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private educationel institutions enjoying local exemption should contain fuller statistical information.

3rd. That the religion of minor children, when professing differing beliefs in the same family, should not be considered in the division of the school tax, but the belief of the tax-payer alone should be considered.

In conclusion the sub-committee felt it to be their duty, as well as pleasure, to place on record their appreciation of the courtesy and kindness of the Premier and the members of the Cabinet for their reception, and to express their sense of the care and attention given to their suggestions in every particular.

Respectfully submitted

(Signed,) R. W. HENEKER,


The report was received and adopted. The sub-committee on inspection and examination of superior schools submitted a report, when it was moved by Professor Kneeland, seconded by Mr. W. S. McLaren, and resolved, That in accordance with the recommendations of the sub-committee on examinations, and in order to bring the examinations of the superior schools under the direction of the Central Board of Examiners, a committee, consisting of five members of that Board, be appointed annually at the February meeting of the Protestant Committee, whose duty it shall be:

1st. To supervise the examination papers set by the inspector for the June examinations.

2nd. To draw up regulations for the government of the work of the examiners, subject to the approval of the Protestant Committee.

3rd. To present annually, at the May meeting of the Protestant Committee, a list of the examiners proposed by them, for the approval of that Committee.

4th. To supervise the work of such examiners.

5th. To take into consideration the results obtained by such examiners.

6th. To present annually, at the November meeting of this Committee, a general report upon the examinations of the June previous.

The following persons were appointed in accordance with this resolution: Professor Kneeland, Convener; In

spector Harper, Mr. Parmelee, Mr. Young and Mr. Rexford.

The sub-committee on inspection and examination was continued, Justice Lynch, convener.

The sub-committee on McGill Normal School grants reported progress and was continued.

The sub-committee on academy diplomas then submitted the following report :—

24th February, 1899.

In regard to the proposal to make German optional with Greek for women candidates for academy diplomas, the undersigned beg to recommend the Protestant Committee to give effect to this proposal, provided that such academy diplomas, when obtained with German instead of Greek, shall not carry with them the right to fill the office of Principal in an academy.

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On the motion of Dr. Peterson the report was received and adopted.

An application from Mr. E. N. Brown, with letters from certain model school teachers, asking that the superior school examinations be held during the first week in June as heretofore, was considered, when it was decided that the recently amended regulation should remain in force.

For the information of the Committee, a letter, sent through Messrs. John Dougall & Son, with $30 of conscience money for Protestant superior education, was read.

An application from the Reverend Dr. Allnatt, acting principal of Bishop's University, for the approval of its syllabus of fifty lectures in Education to be provided for candidates for the academy diploma and of its arrangement for practical work as well, was read and considered.

It was moved by Dr. Robins, seconded by Rev. A. T. T. Love, and

Resolved, That this Committee has had much pleasure in hearing that the Governing Body of Bishop's College intends to organize a course in theoretical and practical Pedagogy leading up to an academy diploma for graduates of Bishop's College.

This Committee further accepts and approves the course in Education submitted by the Rev. Dr. Allnatt, acting principal, in his letter dated 17th February, in accordance with the provisions of article 22 of the new regulations of the Protestant Committee of the Council of Public Instruction.

It is, however, understood that the approval of this arrangement hereby recorded is to hold only as long as the similar arrangement for delivering lectures in Pedagogy to undergraduates in the Normal School shall continue.

Applications on behalf of the Girls' Model School in connection with McGill Normal School and of the Senior School, Montreal, for a continuation of the arrangements under which their pupils have hitherto entered the advanced elementary school class of the Normal School, were acquiesced in for the present year, and the question of the admisssion of candidates to the Normal School from special schools was referred to the Central Board for consideration and report.

An application from Mr. John Douglas for an extension of the superior school examinations so as to include an entrance paper for admission to model schools from elementary schools was submitted.

The Committee regretted that it was unable to comply with the request.

An application for assistance to enter suit in St. Agnes de Ditchfield was read, when the Secretary was instructed to say that the Committee was unable to give the assistance asked for, or to intervene further than the Department had done, as shown by copies of letters which were read to give an understanding of the case.

The interim report of the Inspector of the superior schools was received.

The Secretary was instructed to prepare and issue a circular letter in regard to "Empire Day," in order to call the attention of school boards throughout the Province to the previous action of the Committee.

The Reverend A. T. Love was requested to countersign. the Committee's cheques.

The grants to poor municipalities, as prepared by the Department, was submitted and duly approved.

The following financial statement was submitted:



Feb. 23rd -Balance on hand......

Jan. 30th-Conscience money received through
Messrs. John Dougall & Son.................

$2,169 60

30 00

$2,199 60

[blocks in formation]

Balance on hand as per bank book..... 1,526 10

$2,199 60

Examined and found correct.



Saturday, February 25th, 1899.

An open meeting of the Protestant Committee was held on this date in McGill Normal School, the same members being present as on the 24th instant.

The Chairman and Justice Lynch explained the object of the meeting, and the former invited any persons present who wished to discuss any feature of educational work to do so after Mr. Whyte had spoken to his motion, of which notice had been given.

Mr. Whyte spoke to his motion, after which the following persons addressed the Committee :

Inspector Taylor, representing the Teachers' Association of Bedford district; Mr. Fred. Hamilton, Secretary of the Dissentient School Board of Longueuil; Reverend Dr. McVicar, Chairman of the Protestant Board of School Commissioners of Montreal; Mr. Wm. Foster Brown and Mr. W. Drysdale, of Montreal.

The Chairman assured the speakers that their views would receive the attention of the Committee, and the open meeting was brought to an end.

The Committee continued its ordinary meeting, when Mr. Whyte's motion, seconded by Mr. Masten, was carried in the following form:

Resolved, That in view of the unsatisfactory and inefficient state of elementary education in the rural districts, a sub-committee be appointed to enquire into the best means of making it more efficient.

The sub-committee consists of Mr Whyte, Convener; Messrs. Masten, McGregor, Justice Lynch and Mr. Maclaren.

The meeting then adjourned to Friday, the 19th of May next, unless called earlier by the Chairman.




His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor has been pleased, by an Order in Council, dated the 22nd of March last (1899), to appoint the Reverend Lennox Williams, M.A., of Quebec, a member of the Protestant School Commission of the City of Quebec, to replace the Revd. R. W. Norman, D.D., D.C.L., absent from the Province.

To appoint W. J. Watts, Esq, advocate, M. L.A., of Drummondville, a member of the Council of Public Instruction, to replace the Ven. Archdeacon Lindsay, M.A., D.C.L., who has resigned.

His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor has been pleased, on the 22nd of March last (1899), to define and fix the limits of the said municipality as follows, to wit:

On the south-east, in the township of Cap Rosier, by lots exclusively number fifty of the first range, forty-three of the second range, thirty of the third range, and the south division line of the fourth range; on the south by the south division line of the irregular ranges A. B. of the township of Gaspé Bay North, then on the west comprising a strip of land adjoining the irregular ranges A. B. aforesaid, strip of the width of a range running northwards to range II. E. of the township Fox, less the lands which will not belong to Catholics in the township of Gaspé Bay North, and the

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