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Cornish folk lore. N. & Q. 1 S. v, 173 (1852).
Persistency of proper names. ib. v, 174.
Antiquity of county boundaries. ib, v, 197.
Meaning of the word elvan. ib. v, 273-74.
Name of Martyn. ib. vi, 460.
Coin of Claudius current. ib. vi, 530.
Stone coffin and the goblins. ib. vi, 600.
Raven superstition. ib. vi, 496.
St. Maudit's Well. ib. x, 322.
Ancient reservation. ib. x, 364.
Sir Cloudesley Shovel. ib. xii, 395.

PATTISON, REV. THOMAS HARWOOD (son of the preceding.) Formerly Minister of Ryehill Baptist Church, Newcastle on Tyne. Now (Dec. 1874) Minister of the First Baptist Church, Newhaven, Conn. U.S. America. b. Launceston 14 Dec. 1838.

Service of Song. Hymn Book for use at Hude Chapel, Durham. With Preface. By T. H. Pattison. Wolverhampton 1864, 8°. 6d.

Religious republics. Six essays on Congregationalism. Lond. Longman, Green and Co. 1869, 8°. 10/6.

NOTE. The fourth essay (pp. 133-68), entitled "Congregationalism and Esthetics" is by T. H. Patti


Sacred and Secular. Two sermons on education. By T. H. Pattison. Newcastle 1870, 8°. 2d. Present day lectures to a Baptist Congregation. By T. H. Pattison. Lond. Yates and Alexander, Symonds Inn, Chancery Lane; Pewtress Bros. and Gould, Ave Maria Lane 1872, 8°. Title and preface 2 leaves, contents and half-title 2 leaves, then pp. 6-89, 2/-.

Centenary Sketch of the Baptist Church, West St., Rochdale. By T. H. Pattison. Manchester, Tubbs and Brook 1873, 8°. 6d.


Christianity versus War. By T. H. Pattison. Published by the Lancashire and Cheshire International Arbitration Association. Manchester 1873, 12o. 1d.

Madron Well Chapel. Willis' Current Notes, Nov. 1855, p. 85.

Cross at St. Buryan. ib. Feb. 1856, p. 18. Authorship of Waverley Novels. ib. April 1856, p. 34.

Stone carving in Glasgow Cathedral. ib. May 1856, p. 44.

Taper of exorcism, Launceston. ib. Nov. 1856, p. 90.

Continental signs and signboards. ib. Dec. 1856, p. 98.

Tower on Glastonbury Torr. ib. Nov. 1857, p. 85.

PAUL OR POL, ST. Bp. of Leon. b. Cornwall circa 475. d. Isle of Bas 12 Mar. 573. bur. Leon Cathedral. cf. Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints, (1836) i, 342; Rice Rees' Essay on the Welch Saints (1836) p. 256; Rev. Sabine BaringGould's Lives of the Saints (1872), Mch. pp. 223-26; Acta Sanctorum for Mch. ii, 108-120; Sir T. D. Hardy's Catalogue of Materials, i,



A.D. 1863 Jan. 20, No. 166. Provisional specification [only] of Alfred Paul of the parish of Gwennap for the invention of "Improvements in obtaining reciprocating motion in steam engines and for communicating the same to any ordinary pumps for whatever purpose they may be employed." Lond. G. E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode 1863, fol. pp. 4, 4d.

PAUL, REV. FREDERICK BATEMAN. Durham Theological Licentiate 1859; Assistant Curate of Ottery St. Mary 1859; V. of St. Blazey 1863-70.

Appendix to Hymns in use at St. Blazey Church [Compiled by Rev. F. B. Paul, V. of St. Blazey]. St. Blazey, printed by James Bennett 1868, fep. 8°. pp. 34, 4d.

PAUL, THE VEN. ROBERT BATEMAN, M.A. (son of Rev. Richard Paul, V. of Mawgan in Pydar 1804-1805. b. Trevarth House, Gwennap 1763. d. Mawgan 7 Dec. 1805). Fellow of Exeter Coll. 30 June 1817, resigned 11 Jan. 1827; B.A. 1 July 1820, M.A. 16 Feb. 1822; Curate of Probus 1824-26, V. of Llantwit Major with Llyswarney 1829-35; Incumb. of Kentish Town 1845-48; V. of St. Augustine, Bristol 1848-51; Commissary


of Bp. of New Zealand 1852; V. of Canterbury, New Zealand 18- -; Archdeacon of Waimea 7 Nov. 1855; Archdeacon of Nelson, New Zealand 18--; R. of St. Mary, Stamford 1864, resigned 1872; Prebendary of Lincoln 1867; Now (1874) Confrater of Browne's Hospital, Stamford and resident at Barn Hill, Stamford. b. St. Columb Major 21 Mch. 1798.

Notes on the four gospels. By the Rev. R. B. Paul. Lond. Whittaker 18- -, 12o. 4/6.

A Farewell Sermon preached in the parish church of Probus on Sunday January 4, 1824. By R. B. Paul M.A., Fellow of Exeter College and Chaplain to the Earl of Falmouth. Truro printed at No. 30 Boscawen Street, by E. Heard 1824, 8°. pp. 20.

NOTE.-Dedicated "To the inhabitants of the parish of Probus." A copy in the possession of Mr. G. C. Boase was a presentation from the Author to William Stackhouse Esq.

Analysis of Aristotle's Ethics. [By the Rev. R. B. Paul]. Lond. Whittaker 1829, 8°., 10/6. The Antiquities of Greece. By the Rev. R. B. Paul...1830, 12o.-2nd ed. Oxford J. Vincent, Radcliffe Sq. and Whittaker and Co. London 1835, 12o. pp. viii and 368, 7/-.

Journal of a tour to Moscow in the summer of 1836, by the Rev. R. B. Paul...Lond. Simpkin, Marshall and Co. 1836, 12o. pp. xviii and 238, 5/-.

History of Germany from the invasion of Germany by Marius to the battle of Leipzic 1813. On the plan of Mrs. Markham's histories for the use of young persons. Lond. J. Murray 1847, 8°. pp. xii and 480.

NOTE.-The Introduction is signed R. B. P[aul], St. John's Lodge, Kentish Town Jan. 1, 1847. The Rev. R. B. Paul having sold the copyright had nothing to do with the later editions of this work.

The Ajax and Philoctetes of Sophocles with English Notes. Translated from the German of F. W. Schneidewin by the Rev. R. B. Paul... Edited by the Rev. T. K. Arnold. Lond. F. and J. Rivington 1847, 12°.

The Ajax of Sophocles with English Notes. Translated from the German of F. W. Schneidewin, by the Rev. R. B. Paul, Vicar of St. Augustine's, Bristol and late Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford. Edited by the Rev. T. K. Arnold... Lond. F. and J. Rivington 1851, 12°. pp. 94, 3/-.

A handbook of Grecian Antiquities by Dr. E. F. Bojesen...Translated from the German of Dr. Hoffa by the Rev. R. B. Paul...and edited the Rev. T. K. Arnold...Lond. F. and J. Rivington 1848, 8°. pp. xii and 162, 3/6.

PAUL, THE VEN. ROBERT BATEMAN. (Con.). A handbook of Roman Antiquities... by Dr. E. F. Bojesen...Translated from the German of Dr. Hoffa by the Rev. R. B. Paul...and edited the Rev. T. K. Arnold...Lond. F. and J. Rivington 1848, 12o. pp. xii and 172, 3/6.

Handbook of ancient geography and history by Wilhelm Pütz...Translated from the German by the Rev. R. B. Paul...and edited by the Rev. T. K. Arnold... Lond. F. and J. Rivington 1849, 12o. pp. xvi and 396, 6/6.

Handbook of medieval geography and history by Wilhelm Pütz...Translated [and edited] from the German by the Rev. R. B. Paul...Lond. F. and J. Rivington 1849, 12°. pp. xii and 208, 4/6.

Handbook of modern geography and history by Wilhelm Pütz... Translated [and edited] from the German by the Rev. R. B. Paul...Lond. F. and J. Rivington 1850, 12°. pp. xii and 312, 4/6.-New York 1850, 12o. 5/6.

The Athenian Stage, a handbook for students by Augustus Witzschel. Translated from the German by the Rev. R. B. Paul...and edited by the Rev. T. K. Arnold...Lond. F. and J. Rivington 1850, 12°. pp. vi and 152, 4/-.

The church in sorrow, shall we abandon or defend her? A sermon preached in the parish church of S. Augustine in the city of Bristol, on the third Sunday in Lent 1850. By the Rev. R. B. Paul M.A. Vicar of the parish...Bristol, Daniel Vickery, Broad St. 1850, 8°. pp. 20.

Selections from Cicero. Part iii The Tusculan disputations. With English Notes, translated from the German of G. Fischer by the Rev. R. B. Paul, M.A....Edited by the Rev. T. K. Arnold, M.Á....Lond. F. and J. Rivington 1851, 12o. Title and contents 2 leaves, then pp. 1298, 5/6.

The Philoctetes of Sophocles with English Notes translated from the German of F. W. Schneidewin by the Rev. R. B. Paul...Edited by the Rev. T. K. Arnold...Lond. F. and J. Rivington 1851, 8°. Title and introduction, pp. i-xi, The Philoctetes, pp. 1-87.

Handbook of the religion and mythology of the Greeks with a short account of the religious system of the Romans by H. W. Stoll...Translated from the German by the Rev. R. B. Paul ...and edited by the Rev. T. K. Arnold... Lond. F. and J. Rivington 1852, 12°. pp. viii and 190.

Αρχαιολογία Ελληνική συνταχθείσα μεν αγγλιστι υπο του σεβασμιου Ρ. Β. Παύλου Μ.Α. Πρωην συνεταίρου και καθηγητού εν τη Οξωνιω Ακαδημια εκδοσις Β' 1834, μεταφρασθείσα δε και εκδοθείσα υπο Επυρίδωνος Αντωνιάδου. Εν Αθήναις...1852, 8o. pp. xvi and 554.

Some account of the Canterbury Settlement, New Zealand. By the Rev. R. B. Paul...Lond. Rivingtons 1854, 12o. pp. 52, 1/-.


A sermon preached at Christchurch before His Honour the Superintendent and the Provincial Council of Canterbury, New Zealand at the opening of their first session on Tuesday Sept. 27, 1853. By the Rev. R. B. Paul, Commissary of the Bishop of New Zealand...Lond. Rivingtons' 1854, 12o. pp. 18, 6d.

Letters from Canterbury, New Zealand. By R. B. Paul M.A. Archdeacon of Waimea... With a map of the Edward Jollie, C.E. Lond. Rivingtons' 1857, 8°. pp. viii. and 160, 4/6.

New Zealand, as it was and as it is. By R. B. Paul M.A. late Archdeacon of Nelson. With map. Lond. E. Stanford 1861, 8°. pp. iv and 64.

The Autobiography of a Cornish Rector. By the late James Hamley Tregenna [pseud. i.e. Rev. R. B. Paul]. Lond. Tinsley Bros. 1872, 2 vols. 8°.

NOTE. With respect to this pseudonym it may be noticed that a Rev. Thomas Tregenna Hamley, Pastor of St. Ervan and St. Eval was a contemporary of the Rev. R. B. Paul's father.

PAULL, JOSIAH. (son of Josiah Paull). b. Camborne. Mining Agent to the Duke of Bedford. Resident at Tavistock.

Report of Mining School at Tavistock. Rep. of Miners' Assoc. of C. and D. 1863, [3 Feb. Meeting] pp. 7-8.

PAULL, MISS M. A. b. Tavistock.

A Cornish Ghost; by M. A. Paull. Happy Hours (J. Clarke and Co. 13 Fleet St.) ii, 265-67 (1868).


Pedigree and arms of Pawley of Gunwin, Lelant. Harl. MSS. 1067, art. 36, 43.

PAYN, JAMES (son of William Payn). b. Cheltenham 1830.

Like Father, like son. By the Author of "Lost Sir Massingberd," "Found Dead," "A Perfect Treasure," etc., [i.e. J. Payn]. Lond. Tinsley Bros 1870, 3 vols. 8°., 31/6.

NOTE. Part of the scene of this novel is laid in Cornwall.

Gwendoline's Harvest. A novel. By the Author of "Lost Sir Massingberd." [i.e. J. Payn]. Lond. Tinsley Brothers 1870, 2 vols. 8°.-New Ed. Lond. Chapman and Hall 1872, 8°. pp. iv. and 373.

NOTE.-Originally appeared in 35 Chapters in Chambers's Journ. commencing 1870 p. i. The scene of a portion of this novel is laid in West Cornwall. It contains descriptions of Gurnard's Head, Botallack Mine, etc.

PAYN, JAMES. (Con.).

A Marine Residence. In sixteen chapters. [Anon. by J. Payn]. Chambers' Journ. 1870, p. 221, etc.

NOTE. The scene of this novel is laid at Newquay. PAYNE, ANTHONY. The Giant (son of a tenant of Sir Bevil Grenville). b. Stratton 16--. d. Stratton 13 July 1691. bur. Stratton. cf. Hone's Every Day Book (1827) ii, 969; All the Year Round xvi, 247-49, 1866 (by Rev. R. S. Hawker); E. J. Wood's Giants and Dwarfs (1868) pp. 98-103.

PAYNE, JOHN, Falmouth.

Payne's mode of stowing provisions within reach of the crew of a water-logged ship. Rep. R.C.P. Soc. 1838 pp. 144-45.


T. Payne to the Lord High Admiral concerning the cause "between Mundey and the men of Roscoe." Penryn 25 Jan. 1594. Lansd. MSS. 148. art. 81.

Letter of T. Payne, Vice Admiral of Cornwall to Sir J. Cæsar, concerning a bark of Plymouth that robbed the Scot, 8 May 1597. Br. Museum Addit. MSS. 12,503.


Delices de la Grande Bretagne 1791. Opie, John, ante i, 414.

NOTE.-Contains, A stone quarry at Port Eliot, Cornwall, painted by W. Payne and engraved by W. Birch. Published Dec. 1, 1789.


26th Cameronians (2nd son of Thomas Paynter who d. 1863). b. 11 Feb. 1836. killed Newcastle-on-Tyne 6 Oct. 1854. cf. Gent. Mag. xlii, 641 (1854); Annual Register xevi, Chronicle, pp. 170-74, 343, (1854); Illust. Lond. News xxv, 364-65, 368-70, (1854).

PAYNTER, COMMANDER CHARLES, R.N. (son of Charles Paynter). b. Penzance, Jan. 1791. d. 18 Morrab Place, Penzance, 18 Mch. 1873. cf. O'Byrne's Naval Biog. Dict.

Instinct and mind. By Philalétheia [pseud. i.e. Charles Paynter]. Plymouth, James Land printer, Plymouth Herald Office, George St. 1868, 12o. Title 1 leaf, preface pp. 1-5, then pp. 7-22.

PAYNTER, REV. CHARLES HENRY, B.A. (son of Fras. Paynter). Of Jesus Coll. Camb., B.A. 1812; Perp. Curate of Lower St. Columb and Crantock 1817. b. Trekenning, St. Columb 20 Jan. 1790. d. Jersey 31 Dec. 1838. bur. St. Brelade. cf. Gent. Mag. xi, 439 (1839).

PAYNTER, EDWARD. Solicitor of 6 Holborncourt, Gray's Inn. d. 1826?

Report of a trial at the late assizes at Launceston between Sir Rose Price, Bart., Plaintiff and Mr. Edw. Paynter, Defendant, being a prosecution under the Game Laws to recover penalties from the Defendant for having killed game on the estate, and at the request of a near relation of his own, for a dinner party at which the Plaintiff was an invited guest.-"There is no term in the English language which can describe what this action is." Mr. C. F. Williams's Speech. Lond. printed for A. Maxwell, Law Bookseller, Bell-Yard, Lincoln's-Inn 1824 8°. Half-title, title, dedication and preface pp. i-x, report of the trial pp. 11–29, 1/-.

PAYNTER, FRANCIS. bur. Buryan, 15 June 1723.

The Works of Walter Moyle... Lond. 1726, 2 vols. 8°.

NOTE.-Contains Extracts from Letters of Edward Lhwyd to Francis Paynter, (the first dated Falmouth 30 Nov. 1700,) i, 237-40.

PAYNTER, HARRIET. See Morris, Harriet.

PAYNTER, JAMES. bapt. Buryan 12 Aug. 1748. d. Boskenna 1 Aug. 1800. bur. Buryan 7 Aug. cf. A true outline and sketch of the life of Samuel Eyles Pierce (1825) pp. 59-98; Memoirs of the Rev. Thos. Wills (1804) pp. 47-50, 60, 281.

PAYNTER, JOHN, J.P. (son of Jas. Paynter

and Elizabeth, dau. of J. Wethered). b. Boskenna 29 Sep. 1790. bapt. St. Buryan 11 Mch. 1791. d. Boskenna 2 Jan. 1847. bur. Buryan 9 Jan. cf. Gent. Mag. xxvii, 206 (1847). On the employment of gas water as manure. Journ. Roy. Agric. Soc. of Engl. i, 45–46 (1840). PAYNTER, CAPT. JOHN PENDER, R.N. Flag Lieutenant to Lord Exmouth at Algiers 1816. (3rd son of Francis Paynter, Solicitor, St. Columb). b. Trekenning 1789. d. St. Columb. bur. St. Enoder 3 Oct. 1856. cf. O'Byrne's Naval Biog. Dict.

PAYNTER, THOMAS (son of Jas. and Elizabeth Paynter). Educated at Tiverton School; Of Trinity Coll. Cambridge, B.A. 1816, M.A. 1824; Barrister-at-Law 1823; Revising Barrister for Suffolk and Norfolk 1833; Recorder of Falmouth, Helston and Penzance 18- to 1841; Magistrate of Hammersmith and Wandsworth Police Court 17 Feb. 1841 to 15 Jan. 1856; Magistrate of Westminster Police Court 1856 resigned 5 Mch. 1863. b. Boskenna 24


July 1794. bapt. Buryan 25 Dec. 1794. d. 53 Thurloe Square, London 20 Apl. 1863. bur. Brompton Cemetery 23 Apl. cf. Diary of H. C. Robinson (1869), ii, 8-9, iii, 221, 290, 33034, 352, 356-58, 389-91, 410, 427-30, 45354; Gent. Mag. xiv, 674, 804 (1863); Law Times xxxviii, 573 (1863).

The Practice at Elections. [Anon. By T. Paynter]. Lond. 1835? 8°.

The Practice at Elections, being plain instructions for the guidance of Sheriffs and other returning officers and their poll clerks...By Thomas Paynter, Esq. Barrister-at-Law. 2nd ed. Lond. Shaw and Sons 137 and 138 Fetter Lane, Fleet Street 1837, 8°. pp. 64, 3/-.

The Practice at Elections etc. By Thomas Paynter, Esq... 3rd ed. Lond. Shaw and Sons, Fetter Lane 1847, 12°. pp. 84, and advertisement &c. 4 leaves, 3/-.

The Practice at Elections etc. By Thomas Paynter, Esq...Lond. Shaw and Sons 1852, 12o. 3/6.

NOTE.-Mr. Paynter printed for private circulation, a pamphlet entitled "Considerations on the office and duties of a Metropolitan Police Magistrate."

PAYNTER, REV. WILLIAM, D.D. (son of Will. and Jane Paynter of Antron, Sithney). Cornish Fellow of Ex. Coll. 1657; B.A. 3 May 1660; M.A. 21 Jan. 1662; B.D. 7 July 1674 ; D.D. 27 June 1695; R. of Wotton, Northamptonshire 16 to 1715; Rector of Ex. Coll. 15 Aug. 1690 to 1715; Vice Chancellor of Oxford 1698 and 1699. b. Trelissick. bapt. St. Erth 7 Dec. 1637. d. Wotton 19 Feb. 1713. bur. 22 Feb. Will proved in Court of Chancellor of Univ. of Oxford 2 Apl. 1716. cf. Nichols' Lit. Anecdotes i, 102; Life of Anthony & Wood, prefixed to Bliss' Wood, pp. 114, 120; Tanner MSS. Bodl. Lib. 35, fol. 66; Wood's Hist. and Antiq. of Colleges and Halls in Oxford, App. (1790), pp. 156, 157, 159; N. and Q. 2 S. i, 264 (1862).

NOTE. Mr. Paynter was elected Rector of Exeter College on the expulsion of Dr. Bury. For the pam

phlets relating to this matter, See Trelawny, Bishop


The Works of Walter Moyle...Lond. 1726, 2 vols. 8°.

NOTE. Contains on i, 244-47, Copy of Dr. Conant's letter to Dr. Paynter relative to the Boleit Grave Stone in Buryan Church. Dated 29 May 1698.

Exequiæ...Gloucestriæ Duci ab Oxon. Acad. solutæ. Oxon. 1700, fol.

NOTE.-Contains verses by William Paynter, Vice


PAYNTER, REV. WILLIAM. (Con.). Letter from H. Wanley to Dr. Paynter, Vice Chancellor of Oxford 1700. Harl. MSS. 3781, art. 13.

Letter from W. Paynter to Sir Hans Sloane. Oxon. 5 Oct. 1700. Br. Museum Addit. MSS. 4055, art. 1255.


Tables of the Cornish Equitable [Building] and Investment Company. Compiled by W. G. Peace, Manager of the "Cornwall Building and Provident Institution ".... Hayle, printed at the "Teetotal Christian Record" Office, by James Williams 1846, 8°. pp. 23.

PEACH, CHARLES WILLIAM, A.L.S. (son of C. IV. Peach who d. Wansford, Northamptonshire 1 Sept. 1849). b. Wansford 30 Sep. 1800. Resident at Gorran Haven Oct. 1834 to 6 Mch. 1845, and at Fowey 6 Mch. 1845 to 11 Dec. 1849. Now resident at 30 Haddington Place, Edinburgh. cf. Rep. R.C.P. Soc. 1851 pp. xvi and xxii.

An account of the fossil organic remains of the south-east coast of Cornwall and of Bodmin and Menheniot. Brit. Assoc. Sect. 1841 p. 61.

On the nidus and growth of the Purpura lapillus and also on the Patella pellucida and P. lævis. ib. 1842, p. 66.

On the fossils of Polperro in Cornwall. ib. 1843, pp. 56-57.

On the habits of the marine Testacea. Brit. Assoc. Rep. 1843, pp. 129-30.

On marine zoology. Brit. Assoc. Sect. 1844, pp. 64-65.

On the marine fauna of Cornwall. ib. 1845, pp. 65-66.

Notice of additions to the Cornish fauna. ib. 1847, pp. 78-79.

On the luminosity of the sea on the Cornish coasts. ib. 1849, p. 80.

On the natural history of Gorran in Cornwall. ib. 1844, p. 65.

On the marine zoology of Cornwall. ib. 1846,

p. 86.

On the fossil geology of Cornwall. ib. 1849, pp. 63-64.

Report [of a Committee, C. W. Peach and others] on the registration of the periodic phenomena of plants and animals. Brit. Assoc. Rep. 1849, p. 78.

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PEACH, C. W. (Con.).

On the developement of doris. ib. xv, 445– 46.

Note on the occurrence of the harvest mouse in Cornwall. ib. xx, 77-78 (1857).

Synopsis of the land and fresh water shells, star fishes, sea urchins, corallines, alcyonites, sponges and marine algae of the parish of Gorran, Cornwall. Rep. R.C.P. Soc. 1843, pp. 44-46.

On the nidi and young of the Purpura lapillus and Buccinum reticulatum. ib. 1844, pp. 6164; [Ann. Nat. Hist. xiii, 203-4, 1844; xv, 446-47, 1845].

On the organic fossils of Cornwall. ib. 1844, pp. 65-69.

To preserve botrylli and other soft objects, when wet, in Canada balsam. ib. 1847, pp. 26-27.

The method used in Scotland of fishing with artificial flies for pollacks, etc. ib. 1851, pp. 25-28.

An account of the fossil organic remains found on the south-east coast of Cornwall and in other parts of that county. Trans. R.G.S.C. vi, 1223 (1846).

On the geology of part of the parish of Gorran in Cornwall (1842). ib. vi, 51-58.

On the fossil fishes of Cornwall. ib. vi, 79–83. On the fossil geology of Cornwall. map. ib. vi, 181-85, 236–37.

On the fossils of Cornwall. ib. vi, 296–300. Notice of the discovery of serpentine and of its associated rocks in the parish of St. Veep near Fowey. ib. vi, 351-52.

On the fossil geology of Lantivet and Lantick Bays near Fowey (1847). ib. vii, 17–27 (1847– 60).

On the fossiliferous strata of part of the south-east coast of Cornwall. (1848). 2 plates. ib. vii, 57-62.

Additions to Cornish geology. (1849). plate. ib. vii, 100-105.

On the fossils of the Blackhead slate quarry near St. Austell and on the fossil fishes of Cornwall. (1850). ib. vii, 121-24.

Notes on Cornish fossil geology. (1850). ib. vii, 125-26.

Notice of the Geology of St. Pinnock. (1851) ib. vii, 175.

A notice of the discovery of land plants and shells in the lower old red sandstone of Caithness, N.B. (1854). ib. vii, 230-32.

A notice of the discovery of fossils in the limestone at Durness, Sutherlandshire, N.B (1855). ib. vii, 285-88.

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