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HE Convention vindicated. pr. 6 d. 2. Obfervations on the Convention. price 6d. T. Cooper, 3. Popular Prejudices againft the Convention examin'd. price 6d. T. Cooper.

4. A Series of Wisdom and Policy. pr. 6d. 5 The Grand Queftion, whether War or no War. pr. 6d. 7. Roberts.

6. Farther Confiderations on the prefent State of Affairs, pr. 1s. T. Cooper.

7. An Expoftulation with the Clergy about the Teft Act. Printed for . Noon, pr. 4d. 8. A Reply to the fame, price 6d.

9. A Review of all that has paffed between the Courts of Great Britain and Spain. pr. 1s.

10. Minifterial Prejudices in favour of the Convention examin'd, price 6 d. T. Cooper.

11. The Old Whig; or, Confiftent Proteftant. Printed for A. Ward, A. Millar, R. Hett, and I. Gray. In 2 Vols 8vo pr. 123.

12. Ld B- ke's Speech upon the Convention, price 6 d.

13. The Young Clerks Magazine; or, Engf Law Repofitory. Printed for Betterworth, Hitch, and Hodges. 12mo. price 1 s. 6d.

14. The Smuglers Defeat; or, the golden Fleece reviv'd. By G. Bridges. price 6d. 15. The Veftry laid open. pr. s. Millan. 16. Mr Walpole's Cafe, price 6d. T. Haws. 17. A Letter of Claudio Tolomei, of the Punishment of Magiftrates and Minifters. pr. 25.

18. Scurrility and Defamation corrected; in anfwer to City Corruption. price 1s. Wilford. 19. An Addrefs to the Merchants of Great Britain. pr. 13. 7. Roberts.

20. Common Senfe; or, the Englishman's Journal. Vol. 2. 12mo. pr. 33. 21. An Effay on Civil Power in Things facred. price I s. 6 d.

22. A Letter to Mr Sall, on Liberty,. c. pr. 6d. both printed for M. Steen.

23. The London Citizen injured. price is. 24. The Cafe of K. Jebofbapbat, and the Church of England. J. Vokes. price Is.

25. A Letter concerning the Diffenters ferving the Office of Sheriff. price 6d T. Cooper. 26. An Inquiry into the Fitnefs of attending Parliaments. price 6d. T. Cooper.

27. A Letter concerning the Repeal of the Teft Act. price 6d. J. Roberts,

28. A Letter to R. W. on the prefent Pofture of Affairs. Printed for J. Brett. pr. 6d. 29. The Objections against the Repeal of the Teft Act. Printed for 7. Noon. price 1s.

30. Obfervations on an Effay to afcertain the Value of Leafes. Printed for C. Bathurst. pr. 15. 31. The Tryals of feven Pyrates. price 6 d. 32. A View of the Neceffitarian Scheme. price 6d. T. Cooper.

33. A View of the prefent Evidences for and againft Mrs Stevens's Medicines. By D. Hartley. Printed for S. Harding. price 2s.

34. The Cafe between the Clothiers and Weavers. price 1s. T. Cooper.

35. Remarks on Mr Euler's Treatife of Motion. By R. Robins, F. R. S. price 2 s. Nourfe. 36. Measuring made eafy, and Gauging facilitar Sold by T. Read. price 25. Letter to Dr Mead, concerning fome Berkshire. By Fr. Wife, B. D. ood of Oxon. price 2 s.


38. Longinus on the Sublime, tranflated from the Greek. By W. Smith, A. M. Printed for W. Innys, and R. Manby, 8vo. price 45.

39. The Philofophers Stone; or, Grand Elixir difcovered by Fryar Bacon. pr. 15. Roberts.

40. A new Tranflation of Spectacle de la Nature. By D. Bellamy, the first and fecond Volume. Printed for 7. Hodges, 12mo. pr. 3st each. 41. A new Edition of Dr Keil's Aftronomical Lectures. Printed for H. Lintott. 8vo. pr. 65.

42. Defcription of the Ifland of Corfica. pr. 15. 43. The Travels and Adventures of Edw. Brown, Efq; Printed for A. Bettefaworth, C. Hitch, and W. Hinchliffe. 8vo prices.

44. Chronological Tables. By Adam Blandy, A. M. Printed for C. Rivington. pr.ce 65.

45. The Hiftory and Antiquities of Northamptonshire. By the late Jobn Bridges, Efq; Numb. 1. Printed for S. Gibbons. price 1 s.

46. Numb. XXXVIII of the Defcription of China, an entire Tranflation from P. Du Halde, (in two Vols Folio.) Printed for E. Cave pr. Is.

47. Letters and Difpatches of the Earl of Strafford. By W. Knowler, L. L. D. Sold by T. Elliot, two Volumes Folio. pr. 2 Guineas.

48. An Abridgement and Continuation of Dugdale's Origines Juridiciales. 2d Edit, brought down to the prefent Year. Printed for J. Worral. 8vo price 3s. 6d.

49. On Prophecy; as pointing to the Meffiab. By W. Brownfword, A. M. pr. 15.

50. The first Satire of Perfius, english'd by Mr Dudley. Printed for J. Catterns. pr. 6d. 51. Roger and Joan; or, the Country Wedding. price I s. T. Cooper.

52. Manners decypher'd. By Mr Meredith. pr. 15. T. Cooper.

53. Remarks on the Obfervations on the Conduct of the Tories. price 6d. J. Roberts.

54. Bachelor of Salamanca. 2d V 1. pr. 3 s. 55. TRUTH: A Counterpart to the Ellay on Man. By Mr Ayre, price 6 d. A. Dodd.

56. The Hiftory of Jofeph. By Mrs Eliz. Rozve. 2d Edit. Printed for S. Birt. pr. 15. 6d.

57. The mifcellaneous Works of Mrs Eliz. Rowe. Printed for R. Hett, 2 Vols Svo. pr. gs. 58. Characters: An Epiftle to Mr Pope and Mr Whitehead, price 1s. T. Cooper.

59. The modern Englishman. A Poem pr. 15. 60. Epidemical Madness. A Poem. pr. is. 61. The 8th and 9th Epiftles of HoR. Book I. By G. Ogle, Efq; pr. 6d. R. Dedley.

62. Memorials and Characters of eminent and worthy Perfons Numb. V. price 1 s. Wilford.

63. Remarks on the Review of the Controverfy about Demoniacks. By Tho. Hutchinfon, D. D. pr. 6d. W. Innys, and R. Manby.

Dr Conyers Middleton of Cambridge PRopofes to publish by Subfcription, The HisTORY of the Life of M TULLIUS CICERO, in 2 Vols 4to, fmall Paper 1 Guinea and half, large 2 Guineas. We fhall oblige our Readers with a Plan of this learned Work, next Month.

Shortly will be publish'd.
A Conclufion of Mr Tull's Treatife of Horfe-
Hoing, &c. with a new Plate of the
Drill-Plow peculiarly accommodated to the latest
Practice of that Husbandry, and fome Improve
ments of the Ho-Plow.

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For APR I L, 1739.


/Doze in Guantity, and greater Bariety, than anp Book of the hind and Price/

1. THESurprizing Story of Martin Guerre;

a Specimen of the Caufes celebres et in-
tereffantes, or remarkable Trials before
the Parliaments of France, a Work
now tranflating.

H. EXTRACT from the Philofophical A
mufement on the Language of Beafts, by
P. Bougeant, in Difgrace for this Work.
II. DR Boerhaave's Life concluded, his
Character and Writings.

par'd and prefer'd.

V. MR Tycho Wing's Defence of the
Almanack-Writers in relation to Eafter
State of Infants after Death; Against
Final Obduration and Impenitency in
this Life; Of David's dying Inftructions
to Solomon concerning Shimei; Of the
Hebrew Particles; Of the Nature of
Honefty, &c.-Copy of the Atheistical
Letter, from Cambridge.

VII. POLITICAL Controverfies: The
Convention, Seceffion and M-y attacked
and defended; A new Method of ex-
tending the Excife-Laws; Form of a

VIII. CASE between the Clothiers,
Weavers, and Husbandmen, c.
IX. POETRY: Advice to a Brother Cler-
gyman, Charon's Vifit; Ode ad Famam,
from the English; In Pulverem Nicotia
num- Davidis Trenodia Englished;
Prologue to Gufiavus Vafa, by Mr
Brooke, Mrs Mafters defended; The
Sympathizing Lover, fet to Mufic by
Sig. Geminiani; Songs, Epigrams, c.
aptiz'd. Tranfactions of the Month.
XI. LIST of Births, Deaths,
XII. PRICES of Stocks.
XV. Decifion of the 40 1. in Prizes, &c.


LONDON: Printed by E. CAVE, jun. at St JOHN's GATE, and Sold by the Bookfellers in Town and Country; of whom may be had any former Month alfo complete Sets in eight Vols on Royal or common Paper, beginning with 1731.

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Scarcity of Money a Blefling 189 D

David's Inftructions about Shimei mifre

prefented in the English Trantlarion 190 The Force of fome Hebrew Particles ib. Letter to Mr Urban against Final Obduration in this Lite; in anfwer to the Weekly Mifcellany


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Georgia Affairs; a Miracle, aShipwreck215
Marriages, Deaths, Preferments 216-17
Literary Article 218.

Books 220


Foreign Affairs; Treaty Denmark 219

HE Poems on the DIVINE ATTRIBUTES fent in, pursuant to our Propofals for allotting 4ol. in Prizes, being reduced to Five, Four of them have been inferted, and by Reafon of the Difficulty of procuring a Decifion from proper Judges, for fear of injuring any of the Candidates, after much time loft, it was left to them to vote among themfelves, excepting their own Poems. The Refult is that N° IV, and N III. have equal Votes for the First Prize, and are entitled to the 20%, and 127. N° II. to the 8, N° I. to a Set of Magazines," Royal Paper. And a Poem in Manufeript of 2000 Lines fign'd Philo Paulus, to a Set of Magazines, smallPaper. The Gentlemen concern'd may come or fend their Reprefentatives with proper Instructieto receive the Prizes on the 26th of May at the Coffee-Houle at St John's Gate at Afternoon.


Gentleman's Magazine.

APRI L, 1739

There is lately published at Paris, and or nine Years, in an unealy Way; for

reprinted at the Hague,

In Eleven fmall 8vo. Volumes,
Caufes celebres et intereffantes, &c.
Remarkable and moft Affecting
TRYALS, decided by the Par-
liaments of France, &c.

Collected by M. GAYOT de PITAVAL,
Advocate in the Parliament of Paris..

notwithstanding the Husband had the ftrongest Defire imaginable to enjoy his lovely Spoufe, yet in all that Time he could not. He imagined therefore that he was bewitched, and that his Impotency was the Effect of fome Charm; his Wife too believed that this was really the A Cafe, and lived with him very affectionately, notwithstanding the Suggestions of her Friends, that the might lawfully leave him; the conftantly anfwered that, as her Love was not fenfual, he would not forfake her Husband.



HIS Collection, tho' compiled with the ftricteft Regard to Matter of Fact, is fill'd with fuch wonderful Relations, and aftonishing Events, as the wildeft Imagination could fcarcely have invented; fo that the C Reader feels, in the Perufal, all the Surprize which is excited by the Marvellous, and all the Satisfaction which

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The poor Girl, however, neglected not any Means which the Intelligent advifed her to, for diffolving the Charm. (She had four Maffes faid, and eat fome Hofts, and confecrated Cakes.) At length Martin's Wifhes and hers had their might be his tender Age, an Ability of Effect, for the Caufe ceafing, which Confummation followed in his twentieth Year; fo that in the tenth Year after their Marriage, fhe brought him a Son, named Saxxi. Not long after Martin ha

arifes from Truth. We give the folving defrauded his Father of a Quantity lowing contracted Narrative, to fhew the Nature of this Work, of which we purpofe in a fhort Time to publish a Compleat Tranflation, in fix or feven Volumes.

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of Corn, thought fit to withdraw to avoid his Refentment. At first, in all Probability, he did not intend to abfent himfelf long, but being either charmed with the Liberty which he enjoyed, or having conceived a Dislike of his Wife, which neither Beauty nor Prudence can always prevent, he for above eight Years together forb re giving the leaft Notice to her or his Family where he was. This might well have exafperated a young Woman in Bertrande's Circumstances: But fo unexceptionable was her Carriage, that fhe never did any thing which deferved Blame, nor provoked the Tongues even of thofe who are ready to cenfure without Reafon.


heard of. He related the Reafon which induced him to leave his Habitation, and his Adventures from the Time that he quitted it; he said, that he served the King in his Wars between feven and eight Years, that afterwards he lifted himself in the Troops of the King of defirSpain; but that most earnestly ing to return to his dear Wife and Family, he quitted that Service in a few Months, and made the beft of his way to Artigues; that on his Arrival he had the Satisfaction of being received, not with B-tanding the Alteration which Time, and the cutting off his Hair,might have made, with the utmoft Joy, by all his Relations and Acquaintance, not excepting this very Peter Guerre, who had stirred up the prefent Profecution. That this Man having frequently differed with him fince his coing Home, their Quarrels fometimes had produced Blows, and that once he would have killed him with a Bar of Iron, had not his Wife interpofed. Thefe Particulars he digefted into his Answer to the Bill of Complaint, preferr'd by Bertrande de Rols, praying in the Clofe thereof,

At the end of eight Years he was congratulated by her Husband's 4 Sifters, his Uncle, and her own Relations, on his Return; fhe, who had figh'd deeply for his Abfence, was extremely joyful, and in the Space of three Years had two Children by this Renewal of Marriage A Rites; one of which dy'd as foon as it was born. During this Space she and her new-reftored Husband lived with great he Tranquillity at Artigues, where tranfacted feveral Affairs, fold Eftates there, and in Biscay, and figned the Contracts in due Form. But after fome time, all of a fudden, Bertrande cauled him to be apprehended, and prefented a Bill of Complaint against him before the Criminal Judge of Rieux; praying in the Clofe thereof, That he might be condemned to make Satisfaction to the King for the Breach of his Laws, to demand Pardon of God, the King and her, in his C Shirt, a lighted Torch in his Hand; declaring, that he had falfly, rafhly and traiterously impofed upon her, in af fuming the Name, and paffing himself upon her for Martin Guerre; and that he fhould be further adjudged to pay her two thousand Livres for Cofts and Damages.'

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This Profecution occafioned various Conjectures: Many were of Opinion, that it arofe from fome Diftafte the Woman had taken to the Man; or that it was a Piece of Revenge on account of a Quarrel between them; others, confidering the good Character which fhe had hitherto born, and that he was naturally of a mild complying Temper, imagined that fhe was at firit eafily prevailed on to be lieve this Man her Husband, and, again, as easily perfuaded to give Credit to the Suggeftions of Peter Guerre her Husband's Uncle, who with fome Perfons in Town pretended to have difcovered him to be an Impoftor, and perfuaded her to apply to the Magistrate. They concluded thus, because it is no uncommon Thing for Perfons of an indolent Difpofition to act like mere Machines, as they are influenced by others.

On the other hand, the Man exclaimed against the wicked Confpiracy which his Relations and his Wife had formed against him. He pleaded in his Defence before Judge of Rieux, PeterGuerre his Uncle had contrived this Plot merely with a View to poflefs himself of his Effects which were to the Value of 8,000 Livres; that he had drawn in his Wife, thro' the Weakness of her Understanding, to be a Party in this black Affair, and that a more execrable Vilainy was


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That his Wife might be confronted with Dhim, because he could not poffibly believe that he was yet fo wicked a Woman as abfolutely to deny the Truth. That his Calumniators might, according to the Laws of Equity, be condemned to fuffer thofe Punishments they 'would have inflicted upon him; that Bertrande de Rols fhould be taken out of 'the Power of his Enemies, and be hin'dred from diffipating his Effects; in fine, 'that he fhould be declared Innocent of the Crimes alledged against him, and the Profecution be dismissed with Costs.”




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He fubmitted to a long Examination before the Criminal Judge, who interrogated him as to Matters which happen'd in Biscay, the Place of Martin Guerre's Birth, his Father, his Mother, Brothers, Sifters, and other Relations, as to the Year, the Month, and the Day of his (Martin Guerre's) Marriage, his Fatherin-Law, Mother-in-Law, the Perfons who were prefent at the Nuptials, thofe who dined with them, their different Dreflès, the Prieft who performed the Ceremony, all the little Circumstances that happen'd that Day, and the next, even to naming People who put them to Bed. His Anfwers were clear and di ftin&t to each of thefe Points, and as if H he had not been fatisfy'd with performing what the Judge required of him; he fpoke of his own accord of his Son Sanxi, of the Day he was born, of his own Departure, of the Perfons he met with on


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