a model school diploma after examination in Latin as well; that Mr. L. T. Miller receive an academy diploma after satisfactory evidence of successful teaching for one year since his course in pedagogy; that Mrs. A. M. Brouse receive the first class academy diploma; that other applications be held over for further information. Upon motion the report was received and the recommendations were adopted.

A sub-committee to prepare for the distribution of the superior education funds at the September meeting was appointed, to consist of the Chairman and the Teachers' representative as members, ex-officio, with Principal Shaw, Mr. Rexford and Mr. Love.

The sub-committee on examinations submitted its report, which, on motion, was adopted as amended. The subcommittee was continued with power to fill any vacancies. that might occur in the list of examiners.

The Secretary reported that owing chiefly to changes in the school law and regulations it was necessary to amend certain other regulations of the Protestant Committee, and submitted the following:



1. To regulation 23 add: "Women graduates who have taken German may receive academy diplomas entitling them to act as assistants in an academy. They are subject to the same conditions as to rank in their subjects as are the men.”

2. Regulation 22, section 2, the words "The candidate shall then remit to the Secretary of the Central Board

of Examiners a fee of five dollars, and shall receive from him notification of the days of examination," to be replaced by "candidate shall remit for the Central Board of Examiners the fee of five dollars with his application, and shall receive notification of the days of examination."

3. From the end of regulation 25 strike out the words "In accordance with 1965 R.S.Q.

4. Regulation 26, second line, replace "Section 24 or 25" by "sections 22, 24 or 25;" and in the eighth line replace "In these two cases" by "In these cases."

5. Regulation 76, fourth line, strike out the word "arithmetic."

6. Regulation 71, section 12, to read: "To prepare the examination papers in accordance with the course of study for superior schools, and to submit them to the sub-committee of examiners for consideration and approval."

7. Regulation 74 to be replaced by: "In these written examinations pupils shall be considered as having passed in their respective grades, provided they pass in all the subjects specified in the course of study. However, pupils who fail in not more than two subjects may be passed at the discretion of the examiners if the aggregate of marks is high enough to justify such exceptional action."


8. Regulation 81, in the fifth line, replace "one-third" by forty per cent ;" and in the sixth line replace "three quarters" by seventy-five per cent.

9. Regulation 35, sections one and two to be struck out. Section 4 same regulation, last line, " and boards of examiners" to be replaced by "and the board of examiners."

10. Regulation 86 to be replaced by the following: “Deputy examiners shall observe the instructions given in regulation 30."

11. Regulations 113 to 118, both inclusive, to be struck out. 12. Regulation 161, second line, the word "quadrennial" to be struck out.

Moved by Mr. S. P. Robins, seconded by the Reverend Mr. Love, and

Resolved, That this Committee approve the amendments to the regulations now submitted by the Secretary, as ne

cessary to the harmony of the old and new regulations, and order their transmission to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council for authorization.

It was moved by Professor Kneeland, seconded by Inspector McGregor, That the New Canadian Geography be added to the list of text-books submitted to the LieutenantGovernor in Council for authorization, provided that a satisfactory increase be made to the matter relating to the British Isles.-Carried.

Mr. J. Whyte read a report on behalf of the committee on elementary schools.

It was moved by Mr. Whyte, seconded by Mr. Masten, and

Resolved,―That the report be received and adopted, and that the Secretary be instructed to send copies of the report to the Roman Catholic Committee, and to ask their co-operation and support in order to get the suggestions put înto active operation; and that the present sub-committee be continued at the call of the convener.


[blocks in formation]

Feb. 28-G. W. Parmelee, salary to June 1st..
April 17-J. M. Harper, salary to July 1st......
Feby. 28-Edwin Cox & Co., address to Dr.
Robins.... ..... $125 00

Feby. 3-Chronicle Printing Co., 100 minutes..
Feby. 28-T. J. Moore. supplies for Dr. Harper..
Daily Telegraph, printing minutes...

$1,526 10

62 50

300 00

5 00

130 00

5 00

15 15

15 00

March 30-T. J. Moore & Co., binding minutes,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

March 30-From City Treasurer of Montreal... $1,000 00

[blocks in formation]

March 30-To Dr. S. P. Robins for McGill N.


Examined and found correct.


$1,000 00


Dr. Dunbar was added to the sub-committee, in place of Dr. Norman, re Normal School finances, and to sub-committee on legislation.

After the reading of the rough minutes the meeting adjourned to meet on the 29th of September, unless called earlier by the chairman.




His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor has been pleased, by order in council, dated the 9th June (1899), to detach from the school municipality of Sainte Scholastique, in the county of Two Mountains, lots Nos. 343 to 349 in`clusively, of the cadastre of the parish of Sainte Scholastique, forming districts numbers three and four of the said parish, and to erect them into a separate and distinct school municipality under the name of "Mirabel."

To annex to the school municipality of Saint Michel No. 5, in the county of Yamaska, the territory known by the name of "The Lots,” from and including No. 737 to and including No. 761 of the cadastre of the parish of Saint Michel d'Yamaska, for school purposes.

To detach this part of the cadastral number 215 of the parish of Sainte Rose, county of Laval, which is between the road of "La Grande Côte" and the one of "La Petite Côte," of the school municipality of the "Haut de la Grande Côte," of Sainte Rose, and annex it, for school purposes, to the school municipality of "Haut de la Petite Côte" of Sainte Rose, in the same county.

The foregoing erections to take effect July 1st, 1899.

To erect into a distinct school municipality, for Roman Catholics only, by the name of "Fort Coulonge," county of Pontiac, the following territory, to wit: Lots 3, 6, 7, 8, and part of lot No. 12, in the range A, of the township of Mansfield, county of Pontiac.

lot No. 1, and lots 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 of the range B, of the same township, lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and

lot No. 11, as also lots 13 and 14 of range I, of the same township. Part of lot No. 1 of the village.

Also the parts of lots 15 and 16 of range I, of the same township, belonging to Roman Catholics.

His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor has been pleased to appoint Messrs. Wm. D. Graham, junior, and Henry Grey, school commissioners for the municipality of Arundel, county of Argenteuil, to replace Messrs. Joseph Boyd and John Silverson, whose terms of office have expired.

31st August-1. To detach from the school municipality of Saint Alphonse de Thetford, county of Megantic, the following lots, to wit: Nos. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 of the ranges I, II, III and IV of the township of Thetford;

2. To detach from the school municipality of the Saint Cœur de Marie, same county, the following lots, to wit: Nos. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 of the IVth range, and lots Nos. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 of the ranges V and VI of the said township of Thetford;

3. To detach from the school municipality of Saint Pierre de Broughton, the following lots, to wit: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 of the IInd and IIIrd ranges of the said township, and also lot No. 7 of the IVth range of the aforesaid township of Thetford; and to erect this territory into a distinct school municipality, by the name of "Saint Antoine de Pontbriand," county of Megantic.

This erection to take effect only on the 1st of July next, 1900.

To appoint Messrs. Edouard Leclerc, Cyrile Lamy, François Rouleau, Joeffrey Houle and Onésime L'Allier, school commissioners for the new municipality of the village of Saint Paul de Chester, county of Arthabaska.

24th August-To appoint school commissioners :

Beauce Saint Charles de Spaulding: Messrs. Samuel Grondin and Pierre Audet, continued in office.

Bonaventure-Restigouche: Messrs. Colin T. Firlotte and John Oatman, continued in office.

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