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Published by the University six times a month and entered as second
class matter at the postoffice at Austin, Texas

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The University publishes bulletins six times a month. These comprise the official publications of the University publications on humanistic and scientific subjects, bulletins prepared by the Department of Extension and by the Bureau of Municipal Research, and other bulletins of general educational interest. With the exception of special numbers, any bulletin will be sent to a citizen of Texas free on request. All communications about University publications should be addressed to the Editor of University Publications, University of Texas, Austin. Communications for publication in this bulletin or requests for copies of it should be addressed to



University Station, Austin, Texas.


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To the mathematics teachers of Texas: This bulletin is the initial number of a series to be issued three or four times a year by the Division of Mathematics at the University of Texas. It is intended to be of service to the teachers of mathematics in Texas. It is hoped that they will make use of it to a very great extent.

This publication will not be used as a medium through which the mathematicians of the University may send their preachments to the teachers of the State, rather it is to be a common forum where we may all discuss the problems that beset us and get help from those who can give it and give help to those who need itand who of us does not need it?

Not all of us can attend the State and National meetings of our fellow teachers, not all of us can take part in the discussions there, not all of us can propose and have discussed there the questions most interesting to us. But this bulletin will be available to every teacher of mathematics in Texas, to it he may propound any question, and in it expound any good thing he may have to impart.

This publication will not be devoted especially to University Entrance Mathematics. It will be devoted wholly to elementary mathematics teaching and only incidentally to University entrance conditions to the extent that they affect the general subject.

The need of some medium of communication has been emphasized by the reading annually of some two thousand mathe. matics papers sent to the University by high schools seeking affiliation. These papers exhibit many errors and faults that call for a remedy, and which seem, for the most part, to be rather easy to remedy. These will be treated from time to time along with other matters.

The teaching of mathematics ought to be one of the most enjoyable pursuits for the teacher and one of most delightful and profitable for the student of the whole curriculum. Is it so in your school? If not, let's set to work to make it so.

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