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The Family Bible,
According to the Public Version: Containing the Old and New

Testaments, with Explanatory Notes, and Practical Observa.
tions.... By the Rev. Dr. THOMAS SCOTT, Rector of Aston
Sanford, Bucks, late Chaplain to the Lock Hospital....with
copious Marginal References.

MAPS AS FOLLOW: Map of the World, laid down according to the projection and discoveries of the ancients. Map of Ancient Asia Minor. Map of Ancient Egypt....and on the same map is Arabia and Ethiopia, with the adjacent parts; on a reduced scale. Map of Ancient Greece and Italy, including part of Gaul, Spain, and Africa. Map of Palestine, or the Holy Land. Map of Ancient Persia, including Syria, Assyria, and Mesopotamia.

All the above are from the best authorities, and will be in a neat volume, with the Chronological Table, &c.

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The Rev. Dr. Gill's Commentary,


PROPOSALS For publishing the following exceedingly scarce and valuable work,

in ten bandsome quarto volumes. The European edition is nearly out of print, and cannot be imported and sold in America under roo hundred dollars. - An American edition, much superior, can be printed by subscriprion for sixty dollars.

REV. DR. JOHN GILL'. COMMENTARY, on the Old and New Testaments, Critical, Doctrinal, and Practical. In which are record.


ed, The original of Mankind, of the several Nations of the World, and of tbe Jewish nation in particular: the lives of the Patriarchs of Israel; The journey of that people from Egypt through the wilderness to the land of Canaan, and their settlement in that land;- Their laws, moral, ceremonial, and judicial; their government and state under judges and kings; their several captivities, and their sacred books of devotion; with a copious exposition on the books of the prophets, shewing that they chiefly belong to gospel times, and a great number of them to times yet to come; and a dissertation on the several Apocryphal writings. Containing a correct copy of the Sacred Text;-An account of the several books, and the writers of them; a summary of each chapter; and the genuine sense of every verse;- And throughout the whole, the ori. ginal text, and the versions of it are inspected and compared; interpreters of the best note, both Jewish and Christian, consulted;-Diffi. cult places at large explained; seeming contradictions reconciled, and various passages illustrated and confirmed by testimonies of writers, as well Gentile as Jew.

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LECTURES ON NATURAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PHILOSOPHY, Considered in its present state of improvement. Describing in a fu. miliar and easy manner the principal Phenomena of Nature, and shew. ing that they all co-operate in displaying the goodness, wisdom, and power of God. By the late George ADAMS, Mathematical instrument maker to his Majesty, &c. In 4 volumes. Illustrated with 43 farge copper-plates, elegantly executed. Price 14 dollars sheep, and 16 dollars, calf, gilt.

This American edition, printed from the last London edition, edited by William Jones, mathematical instrument maker, is carefully revised, and corrected, by ROBERT PATTERSON, professor of mathematics, and teacher of natural philosophy, in the University of Pennsylvania.

To the first volume is subjoined, by the American editor, a brief outline, or compendious system of modern Chemistry; compiled from the latest publications on that subject... This is an extra expence, and not contemplated in the proposals; and it is hoped, will be highly approved of by the respectable patrons.


Pocket Bibles.
W. W. Woodward has printed, and keeps on hand, a very band.
some assortment of Pocket Bibles, among which are
Elegant Morocco, gilt leaves

2 75 Do. Calf, do.

2 50 Fine Paper, plain binding, with Psalms

1 50 Do. do. no Psalms

1 38 Do. do. two volumes

1 63 Good common Paper, in one volume

1 25 Do. do. do. with Psalms

1 38 Do. do. two volumes do.



Theological Dictionary,

BY CHARLES BUCK, Containing definitions of all religious terms; a comprehensive siew of every article in the system of divinity; an impartial account of all the principal denominations which have subsisted in the religious world, from the birth of Christ to the present day. Together with an accurate statement of the most remarkable transactions and events record. ed in Ecclesiastical History.--Printed with a handsome type, and on good paper, in two neat octavo vols.; price (bound in sheep) $ 450 in handsome calf, 6 dols.

A Complete History of the Bible,

As contained in the Old and New Testaments, including also the occurrences of four hundred years, from the last of the prophets te the birth of Christ; and the life of our blessed Saviour and his apostles, &c. with copious Notes, critical and explanatory, practical and devotional. From the text of the Rev. Laurence Howel, A. M. with considerable additions and improvements, by the Rev. George Burder, author of the Village Sermons, Notes to Pilgrim's Progress, &c. In two volumes, large octavo, price 5 dollars.

Oriental Customs, Or an illustration of the Sacred Scriptures, being an Explanatory application of the customs and manners of the Eastern nations, and especially the Jews therein alluded to. Together with observations on many difficult and obscure texts, collected from the most celebra ted travellers, and the most eminent critics--By SAMUEL BURDER, 2 vols. octavo.

The second volume is sold separately, price two dollars, for the accommodation of the purchasers of the first edition of the other volume.

“ An obsolete custom, or some forgotten circumstance opportunely adverted to, will sometimes resioru its true perspicuity and credit to a very intricate passage."

Village Sermons, Third edition, containing 65 plain and short discourses, on the principal doctrines of the Gospel, intended for the use of Families, Sunday.schools, or companies assembled for religious instruction in country villages. Five volumes in two.' The best and most correct edition in the market, and on a good type and paper. By George Burder. Come let us 30 forth into the fields; let us lodge in the villages.' Sol. Song,

Shortly will be printed, a neat edition of the Songs in the Night, written by a young woman under deep afflictionprice at about 50 cts. Also, a neat edition of the Baptist Confession of Faith, and also the Baptist Catechism at about 6 cents. 2 4 5 6-10.13

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