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truth are called truth emotions. We look without and within; beauty charms us. The feelings occasioned by beauty are called beauty emotions. We find out our relations to others; we feel imperative impulses to do to others as we would have them do to us. These feelings are occasioned by ideas of right, and are called duty emotions.


By these we mean our capabilities to feel, in view of truth discerned. These feelings are known by the following

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Because these emotions are occasioned by the discernment of relations, they are termed philosophic emotions; as they well up, in view of knowledge gained, they are termed knowledge emotions.

Analysis of Truth Emotions. - Archimedes had studied long and hard to find the law of specific gravity. While bathing, the happy thought struck him. He ran out without his clothes, shouting "Eureka! Eureka! I have found it! I have found it!" He discovered an important truth which occasioned ecstatic truth emotions. Give examples from your own experience.

Office of Truth Emotions.-Truth is the food of the soul. The discovery of truth occasions much of our deepest joy.

1. Truth emotions move us to search for truth as for hidden treasures. A thirst for knowledge is deeply impressed upon our nature.

2. Truth emotions reward research with abiding joy. Happy are they who hunger and thirst after truth. The office of the truth emotions is to move us to seek truth, as well as to enable us to appreciate and enjoy the true.

Characteristics of Truth Emotions. We discern truths. In view of these truths, we feel truth emotion. The emotions of Harvey, when he discovered the circulation of the blood; of Newton, when he discovered gravitation; of Columbus, when he discovered a continent, may be feebly imagined.

1. Truth emotions are occasioned by truths discerned. These emotions are deepest when truths are first discerned, but, like beauty, truth is a joy forever. 2. Truth emotions are boundless—are cosmic. "We mingle with the universe and feel

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What we can not all express nor all conceal." Truth Emotions Defined. As you experience these emotions every hour, they are best defined by referring them to your own conscious experience.

1. Truth emotions are our capabilities to feel in view of truth. Our feelings, occasioned by the discernment of truth, are truth emotions.

2. Original. Construct a good definition and illustrate it.

3. Various Definitions.-1. BAIN: Knowledge emotions are the delights we experience when we discern truth. 2. GARVEY: Truth emotion is. the radical impulse to seek and enjoy truth. 3. BASCOM: Truth emotion inspires pursuit and enjoyment of knowledge.

Nature of Truth Emotions.-"I will return to my peaceful mathematics," was the resolve of a savant weary of political turmoil. "A night with the peaceful stars is better than a thousand elsewhere." Truth

emotions are usually peaceful, but when great truths burst upon the mind these emotions become torrents. Think of the emotions of Newton when he discovered the law of gravitation; of Franklin, when he discovered the identity of electricity and lightning; of Paul, when he first realized that Jesus was God. True education leads the learner to discover truth for himself, thus making student-life a perpetual joy. Though usually tranquil and peaceful, the truth emotions are an everflowing fountain.

Growth of the Truth Emotions.*—Children are full of curiosity and open-eyed wonder. New objects delight them. Their troublesome questions are interminable. We discover the buddings of truth emotion. With the years the desire to find out increases and the joys of discovery multiply. Childhood revels in objective truth. Thinking the thoughts of God after him, delights childhood and fills the soul of manhood with inexpressible joy. True teaching and right learning educate truth emotions.


Review. What do you mean by a faculty a power? a capability? a soul-energy? Give a distinction between a cognitive power and an emotional power. Is self active or passive when he feels? What do you understand by the soul acting as a unit?

What do you mean by cosmic emotions? Why are these feelings called rational emotions? spiritual emotions? higher emotions? cosmic emotions? Give the termination of egoistic emotions; of altruistic emotions; of cosmic emotions.

What do you mean by the truth emotions? What distinction do you make between the powers to feel in view of truth and the feelings?

*See "Education of the Truth Emotions," "Applied Psychology."

Tell the story of Archimedes; of Franklin's kite; of Newton's apple. What do you call the feelings thus awakened? Why?

Give the office of the truth emotions; of self emotions; of altruistic emotions. What feelings move us to search for truth? Give two characteristics of the truth emotions.

Give the author's definition of the truth emotions; give your definition; give Bain's; give Garvey's; give Bascom's.

Are truth emotions always peaceful? Why should the learner be led to discern truth for himself? Tell about the growth and education of the truth emotions.

Letter. The treatment of the truth emotions is so brief that you need to further develop the subject. Make a good topical analysis of this chapter as a part of your letter to your friend.



By these we mean our powers to feel in the presence of beauty. The feelings occasioned by beauty, sublimity, or humor are called æsthetic emotions. As beauty predominates, these feelings are often called the beauty


Esthetic Emotions—

Emotions of Beauty or Ugliness.

Emotions of Sublimity or Insignificance.

Analysis of Beauty Emotions.-You gaze upon the night-blooming cereus; slowly the flower expands. You exclaim, "How beautiful!" Your feelings occasioned thus are called beauty emotions.

Characteristics of Beauty Emotions. You are conscious of peculiar feelings of satisfaction and joy in the presence of beauty of form, beauty of color, beauty of

sound, beauty of motion, beauty of character. These feelings are beauty emotions.

1. Beauty emotions are occasioned by the beautiful. We find beauty everywhere. We behold the beautiful landscape, and our souls thrill with beauty emotions.

2. Beauty emotions are boundless-are cosmic. As we gaze upon the beautiful sunset, we forget self, forget the world, and mingle with the universe. Like truth emotions, beauty emotions are complete in themselves. They satisfy.

Office of the Esthetic Emotions.-We live in a universe of beauty and sublimity and humor, and we are endowed with capabilities to appreciate and enjoy beauty, sublimity, humor. The beauty emotions place the soul en rapport with the beauty world. Poetry and eloquence and song and the beauty of holiness and the beautiful earth and the sublimely beautiful heavens fill us with rapture. God is beauty.

Esthetic Emotions Defined.-Self, as noumenal perception, immediately beholds beauty. In view of beauty, self, as beauty emotion, feels beauty, joy, and satisfaction, and the impulse to produce and possess the beautiful.

1. Esthetic emotions are the capabilities to feel in view of beauty. The beauty emotions are the soul-energies to feel beauty. The agitations and impulses occasioned by beauty are esthetic emotions. Beauty as used here includes sublimity and humor.

2. Original. Give a definition expressive of your views. What is sublimity? What is wit?

Objective and Subjective Beauty.-What is beauty? All know, but no one can tell. Intuitively we per

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