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PALTOCK, OR PULTOCK, ROBERT. (Con.). the original MS. of the author, containing his shipwreck on a loadstone rock near the southern pole; his precipitation into a new country through a subterraneous cavern; his marriage there with Kiekeepewenee, a whiskeean or flying woman of Korkrdrxt; his wonderful conveyance thro' the air to King Georgette; the rebellion, he overturned at Madgaker; with the customs and manners of the inhabitants there. Also the extraordinary manner of his being taken on board the Hector, a south-whaler, in which ship he returned to Portsmouth [Plymouth] where he died. By T. Trueman, F.R.S. Peter's Amanuensis on board the Hector. Lond. printed for Thomas Tegg and Co...n.d. [1802], 12o. pp. 40.

Popular romances: consisting of imaginary voyages and travels. With an introductory dissertation by Henry [William] Weber. Edinburgh 1812, roy. 8°.

NOTE.-Contains the life and adventures of Peter


The life and adventures of Peter Wilkins... A new edition embellished with engravings. Lond. printed for T. and J. Allman 1816, 2 vols. 12o.

The life and adventures of Peter Wilkins... A new edition thoroughly revised. Lond. J. W. Parker 1844, 16°. pp. 264.

NOTE. The Preface by the Editor of this edition is signed J.C., London March 1844. An expurgated edition.

The Universal Library. Miscellaneous. Vol. i. Lond. N. Cooke, Milford House, Strand 1854, 8°. 1/-.

NOTE.-Contains "The life and adventures of Peter Wilkins," pp. viii and 116.

Peter Wilkins, or the flying islanders. A melo-dramatic spectacle in two acts. Lond. T. H. Lacy. n.d. [1856,] 12°. pp. 28, 6d.

NOTE. First performed at Covent Garden, 16 Apl. 1827. The piece was adapted and arranged for representation by Isaac Pocock and Charles Farley.

Peter Wilkins, or harlequin and the flying women of the loadstone rock. By E. L. Blanchard. Lond. The Music Publishing Co. Limited, 19 Peter's Hill, St. Paul's E.C. n.d. [1860], 8°. pp. 21, 6d.

NOTE. Scene I shows the interior of a Cornish tin mine, and Scene III Trevanion Castle on the Cornish coast. This piece was produced at Drury Lane 26 Dec. 1860.

The life and adventures of Peter Wilkins. Lond. George Vickers, Angel Court, Strand n.d. [1861], 8°. pp. 110, 1/6.

Peter Wilkins and the Flying Indians. A Christmas Pantomime by H. Spry and George

PALTOCK, OR PULTOCK, ROBERT. (Con.). Conquest. Produced at the Grecian Theatre, London 24 Dec. 1857. Not printed?

NOTE. We have ascertained that no person of the name of R. Paltock was admitted a member of Clement's Inn, he may, however, have practised there as a Solicitor without having been a member, or he may been simply a resident in the Inn. The first ed. of this work is said in Watt to be dated 1750, but we have not seen any copy of this date. In that of 1751 the dedication to The Right Honourable Elizabeth, Countess of Northumberland, is signed R. P. as is also the Introduction, pp. iii-xiii, and although it has been suggested that the letters R. S. on the title are a telonism of Peter Wilkins, it seems more probable to suppose that they are simply a misprint for R. P. In the copy dated 1751 in the Br. Museum the Dedication is bound up in the second volume. The authorship of this work was unknown until the year 1835, when in cataloguing a number of books and manuscripts which formerly belonged to Dodsley the publisher, Mr. Nicol, the printer, discovered the original agreement for the sale of the manuscript from "Robert Paltock, of Clement's Inn" to Jacob Robinson and Dodsley. The price given for the entire copyright was £21, twelve copies of the work and "cuts of the first impression" [i.e. a set of proofs of the engravings in the first edition]. The assignment in 1854 was penes Mr. James Crossley of Manchester. PARIS, JOHN AYRTON (son of Thos. Paris) Of Gonville and Caius Coll. M.B. 1808, M.D. 1813, F.R.S.; Resident at Penzance from Oct. 1813 to 1817; President of Royal College of Physicians 1844-56. b. Cambridge, 7 Aug. 1785. bapt. St. Benedict, 7 Sept. d. 27 Dover Street, London 24 Dec. 1856. bur. Woking Cemetery. cf. Athenæum 1856, pp.


A Memoir of the Life and Writings of J. A. Paris...By William Munk, M.D...Lond. Bell and Daldy 186 Fleet Street, 1857, 8°. pp. 30.

NOTE. Originally appeared in Medical Times and Gazette, xiv, 48-49, 101-102 (1857).

Notes on the soils of Cornwall with a view to form a rational system of improvement by the judicious application of mineral manures. Read before the Penwith Agricultural Society and printed by their desire. By J. A. Paris...Penby Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, London n.d. zance, printed and sold by T. Vigurs, sold also [1815], 8°. pp. 33. Lib. R. Geological Soc. of Cornwall.

A guide to the Mount's Bay and the Land's End being a sketch of the topography, natural history, agriculture, fisheries, antiquities, mineralogy and geology of Western Cornwall. [Anon. By J. A. Paris]. Sold by T. Vigurs, Penzance; [Tregoning, printer, Truro], 1816, 12o. 10/6.

NOTE.-Engraved title 1 leaf, printed title 1 leaf, contents pp. i-x, a guide pp. 1-150.

A Guide to the Mount's Bay and the Land's End, comprehending the topography, botany,


agriculture, fisheries, antiquities, mining, mineralogy and geology of Western Cornwall. The second edition. To which is added for the information of invalids, a Dialogue on the peculiar advantages of the climates of Penzance, Devonshire and the Southern Parts of Europe. By a Physician [i.e. J. A. Paris]. Lond. printed and published by W. Phillips, George Yard, Lombard St. sold also by T. Vigurs, Penzance and W. and C. Tait, Edinburgh 1824, 8°. 10/-. -[3rd ed.] A new ed. Lond. printed for T. and G. Underwood 32 Fleet St. and sold by T. Vigurs, Penzance 1828, 8°. 10/-.

NOTE.-The engraved title bearing a representation of Lanyon Cromlech, reads "A Gvide to Movnt's Bay and Lands End." The frontispiece is a view of St. Michael's Mount and there are some woodcuts throughout the work. The collation of both editions is as follows: Title, Dedication "To the Vice Patrons, President, Vice Presidents and Members of The Royal Geological Society of Cornwall," To the reader, Contents pp. i-xix; Gvide, pp. 1-238. Appendix, A Dialogue, pp. 239-59, Account of the first celebration of the Knillian Games at St. Ives, pp. 260-65; A Cornish Dialogue between Grace Penvear and Mary Treviskey, pp. 266-69; Carn Breh, an ode hitherto unpublished, by Dr. Walcot, pp. 270-72.

Prospectus.-A Descriptive Catalogue of the geological specimens deposited in the Museum of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall, interspersed with observations tending to show the economical applications of geology to the agricultural, mining and commercial interests of the county of Cornwall. By J. A. Paris...Vigurs, Printer, Penzance, 8°., 9/-.

NOTE. Announced for publication in 1817 but never issued. The foundation of the R. G.S.C. had its origin in 1814 in a conversation between Dr. Paris, Mr. Ashhurst Majendie and Mr. H. Boase.

On the accidents which occur in the mines of Cornwall in consequence of the premature explosion of gunpowder in blasting rocks and on the methods to be adopted for preventing it, by the introduction of a safety bar and an instrument termed the shifting cartridge, to which is appended a schedule of the names, circumstances and injuries of a large proportion of those miners who have within a few years suffered from such explosions and are in consequence blind or totally disabled...By J. A. Paris, M.D., Secretary to the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall, by whose desire this essay has been published. [Plate]. Penzance, printed and sold by T. Vigurs; sold also by Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, London. ...n.d. [1817] 8°.

NOTE.-Title pp. 1-2, dedication to Sir Rose Price, Bart. pp. 3-4, on the accidents, pp. 5-30, a schedule of the names of miners who have suffered from accidental explosions (principally in the hundred of Penwith), pp. 1-14.


A Memoir of the life and scientific labours of the late Rev. William Gregor. By J. A. Paris. (1818). See Gregor, Rev. W.

NOTE.-Dedicated to Sir W. Lemon Bart. and J. H. Tremayne Esq. Representatives in Parliament for the County of Cornwall.

The life of Sir H. Davy Bart., L.L.D. By J. A. Paris 1831, 4o. See Davy, Sir H.

The life of Sir Humphry Davy Bart. L.L.D. ...By J. A. Paris...Lond. H. Colburn and R.

Bentley 1831, 2 vols. 8o., 28/-.

NOTE. For the life of Sir H. Davy, Dr. Paris received 1,000 guineas from the publisher.

A Treatise on Diet, with a view to establish on practical grounds, a system of rules for the prevention and cure of the diseases incident to a disordered state of the digestive functions. By J. A. Paris. Lond. T. and G. Underwood 1826, 8o. 5th ed. corrected, enlarged and nearly rewritten. Lond. Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper, Paternoster Row 1837, 8°. pp. viii and 414, 12/-.

NOTE. The 5th ed. is "inscribed to Davies Gilbert, Esq. M.P."

Philosophy in Sport made Science in Earnest, being an attempt to illustrate the first principles of natural philosophy by the aid of popular toys and sports. [Anon. By J. A. Paris]. Lond. printed for Longman, Rees, etc. 1827, 3 vols. 12o. 20/--[2nd ed]. New ed. with additions, 120-Lond. 1833, post 8°.-Lond. 1839, post Lond. H. Colburn and R. Bentley 1831, 3 vols. 8o.- 6th ed. Lond. Longman 1846, 12o.Philadelphia, printed from the 6th London ed. 1847, 12°.-7th ed. revised and considerably enlarged, with several additional chapters. Lond. J. Murray 1853, 8°. pp. xxxiv and 528, 8/-.-8th ed. revised and considerably enlarged, with several additional chapters and a copious index. 9/-9th ed. Lond. J. Murray 1861, sm. post Lond. J. Murray 1857, 8°. pp. xxviii and 532, 8., pp. xxvii and 401, 7/6.

NOTE. The original edition of this book contains 21 woodcuts from sketches by George Cruikshank. cf. George W. Reid's Descriptive Catalogue of The Works of G. Cruikshank (1871), i, 243-44, 319. The Author's name first appears on the title page of the 9th edition.

In this work Dr. Paris caricatured various persons in Penzance and its neighbourhcod, whom he had known during his residence in Cornwall. The following are the names which have been identified:

The Vicar-The Rev. William Tremenheere, V. of Madron.

Dr. Doseall-Henry Penneck, M.D.

Will. Snaffle-Robert Dunkin, Saddler.

Kitty Ryland-Miss Peggy Tremenheere.
Margery Noodleton-Miss Catherine Peyton
Jerry Styles-Tobias Read.

Mr. Seymour-Dr. Paris.


La science enseignée par les jeux ou théorie scientifique des jeux les plus usuels, accompagnée de recherches historiques sur leur origine, servant d'introduction à l'étude de la mécanique, de la physique etc. imitée de l'anglais. Par G. T. Richard. Paris, à la librairie Roret 1829, 2 vols. 12o. 7 francs.

Nouveau manuel complet des jeux, enseignant la science ou introduction à l'étude de la mécanique, de la physique etc. etc. contenant des théories scientifiques et des recherches historiques sur les jeux les plus usuels. Par T. Richard, Professeur de mathématiques. Ouvrage orné d'un grand nombre de vignettes gravées sur bois, par M. Godard fils. Paris à la librairie encyclopédique de Roret 1837, 2 vols, 18°., 7 francs.

NOTE. The above is a translation of "Philosophy in sport" with copies of the original illustrations. Georges-Tom Richard in the preface regrets that he is unable to mention the name of the author.

On a recent formation of sandstone occurring in various parts of the northern coast of Cornwall (1815). Trans. R.G.S.C. i, 1-19 (1818). [B. Silliman Journ. i, 234, 1818].

On accidents in mines by the explosion of gunpowder, and on the safety bar and the shifting cartridge, (1816). Plate. ib. i, 78-96.

Observations on the geological structure of Cornwall, with a view to trace its connection with and influence upon its agricultural economy and to establish a rational system of improvement by the scientific application of mineral manure. ib. i, 168-99.

Gregorite (Menacchanite) discovered at Lanarth. ib. i, 226-27.

On the formation of a substance resembling Gneiss, taken off from a steam boiler at Huel Alfred. ib. i, 227-28. [Quart. Journ. Sci. vi, 170-71, 1819].

A new substance found accompanying Welsh culm. ib. i, 229–30.

On stones and clay annually exported from Cornwall for the purposes of architecture, manufactures and the arts (1817). ib. i, 231-34.

On white arsenic (1818). Quart. Journ. Sci. vi, 341-42 (1819).

List of subscribers to testimonial to Dr. Paris


A Handbook for Travellers in Devon and Cornwall. [Anon. By T. C. Paris]. With Maps. Lond. J. Murray 1850, 8°.-2nd ed. 1851, 89. 3rd ed. 1856, 8°.-4th ed. 1859, 8°. See Murray John.

NOTE.-T. C. Paris wrote this work and edited it through four editions. The later editions appeared under the editorship of Mr. R. J. King.

PARISH, REV. T. Ordained at Truro, the 2nd Minister at Bethesda Chapel, Truro 17— to 1790. Curate of Dirham, Gloucestershire. cf. Life and Times of Countess of Huntingdon, ii, 415-16.

The substance of a sermon delivered Jan. 31, 1790 at taking leave of the congregation at Bethesda Meeting House in Truro, Cornwall. By the Rev. T. Parish... Falmouth, printed by E. Elliot, n.d. [1790] 8°. pp. iv and 36, 6d.

NOTE-Preface dated "Falmouth, Mch. 3rd, 1790.”


Letter of Francis Walsingham to Mr. Egerton, Solicitor-General, relative to Mr. Parker, who was to have the reversion of the Alnagership of Devon and Cornwall. Egerton Papers, (Camden Soc. 1840) p. 93.

PARKER, ALEXANDER, of Yorkshire. A Friend. d. London, 8 Jany. 1688.

A Testimony of the Light within, a glorious Truth, which all the Holy Men of God did bear witness unto, &c. [Signed A. Parker]. Lond. printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black-SpreadEagle, at the West End of Pauls 1657, 4°. Title and dedication 4 leaves, a testimony pp. 1-45. To all those who are separated from the world's publick worship pp. 46-48.

NOTE " Written chiefly to the Inhabitants of the Town and Parish of [St.] Austell, in the county of Cornwall."

PARKER, JOHN HENRY, C.B., F.S.A., (son of John Parker) Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 1870. b. 1806.

Some account of domestic architecture in Eng

on his leaving Cornwall. With letter signed land...By T. Hudson Turner [and J. H. Parker].

J. A. P. 27 Oct. 1817. Br. Museum Addit. MSS. 29, 281, fol. 123.

Letters from J. A. Paris, London 1817, 1818, to Henry Boase, Esq. Penzance. ib. 29, 281, fol. 127, 138, 140, 165.

PARIS, THOMAS CLIFTON, (son of the preceding) District Registrar of Court of Probate, Hereford, 1872. b. London 1818.

Oxford, J. H. Parker, 1851-59, 4 vols. 8°. 72/-.

NOTE.-Notices of Cornish Remains are found in these volumes.

Licences to Crenellate. Gent. Mag. i, 208-15, 323-30, 467-75 (1856).

NOTE. Cornwall several times mentioned in these


PARKER, SAMUEL, Purser of Wheal Harmony and Wheal Montague, lived at Treleigh, near Redruth.

Anno tertio Georgii IV Regis, Cap. 10. An act for confirming certain articles of agreement between George Drake Esquire and others and Samuel Parker and to authorize the granting of leases of Mines, in the county of Cornwall, 24 May 1822. Lond. printed by Geo. Eyre and A. Strahan 1822, fol. pp. 201-28.

NOTE.-The mines were situated near Redruth.

PARKER, WALTER. b. Cornwall. cf. Pits', (1619) p. 848; Thos. Tanner's Bibl. Brit. (1748), p. 573.

Oculus Sacerdotum, in 3 partes divisus. MSS. Gonville and Caius Coll. 443.

NOTE. "Sc. in partem primam, dexteram et sinistram auctore Gualtero Parker Cornubiensi." He is further stated by Pits to have written a volume entitled "Doctæ Conciones."

PARKER, REV. WILLIAM, D.D. (3rd son of Robt. Parker, of Brownsholme, Yorkshire,) R. of Blisland, 21st Jan. 1601 to 1626; Prebendary of Exeter, 7th Dec. 1613-Resigned 1628; Archdeacon of Cornwall, 8th Nov. 1616, but resigned 1628; Collated again Jan. 1638. bur. Warleggan 25 May 1631.

Description of Brownsholme Hall...also a collection of the possession of Thomas Lister Parker. Lond. 1815, 4°.

NOTE.-Contains a pedigree of Archdeacon Parker, and two letters, one from William Parker his 2nd son, dated "Tregwitz, Cornwall, Bodmin, 14 Jan. 1674," and the other from William Parker, his grandson, dated Tregwitts, in Cornwall, May 24, 1681." cf. also pp. 25, 31-32 and 130.


[blocks in formation]

NOTE. Greatly assisted Mr. C. S. Gilbert during several annual pedestrian excursions in making drawings and collecting materials for The History of Cornwall.

PARKES, JOSIAH (3rd son of John Parkes) Draining Engineer to the Board of Works 1856, b. Warwick 27 Feb. 1793. d. Freshwater, Isle of Wight 17 Aug. 1871.

On the evaporation of water from Steam Boilers. Trans. Instit. Civil Engineers, ii, 161-80 (1838).

Steam boilers and steam engines, ib. iii, 1-162 (1842).

On the action of steam in Cornish single pumping engines, ib. iii, 257-94.


The percussion of steam and other aeriform fluids, ib. iii, 409-34.

NOTE. These papers contain the substance of many communications addressed by W. J. Henwood, F.R.S. to Mr. Parkes.

PARKIN, REV. JAMES, M.A. (Nephew and Heir of Rev. Rich. Haydon) R. of Oakford, Devon, 1788-1812. d. Oakford 26 Aug. 1812. bur. 8 Sep. Monu. in Church.

A Sermon preached at Chulmleigh, May 7, 1793 at the Visitation of the Rev. the Archdeacon of Barnstaple. By James Parkin, A.M., R. of Oakford. London printed and sold by B. Law and Son; Trueman and Son, Exeter; and J. Hewett, Penzance 1793, 4°. pp. 24, 1/-. PARKYNS, SIR THOMAS, 2nd Bart., (son of Sir Thomas Parkyns). b. Bunny, Nottinghamshire 1664. d. Bunny 29 Mch. 179. bur. Bunny, Monument there. cf. Chambers' Book of Days (186-), i, 435-37; Retrospective Rev. xi, 160-73 (1825); Gent. Mag. vii, 120, 182 (1737); xi, 221 (1741); Thoroton's Hist. of Nottinghamshire (1797), i, 93, 95-97.

ΠΡΟΓΥΜΝΑΣΜΑΤΑ. The Inn Play or Cornish Hugg Wrestler, digested in a method which teacheth to break all holds and throw most falls mathematically; of great use to such who understand the small sword in fencing. By Sir T. Parkyns. [Woodcuts.] Nottingham, printed by William Ayscough on the west side of Bridle-Smith-gate, 1713, 4°.

ΠΡΟΓΥΜΝΑΣΜΑΤΑ. The Inn-Play; or Cornish-Hugg Wrestler. Digested in a method which teacheth to break all Holds and throw most Falls mathematically. Easie to be understood by all gentlemen, &c.; and of great use to such who understand the small-sword in fencing, and by all tradesmen and handicrafts that have competent knowledge of the use of Stilliards, Bar, Crove-Iron, or Lever, with their Hypomochlions, Fulciments or Baits. By Sir Thomas Parkyns of Bunny, Baronet. The second edition corrected with large additions. Nottingham, printed and sold by William Ayscough in Bridlesmithgate and Timothy Goodwin, Bookseller, over against St. Dustan's (sic) Church, in Fleet Street 1714, 4°. pp. 64 and index 4 leaves, 1/-.

ΠΡΟΓΥΜΝΑΣΜΑΤΑ. The Inn-Play ; or Cornish-Hugg Wrestler, digested in a method which teacheth to break all holds and throw most falls mathematically...By Sir Tho. Parkyns of Bunny, Baronet. The third edition corrected with large additions. Lond. printed for Tho. Weekes at the White-Hart in Westminster-Hall; and sold


by Humph. Wainwright at Bunny in Nottinghamshire 1727. Dedications and letters to Lord Thomas Manners, pp. xviii; then pp. 64 and appendix and index 6 leaves.

PARNALL, HENRY (grandson of John Parnall, who d. 1844 and son of Henry Geach Parnall, who was b. St. Austell, 9 Nov. 1802 and now resides at 22 Narrow Wine St. Bristol). b. St. Gennys 29 Sep. 1838.

A.D. 1869 Jan. 18, No. 165. Letters Patent to Henry Parnall and John Parnall of the firm of H. Parnall and Sons of Bristol, Scale and Weighing Machine Makers for the invention of "Improvements in the construction of centres and bearings of scales, scale beams and weighing machines." Drawing annexed. Lond. Eyre and Spottiswoode 1869, fol. pp. 7, 6d.

NOTE.-The firm of H. Parnall & Sons, consists of
Henry Geach Parnall and his three sons, viz:
Henry the above.

John. b. 22 Narrow Wine St., 28 Dec. 1846.
William. b. 22 Narrow Wine St., 15 Dec. 1848.

PARNALL, JOHN. (son of John Parnall). b. Carwalton near Carclaze Tin Mine, St. Austell 1766. d. 22 Narrow Wine St. Bristol 21 Sept. 1844. bur. St. Peter's Church, Bristol 25 Sept. A Key to truth, to theology or divinity, geology or cosmogony, or light and truth revealed: being a history of the creation, formation and completion of the earth and ocean with the origin of all things, spiritual and natural. Also a history of the antediluvian world proving two floods or deluges. Illustrated with maps and plates. By John Parnall. [Vol. I] with 3 maps. Bristol printed for the author by T. Bedford, Redcliff St. 1831, 12o. pp. 201. Vol. II with 1 view and 3 maps. Bristol printed for the author by James Jones on the Weir 1838, 12o. PP. 202.

NOTE.-The Frontispiece to Vol. II represents "St. Austell, Cornwall, House built by the Author 1793." The portions of this work referring more particularly to Cornwall are I, 124-65, II, 153-54, 167, 176-83, 192-99.

A.D. 1817 June 10, No. 4134. Specification of John Parnall of St. Austell...Brazier for "Invention and improvement of tinning or covering with tin, sheets or plates of copper, brass or zinc." Lond. 1817, fol.-Reprinted Lond. Eyre and Spottiswoode 1856, fol. pp. 3, 3d.

PARR, LOUISA. (dau. of Mathew Taylor who d. 1863 and wife of George Parr). b. London. Now resident at 18 Upper Phillimore Place W. The Prescotts of Pamphillon. By Mrs. Parr, Author of "Dorothy Fox." Lond. W. Isbister


and Co. 56 Ludgate Hill 1874, 3 vols. post 8°. 31/6.

NOTE-The scene of this novel is laid at Mallet a village on the Cornish Bank of the Tamar. PARR, THOMAS (son of John Parr of Wilmington). b. Winninton, Alberbury, Shropshire, 1483. d. Westminster, 15 Nov. 1635. bur. Westminster Abbey.

The old old very old man or the age and long life of Thomas Parr... Written by John Taylor [the Water Poet]. Lond. imprinted for Henry Gosson, at his shop on London Bridge, neere to the Gate 1635. Printed (verbatim) by W. Penaluna, Helston 1825, 12°. pp. 30, 1/-.

NOTE.-Old Parr claimed according to the above dates to have been 152 at the time of his decease, but it seems probable that he could not have been at the most more than 102.

[blocks in formation]

On the gold veins of North Wales. Rep. of Miners' Assoc. of C. & D. 1861, 18 Sep. Meeting, p. 6.

PARSON, THOMAS, of Launceston.

An act for vesting part of the settled estate of Thomas Parson, Gentleman and Honour [Tregeare] his wife in Trustees, to be sold for raising portions for younger children...n.p. or d. or printer's name [Lond. 1755?] fol. pp. 11.

PARSONS, GERTRUDE. (4th dau. of John Hext. b. Trenarren Nov. 1766. d. Restormel June 1838, and wife of Daniel Parsons, M.A. of Oriel Coll. Oxford.) b. Restormel. Now resident at Stuart Lodge, Malvern Wells.

Thornberry Abbey, a tale of the established church. [Anon. By G. Parsons]...Lond. Charles Dolman 1846, 8°. pp. 169, 3/6.

bert, n.d. [1853] 12o. A series of seven stories, Tales and Narratives. Lond. Burns and Lam

6d. ea.

NOTE. Of this series Mrs. Parsons wrote No. 1, Joe Baker or the One Church. No. 4, Bad Words or the Poor Man's Child. No. 6, Robert May or Well-known to the Police. No. 7, James Chapman or the Way of Common Sense. These stories when collected were sold under the title of "The Clifton Tales," by which name all except No. 7 were originally printed at Clifton about 1849. Mrs. Thompson wrote No. 5, Winefride Jones

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