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The following pensioners have been struck from the list owing to unfavorable reports from the School Inspectors: M. L. Bryère-Langlais, Mrs. Modeste Wagner, Lucie Frégeau, Emilie Chaloux, M. Desneiges Trudel, M. Hermine Allard.

The pension of Mrs. Georgina Rompre was withdrawn owing to a medical certificate having been produced, from an American physician, which could not be accepted.

The pensions of Elizabeth O'Brien and Virginie Moreau will be paid only when reports in their favor are received from the Inspectors of their districts.

Objection being made to the continuation of pension to the following persons, namely: widow Alfred Potvin, widow Arthur Pelletier, Emma Verville, Mrs. John Harvey and Philomène Muir, it was moved by Mr. John Ahern, seconded by Mr. J. O. Cassegrain, that in these cases pensions be again granted. Messrs. Ahern and Cassegrain voted for the motion, and Messrs. Parsons, Cockfield and the Superintendent against. The pensions were therefore refused.

Objection being also made to the continuation of pension to Elise Ouellet, widow Arthur Pelletier, Rose de Lima Destroismaisons, Desanges Morin, Zoé Proulx and Mrs. Augustin Bilodeau, it was moved by Mr. John Ahern, seconded by Mr. J. O. Cassegrain, that these pensions be continued. In favor of the motion, Messrs. Ahern, Cassegrain and the Superintendent; against, Messrs. Parsons & Cockfield. These pensions were therefore continued.

The Administrative Commission having considered the different cases reserved for their decision since last meeting, disposed of them as follows:

Mrs. George Tremblay's application for pension, rejected last year, was granted, she having produced new medical certificates and a favorable report from the School Inspector. Messrs. Ahern, Cassegrain and the Superintendent in favor, and Messrs. Parsons and Cockfield against.

Margaret Cleland's application for pension was refused. Mrs. Philomène Ouellet's pension, withheld last year owing to lack of Inspector's report, was granted. Messrs. Ahern, J. O. Cassegrain and the Superintendent for, and Messrs. Parsons and Cockfield against.

The pension of Eugénie Morency, withdrawn last year, was granted anew for one year.

The heirs of Mrs. widow Roch Martineau, pensioner,

deceased, are entitled to her pension for the current half year.

Eulalie Roy, whose pension was withdrawn last year, and who submitted new medical certificates with application for pension was refused. Messrs. Ahern and Cassegrain voted in her favor, and Messrs. Parsons, Cockfield and the Superintendent contrary.

The Superintendent was requested to write to the Curé of the parish in which Mrs. Victoria Dubé resides to obtain his opinion as to the alleged impossibility of her being able to resume teaching.

Should the Curé's opinion be favorable to her pretensions the Superintendent is authorized to pay her pension.

Mrs. Amanda Ames having applied for pension last year, the matter was left over to this meeting in order to obtain further information in regard to her latter years of service. After consideration of the case the application was rejected on the ground of Mrs. Ames having taught but eight months during the five years preceding the date of her application.

The pension of Elma J. Merry, withheld last year owing to non-production of required medical certificates, was again granted on the strength of the medical and inspector's certificates now produced.

Mrs. Mary E. Moore, whose application for pension was not entertained last year, produced new medical certificates and applied again for pension. The application was rejeeted owing to the unfavorable report of the school inspector.

The pension of Mrs. Justine Martin, withheld last year, was granted on the favorable report of the school inspector.

Joséphine Lahaye and Anna Vézina, whose pensions were withheld last year owing to their having entered a religious community, made application for pension this year and produced medical certificates. Their applications were granted, with payment of arrears.

The meeting then adjourned.


Present-The Honorable the Superintendent, president; and Messrs. John Ahern, S. H. Parsons, H. M. Cockfield and J. O. Cassegrain.

The Commission continued the examination of the several cases reserved for their decision.

The pension of Mrs. Gilles Pinard, retained last year, was granted again on division, Messrs. Ahern and Cassegrain and the Superintendent voting in favor, and Messrs. Parsons and Cockfield against.

The pension of Eulalie Bouchard, retained last year, was granted anew.

The application for pension of Héléna Massé, several times already rejected in past years, was again taken into consideration and refused.

Honorine Grandmont, whose pension was retained in 1896, made new application for pension, which was refused.

Mrs. Hermand Camirand, whose application for pension was not entertained in 1895 and 1897, applied again this year and was refused.

Mrs. Aurore Beaulieu, Mrs. Clovis Coulombe, Elmire Pothier and Marie Arvisais, whose pensions were retained in 1896, made new applications, which were refused.

Delphine Girouard and Georgiana Gagnon, whose applications for pension were rejected last year, produced new medical certificates. Pensions were granted them for one year only, from July 1st, 1898.

Mrs. Jacques Grenier will receive but six months' pension, her inability to teach extending over that period only. A new application for pension from Mathilda Gray was thrown out.

The report of Mr. S. H. Parsons, who was charged by the Administrative Commission with the examination of the records of Mr. J. Purdie, was received and approved. The Commission decided that no change was called for in its former decision in regard to the claims of Mr. Purdi.

Read, a letter from the Honorable the Attorney General of the Province, and one from the Superintendent to Dr. S. P. Robins, concerning stoppage arrears due by the latter to the Pension Fund.

The following applications for pension, received by the Department of Public Instruction prior to November 1st last, were submitted to the Commission :-Pensions were granted to Onésime Rivière, Mrs. Joseph Dagenais, Helen Carmichael, Josephte Richard, widow François Juneau, Joséphine Dorval, Angèle Payment, widow Cléophas Lé

vesque, Marie Zoé Boutin, Mrs. James Cook, Aurélie Tétrault, Camille L. Désiré Thumas, widow Thomas Auger, Henriette Breton, widow Candide Dufresne, Rachel Perrin, widow Edouard Bilodeau, Margaret Campbell, Claire Virginie Desbiens, Mrs. Joseph Labonté, widow Théophile Cinqmars, Mrs. Pierre Chabot, M. Angèle Blais, Mrs. Alexandre Pineau, Mrs. Henriette Lespérance, Théodora Beaupré, Georgiana Boucher, Marguerite Boisvert, Mrs. Théophile Gongé, Emma Quintal, Clara Joubert, Félina Gariépy, Joséphine Lacasse, Léonide Renée, Mrs Chas T. Young, Elizabeth Hepburn, Delima Forest, Léda Sevigny dit Lafleur, widow Bruno Fontaine, M. Louise Goulet, Jane Louisa Carter, Anne Marie Dionne, Emilie Carrières, Adeline Lambert, Fanny Globenskey, Mrs. Louis P. Authier. M. Antoinette Plaisance, Mrs. widow Joseph Prémont.

The following persons will receive their pensions for one year, provided the inspector of the district in which they reside report them as unable to teach owing to ill-health :Amanda Frégeau, of Lawrenceville, Mrs. Philias Bourgeois, Ophédie Richard, Georgiana Condé, Mrs. Pierre Savard.

Six months' pension only will be paid to Joséphine Hallé, seeing that the physicians' certificates state that a few months' rest will restore her to health.

The consideration of Mrs. Joseph Couillard's application for pension was postponed to next meeting; in the meantime she will show that she has taught for at least ten years.

After examination of medical certificates submitted the applications of the following persons for pension were refused on the ground that they were not incapable of teaching on account of sickness:-Mrs. Joseph Lanthier, Adèle Thiffault, Anne Dorothée Jacques, Joseph Drapeau, Mrs. Thomas Riverin, Mrs. D. C. F. Couture, Mrs. Ernest Girard, Catherine Emma Bulger, Mrs. Joseph McCaffrey, Mrs. Louis Côté, Philomène Duval, Anysie Mathurin, Mrs. Jean Maltais, Arthemise Michaud, Célestine Belanger, Joséphine Samson, Mrs. Joseph l'ichette, Delicia Gagnon, Mrs. Stéphanie Desjardins.

The application for pension of M. Zéphire Tessier was refused on the ground that she had taught but six months during the last five years.

Moved by Mr. S. H. Parsons, seconded by Mr. John Ahern, and

Resolved." That in the opinion of this Pension Commission a supplementary grant of six thousand dollars will be required to meet its liabilities for the current fiscal year, and that the Honorable the Superintendent of Public Instruction be requested to make application to the Government for a grant from the public funds of that amount.”

It was further resolved that the sum of two hundred dollars be paid to Mr. F. X. Couillard for his services as secretary of the Administrative Commission for the current scholatic year. F. X., COUILLARD, Secretary.

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