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[Copied from the concluding Number of the last Volume.]

Tuis day's publication brings the sixth volume of the communications, in prose and verse, and a variety of en-
New Series of the Kaleidoscope to a close; and our grati-gravings, prepared expressly for the Kaleidoscope.
tude to our friends for the continued patronage with which
they have honoured us will, we trust, appear by the exer-
tions we shall make to render the succeeding volumes of
our work still more worthy of their approbation than those
which have preceded them.

The Index, which we expect to deliver gratuitously with the first number of our seventh volume, will be the best advertisement we can put forth to show the varied contents of the sixth volume of the Kaleidoscope. We shall, therefore, here merely recapitulate a few of the original and revived articles, which are alone of considerably greater value than the price which we set upon our whole annual work.

In the first place, the present volume contains no fewer than thirty pieces of music, original and selected from the works of Weber and other eminent composers. These alone, if retailed at only sixpence each, would amount to nearly the price of our whole volume. An original translation of an interesting French novel, by the Duchess of Duras, may be enumerated amongst the contents; also above fifty choice situations at chess, selected, with con. siderable pains, from foreign works of the highest authority on the subject. We have also put our readers in possession of an Essay on Literature, by the celebrated Gibbon, the historian, and another Essay by Dr. Ferriar, of Manchester; also several valuable papers on political economy: nor ought we to omit enumerating fifteen interesting letters from the Continent, originally addressed to the Leeds Mercury. A valuable work, containing an outline of the system of education at New Lanark, is also to be found in the volume we have just completed. An entire and very clever translation of a French comedy adds to the interest of our work, besides a great number of original

There is one way, and that a conversational one, in which our present readers can very materially serve us: we allude to their reminding such of their friends as have approved of the Kaleidoscope, and have expressed a wish to commence taking it at a particular epoch, that the first number of the new volume will be published on Tuesday next; and we urge this upon their kindness, assuring them, that our exertions to improve and embellish the work, shall be commensurate with the public favour.




The following Publications are to be had at the Office, No. 75, Lord-street, and also from the Country Agents; or may be ordered from the London Booksellers, with the Magazines of the month:

Vol. I, II, III, IV, V, and VI. of the KALEIDOSCOPE, with copious Index to each. Price, in boards, Sixteen Shillings.


SHIPWRECK, and other Dangers of the Sea; containing various modes of expeditiously forming Rafts, from materials always at hand; an approved method of constructing

a Temporary Rudder;-an expeditious mode of converting any ordinary Boat into a Life Boat;-a safe and approved mode of carrying out Anehors in Rough Weather;-Directions for the Recovery of Persons apparently drowned;Precautions against the Effects of Lightning at Sea;-Taylor's

Where there are no Agents for the Kaleidoscope, and who are useful Instructions for the Management of Ships at Single

desirous of becoming Subscribers.

In consequence of perpetual applications for the Kalei. doscope, from places in the country where we have no agents, we take this opportunity of informing those who wish to take the work, that they may be supplied by any bookseller who receives parcels from London. Messrs. Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper, Paternoster-row; Mr. Marlborough, Ave-Maria-lane; and Mr. Clerc Smith, St. James's-street, have now a regular stock; and as all the London booksellers are in the habit of supplying each other with the works they respectively publish, an order given to any bookseller will ensure the forwarding of the work to any part of the kingdom. This, of course, is a circuitous mode of supply to some parts of the country, but it is not on that account less regular or certain, as a few days' delay is a circumstance of no consequence with such a work as the Kaleidoscope, which does not contain news. It is necessary to observe, that the Kaleidoscope, being an unstamped work, cannot be sent free through the post-office like a newspaper.

Anchor;-Precautions against Infection;-and a great Variety of Miscellaneous Suggestions, useful to Seamen in general. By EGERTON SMITH.-Price Half-a-Crown. Illustrated by several Engravings.

HOME TRUTHS, descriptive of the condition of Liver

pool in the Year 1811, originally published in the first Volume of the Liverpool Mercury. To which is now added, an ORIGINAL COUNTERPART, applicable to the condition of the Country in the Year 1826. Written also for the Liverpool Mercury.—Price Sixpence.

A TRIP to the CHAIN BRIDGE, near Bangor, and to other Parts of NORTH WALES, including Beaumaris, Carnarvon, the Lakes of Llanberris, Conway, Llanrwst, Llangollen, &c. By a GENTLEMAN OF LIVERPOOL.-Price Sixpence. This Narrative was first published in the Kaleidoscope of August 9, 16, and 23, 1825; and is now re-printed in a separate form, with the addition of an Appendix, containing some particulars of remarkable Objects and Places mentioned in "The Trip."

A Perspective VIEW of the LIVERPOOL NEW MARKET, with a GROUND PLAN of the INTERIOR of that extensive structure.-Price Sixpence.

An elegantly-engraved VIEW of the LIVERPOOL TOWNHALL, with PLAN of the Splendid Suite of Rooms, and a [This publication is adapted to binding with the Kaleidoscope.] full description of that admired edifice.-Price Sixpence.-

Mr. ROSCOE'S DISCOURSE on the Opening of the Liverpool ROYAL INSTITUTION. -Price Fourpence.




Abernethy, Mr. anecdotes of, 149.
Advertisements, whimsical, 101, 117.
Affection and resolution, 117.

Africa, discoveries in, 295, 345, 354, 361, 392.
African ladies, 361-Africans' wrongs, verses, 344.
Aladdin, the new opera of, 360.

Aldridge, the late Mrs. 136.

Alexander, Emperor of Russia, 227.

| American poetry, 352-Sea serpent-sce Serpent.

Anacreontic verses, 260.

Anagrams, good, 167.

Ancestors, luxuries of our, 197.

Anecdotes, Small Talk, 12, 15, 15, 21, 23, 29, 101, 117,
121, 122, 131, 143, 144, 149, 151, 167, 178, 208, 227,
248, 256, 289, 369, 382, 383, 387, 406, 425, 436-see
Kelly, and Reynolds.
Angling, by females, 420.

Alexandre, M. the ventriloquist, verses to, 100, 108, 116, Animal instinct, paper on, 7.
124.-Algebra, 112.

"Although it grieved my soul to see," &c. 252.

Amator's verses to, 244.

America, South, wanderings in-see Waterton, Mr. C.

Animal, huge marine, 423-Remains, 49-see Fossil.
Animals, cruelty to-see Cruelty.

Antiquities, 9, 15, 21, 29, 104, 147, 189, 196, 197, 198, 207, 222, 227, 260, 312, 318, 319, 327, 345, 382, 383,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Bath, Floating, of Liverpool, Tim Bobbin's whimsical Consumption, verses on, 236.

description of, 21.-Bathing, warm, 107.

Bathos, a touch of the, 52.

Beauty, lines on, 52.

Beethoven, interesting notice of, 95.

Beetle, the Queen, 51.

Bell, Mr. Henry, letter from, 150.

Bell, singular and ancient, discovered, 260.

Belling the belles in Poland, 277.

Belzoni, Mr. notices of, 191.
Bernadotte, anecdote of, 369.

Bertrand, Sir, a poem in three cantos, 388, 396, 416.
Billiard match, 403.

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES, 2, 2, 10, 19, 63, 121, 127,
130, 165, 178, 191, 227, 242, 304, 313, 326, 334, 369,
406, 431.

Bird, ridiculous lines on the death of, and editorial notes,


Birkenhead, lines on visiting the abbey of, 92.

Birth-day ode, 132.

Bituminous wood, 435.

Blackberry jam, 361.

Contest, fearful-see Death Wrestle.
Continent, travels on-see Travels.
Conundrums-see Vive la Bagatelle.
Cook, Captain, interesting notice of, 251.
Cookery, art of, 239.

Coquetry, letter on, 372.

Cork swimming collar, 421-see Smith, Egerton.
Cough, lines on a, 84.

Country, stanzas written in the, 116.
Courage, remarkable instances of, 131, 139.

[blocks in formation]

Courier, Liverpool, critique on a poetical correspondent of Fashion, old school of, 89-Changes of-see Ancestors.
the, 328.

Cricket match near Liverpool, 45, 50.
Cribbage, the number of fifteens at, 240, 248, 252, 268.
Criticism, editorial, upon poetic bathos, 52-Grammar and
education, 184-see Literature-Learned burlesque on,
209-Criticism, professional (Cockney) 340.

Cromwell, Oliver, 361.

Fastidiousness, modern, 426.
Father, elegy on the death of, 20.
Fellowship, definition of, 144.

Ferriar, Dr. republication of his essay towards a theory o
apparitions, 397, and succeeding pages.
Fever, treatment of, 143.

Fire, singular pun made during a, 131.

Cruelty to animal, lion and dog fight at Warwick, edito- Fire, dreadful, at Miramichi, 202.
rial, &c. animadversons on, 36, 37, 48, 56, 61,
Crusades, origin of the, 9.

Blanc, Mount, and Geneva, 262-Successful attempt to Crusaders, the tale of, selections from, 4, 6, 10, 12, 30.
reach the summit of Mount Blane, 104, 167.

Blind, school for the, in Liverpool, 248.

Blind watchmaker, 167.

Blistered feet, cure for, 83.

Bloody vest, poetry, from the Crusaders, 4.

Blue stocking, definition of, (epigram) 4.
Boat, new and safe elastic, 140.

Bologna, &c. visit to, 298.

Bonaparte, Napoleon, anecdotes of, 481.

Bon mots, 131, 356-see Anecdotes.-Bon vivant, 45.

Boot-jack, new and simple, 223.

Bore, human, 337.-Botanical rarity, 32.

Bouquet, lines by G. to a, 148.

Boyne Water, a new novel, 389.

Bravery and humanity, 256.

Bread, adulterated, test for, 90.-Brewing, cheap, 252.
Brighton, New-see Dublin.

Britannia, figure of, on the halfpence, origin of, 208.
Brother's advice to his sister, 312.

Brothers, the, a story, by Schiller, 429.

Cubic equations, 112, 136, 304.

Cuff's improved sewers or water courses, 76.

Cupid's modern artillery, 284.

Currents of the ocean, 78.

Daisy, field (verses to) 360.


"Fireside, my own," (verses) 188.
Flight, rapid, of birds, 51.

Fine Arts, the, 64-see Theatre.
Fishing-sce Angling.

Floating-slip or landing-place, with an engraving, 91.
Floating Bath, of Liverpool-see Bath.
Flood, general, evidence of, 67.

Flour, test for, 83.-Flower, Emma, narrative of, 368.
Folly of pride, and pride of folly, 94.

Deaf and dumb, education of the, 353, 422, 430-Gentle- Foresters, the new novel of the, 131.
man, anecdote of, 387.

Death, verses on, 260, 304, 304.

Death, lines on, by G. 124-Of a little boy, lines on, 140.
Death struggle or wrestle, an interesting record, 297.
Deciding without hearing, 117, 304, 368.
Delia, lines by Burns, 304.

Delightful hope! by G. 36.

Denham and Clapperton's travels-see Africa.

Desert, the (original translation) 228.

Deserters, the, from Blackwood's Magazine, 295.
Despoiler, the (verses) 92-Despondens, stanzas by, 140.
Devil's tree, 131.-Diamond cut diamond, 311.

Brunswick, trip to (translation from the German, 65, 74, Diorama (the) in Liverpool, 128-Of Chartres' cathedral,

[blocks in formation]

Charlotte, Princess, cenotaph of, 139.

Cheny, Dr. creed of, in verse, 276.

Child, beloved, G.'s lines to the memory of, 360.

Child playing in a churchyard (verses) 180.

Childhood, reminiscences of, 188.

China, Chinese mode of mending, 143.
Cholera morbus, alleged cure for, 117.
Christ, interesting notice of, 103.

Christmas ancient customs, 222-Recreations-see Vive la

CHESS, select situations at the game of (in each number)
Liverpool and Leeds match, 116, 148, 168-Queries,
157-Challenges, 168, 168, 168, 168, 172, 184, 188,
232, 384-Errata, 181.

Chronometers, marine, improved, 78, 101.
Chymical query, 136, 144.

Clapperton and Denham's travels-see Africa.

Classical criticism, 184, 192, 215-see Literature, and

Clidesthrough castle, 379.-Clubs, doggerel song on, 124.
Coach, new safety, 196.-Coals, economy in, 143.
Cockney pun, 56-Rebus, 92.
Cockles, live, in peat moss, 197.

lines on the, 352.

Dirge in verse, 424.-Divisor wanted, 200.
Dogs, singular anecdotes respecting, 30, 233-Natural
history of, 168-Anecdotes of, 283-Suggestion to train,
to save drowning persons, 429.
Doloribus amoris (verses) 312.

Donnybrook fair, Wandering Bob's account of, 88.
Draughts, game of, singular position at, 165.
Dramatical critiques-see Theatrical.

Dream, the (verses) 260-Of the heart, 92-Essay on, 307.
Dress and fashion, old school of, 88.
Dressmakers' hours-see Labour.

Dropsy, alleged cure for, 211.

Drunkenness, original letters on, 81, 185.
Dublin marine villas, 93.

Dumb creation, a word or two in behalf of, 428.

Dumb and deaf education of the, 353, 422, 430.
Dun, origin of the word, 197.
Dysentery, alleged cure for, 90.
Dying infant (poetry) 220.


E-, lines addressed to, by Allan, 76.
Earth and its inhabitants, 168-see Geology.
Eastern petition, 311.-Eccentric character, 227.
Edgeworth's (Miss) Harry and Lucy, 245.
Edith, an original poem, in three cantos, 296, 344, 368.
Education, letters on, by Mr. Macgowan and others, 80-
Popular, 103, 108, 113, 120, 136, 137, 152-Burlesque
on, 113-At New Lanark, 201-Of deaf and dumb,
353-see Hazlewood, and Owen.

EDWARD, a new French novel, by the author of Ourika,
original translation of, expressly for the Kaleidoscope,
264, 265 (and the subsequent numbers) to page 342.
Egypt, curious particulars respecting, 159.
Elephant, anecdotes of the, 123-Hunt, 382.
Elizabeth, Queen, coquetry of, 139.
Elk, fossil-see Fossil.
Emmeline, by Nathan, 64.

Emmett, Mr. parting interview between and his betrothed,
403.-End (the word) series of puns upon, 227.
Enigmas, &c.-see Vive la Bagatelle.

[blocks in formation]

French, translations from, 263, 316-see Edward-Fable,
original-see Fable-Words, query respecting, 268-
Fable (original) 404-Epigram (original) 432.
Friendship, original essay on, 20-Friendships, early, 23.

Gaming, editorial remarks on, 73-Interesting narrative
of the dreadful effects of, 73-Anecdote, 425.

Gardens, hanging, at Limerick, 105-Of Babylon, 106.

Garrick, anecdote of, 117.
Geneva and Mount Blanc, 262.
Geology, original papers on, 373.

Gerard's (Mr.) Letters in Rhyme, critique on, and ex-
tracts in prose and verse, 161, 177, 180-Appeal in fa-
vour of, 305.

German, original translations from the, 65, 74, 82, 89-
Literature, 254, 258, 271, 279, 291.

Ghost of an arm-chair, 240-Ghosts, &c.-see Preterna-
tural Appearances.

Gibbon, Mr. republication of his essay on the study of
Literature, 70, 94, 181, 198, 237, 244, 261, 275, 285.
Gibbon's (M', Mrs.) dispute with the Liverpool managers,
188.-Gibraltar, and its siege, 78, 87.

Glenco, "The curse of God and Glenco," 63.
Goodwin Sands, curious particulars respecting, 167.
Goose, the (verses) 148.

Governess, requisites for a, 35.

Grammar, letters of Mr. Macgowan on, 128, 156.
Grammatical puzzle, 268-see That-Accuracy, Criticism
&c. 128, 137, 156, 160, 176, 184, 192, 223, 384, 384, 392.
Grave of Cromie, by G. 220.

Gretna Green marriages, 195.-Grease spots, 117.
Gymnasia recommended to the Liverpool people, 16, 21
221-Gymnastic games, with engravings, 221, 225—Re
commended, 428.


Hammersley, Miss, 61.
Happiness, dream of, 304.
Harp, Jew's, editorial remarks on, 300.
Haynes's (Mr.) dressing-case, 311.
Hazlewood academy, system of education at, editoria
comments on, 25-Details of, 25, 108.

Heat, extraordinary, which the human body can bear, 415
Hedgehog and snake, 19.

Henry, Prince (afterwards Henry V.) letter of, 198.
Hermit, 319.-Heroditus (from the French) 316.
Highland chiefs, death-wrestle between, 297.
Hillary's (Sir W.) steam life-boat, 129.
Holland, New, accounts from, 15.
Home-brew'd ale (verses) 326.

[blocks in formation]

Honeymoon, whimsical article on, 264.
Horse chesnut (verses) 116.

Horsemanship see Equestrian Feats.

Horses, cure of the cholic in, 21-English, remarks on,

Hopes of man (lines) 236.-Hot day described, 67.
HOUSEWIFE, the (collection of recipes, &c.) 71, 83, 90,
117, 126, 135, 143, 173, 239, 252, 311, 361, 375, 423.
How like an ice-bolt," lines by G. 44.
Han sorrow and human sympathy, 219.
Humanity and bravery, 256.

Hune's essay on history (query?) 184.

Hanter, John Dunn, the traveller, supposed to be a lite-
rary impostor, 257, 276.

Haskisson, Mr. speech of, on free trade, 303.

Hydrophobia, alleged cure for, 40, 112-Letter from a
disbeliever in, 72.-Hysterics and longing, 123.

I & J.

I saw his crimson plume," &c. 434.

Jeeland moss, bread from, 361.

Lentity, corporeal, 51.

Jena, university of, 279.

Jessy (stanzas) 320.

Jesse, the flower of Dumblaine, 382.

Jessica, by G. 188.

Jesuits, remarks on, 324.

Jew's-harp, editorial remarks on, 300.

Illuminated fish, &c. 420.

Impostor, literary, presumed, 257, 270-see Hunter.

Improvisatrice, selections from, 100.

Indigestion, and eating too fast, 252.

Insects, fecundity of, 319.

lasolvent debtors' act, 372.

Instinct, perverted, curious facts, 7.

Jetemperance-sce Drunkenness.
Interment, premature, 144.

INVESTIGATOR-see Political Economy.
Joint-stock companies, 30.

Jones, Thomas Cambria, verses by, 376.

Ireland, marine villas recommended-see Brighton-Edi-
torial plan for cutting a canal through, 93, 100-Hang-
ing gardens at Limerick, 105.

Irish cunning and mental reservation, 29-A touch of the
genuine, 61-Elk, 67, 115-Wakes, 123.

In mask, man in the, 277.

dand, inhabited, discovered in the Pacific, 379.

Italian language, 152-And literature, 152, 232.

Italy, travels in, 266-see Travels.

Living, good, whimsical remarks on, 109.

Local notes, mode of rendering safe, 216.

[blocks in formation]

168, 197, 319.

Locomotive pneumatic engine, 388-Steam engine and NATURAL HISTORY, 7, 15, 19, 21, 30, 49, 109, 115, 128,
horses, editorial article on, 393.
Lochandu, a tale of the 18th century, 10.
London lyrics, 260.

Lord's prayer versified, 344.
Lovat, Lord, anecdote of, 101.

Love, lines on, by G. 228-And beauty (verses) 268.
Luminous plants in mines, 303-Fish, &c. 420.
Lusus naturæ, 21, 40-see Natural History.
Luxuries of our ancestors, 197.

Madness, juvenile, 111.


Magic Ring, the, a romance, 185.
Magnet, the (verses) 196.
Mahmaud Ali, sketch of, 369.
Maid, Old, of Erin, letters from, 40.
Maiden's rock, a pathetic tale, 435.
Manchester, primitive manners of, 191.
Maniac's grave (verses) 228.
Margaret, verses to, 432.

Maria, lines to, 252.

Marriages at Gretna Green, 195.

Mask, iron, man in the, 277.

Matrimonial conversation, 216-Satire, 264.
Matthews's (Mr.) Trip to America, 286.
Maxims, 243.

Meat, tainted, how to restore, 126.

Mechanics' and Apprentices' Libraries—see

Negro sermon, 29.

Nelson, Lord, interesting anecdote of, 211.
New Brunswick described by a correspondent, $3.
Newspapers, remarks upon, 31.

Nine, the number, singular property of, 24.
Noon scene, American poetry, 352.

[blocks in formation]

Pacific, discovery of a new island in, 379.
Painter, anecdote of an enraged, 123.

Palingenius, Marcellus, specimen of, 172.
Parr, Dr, and Lord Byron, 260.

Parry's (Captain) expedition, 141, 154.
Pasty, immense, 356.

Libraries-Patents, monthly-see first or second week in each month.

Institutes, 137-see Education, and Wilson-Burlesque

on, 112.

Medical library recommended, 104.

Medical phenomenon, 23.

Mediterranean sea, Gibraltar, &c. 78.
Memory, lines by G. 424.

Patience (poetry) 100.

Paul, St. thought to have preached in Wales, 29.

Paul's and Peter's cathedrals compared, 60.

Paul Pry, the new play, plot of, 375.

Pepys, Mr. Samuel, extracts from the memoirs of, 2, 211.
Persia, security of property in, 277.

Persian ambassador, 311, 311.

Menai Bridge, Bangor, North Wales, &c. trip to, 41, 50, Peter Piper (alliteration) 232.


Mermaid, South Sea, 143.

Meteorological table-see each week.
Meteors, 151.

Mice used in a tread-mill, 15.
Microscopic objects, interesting paper on, 95.
Milk dairies in Dublin, 126.

Milton's treatise on the Christian doctrine, 34.
Milton and Dante, 171.
Miracles, 144.

Miramichi, dreadful fire at, 202.

Junius, inquiry respecting the author of the letters of, 1- Money, changes in the value of, 412.

Editorial investigation respecting, 1.

Juridical institutions-see Law.

Ivanhoe, doggerel pun on, 108,


feeffe, (Mr. O') the dramatist, 242.

Kelly, Michael, reminiscences of, 165, 173, 178.

Months-see Naturalist's Diary.
Moody, verses written by, 76.

Moon, volcanic appearances in the, 351.
Moonlight walk (verses) 432.
Mouse tread-mill, 15.

Moustache, interesting story of, 233.

King, coronation of, historical query respecting, 232, 240. Moth, immense, 197.

- King, Captain, voyages of, 345.

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Labour and business, recommendation to abridge, 80-
see Shops 85, 96-Wages, &c. in former days, 189-
ree Wages.

Ladies' Charity ball, at Liverpool, 208.
Lanark, New, outline of the system of education at, 201,
210, 217, 229, 239, 243, 255, 259, 270.
Landlord and tenant, law of, 208, 216.
Langlands, Baron of Wilton, story of, 88.
Languages or tongues, number of, 203.

Law, impromptu on, 12-Reflections on, by W. 57.
Le bons temps viendra,” original paper so called, 16.
Learning and extraordinary talents, 12.

Libraries for Mechanics and Apprentices, Liverpool, 8-
Annual report of, 285.-Females, 280, 284-Address
delivered at, 300.

re, remarks on, 21.

Life beyond the grave, 434.

Life-boat (steam) proposed by Sir W. Hillary, 129-And
safety-boat, elastic, 140-Modes of preserving, at sea,


preserver-see Smith, Egerton; see also Dogs

ight from animal matter, plants, &c.-see Luminous.
imerick bells, a pathetic narrative, 110.

fight-see Cruelty to Animals.

terary squinting, 177-Trifling, 235.

TERATURE, CRITICISM, &c. 1, 34, 94, 121, 137, 161,
71, 193, 429—see Gibbon.

erature, on the study of, by Gibbon, republished in the
Kaleidoscope-see Gibbon.

erpool Royal Exhibition, 72-Literary and scientific
ution recommended, 282-Apprentices' and Me-
Cics Library-see Libraries.

Mathers, hints to, 90.

Peter's, St. Church, at Rome, described, 378.
Peter's and Paul's cathedrals compared, 60.

Phantom voice, 169.

[blocks in formation]

Mount Pleasant, Mr. Roscoe's poem of, 376.
Mountain ash, beverage from the, 45.
Mountains, distance at which they can be seen, 167.
Mozart, anecdotes of, 167.
Mummy, Egyptian, 189.
MUSIC, viz.-Rousseau's Dream, to words relative to the
fate of Mungo Park, 5-March, by Mr. C. Harding, of
Chester, 13-Air, by Beethoven, 22-Ditto, 31-Air,
by Wilms, of Berlin, 53-" It was a form of beauty
bright," 86-"I have a silent sorrow here," 102-
Haydn's Hymn to the Emperor, English words, 110-
Rose d'amour et de bonheur, 118-Quadrille, by Mr.
Cohan, 126-Original Quadrille, 133-Le Désert, 142
-Jewish Chant, 165-" What can a young lassie do ?"
190-Der Freischutz, 206, 214, 230, 238-Miss Paton's
Waltz, 246-Weber's Swabian Beggar's Song, 255-
God Save the King, newly arranged by Mr. Webbe,
269-J'aimais une jeune Bergère, 290--Favourite
Spanish Air, arranged by Steibelt, 307-A Round, by
Mr Harding, 313-Partant pour la Syrie, 329-Test of
Love, by Weber, 337-Waltz, by Mr. George Har-Pump for the stomach, 241-see Syringe.
greaves, 362-"Will you buy my Radishes?" by P. Punch, the foreign, M. Mazurier, 149.
Stubbs, 383-Kaleidoscope waltz, by X.X.Y. of Liver- Punch and wine, 382.
pool, 397-Chinese Air, 415-French Air, arranged for
the Kaleidoscope, 433.

Pompeii, interesting notices of, 104, 318 (with an engrav-
ing, 327) 390.

Popular instruction ridiculed, 84-Popular games,221,225.
Population, wages, labour, &c.-see Political Economy.
Porson, jeu d'esprit by, 117.
Preternatural appearances, presentiments, &c. editorial
Potato, the mealy, 345.
remarks on, 332, 340, 357, 365, 385-Letters pro and
con, 324, 332, 339, 339, 348, 348, 356, 357, 358, 365,
366, 367, 384, 385, 386, 392, 397, 399, 400, 409, 411,
412, 413, 417, 425, 428, 434.

Musical critiques, 164-Editorial, 216-Invention for ma-
nufacturing tunes, 240-Instrument, new-see Schultz.


Naples, travels in, 209, 371-see Continent.
Napoleon, notices of, 334.

Narratives, Stories, &c. 6, 15, 42, 51, 83, 88, 110, 117,
139, 153, 169, 185, 199, 222, 233, 256, 263, 297, 304,
429, 435, 436.

Prices of beer, wages, and other articles in 1553, 382, 395.
Pride of folly, and folly of pride, 97.
Profit on capital, 194, 204, 214, 218, 231.
Proclamation, old whimsical Scotch, 207.
Providence turtle and Alderman Curtis, 117.
Puffing, original letter on, 96.

Puns, 108, 131, 177, 180, 188, 211, 229, 260, 297, 356—
Punctuation, complete system of, 297.
Putnam, Mr. the lecturer on elocution, 172.
Ocular or literary squinting, 177.
Puzzles, &c.-see Vive la Bagatelle.
Pyramids of Egypt, origin, design, and religious uses of, 9.

Quadrille, modern (verses) 296.
Quarter, giving, origin of the term, 425.
Query respecting words vulgarly deemed monosyllables in
the French, 268.

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