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particulars which have been brought to light since the commencement of the printing of the previous volumes, and lastly, a complete index to the contents of the entire work.

The authors would venture, in conclusion, to express their hope that any readers discovering errors or omissions in these pages will kindly communicate with them.

15, Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster, S.W.,

January, 1878.

Corrigenda and Addenda.

Page 87, col. 2, line 12 from top, after Cornubian pseud. i.e. read Trenhaile, John.

Page 175, col. 1, line 5 from top, for 1866, read 1836.

Page 182, col. 1, lines 14-16 from bottom, for (3 son of sir Will. Godolphin who d. 1613) read (second son of sir Will. Godolphin, b. 1605), bapt. St. Mabyn, 2 Feb. 1634.

Page 286, col. 1.

The article sub. Killigrew, Ann should be amalgamated with Killigrew, Anne. Page 288, col. 1, line 12 from bottom, for 1503 read 160.

Page 293, col. 2, lines 17-18 from bottom, for b. Hanworth, Feb. 1611 read b. Lothbury, 7 Feb. 1611, bapt. St. Margaret's, Lothbury, 20 Feb.

Page 401, col 2, line 45, for Malmesbury read Shaftesbury.

Page 451, col. 1, line 1, for Hamond read Chamond.

Page 465, col. 2, line 20 from bottom, the entry of the baptism of Hugh Peters should be bapt. Fowey, 29 June, 1598. It may be as well to point out that an error occurs with reference to this matter in "The visitation of Cornwall," (Harl. Soc. 1874) p. 221. Page 501, col. 2, line 18 from top, for Emperor of Germany, read Emperor of Holy Roman Empire. Page 522, cols. 1 and 2, the head lines should read Pope, Rev. W. B. instead of Pope, George Uglow.

Page 522, col. 2, bottom lines. A sea fight is by C. W. Popham, son of C. W. Popham who d.


Page 523, col. 1, lines 3-4 dele the words "the Helston and" and the final s in schools, and after that word insert 1843-46.

Page 546, col. 1, line 8 from bottom, for Villiers Stuart read William Stuart.

Page 584, col. 2, line 2. After Henry insert the word Trevenen.

Page 584, col. 2, line 7, for Laurence Gwynne read Lawrence Gwynne.

[blocks in formation]

Page 712, col. 2.

Page 752, col. 2,

Mining fields of the west is not by Charles Thomas, of Camborne, as stated. bottom lines, dele "One of the founders of the widow's retreat, Mount Sion, Falmouth, 1810" as this sentence refers to Samuel Tregelles, who d. 1831. Page 760, col. 1, line 27 from top, dele the word "Paul," and insert in the following line after m. the words, at Paul.

Page 768, col. 2, lines 12, 13, 14 from bottom, this entry refers to Trelawny, Sir Jonathan, 2nd bart. Page 800, col. 2, line 6 from bottom, after Jane insert Hoskin at Paul 2 Feb. 1773, and in line 4 insert bur. Paul 2 Nov.

Page 801, col. 1, line 20 from top, after m. insert Paul, 9 June, 1801.

Page 829, col. 2, line 15 from bottom, for eld. son of John Vivian, of Claverton manor, read second son of John Vivian, solicitor of the excise.

Page 838, col. 2, line 24 from top, for b. 22 Oct. 1830, read b. Withiel, 18 May 1830. Unm.

Page 844, col. 1, line 3 from top, for F. read Frederic, and dele Temperance agent in the following line.

Page 857, col. 1, line 14 from top, for b. Cornwall, read b. Devon.

Page 887, col. 1, line 8 from top, for Livington house, read Limington house.

Page 887, col. 1, line 15 from top, for King's coll. Camb., read King's coll. Aberdeen.






[blocks in formation]


ton of copper at any produce from 3 to 25 parts in 100 (the returning charge of £2 15s. per ton of Ore being deducted). In two volumes. Vol. i containing produces 3 to 14. Vol. ii containing produces 14 to 25. By John Paddon, of Truro. Truro, printed and sold by William Paddon, Bookbinder, Stationer etc. 1820, 8°. pp. 348. Price 24/-. To subscribers, 21. List of Subscribers.

NOTE. This work was so carefully read by the author that the typographical errors which escaped detection in correcting the press are only three in number and are marked by errata."

PADDON, JOHN, M.B. (son of preceding). Physician to the Swansea Infirmary, now resident at the Laurels, Swansea.

The Electric Theory of Life. Rep. R.I.C. 1839,

p. 43.

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A.D. 1860. 24 May, No. 1290. Letters patent to John Paddon Esquire M.B. of Swansea and William Lowther Esq. of Briton Ferry near Neath, South Wales, for the invention of Improvements in coke ovens." A communication from abroad by Henry Eaton of Nantes and Bordeaux, France. With diagram annexed. Lond. G. E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode 1860 fol. pp. 5, 10d.

PADDON, REV. WILLIAM, Independent Minister at Truro 1793-1814. d. Truro 24 Dec. 1814 aged 70. cf. Life and Times of Countess of Huntingdon (1841), ii, 416; Gent. Mag. lxxxiv, pt. ii, 678 (1814).

PAGET, REV. EUSEBIUS. V. of Kilkhampton, deprived 1584; R. of St. Anne and St. Agnes, Aldersgate, London 1604-17. b. Cranford, Northamptonshire circa 1542. d. London May 1617. bur. Church of St. Anne and St. Agnes. cf. Neal's Puritans (Toulmin's ed.) i, 386-90; Brook's Puritans (1813) ii, 253-58; Bliss' Wood ii, 204-205; Fuller (1811) ii, 171; John Strype's Life of Archbishop Whitgift (1822), i, 419; Lansd. MSS. 68 art. 86; 983 art. 117, p. 167.

A godly and frvitefull sermon, made vpon the 20 and 21 verses of the 14 Chapter of the booke of Genesis, wherein there is taught what prouision ought to be made for the ministrie, very necessarie to be learned of all Christians. [Anon. By E. Paget]. n.p. or d. or printer's name, [Ï580 ?] 8°. 16 leaves.

A godlie and frvitefvll sermon, etc. By Eusebius Paget. Lond. Imprinted by John Wolfe for Thomas Man, dwelling in Paternosterrowe, at the signe of the Talbot 1583, 8°. 16 leaves.

A harmonie vpon the three euangelists Matthew, Mark and Luke, with the commentarie of M. Iohn Caluine, faithfullie translated out of Latine into English. By E. P[aget.] Whereunto is also added a commentarie upon the euangelist S. John by the same authour. Londini impensis Geor. Bishop 1584, 8°.

NOTE.-The Epistle Dedicatorie to Fraunces, Earle of Bedford, is signed" From Kiltehampton in Cornewall, this 28 of Ianuarie 1584, The Lords most vnworthie minister, lame Eusebius Paget."

A harmonie vpon the three euangelistes... Londini impensis Thom. Adams 1610, 8°.

NOTE. In this edition the author's initials do not appear on the title, although the dedication is signed as before.

Papers relating to the case of Mr. Eusebius Pagett, Minister of Kilkhampton, in the Diocese of Exeter, who was about A.D. 1584 called before the High Commission (and as it seems deprived) for omitting to read divers parts of the Common Prayer etc. Harl. MSS. 813, fol. 14 b.

Articles of accusation by one Paget, a scurrilous fanatick, against Dr. John Wolton, Bishop of Exeter, May 1585. Lansd. MSS. 45, art. 42.

The Bishop of Exeter's defence of himself against Paget's several articles of accusation, May 1585, ib. 45, art. 43.

PAGET, REV. SIMON, R. of Truro, 1693-1711; Master of the Truro Grammar School 21 Dec. 1693 to 1698.

A sermon preached at St. Mary's, Truro, on the second of December 1697, being the day appointed for a publick thanksgiving for peace. By Sim. Paget, Rector of Truro. Lond. printed by J. Heptinstall for Edward Evets at the Green Dragon in St. Paul's Church-Yard 1698, 4°.

NOTE. Title 1 leaf, Dedication "To the Worshipful the Mayor, the Right Honourable the Recorder, the Capital Burgesses and other the Inhabitants of the ancient borough of Truro," pp. 1-11. The Sermon pp. 1-32.

PALEOLOGI FAMILY. cf. Rev. P. Parsons' Monuments etc. of 100 Churches in Kent (1794), pp. 544-45; Sir B. Burke's Vicissitudes of Families (1869), i, 38–41; A. P. Stanley's Memorials of Westminster Abbey (1868), p. 326 and Suppl. to 1st and 2nd editions (1869), p. 43; Chambers' Edinb. Journ. xvii, 24-27, (1852); One and All, Dec. 1868; Archaeol. xviii, 83-104, (1817); Gent. Mag. xlv, 80, (1775), lxiii, pt. ii, 719, 911, (1793), xix, 17, (1843); N. and Q. 1 S., v, 173, 280, 357 (1852), viii, 408, 526 (1853), ix, 312, 572 (1854), x, 134, 351, 409, 494, xi, 31, (1855), xii, 480; 3 S., i, 79 (1862), iv, 270 (1863), xi, 485, 531 (1867), xii, 30, 54; 4 S., ii, 618 (1868), iii, 43, 66, 111, 245 (1869), iv, 16; J. G. Nichols' Collect. Topog. et Geneal. vii, 366. Bond from A. Paleologus, of the Port of St. Katherine near the Tower of London 1641.

MSS. penes H. B. Mackeson Esq. of Hythe.

NOTE.-Theodore Paleologus, of Pesaro in Italy, descended from the Christian Emperors of Greece, came to England and married in 1615, Mary dau. of Will. Balls of Hadlye in Suffolk; he afterwards settled in Cornwall and dying at Clifton in Landulph 21st Jan. 163, was buried in the Church there. The previous notices refer to this person, his ancestors and his descendants. PALEY, FREDERICK APTHORP, M.A. (eld. son of Rev. Edmund Paley), b. Easingwold near York 1816.

Illustrations of Baptismal Fonts, with an Introduction by F. A. Paley, M.A. Lond. John Van Voorst 1844 roy. 8o. 21/-.

NOTE.-Contains 13 engravings of Cornish Fonts. The Advertisement is signed T. C., Oxford August 19, 1844.

PALKE, REV. WILLIAM. Minister at Sidmouth 1719-31; Minister at South Molton 1731. cf. Jerom Murch's Hist. of the Presbyterians (1835), p. 345.

The divinity of Jesus Christ prov'd from the words of Thomas, My Lord and my God. A sermon preach'd at Exon Sept. 9, 1719 before


an assembly of the United Ministers of Devon and Cornwall. By W. Palke. Lond. printed for John Clark at the Bible and Crown in the Poultry near Cheapside 1719 sm. 4°. pp. 34, 4d.


Letter from Rev. James Hervey to Miss Palmer of Bodmin Cornwall. Dated Weston 21 Feb. 1746. Evangelical Mag. xi, 347-48 (1833). PALMER, GEORGE HOLWORTHY, C.E. d. 45 Queen's Crescent, Haverstock Hill, London 8 Jan. 1868.

On the application of steam as a moving power, considered especially with reference to the economy of atmospheric and high pressure steam. Trans. Instit. Civil Engineers ii, 33-46 (1838).

NOTE. This paper is on the Cornish Pumping Engines.

PALMER, REV. RICHARD. V. of Perranzabuloe 1406, resigned 3 Sep. 1420.

Dispute concerning tenths, between the Dean and Chapter of Exeter, patrons of the Parish Church of St. Perran, and R. Palmer the Vicar (A.D. 1406). Harl. MSS. 862. art. 2.

PALMER, REV. WILLIAM. Fellow of Exeter Coll. 1426; R. of Exeter Coll. 1426; Precentor of Crediton; Physician to Queen of Henry VI. His obit. was celebrated as a Benefactor at

Exeter Coll. cf. Wood's Hist. and Antiq. of Colleges and Halls in Oxford, (1786), pp. Î10,


NOTE. He built Greystone Bridge over the Tamar connecting Lezant parish with Bradstone in Devon, according to a promise made whilst a school boy. PALMER, REV. WILLIAM, M.A. Prebendary of Sarum 9 Dec. 1849; V. of Whitchurch Canonicorum, Dorset 1846. b. circa 1803.

The Church of Christ. Extracted from a treatise on the Church. By the Rev. W. Palmer, M.A. of Worcester College Oxford. Bray, printer Stratton 1840, 12°. pp. 8.

NOTE. A notice on the reverse of the title says, "These Extracts are made by permission of the Author for general distribution among the humbler classes." The original work was published in 1838. PALMERSTON, VISCOUNT. See Temple, Henry John.

PALTOCK, or PULTOCK, ROBERT, of Clement's Inn. cf. Dunlop's Hist. of Fiction (1845), p. 420; N. and Q. 1 S. ii, 480, iii, 13 (1851); x, 17, 112, 212 (1854); 3 S. xii, 445 (1867); 4 S. i, 538 (1868); Willis' Current Notes

PALTOCK, OR PULTOCK, ROBERT. (Con.). 1854, p. 90; Chambers' Cyclop. of English Lit. (186-), ii, 130-33; Retrosp. Rev. vii, 120-82; R. Southey's Curse of Kehama (1811), Notes pp. 169-73; Leigh Hunt's Town (1859), p. 119; Leigh Hunt's The Seer (1840-1), pt. i, No. xxxi, pp. 66-71; Leigh Hunt's London Journ. i, 249-51 (1834); Leigh Hunt's Book for a Corner (1869) i, 68-92; S. T. Coleridge's Table Talk (1851) pp. 331-32.

The life and adventures of Peter Wilkins, a Cornish Man; relating particularly, his shipwreck near the South Pole, his wonderful passage thro' a subterraneous cavern into a kind of new world, his there meeting with a gawry or flying woman, whose life he preserv'd and afterwards married her, his extraordinary conveyance to the country of glums and gawrys, or men and women that fly. Likewise a description of this strange country, with the laws, customs and manners of its inhabitants, and the author's remarkable transactions among them. Taken from his own mouth, in his passage to England from off Cape Horn in America in the ship Hector. With an introduction giving an account of the surprizing manner of his coming on board that vessel and his death on his landing at Plymouth in the year 1739. Illustrated with several cuts, clearly and distinctly representing the structure and mechanism of the wings of the glums and gawrys, and the manner in which they use them either to swim or to fly. By R. S., J. Robinson at the Golden Lion in Ludgatea passenger in the Hector. Lond. printed for street and R. Dodsley at Tully's Head in Pall Mall 1751, 2 vols. 12o. 6/-.

The life and adventures of Peter Wilkins. Dublin, George Faulkner 1751, 2 vols. 12o.

Les hommes volans, ou les aventures de Pierre Wilkins, traduites de l' Anglois. [Anon. par Philippe Florent de Puisieux]. Londres et Paris, veuve Brunet 1763, 3 vols. 12o.

NOTE.-Reproduced in vols. xxii and xxiii of Voyages imaginaires, songes, visions et romans cabalistiques. [Par M. de Perthes.] A Amsterdam et se trouve à Paris, Rue et Hotel Serpente 1788-89, 8°.

Die fliegenden menschen oder wunderbare begebenheiten Peter Wilkins. Braunschweig 1767, 8°. Title and preface 3 leaves, then pp. 1-302.

The life and adventures of Peter Wilkins... Lond. printed for Harrison and Co. No. 18 Paternoster-Row 1783, 2 vols. 8°.

The life and adventures of Peter Wilkins... Berwick, printed for W. Phorson and B. Law Ave-Maria-Lane London 1784, 2 vols. 12o.

The unrivalled adventures of that great æronaut and glum Peter Wilkins, taken from

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