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melon, and the goats with pumpkin cut in slices. The evening was delightfully cool, which induced us to remain sitting on the platform until the stars appeared; though with them, the sand-flies also: however, we were not disposed to be driven away; so I had recourse to a cigar, while my dear love nestled close to me, and we enjoyed not a little the serenity which our situation cast around us. The cigar finished, we departed to our ship, and to repose.

Saturday, 16th.-I thought it right to pump the ship out this morning; my wife the while rummaged the captain's chest, and took out a new jacket and some striped trowsers; my broad skirted coats and short tight breeches not being at all convenient for my present occupations. We disembarked to breakfast, and I went to the cave to inspect our corned meat; which I found sweet, and fit for use. It occurred to me to look at the place where I had driven in the peg to hang the peccary on, as it appeared to me, at the time of my hammering at it, to sound hollow. On examining the spot, I was confirmed in that opinion. On rejoining my wife, I told her my surmise; and we determined, after breakfast, to satisfy ourselves respecting it. Accordingly we repaired together to the cave, and I knocked my hammer about in various directions wherever I saw a crevice; and though there certainly was a difference of sound. near some of them, she thought it could only arise from natural irregularities in the rock, probably by fissures; and so we returned as we went. Next day being the Sabbath, we now employed ourselves in preparing

and dressing some provisions, and in doing every other thing requisite to keep it holy, so as to give the Creator of the whole earth a seventh of that time, which is altogether his own, and which he has appointed as the type of that rest prepared in everlasting mansions for his people.

Sunday, 17th. We arose with the sun, and performed our usual water sluicings on deck. It has been well said, "that cleanliness is next to godliness;" it is, in truth, the symbol of inward purity; and, therefore, we thought it no sin to make our grand ablutions on the morning of each returning Sabbath. The sea-water thrown over us was highly refreshing and invigorating; and nothing but the dread of the sharks, which we had once seen near our shore, prevented us daily bathing on the beach. But I now hoped soon to find leisure to erect a bath, so that we should at once enjoy the pure and ample wave, and be placed in safety from those terrible fish. We dressed ourselves neatly; she, in the work of her hands, which during the last few days she had been adapting to present convenience; and I, in the captain's jacket and trowsers; enjoying ourselves awhile on the quarter-deck, until it was time to go on shore to breakfast. We first visited the young pigeons in the basket, and brought them forth before the plank house, where we put them out, and strewed some corn: we watched earnestly to see what would be the result, and to my Eliza's great delight, while we were at our repast, the old birds came to them, and fed them by the basket. Our poor solitary cock came up amongst them, apparently glad of their company.

After breakfast I read the morning service, and my dear wife the lessons of the day; concluding with one of Archbishop Tillotson's excellent sermons. "If ye love me," saith our blessed Saviour, "keep my commandments." We then took food to the rest of our dumb friends, and Eliza fed her armadillo: the so recently shy creature, now went round the inside of the stoccado from place to place, following her as she altered her position with the slices of melon in her hand. We dined on what had been provided yesterday, giving thanks, with more than our daily fervency, for the bounties of that God in whom we live, and move, and have our being." In the afternoon we read some chapters in Isaiah, and a part of the Gospel of St. John ; and then took a ramble into the woodland region; Fidele following closely, and sedately, at the foot of his mistress. It was happiness unutterable so to walk, her arm linked in, mine; with the one of all earthly beings the most dear; not bone of my bone, but soul of my soul,- one mind, one spirit, one faith, one hope, a blessed communion with each other for ever in Christ; who is the power and wisdom of God, by which all things were created, and by which alone mankind can be saved from the effects of sin, unto the resurrection of eternal life.

Monday, 18th.-We arose with daylight, and, on account of the valetudinary state of our little dog, used the punt, to visit the cocoa-nut grove; where the progressive state of our plants constantly required the hoe. The melons and pumpkins had attained the size of lemons; and the yams and

coccos were well up; but the stems of the former appeared weak. While I employed myself at my husbandry, my dear wife visited her capsicums among the earthy places of the rocky ledge, and found them also well forward. Having finished the hoeing, I next took the gaskets, and ascending one of the trees, cut off about a dozen young cocoa-nuts, which I carried down to the punt on the beach, without disencumbering them of their husks, the distance being inconsiderable.

After my morning's labour I was disposed to rest awhile at the plank house, lingering over our breakfast; and during our conversation, it turned upon the sounding crevices in the cave; and the idea still possessed me, that in some places the hollows must be deeper than a mere fissure in the rock, perhaps, some inner cavern; and I therefore proposed taking a heavy hatchet-hammer to sound the rock again all along the inside, to try more convincingly the real depth of the hollows. My wife liked the notion of disinterring another convenient recess in our cavern, which, perhaps, some future removal of the thin wall of rock might admit us to. I accordingly took my strongest hatchet, and struck the sides of the place as before, in various parts, with the hammer end; and was quickly satisfied that the sound from the spot near the crevice where I had hung the peccary, and for several yards beyond it, was very different from that produced by striking on the other parts of the cavern. We now brought in a light; for this place was the darkest, and therefore the coolest in the cave: it was for this reason

I had selected it for our larder. When we had the advantage of a candle, to our amazement an artificial appearance of inserted stones was evident. We now reflected on the circumstance of the military belt, and the chocolate trees at the cavern's mouth; and thought this built-up partition must be connected with those things.

I lost no time in going on board for a crow-bar, which I had seen in the fore-cuddy; and, bringing it, commenced the work of dislodging the stones. Crowds of pigeons, which the first noise of my hatchet had alarmed, now, at this greater disturbance, fled precipitately out of the hole at the further end: we were at first vexed at this, but soon reconciled ourselves to their temporary fright, by knowing that the return of stillness in their ancient abode, would unquestionably attract them back again. After very short work, I had extracted sufficient of the stones (which had formed a wall, very like the natural broken-rock interior of the cave,) to lay open a hole large enough to admit my body; and, on thrusting in my head and shoulders, I did indeed perceive a kind of chamber, dimly lit by a glimmering light from a narrow fissure above, but which had not power to show me any thing within. By this aperture, I knew that the air now admitted from the opening made below, would instantly clear the place of all foul vapour that might exist within; and, after resting a moment to explain this to my attentive Eliza, I wormed myself into the recess, and received the candle from her hand.. The floor of the place was covered deep with sand, which was quite dry; and for some time I could not

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