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the very ignorant girl; and Miss Rankin No. 3, Rich
and Poor or Lady Adela and Grumbling Molly. The
name of the writer of No. 2, Lucy Ward or the Dweller
in the Tabernacle, we have not been able to ascertain.

Edith Mortimer, or the trials of life at Mor-
timer Manor. By Mrs. Parsons. Lond. Charles
Dolman 1 57, 8°. pp. viii and 168, 2/6.

Emma's Cross, a tale. By the author of "Joe
Baker" etc. [i.e. G. Parsons]. Lond. Burns and
Lambert, n.d. [1859], 8°. pp. 160, 1/-.

George Morton; the boy and the man. Tales
by The Author of "Emma's Cross" &c. Lond.
Burns and Lambert 1859, 8°. Title 1 leaf, then
pp. 158, 1/-.

Afternoons with Mrs. Maitland, a book of
household instruction and entertainment. By
the Author of "Emma's Cross." Lond. Burns
and Lambert, n.d. [186-], 12o. Title and con-
tents 2 leaves, then pp. 1-200, 1/6.

Lent Lilies. A tale by the Author of "Mrs.
Maitland," "Joe Baker" etc. Lond. Burns and
Lambert, n.d. [186-], 12o. pp. 58, 4d.

The Muffin Girl. A tale by the Author of
"Mrs. Maitland." Lond. Burns and Lambert,
n.d. [186-], 12o. 4d.

Twelve Tales for the young. [Anon.] Lond.
Burns and Lambert, n.d. [1860], 12°. ea., pp.
32, 3d.

NOTE. This series consists of the following tales,
Dora May; Little Roger; The Old Dripping Pan; Too
Late for School or Jessie Wilkinson; The Well in the
Garden; Naughty Nell and Faithful Fanny; The Song
the Bird Sung; Grandmother Farley; The Snowdrops
under the wall; The Little Brown Hat; Brother James'
Holidays; Troublesome Tom. Mrs. Parsons was the
author of the above with the exceptions of "The Old
Dripping Pan" which was written by Mr. Daniel
Parsons, and "Too Late for School" written by Miss
A. M. Bridges.

Tales for Children. [Anon. by G. Parsons].
Lond. Burns and Lambert, n.d. [186–], 120.

NOTE. This series consists of Difficult Walking;
Cousins; Strangers; Day of Danger; Dear Little Dog;
Mary and Emma; Rose-tree; Sugar and Spice; Tell it
at once; What o'clock is it?; How the White Angel
came; Story in the Old Red Book.

The Heath-house Stories. [Anon. by G. Par-
sons.] Lond. Burns and Lambert, n.d. [186-],
12o. ea., pp. 24, 1d.

NOTE. This series consists of the following tales:
The blue petticoat; Christiana Martin; The jack daw;
The butterfly; Janet's troubles; Litty Kitty Goode;
Dame Dorothy; Little Dora's playthings; James Mas-
The tea-party; The young squire; Good b'ye.
The life of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of
the Society of Jesus. By Mrs. Parsons. Lond.
Burns and Lambert, n.d. [1860], 8o. pp. viii and
216, 2/-.


Dyrbington Court, or the story of John
Julian's prosperity. By Mrs. Parsons. Lond.
Burns and Lambert 1861, 8o. pp. ii and 406, 3/-.
Ruth Baynard's Story. [Anon. by G. Parsons].
Lond. Saunders, Otley and Co. 1861, 8°. pp.
417, 10/6.

Rhymes, grave and gay. Chiefly by Mrs. Par-
sons. Lond. Burns and Lambert 17 and 18
Portman St. n.d. [1864], 8°. pp. 64.

The workman or life and leisure, a magazine
of amusing literature and general information.
Conducted by Mrs. Parsons. Lond. Thos. Rich-
ardson and Sons 1865, 8°. 1 vol. of 400 pages,
no more printed.

NOTE.-A weekly journal of 16 pages, price 1d.
First number dated 7 Jan. 1865. Twenty-fifth and last
number 24 June 1865.

The literary workman or life and leisure...
Conducted by Mrs. Parsons. Lond. Thos. Rich-
ardson and Sons 1865, 8°.

NOTE.-A monthly journal of 64 pages, price 4d.
First number dated 29 July 1865, last number 30 Dec.
1865. This was a continuation of the previous work,
with a slight change in the title. It contains the fol-
lowing Cornish Tales by Mrs. Parsons.

Milly Rigg. A tale in four parts [About Sir James
Penrose who resided in Roseland], pp. 74-78, 88-92,
104-107, 120-24.

Old and new. The story of a memory [Concerning
Miss Martha Trethewey of Trethewey], pp. 557-59.

The Romance of Cleaveside. A Novel. By
G. Parsons. Lond. Saunders, Otley and Co. 1867,
3 vols. 8°.

Ursula's Love Story. [Anon. By G. Parsons].
Lond. Hurst and Blackett 1869, 3 vols. post 8°.

Avice Arden, the old man's romance. A Tale
by Mrs. Parsons. Lond. Thos. Richardson and
Son, Dublin and Derby 1870, 8°. pp. vi and
294, 3/6.

NOTE. First appeared in the Lamp, a weekly
Catholic Journal. Printed by Richardson and Son,

Sun and Shade. By the author of "Ursula's
Love Story." [i.e. G. Parsons]. Lond. Hurst and
Blackett 1871, 3 vols. post 80. 31/6.

NOTE. The scene of this story is laid in Cornwall.

Beautiful Edith. By the author of "Ursula's
Love Story." [i.e. G. Parsons]. Lond. Hurst
and Blackett 1872, 3 vols. 8°o. 31/6.

The village of Downe. A short chronicle. By
Mrs. Parsons. [Reprinted from The Literary
Workman 1865, pp. 617-35, 682-95]. Lond.
Thomas Richardson and Son, Dublin and Derby
1872, 8°. pp. 188, 1/-.

The Story of Fordington Hall. By Mrs. Par-


sons. Lond. Thomas Richardson and Son, Dublin
and Derby 1873, 12o., pp. vii and 334, 4/6.

NOTE. The above is reprinted from The Workman
1865 where it appeared under the title of Gentleman
Joe in 25 parts, commencing on p. 2 and concluding on
p. 389.

Twelve tales for the young [Anon. by Mrs.
Parsons.] Lond. Burns and Oates 1874, 12o.
ea., pp. 32, 3d.

NOTE. This series consists of the following tales:
Bertha's three fingers; Take care of yourself; Don't go
on; The story of an arm chair; Yes and no; The red
apple under the tree; Constance and the water lilies;
The pair of gold spectacles; Clara's new shawl; The
little lodgers; The pride and the fall; This once. cf.
The Dublin Rev. xlv 250 (1874).

Marian's Trust. By the author of "Ursula's
Love Story." [i.e. G. Parsons]. Lond. Hurst and
Blackett 1874, 3 vols. post 8°. 31/6.

How I became a hero. By G. P. Once a Week.
i, 373-77, 412-16, (1852).

NOTE.-The following works which are stated in
"The English Catalogue of Books," by Sampson Low
(1861), to be by Mrs. Parsons are not by Gertrude

"End of the pilgrimage and other poems." Lond.
Westerton 1859, 12°.

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PASCOE, ANNE PENNECK, (only dau. of John
Bingham Borlase, M.D., and wife of William
Pascoe of Tregembo and Park Hill, Bodmin). b.
Penzance 24 Jan., 1797. d. Penzance 12 April,
1867. cf. Gent. Mag. iii, 692 (1867).

Letter from Anne Penneck Borlase to Henry
Boase one of her Guardians. Bellair House [Al-
verton, Penzance] 24 Jan., 1818. Br. Museum,
Addit. MSS. 29, 281, fol. 133.

Col. James Willyams, who d. 10 Feb., 1828, and
w. in 1815 of Rev. Thos. Pascoe, V. of St. Hilary,) |
b. Truro 1781. d. Nanskeval, Mawgan in
Pydar 20 May, 1874.

Wan An' Aell, a Cornish Drawel, as Zung,
Zold, an Spauken by Barzillai Baragweneth:
[pseud. i.e. C. C. Pascoe], pruving to Junivarsal
Zatizfaction that Coarnwall is held the fust
county in Ingleland (more 'special by those as
enters it from the Westard,-and tarries there).
With notes by a Frind. Penzance, F. T. Vibert
1861, 8°. pp. 24.

M.R.C.S. 1835. (only child of Will. Pascoe, d.
1817) b. Penzance 1 Sep. 1813. Now resi-

dent at 1 Burlington Road, London W.; Presi-
dent of The Entomological Soc. 1864-65.
A List of the Australian longicorns, chiefly
described and arranged by F. P. Pascoe. With
additional localities and corrections by George
Masters. Sydney 1868, 8°. pp. 27, 2/-.

Ceylon, an account of the island...By Sir
James Emerson Tennent. 3rd ed. Lond. Long-
man 1859, 2 vols. 8°.

NOTE. Contains in I, 271, List of the Longicornia
of Ceylon, by F. P. Pascoe.

Account of a botanical excursion to Whitsand
Bay. Phytologist ii, 942-44 (1845).

Remarks on plants excluded from the second
edition of the London Catalogue. ib. iii, 103–
105 (1848).

Note on datura stramonium. ib. iii, 105.

Cornish plants not included in "Cybele Brit-
annica." Henfrey, Bot. Gazette ii, 37-39 (1850).

Description of new genera and species of
Asiatic longicorn coleoptera. Trans. Entom. Soc.
iv, 42-50 (1856-58).

On new genera and species of longicorn
coleoptera [1857]. ib. iv, 89-112, 236-66; v,
12-61 (1858-61).

Description of two new longicorns, mono-
hammus grayii and agnia fasciata. ib. v, Proc.
p. 54 (1858-61).

Description of two longicorn beetles sent from
Batchian by Mr. A. R. Wallace...ib. v, Proc.
p. 85.

On dimorphism in xenocerus luctuosus, Blauch.
ib. i, Proc. pp. 71–72.

Notes on stenidea, Muls, and blabinotus, Wool.
ib. i, Proc. p. 88.

Notes on the Australian longicornia, with
description of 60 new species. ib. i, 526-70

Longicornia Malayana. 24 coloured plates.
ib. 3 S. iii, 1-712 (1864-69).

Notes on Atractocerus and Cyphagogus. ib. 3
S. ii, 45-56 (1864).

Presidential Address to the Entomological
Society, 23 Jan. 1865. ib. 3 S. ii, Proc. pp.


A note on generic names having the same
sound. ib. 3 S. ii, Proc. pp. 85-86 (1865).

Note on the insects found in the snow fields
on the summit of Monte Moro. ib. 3 S. ii, Proc.
p. 90.

Note on Calamobius and Hippopsis. ib. 3 S.
ii, Proc. p. 126.

PASCOE, FRANCIS POLKINGHORNE. (Con.). Presidential Address to the Entomological Society, 22 Jan. 1866. ib. 3 S. ii, Proc. pp. 137-|


List of the Longicornia collected by the late Mr. P. Bouchard, at Santa Marta. plate. ib. 3 S. v, 279-96 (1866).

Notes on Articerus and Mecynotarsus and on a new genus of Coleoptera inhabiting Ants' nests (Ectrephes). ib. 3 S. v, Proc. pp. xv-xvii. On a new Toxotus from Greece. ib. 3 S. v, Proc. p. lxxxiv (1867).

Contributions to a knowledge of the Coleoptera. ib. 1868. Proc. pp. xi-xiii.

On Eudianodes, a new genus of Prionidæ from Cape Coast Castle, and on a new species of Oxycorynus from Peru. ib. 1868. Proc. pp. xiii-xiv.

A revision of the genus Catasarcus. ib. (1870) pp. 13-40.

Description of some genera and species of Australian Curculionidæ. 2 plates. ib. (1870) pp. 181-212, 445-84.

On some new anthribida. Ann. Nat. Hist. iv, 327-33, 431-39 (1859); v, 35-48 (1860). On some new longicornia from the Moluccas. ib. v, 119-22.

On some new coleoptera from Lizard Island, North-eastern Australia. ib. ix, 461-67 (1862). Notes on Sphorium and Mallocera. Annals and Mag. of Nat. Hist. 3 S. xviii, 477-84 (1866). Character of some new genera of the Coleopterous Family Cerambycidæ. ib. 3 S. xix, 30719 (1867).

Diagnostic characters of some new genera species of prionidæ. ib. xix, 410-13.


Remarks on the names applied to the British Hemiptera Heteroptera. ib. i, 94-97 (1868).

Description of some new genera and species of Tenebrionidæ from Australia and Tasmania. plate. ib. iii, 29-45, 132-53, 277-96, 344-51 (1869).

Description of some new species of Lamiidæ. ib. iv, 203-11.

Additions to the Tenebrionidæ of Australia. ib. v, 203–11.

Catalogue of Zygopinæ, a sub-family of Curculionidæ found by Mr. Wallace in the eastern Archipelago. 2 plates. ib. vii, 198-222, 258-65 (1871).

Additions to Australian Curculionidæ. plate. ib. viii, 89-99 (1871); ix, 132-42 (1872); x, 84-101 (1872).

Description of new genera and species of Longicorns, incuding three new sub-families. plate. ib. viii, 268-81 (1871).

Notes on Coleoptera with description of new

PASCOE, FRANCIS POLKINGHORNE. (Con.). genera and species. 2 plates. ib. viii, 345-61 (1871); x, 317-26 (1872).

Additions to the Australian Curculionidæ. Part v. ib. xii, 278-86 (1873); Part vi. xiii, 383-89 (1874).


A list of the described Longicornia of Australia. Newman's Zoologist, xviii, 6824-6828 (1860).

Notice of a new or little known genera and species of Coleoptera. Journ. of Entomol. i, 36– 64, 98-132, 319-70 (1862); ii, 26-56 (1863). Entomological Notes. ib. i, 302 (1862). Notes on the Brenthidæ. ib. i, 388-94. On some Australian Colydiidæ. ib. i, 460-68. On certain additions to the genus Dicranocephalus (D. Wallichii, D. Bowringii, D. Adamsii). ib. ii, 23-26.

List of the Colydiidæ collected in the Amazons Valley by H. W. Bates; and descriptions of new species. ib. ii, 79-99.

List of the Colydiidæ collected in the Indian. Islands by A. R. Wallace, and descriptions of new species. ib. ii, 121-43.

Description of some new Australian Longicornia. plate. ib. ii, 223-45 (1864).

Notes on the Australian species of Clytus. ib. ii, 245-46.

Additions to the Longicornia of South Africa, including a few species from Old Calabar and Madagascar. plate. ib. ii, 270-91.

A second series of descriptions of New Australian Longicornia. plate. ib. ii, 352-74 (1865). On some new genera of Curculionidæ. plate. ib. ii, 413-32.

Notice of some new or little known genera and species of Coleoptera. 2 plates. ib. ii, 44393 (1866).

List of described species of Australian Heteromera. ib. ii, 493–99.

On botanical and zoological nomenclature. Letter signed F. P. Pascoe, Geneva, June 15. The Reader iii, 815-16 (1864).

Chronicles of Entomology from July 1865 to April 1867. Quarterly Journ. of Science v, 46165, 669-73 (1865); iii, 90-93, 269-71, 405-408, 581-83 (1866); iv, 109-112, 252-55 (1867)..

On the Longicorns of Australia, with a list of all the described species. 2 plates. Journ. Linnean Soc. Zoology. ix, 80-142, 1866. [Also found as a Pamphlet, See ante p. 427.

Supplement to the list of Australian Longicorns. ib. ix, 300-308.

PASCOE, FRANCIS POLKINGHORNE. (Con.). Contributions towards a knowledge of the Curculionidæ. 15 plates. ib. x, 434-93 (1870); xi, 154-218 (1871); 440-92 (1872); xii, 1–99 (1874).

Catalogue by F. P. Pascoe of Longicorn Coleoptera collected in the island of Penang by James Lamb, Esq. 6 plates. Proc. of Zoological Soc. for 1866 pp. 222-67, 504-36.

On some new Australian genera and species of Curculionidae belonging to the Otiorhynchinæ. Entom. Monthly Mag. vi, 99-105 (1869).

Zoological Nomenclature. Letter signed Francis P. Pascoe. Nature ix, 321-22 (1874). PASCOE, JAMES, M.R.C.S.

Case of a tumour of the leg. Communicated by Mr. James Pascoe, dated Tregony May 10, 1785. Lond. Med. Journ. vi, 141-45 (1785).


A.D. 1858 August 4, No. 1774. Letters patent to J. B. Pascoe and John Roberts Thomas of Chacewater in the county of Cornwall, Engineers for the invention of "An improved method of and apparatus for feeding boilers of all steam engines with liquid without the aid of the force pump heretofore used." With two diagrams. Lond. printed by G. E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode 1859, fol. pp. 5, 9d.

A.D. 1858 October 9, No. 2253. Provisional specification of J. B. Pascoe and J. R. Thomas ...for "Improvements in condensing and gassing smoke, which are applicable also to forcing and drawing water, propelling ships and drawing and forcing air, to be worked with animal, water, steam or air power." With diagram. Lond. G. E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode 1859, fol. pp. 2, 7d.

PASCOE, REV. THOMAS, B.A. (eld. bro. of Will. Pascoe). Of Jesus Coll. Camb. B.A. 1810. V. of St. Hilary, 30 May 1814 to 1870. b. Penzance Nov. 1788. bapt. Penzance 21 Apl. 1789. d. St. Hilary 29 Mch. 1870. cf. Earl Stanhope's Miscellanies, 2nd ed. with some supplementary letters (1863) p. 108.

St. Hilary Church, Cornwall. Woodcut. By Rev. T. Pascoe. Gent. Mag. xl, 136-40, 546, 605 (1853).


Pascoe. b. Lower Helland 28 Oct. 1786. d. Lower Helland 4 Nov. 1874). b. Lower Helland 31 July 1826.

"Live and let live." Some of England's greatest wants. Written principally to endea


vour to benefit the working classes. By T. M. Pascoe. 2nd ed. Bodmin printed by J. R. Luscombe, Fore St. n.d. [1867] 8°. pp. 17, 3d.

Dying to live. By the Author of "Live and let live." Dedicated to the young people of England, especially to those who are suffering from the late hours of business. Bodmin printed by J. R. Luscombe. n.d. [1869] 8°. pp. 22, 6d.

The late hours of business and our salmon fisheries. By the Author of "Live and let live." Bodmin printed by E. T. Crabb, Fore St. n.d. [1870] 8°. pp. 4, 2d.

NOTE.-Mr. Pascoe has also been a writer in The Mining Journal, The Western Daily Mercury, The Royal Cornwall Gazette, The West Briton and other papers.

PASCOE, WILLIAM (4th son of Jas. Pascoe, who was 2nd son of Thos. and Sarah Pascoe, of St. Ives and was b. St. Ives 14 Sep. 1747). b. Alverne House, Penzance 12 Dec. 1791. bapt. Madron 14 Sep. 1792. d. Park Hill, Bodmin 23 Mch. 1863. bur. St. Hilary 30 Mch.

Notes genealogical, historical and topographical, chiefly relating to the county of Cornwall with 56 sketches in water colours etc. William Pascoe of Tregembo. MSS. penes Mr. G. B. Millett, Penzance.


PASCOE, REV. WILLIAM GLUYAS, Wesleyan Minister. (son of Will. Pascoe. b. Helston circa 1808. Now in Australia). b. Marazion 13 Apl. 1838.

Prepare to meet God. A Sermon by the Rev. W. G. Pascoe. Bury St. Edmunds, printed and published 1863, 8°. pp. 16.

Footsteps of a Prodigal or friendly advice to young men by Rev. W. G. Pascoe. Lond. Elliot Stock, n.d. [1867], 8°. pp. 163.

What must I do? A word to seekers of scriptural holiness. By the Rev. W. G. Pascoe. Lond. Amos Osborne printer 29 Farringdon St. 1871, 8°. pp. 16.

The King's Highway, a journal of scriptural holiness. Edited by Rev. John Brash, Rev. I. E. Page, Rev. W. Gluyas Pascoe and Rev. J. C. Greaves. Vol. i. Lond. Amos Osborne printer 29 Farringdon St. 1872, 8°. Vols. ii and iii. Lond. Elliot Stock 61 Paternoster Row 187374, 8°.

NOTE. Contains amongst others, the following articles by Rev. W. G. Pascoe:

The Pearl of Days, i, 30-34, etc. (1872). The first of a series of 12 articles.

The Glory of Holiness. ib. No. i. i, 85-88. No. ii. i, 227-31.

The attainment of holiness, why is it not universal? ib. ii, 109-12 (1873).

The rest of faith. ib. ii, 253-56.


The absolute need of holiness. ib. ii, 397-99. Plain Questions No. i. Are you in Christ. ib. ii, 24-26, etc. The first of a series of twelve articles. Dr. Cullis' Work of faith. ib. iii, 37, 123-26. Holiness and revivals. ib. iii, 109-12. Christian perfection. ib. iii, 253-58. A plea for prayer. ib. iii, 232-34. Holiness and commerce. ib. iii, 361-65.

The higher life, helps to bible holiness. Conducted by The Editors of "The King's Highway." Lond. Elliot Stock 62 Paternoster Row 1874, 4°.

NOTE. A monthly journal of 4 pages, Price 5d. per doz. copies. Contains signed articles by the Rev. W. Gluyas Pascoe.

Daily helps to the higher life, a manual of meditation for every day in the year. By the Rev. W. Gluyas Pascoe... Lond. Elliot Stock 1875, 8°. pp. 384.

NOTE.-First appeared in monthly parts of 16 pages, Price 3d.

Sabbath readings. A series of 48 articles. In The Guide to Holiness. (Lond. Elliot Stock) ii, p. 20 etc. (1871).

PASSMORE, WILLIAM SMALLCOMBE. Now resident at 5 Albion Terrace, Bath.

The Well of St. Keyne, or the grey mare's the better horse. In "Snatches of Song. By W. S. Passmore. (Lond. T. Richardson and Son)" 1860, p. 179.-Reprinted in The Orchestra vi, 339 (1866).

PATERSON, CAPT. GEORGE DACRES, of 98th Regt. (only son of Lieut.-Col. Charles Paterson). d. Axminster 3 April 1847, aged 34. A.D. 1840 Nov. 5, No. 8682. Specification of G. D. Paterson of Truro...Esquire, for "Improvements in curvilinear turning, that is to say, a rest adapted for cutting out wooden bowls and a self-acting slide rest for other kinds of curvilinear turning." With drawing annexed. Lond. 1840, fol. Reprinted, Lond. Eyre and Spottiswoode 1856, fol. pp. 6, 9d.

NOTE. Capt. Paterson m. at St. George's Hanover Square 21 June 1838, Augusta youngest dau. of Sir W. P. Call, Bart. of Whiteford, Stokeclimsland.

PATTERSON, JOHN. b. Scotland. Resident at St. Austell. Drowned at Wadebridge 25 Feb. 1800.

An elegy on the death of Mr. John Patterson ...By Samuel Drew (1800) q.v.

PATTISON, SAMUEL ROWLES, F.G.S. (son of S. R. Pattison. b. Birmingham circa 1785. d. Taunton, 1865). b. Stroud, Gloucestershire 27 Oct. 1809.


Chapters on Fossil Botany. By S. R. Pattison. Lond. Simpkin, Marshall and Co. 1849, 12°. pp. xii and 224.

NOTE.-Preface dated "Launceston Sept. 1849."

Some account of the church of St. Mary Magdalene, Launceston. Illustrated. Launceston T. W. Maddox [printed] Lond. Simpkin, Marshall and Co. 1852, 12o. pp. 76, 2/-.

NOTE.-Preface signed" S. R. Pattison, Launceston 16 Aug. 1852."

Notes on Launceston Castle. By S. R. Pattison Esq. F.G.S. Member of the Royal Institution. Reprinted from the Report of the Royal Institution of Cornwall for 1851. Truro J. R. Netherton 1852, 8°. pp. 19.

Organic remains found at South Petherwyn. Rep. R.I.C. 1840, pp. 20-21.

Slate from Tintagel containing organic remains. ib. 1841, pp. 26-27.

Notice of posidonia found in the hill on which Launceston Castle stands. ib. 1846, p. 60.

Notice of fossils discovered at Underwood near Launceston. ib. 1846, p. 61.

On some earthworks near Newquay on the coast of Cornwall. ib. 1849, p. 36.

On a celt-mound found at Alternun. ib. 1849, pp. 57-58.

Trevethy Cromlech. ib. 1850, pp. 31-34. Launceston Castle. 8 woodcuts. ib. 1851, pp.


[blocks in formation]

On the carboniferous system of Cornwall. Trans. R.G.S.C. vi, 267-75 (1846).

On the geology of the Tintagel district [1847]. ib. vii, 3-12 (1847–60).

On some post-tertiary deposits in Cornwall [1847]. ib. vii, 34-36.

A brief description of the coast of Cornwall, between the Padstow river and Perran sands [1848]. ib. vii, 47-52.

On an isolated patch of Devonian strata in the parish of St. Stephens by Launceston, Cornwall [1848]. ib. vii, 63-64.

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