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fenters, and of the Multitude of Difaffected Perfons both to the King and Bishops, that their own frequent Declarations will turn against them. Do they think to bring the Party they now court, to be Supporters of the English Conftitution? They know too well, that their leading Men are riveted in Notions utterly deftructive to it.

Ay, but they are not for having these Men brought into Places of Truft any more than the Diffenters. Agreed: But why then muft they be made capable of them, when the Dif fenters are not? Or why may not the Dif fenters be deliver'd from Legal Incapacities too, and yet by the Wifdom and Care of thefe Men be kept out of fuch Places, whereever it is fit they fhould be excluded; as well as That other Set of People, who are to be kept out it feems by meer Dint of Intereft, Principle and Management, while yet they are allowed a Legal Capacity?

But the Diffenters are out of the Pale of the Church, and fo have caft themfelves out of the Family; therefore ought not be treated as the genuine Sons of the Church and Children of the Family are, however guilty of fome rebellious and difobedient Actions. Do they mean, that they are not Chriftians, or not Proteftants? or only that they are not in the National Establishment? They must produce other Proofs for the former, than have yet been advanc'd, before they make any Impreffion on those who judge of Chriftianity by the Rule of it, or of the Proteftant Religion by the known Principles of those who avow'd it from the Beginning. For the National Establish


ment, I'll only say this, That 'tis very hard firft to turn them out of the Family, then fay they don't belong to it, and therefore take their Portion from them to divide among themfelves; and then, inftead of any thing like a Reftitution, upbraid them with the Lofs of their Rights.

But under the prefent happy Administration, there can be no room to entertain a Thought, that there is Grace for no body but Enemies. On the contrary, if for fome unknown Reasons of State, they are first invested in the Privile ges of Englishmen, every one will conclude, that Subjects of untainted Loyalty fhall not long remain forgotten after them.



Any kind of Letters, Elays, Extracts out of va luable Authors, or Intelligence of any Affairs which may ferve the first declared Intention of this Paper, will be thankfully received, if directed to the Author of the Occafional-Paper, to be left at North's Coffee-Houfe, Kingstreet, near Guild-Hall, London. Poft paid.


Lately publish'd,

Collection of the OCCASIONAL
PAPERS for the Year 1716. With a


Vol. II. Numb. I. of Orthodoxy.

II. Letters to the Author,
III. Of Plots.

IV. Of removing the Incapaci
ties of Proteftant Diffenters.
V. Of Political Friendship.

All Printed for J. Knapton, at the Crown in St., Paul's Church-Yard; J. Harrifon under the Royal-Exchange; and A. Dodd, without Temple-Bar.







Abfolute Power




Being an ANSWER to fome of the most Confiderable OBJECTIONS against I мPARTIAL LIBERTY.

Οτι δεῖ ν' ἀκροατών δοκιμάζειν τα παρὰ τῶν διδασκάλων λε. λάμπρα και το ρυζι συμφωνα ταῖς γραφαῖς, δεχέθη, τα amóreia Xmbáme. Bafil. Tom. 11. Reg. LXXII. p. 372.


Printed for J. KNAPTON, at the Crown in St. Paul's Church-yard; J. ROBERTS in Warwick-Lane; and J, HARRISON, under the Royal Exchange. 1717.

(Price Four-Pence.)

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