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him; and they shall keep the way ticism, and a considerable barrier of the Lord to do judgment and would be placed to the incursions of justice, that the Lord may bring infidelity and impiety. Our Lord upon Abraham the thing that he himself hath taught us this way of hath spoken to him of." Gen. xviii. improving conversation; in the 19. "As for me, and my house," most simple and easy manner imasays pious Joshua, "we will serve ginable, he deduced profitable inthe Lord." Cornelius the centurion, structions from every occurrence; who "feared God with all his and grafted the most important house," and who had pious domes- admonitions, even on the insidious tics and even soldiers around him, questions and impertinent objecthough doubtless most of them had tions of his enemies. We cannot been educated Pagans, may be con- indeed expect to speak with his sidered as a remarkable instance of consummate prudence, and irresisthe blessing attending this kind of tible energy; yet we should remem. religious instruction: while the ber that in this, as in all other things, awful doom of Eli and his family, he hath left us an example that we through a neglect of this duty, may should follow his steps; and proserve as a salutary caution to all mised to give his disciples who are tempted to indolence or mouth and wisdom, which all their timidity in this important concern. enemies shall not be able to reThe ancient method of rendering sist."

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the truths and precepts of religion We are also taught in Scripture familiar to the minds of men, especi- to encourage young persons in askally of children and servants, is ing questions on religious subjects, described in the text: "Thou shalt by giving them plain and satisfactalk of them when thou sittest in tory answers: and some institutions thine house, and when thou walkest seem to have been in a measure by the way, and when thou liest intended to give occasion for such down, and when thou risest up." inquiries. Exod. xii. 36, 37. “The And why should the same method Lord established a testimony in be less effectual at present, if it Jacob, and appointed a law which were properly employed? Did we he commanded our fathers; that daily instruct our households, by they should make them known unto reading and explaining the Scrip- their children; that the generation tures to them, along with family to come might know them, even worship; and then frequently con- the children that should be born, verse with seriousness on edifying who should arise and declare them subjects: did we take occasion from to their children, that they might common occurrences, to direct the at- set their hope in God." Psalm tention of those around us to the over-lxxviii. 5-8.

ruling providence of God, the fatal The neglect of this duty is a very effects of sin, the lamentable evi- dark sign of the present times. dences of human depravity, and the Children in general are trained up suitableness of the gospel to the state amidst those very vanities, which of the world; and did we joyfully they who presented them for bapembrace every opportunity of incul- tism solemnly vowed they should cating right principles, rectifying renounce. They are early initiated mistakes, and making pertinent into the corrupt maxims and fashiremarks, young people would be ons of this evil world, and brought more generally preserved from scep- to join in its frivolous and fascinat

ing pleasures; and instead of being" as a sign upon our hands, and as cautioned against the dangers of frontlets between our eyes; and to conformity to it, are taught to fear write them on the posts of our nothing so much as the appearance houses, and on our gates." This of singularity. Nay, those persons can imply nothing less than an open who profess a serious regard to re- profession, that we are the worshipligion, often act as if they were pers of God, and the disciples of anxious to give their children a Christ; that we believe the Scriprelish for those seducing trifles, tures, embrace the gospel, and from which they themselves appear make the commandments of the to be weaned; and afraid lest they Lord the rule of our conduct. should too early choose the good These things should be clearly unpart that can never be taken from derstood by our friends and conthem! It is inexpressible how much nections, that when they enter our these things promote ungodliness, houses they may say, "God is worand prevent the permanent success shiped in this family:" that they of the gospel. But let us, my may be restrained from evil in our brethren, aim "to bring up our presence, by the consideration of our children in the nurture and admo- character and profession; and be nition of the Lord;" hoping and prepared to hear from us such pious longing that they may be "a chosen reflections, as may occur in the generation, a royal priesthood;" course of conversation.

an holy and peculiar people, by We shall rejoice at the last day, whom true religion may be sup-to have our faith and piety made ported after our decease, and trans-known before the assembled world: mitted to future ages. In this what then can induce us to conceal view we may consider them as real them at present, but fear of ridicule blessings but in what other light or reproach? We should recollect, can a pious parent behold his be- therefore, that an intrepid profession loved offspring without the most of the truth, without ambiguity or painful reflections? prevarication, is expressly required We ought not, however, to con- by the Lord Jesus from all his fine our efforts within the limits of disciples; that this is one grand our own families, but should endea- means of promoting his cause in vour to propagate our religious the world; that the scorn to which principles in the world. What it may expose us, is a clear demonreason indeed can we have to be stration of the great contempt in ashamed of them? Or how can we which the divine Saviour is held timidly conceal them without being even among his professed disciples; ashamed of Christ and his words? and that this is evidently a cross to We live, it is true, among men be borne by us for his sake, "who called Christians: yet it is almost bare our sins in his own body on

deemed an outrage on good man- the tree." Let us then,

ners, to speak seriously of the doctrine and salvation of our Lord and

III. Consider the reasonableness

master! Shall we then hold our of such a conduct. peace, and sanction the conduct of

Should a liberal and honoured

a lukewarm or apostate generation benefactor earnestly demand our by our example? God forbid! We attention to a message he had sent are commanded to bind the great us; we should doubtless examine it truths and precepts of his word with studious accuracy, and im



plicitly comply with his desires. [ be found of the utmost importance, Should a friend bequeath us a le- even in conducting our temporal gacy, we should not be wanting in concerns. We shall thus learn the examining the favourable clause of best discretion in estimating chahis testament, and availing ourselves racters, and judging of men's pretento the utmost of his kind remem- sions and professions: be directed brance. But the message of God, how to act even in respect of their in all respects, is far more entitled prejudices and mistakes; and learn to our strictest regard. He who to accommodate ourselves to varymade us, and against whom we all ing circumstances, without countehave sinned, condescends to teach nancing evil by improper complius how we may escape eternal ances, or preventing our own success misery, and obtain eternal happi- by violent opposition, where gentleIs it not then most reason-ness might have obviated the diffiable, that we should diligently culty. observe his instructions, and recom- But the subject is too copious to mend them with our whole influ-be fully discussed on this occasion. ence? The world is against us; It must suffice to observe, that the the broad road to destruction is advantages of diligence and earnestthronged; false religion unites with ness, in the grand concerns of our impiety, in rendering our situation holy religion, far more than counmost perilous; God himself conde-terbalance the self-denial that it scends to guide us in the safe and requires. For what is it, but behappy path; and shall we reject his stowing pains to be happy and usecounsels? Our own hearts are de-ful? to live and die in comfort; ceitful, the powers of darkness un- and to use proper means of renderwearied in their subtle efforts to ing our children and relatives hapdelude us; and shall we not use py; that they too may serve their every means of escaping their wiles, generation according to the will of and warning others to elude their God, leave the world with joyful devices? New forms of delusion hope, and meet with us in heaven. start up every day: shall we not And are not these objects well dethen bestow pains to distinguish serving of our utmost diligence, and the truths of revelation from damn-Junwearied attention?

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able heresies? Surely it is most Let me then conclude with the reasonable, both to study the Scrip- observation which introduced the tures, and to pray without ceasing subject: If religion be any thing, for the teaching of the Holy Spirit, it is every thing. It must be our that we may be kept from the ways business in this world, if we would of the destroyer, established in the enjoy a warranted hope of felicity pure principles of Christianity, pre-in the world to come: yea, it must served from innumerable dangers, be our element here, in order to a find unfailing resources of support meetness for the inheritance of the and comfort in trying circumstances, saints in light. Every man's own be rendered useful in our respective conscience must decide, how far stations, meet death with joyful this is his character and experihope, and leave the world in full ence; and every one must be left assurance of everlasting felicity. to apply the subject to his own The knowledge and wisdom which case, for conviction, admonition, or may be derived from a careful in-encouragement. And may the Lord vestigation of the Scriptures, will himself enable us to attend to these

things, according to their immense (or the skirts of his flowing robes) and eternal importance; and teach" filled the temple." This descripus so to "number our days, that we tion evidently leads the mind to the may apply our hearts unto wisdom." Amen.




idea of one in human form; and St. John instructs us, that the prophet at this time saw" the glory of Christ and spake of him." John xii. 41. For indeed the glory of God is especially made known, not only to the church on earth, but also to the hosts in heaven, by the person and redemption of Emmanuel. 2 Cor. iv. 6. Eph. iii. 10. 1 Pet. i. 12.

ISAIAH, vi. 5...8.-Then said I, woe is me! for I am undone: because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell among a people of unclean Above the other worshippers, and lips: for mine eyes have seen the nearest to the throne, stood the SeKing, the Lord of Hosts:-Then flew one of the Seraphim unto me, angelic host, who glow with love raphim, the most exalted of the having a live coal in his hand, and zeal, like a flame of fire. Psalm which he had taken with the tongs civ. 4. These, in other respects from off the altar; and he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, this appearing in human form, had each hath touched thy lips, and thine they covered their faces," in token six wings;" with two of which iniquity is taken away, and thy sin of the profound reverence with purged. Also I heard the voice of which they contemplated the mathe Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then jesty of the Lord, before whose unsaid I, Here am I, send me. created glories their derived excellencies were eclipsed and disapWHEN Isaiah had already been em- peared with two of them they ployed for a considerable time in covered their feet, as conscious that the prophetical office, he was greatly their services, though perfectly undisconcerted by a remarkable vision, defiled with sin, were not worthy which he records in the chapter be- to be noticed by the infinite and fore us. We ought not to imagine eternal God; and with their other that things do outwardly exist, as two wings they did fly, an emblem they appeared to the minds of the of the celerity, alacrity, and delight, prophets, when their senses were with which they execute the manclosed during the visions of the Al-dates of their Creator. At the same mighty; but that they were im- time they sang aloud in responsive pressed with such representations, strains, "Holy, holy, holy, is the as were suitable to convey the in- Lord of hosts, the whole earth is struction which it was intended full of his glory." Entirely filled they should receive and communi- with admiration of the divine macate. The scene, therefore, of these jesty and holiness, they had no leiemblematic discoveries was laid at sure to reflect with self-complacency the temple; every intervening veil on their own endowments, or to was apparently removed; the most panegyrize one another. Such emholy place was made manifest; and ployments they leave to us poor Jehovah was seen in glory above sinful mortals, who amidst the obthe mercy-seat, as on "a throne scurity of our fallen state, unaccushigh and lifted up, and his train" tomed to contemplate any thing

more splendid than the accomplish-and glory always produce proporments of our fellow-worms, are apt tionable humility, and by this touchto shine in our own eyes, or in those stone, spiritual illumination may be of each other, like glowworms dur-distinguished from that knowledge ing the darkness of the night. But which puffeth up. When Job, to these bright seraphs, satisfied with whose eminent piety the Lord himthe love of God, before whom they self had borne decided testimony, stand, desire no other commenda- had been so carried away in the tion; and are wholly taken up in warmth of controversy, as to use adoring the glorious holiness of Je-irreverent language concerning the hovah. dispensations of providence; he was

The threefold ascription of holi-convinced of his presumption, and ness to the Lord of hosts has gene- awed into submission, by discoverally been considered as an intima- ries of the divine majesty and glory; tion of a Trinity of persons in the and exclaimed, " Behold I am vile, Godhead, and a reference to the what shall I answer thee? I will glory of the Father, the Son, and lay my band upon my mouth. Once the Holy Ghost, displayed in the have I spoken, but I will not ansalvation of sinners. Matt. xxviii. swer; yea twice, but I will proceed 18-20. Rev. iv. 8. While this no further." And again, "I have song of praise was reechoed by the heard of thee by the hearing of the seraphim, the pillars shook at every ear, but now mine eye seeth thee; response: and smoke, or darkness, wherefore, I abhor myself, and refilled the whole temple, as when it pent in dust and ashes." He seemed was first dedicated by Solomon. The to himself to be of some conseeffect this awful scene had upon the quence, while he disputed with his mind of the prophet, is described in friends, and vindicated himself from the words of the text, which may suggest the following subjects for our present consideration :

I. The causes of the perturbation which Isaiah experienced on this


II. The peculiar nature and tendency of it.

their unjust charge of hypocrisy : but when Jehovah spake to him from the whirlwind, he shrunk as importance was changed into selfit were into nothing, and his selfabhorrence. In like manner, when Peter saw a little of the Saviour's power and authority, in the draught of fishes which had been brought to III. The relief and encourage- his net, he fell down at his feet, ment which he received: and, IV. The effects which were pro-am a sinful man, O Lord." and said, "Depart from me, for I duced in his disposition and con- But while discoveries of the majesty of God will awe the soul into I. The causes of the perturbation self-abasement, the knowledge of which Isaiah experienced on this his moral excellencies is the immeoccasion. diate cause of those humiliating con. It appears at the first glance, that victions, by which sinners are renthe prophet was on this occasion dered truly penitent, and induced both alarmed and humbled; and to welcome the salvation of the that the glorious scene which he gospel. And the prophet seems to had been contemplating had caused have been especially affected by this frame of mind. Indeed, suit- that view of the glory and beauty able views of the divine majesty of Jehovah, which was the princi


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