Commerce Des Lumières: John Oswald and the British in Paris, 1790-1793

University of Missouri Press, 1986 - 338 sider
"My subject is the involvement of British intellectuals in revolutionary thought and action between the end of the American Revolution and the fourth year of the French Revolution. John Oswald, briefly famous as a herald and warrior and Pythagorean, then accidentally famous as a poet, was in fact an actively involved and highly articulate British member of the Jacobin Club of Paris, and to pursue his career is to move into the center of British-French revolutionary organization at the blissful, if anxious, dawn of the era of militant democracy and English romantic poetry."--Introduction.

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The Butchers Knife Frontispiece of Oswalds The Cry of Nature by James Gillray unsigned
Oswalds neighborhood 17761779 1784+
Bombay Harbor

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