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PEDLER, E. H. (Con.).

The Ancient Cornish Drama. By Edwin Norris (1859), q.v.

NOTE. In the Suppl. are Notes by E. H. Pedler on the names of the places mentioned in the Drama.

Remarks on Trevethy Stone, Cornwall. Trans. P.N.H. and A.S. i, 435-40 (1851).

Letter on the proposed visit of the Cambrian Archæological Association to Cornwall. Rep. R.I.C. 1861, pt. ii, p. 27.

The ancient inscribed monuments of the British Era found in Cornwall. ib. 1862, pp. 13-15.

PEEL, THOMAS (eld. son of Will. Peel of Church Bank and Peel Fold, Lancaster, b. 1745). b. 24 Oct. 1768. d. Trenant Park, Duloe 8 May 1843.

Letter from Thomas Peel, Alverton 10 Jan. 1826 to Henry Boase, Penzance. Br. Museum Addit. MSS. 29, 281, fol. 231.

PEERS, CAPT. JOHN CONSETT, R. N. Entered the Royal Navy in 1770. b. 1752. d. Lostwithiel 11 Nov. 1798. Monu. Egloshayle Church. cf. Gent. Mag. lxix, 441-42 (1799).

PEIRCE, REV. JAMES. Minister at Exeter 1713-26. b. Wapping, London 1673. d. Exeter 30 Mch. 1726. bur. St. Leonard's, Exeter 1 Apl.

An useful Ministry, a valid one. Being a sermon preach'd at Exon, May the 5th 1714, at a meeting of the United Ministers of Devon and Cornwall. By J. Peirce. Lond. printed for John Clark at the Bible and Crown in Cheapside near the Poultry 1714, 8°. pp. 42, 6d.-4th ed. 1716, 8°. 6d.

PELLEW, ADMIRAL EDWARD, G.C.B. (2nd son of Samuel Pellew of Flushing near Falmouth. who d. 1765). cr. Baron Exmouth of Canonteign, Devon 1 June 1814 and Viscount Exmouth 21 Sept. 1816. cr. D.C.L. Oxford 18 Oct. 1816. b. Dover 19 Apl. 1757. d. Teignmouth 23 Jan. 1833. bur. Christowe 6 Feb. cf. Gent. Mag. ciii, pt. i, 265-68, 652 (1833); Chambers' Edinb. Journ. iv, 346-50 (1845); Rev. R. Polwhele's Biog. Sketches (1831), i, 5 with portrait; Maurice Evans' The Egis of England (1817), pp. 75, 556, 558, 572; T. C. Hansard's Parl. Debates xxvi, 607, 622, 635 (1814); xxxv, 174, 177, 215, 218 (1817); Naval Chronicle xix, 38-42 (1808); Č. C. F. Greville's Journal of the reigns of Geo. IV and Will. IV (1874) i, 29; Llewellynn Jewitt's Hist. of Plymouth (1873), pp. 375-79.

The life of Admiral Viscount Exmouth. By Edward Osler (1835), q.v.


The life of Lord Exmouth [Instructive Biography]. Lond. Jas. Burns 1842, 12o. pp. 40.

NOTE. This is compiled from the previous work. Lord Exmouth's Run from the foe. One and All, A Cornish Journal, May 1868.

PELLEW, HON. AND REV. EDWARD (4th son of Edward 1st Viscount Exmouth). Of Oriel Coll. B.A. 9 May 1823; M.A. 17 June 1824; P.C. of St. Nicholas, Great Yarmouth 183143; V. of St. James, Bury St. Edmunds 1845, resigned 1865. b. Trefusis near Flushing 3 Nov. 1799. d. Crow-hill, Mansfield 29 Aug. 1869. cf. The Guardian 8 Sept. 1869, p. 1003; The Register and Mag. of Biography ii, 208 (1869).

Address to the parishioners of Great Yarmouth by the Hon. and Rev. E. Pellew M.A. Yarmouth printed by Charles Sloman, KingStreet 1842, 8°. pp. 8.

Preach the Word. A sermon preached on Bury Saint Edmund's at the visitation of the Tuesday May 4, 1847 in St. Mary's Church, Ven. George Glover, M.A., Archdeacon of Sudbury. By the Hon. and Rev. E. Pellew, Incumbent of St. James's, Bury. Published at the request of the Archdeacon and Clergy. Bury Saint Edmunds, G. Thompson, Abbeygate Street; Lond. Rivington 1847, 8°. pp. 14.

Practical sermons by dignitaries and other clergymen of the united church of England and Ireland [Ed. by A. Watson and J. Č. Crosthwaite] 1845-48, 3 vols. 8°.

NOTE.-Contains (ii, 313-25) Sermon by Hon. and Rev. E. Pellew on "Progress in religion."

The Rev. George Israel Pellew, 2nd son of the above, b. 10 Jan. 1831, published "A sermon in defence of the Athanasian Creed, Lond. 1869, 8°."

PELLEW, HON. AND VERY REV. GEORGE, D.D. (3rd son of Edward, 1st Viscount Exmouth). Of C.C. Coll. B.A. 21 Feb. 1815; M.A. 22 Apl. 1818; B.D. 27 Nov. 1828; D.D. 28 Nov. 1828; V. of Nazing, Essex; V. of Sutton Galtries, Yorkshire; R. of St. George the Martyr, Canterbury; R. of St. Dionis Backchurch 1829 to 1852; R. of Great Chart, Kent 1852 to 1866; Canon of Canterbury 14 Nov. 1822 to 1828; Dean of Norwich 27 Nov. 1828 to 1866; Prebendary of Osbaldwick, York 15 Feb. 1824, Resigned Sep. 1828; Prebendary of Wistow, York 18 Sep. 1828. b. Flushing 6 Apl. 1793. d. Great Chart 13 Oct. 1866. cf. Athenæum, Oct. 1866, p. 499; Gent. Mag. ii, 705 (1866).

A sermon preached in the cathedral and metropolitical church of Christ's, Canterbury


on Sunday June xii, MDCCCXXV on the occasion of the death of the very revd. Gerrard Andrewes D.D. late Dean of Canterbury and Rector of St. James, Westminster. By the hon. G. Pellew, M.A., Prebendary of Canterbury... Lond. printed for C. and J. Rivington 1825, 8°. pp. 24.

Dean Pellew and Archdeacon Glover. A Letter from Archdeacon Glover to the Dean of Norwich on the Church Establishment. Lond. Wesley and Davis, Stationers' Hall-court 1835, 8°. pp. 8.

NOTE.-Signed "George Glover, May 16, 1835."

A sermon preached at the cathedral on Sunday September 27th, 1835 before the Mayor and Corporation of Norwich, it being the last customary attendance during the present season. By the hon. and very rev. G. Pellew, D.D., Dean of Norwich. Norwich, printed by John Stacy, Gentleman's Walk, Old Haymarket 1835, 40. Title 1 leaf, then pp. 1-20.

A sermon preached in the cathedral church of St. Paul on Thursday, May vii, MDCCCXXXV at the Festival of the Sons of the Clergy. By the hon. and very rev. G. Pellew....Lond. J. G. and F. Rivington 1835, 4o. pp. 48.

A sermon preached in the parish church of St. Dionis, Fenchurch Street on Sunday February 5, 1837 in behalf of the Metropolis Churches' Fund. By the hon. G. Pellew, D.D. Dean of Norwich and Rector of St. Dionis. Norwich printed by John Stacy at the Bible and Crown, Gentlemen's Walk, Old Haymarket 1837, 12o. pp. 24.

Life and correspondence of the right honble. Henry Addington first Viscount Sidmouth. By the honble. G. Pellew D.D. Lond. John Murray 1847, 3 vols. 8°., 42/-.

Sermons on many of the leading doctrines and duties taught by the Church of England. Preached in cathedral churches. By the hon. G. Pellew... Lond. J. Murray 1848, 2 vols. 8°. 21/-.

The reformation a blessing, extracted from the second volume of Sermons on many of the leading doctrines and duties taught by the Church of England, preached in cathedral churches. By the hon. G. Pellew... Lond. J. Murray 1848, 8°. pp. 31.

The faithful steward. A sermon preached in the cathedral church of Norwich on Sunday September 23rd 1849, being the Sunday next succeeding the funeral of the right rev. Edward Stanley D.D. late Lord Bishop of Norwich. By the honourable G. Pellew D.D. Dean of Norwich... Norwich, printed by Stevenson & Matchet, Market Place n.d. [1849] 8°. pp. 20, 4d. The seven ages of a Christian's life. A new


year's offering to his parishioners by the hon. G. Pellew D.D. Dean of Norwich and Rector of Great Chart. Lond. Rivingtons; Charles Muskett, Norwich [printed] 1855, 8°. Title and address 2 leaves, then pp. 1-84, 2/-.

Convocation its position and prospects considered in a sermon preached in Ashford Church, Kent at the visitation of his grace the Archbishop of Canterbury on Thursday Oct. 1, 1857. By the hon. G. Pellew...Lond. Rivingtons 1857, 8o. pp. 28.

Substance of a speech delivered in the Lower House of Convocation March 14, 1861 on introducing a motion recommending certain modifications of the liturgy, to which are added A few remarks in answer to the objections made on that occasion. By the hon. G. Pellew... Lond. Hatchard & Co. 1861, 8°. pp. 28.

Original Family Sermons. Lond. J. W. Parker 1833-35, 5 vols. 12o., 32,6.

NOTE.-Contains "Sermon xxiii. The conduct of the disciples after the Resurrection. By the Hon. G. Pellew" ii, 327-40 (1833).

Practical Sermons by dignitaries and other clergymen of the united church of England and Ireland. [Ed. by A. Watson and J. Č. Crosthwaite.] 1845-48, 3 vols. 8°. each 7/-.

NOTE.-Contains (ii, 149-60) sermon by Hon. and Rev. G. Pellew on " Pure and undefiled religion." PELLEW, CAPT. HUMPHREY (son of Capt. Pellew, R.N.). bur. Mylor 9 Feb. 1721. cf. Lorenzo Sabine's Biog. Sketches of Loyalists of American Revolution (1864) ii, 157–58.

NOTE. Capt. Pellew was owner of a tobacco plantation of about 2000 acres in Kent island, Maryland, which was lost to his family on the breaking out of the War of Independence. On a portion of this plantation the town of Annapolis has since been built. Capt. Pellew built a large portion of the town of Flushing in Cornwall.

PELLEW, ADMIRAL SIR ISRAEL, K.C.B. (3rd son of Samuel Pellew, and younger brother of Edward 1st Viscount Exmouth). Commander of the Conqueror at the battle of Trafalgar. b. Flushing 1761 but no entry in Register. d. Plymouth 19 July 1832. bur. Charles Church, where is monument. cf. Gent. Mag. lxvi, 872, 960 (1796); cii, pt. ii, 179 (1832); Annual Biog. for 1833, pp. 300–306; W. O. S. Gilly's Shipwrecks of British Navy (1850) pp. 2-5; Admiral Charles Ekins' Naval Battles (1824) p. 43; E. P. Brenton's Naval Hist. of Gt. Britain (1837) i, 323-24; Nelson Despatches vi, 412, vii, 94, 142, 187, 345; Lorenzo Sabine's Biog. Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution (1864) ii, 157; Ship


wrecks and Disasters at sea. (Edinburgh 1812, 3 vols. 8°.) iii, 349-54; Cyrus Redding's History of Shipwrecks (1835) 2 S. i, 216-22; Llewellynn Jewitt's Hist. of Plymouth (1873) pp. 373-75, 541.

PELLEW, SAMUEL HUMPHRY (eld. son of Sam. Pellew and eld. bro. of Edward, 1st Viscount Exmouth). Surgeon of Marines and Assistant Surgeon to H.M. Dockyard, Plymouth; Surgeon at Truro; Collector of H.M. Customs, Falmouth for nearly 50 years. b. 1754. d. Torquay 18 Feb. 1843. cf. Gent. Mag. xix, 536 (1843); E. Osler's Life of Viscount Exmouth (1854) pp. 4-5.

PELLOW, THOMAS (nephew of John Pellow). b. Penryn 1704; Educated at the Latin School at Penryn.

The History of the long captivity and adventures of Thomas Pellow in South-Barbary, giving an account of his being taken by two Sallee Rovers and carry'd a slave to Mequinez at eleven years of age, his various adventures in that country for the space of twenty-three years; escape and return home. In which is introduced A particular account of the manners and customs of the Moors... Written by himself. Printed for R. Goadby and sold by W. Owen, Bookseller at Temple Bar, London, n.d. [17391] sm. 8°., pp. 388, 5/-.-2nd ed. Printed for R. Goadby...n.d. [1740?) sm. 8°., pp. 388.-Another ed. Lond. Baldwin 1775, 12., 3/-.

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NOTE.-T. Pellow sailed from Fowey to Genoa with a cargo of pilchards in the Francis," Capt. John Pellow, the owner being Velentine Enes of Penryn. It was on the return voyage whilst off Cape Finisterre that he was taken prisoner by the Sallee Rovers.

PEMBROKE, (WILLIAM HERBERT) 3rd Earl of, K.G. d. 10 Apl. 1630.

Litteræ patentes Caroli principis, Ducis Cornubiæ, concedentes Comiti Pembroke, officium Senescalli ducatus Cornubiæ ac burgi et manerii de Bradninche Com. Devon. Dated 18 Jan. 1615. Br. Museum Addit. Charters, 6274.

PENALUNA, WILLIAM. b. Stithians 1780. d. Helston 18 Nov. 1864. bur. Helston. cf. Nichols' Illusts. of Literature vi, 46.

A collection of masonic songs compiled for the use of the brethren of the Lodge of Love and Honour, No. 87, Falmouth, Cornwall. Falmouth, printed by Heard and Penaluna 1809, 8°.

The Circle or historical survey of sixty parishes and towns in Cornwall. [Anon. By W. Penaluna]. Helston, printed and published by William Pena


luna 1819, 4°. Title, preface and index pp. 1-6, Contents pp. i-iv, The Circle pp. 7–264, with 6 folding views, 15/-.

The history of Cornwall... Compiled by F. Hitchins and edited by S. Drew. Helston, printed and published by W. Penaluna 1824, 2 vols. 4o.

NOTE. The Dedication to "The King's most excellent Majesty" is signed "William Penaluna, Helston April 1824.

A collection of masonic songs, glees and duets with a selection of toasts and sentiments. Helston, printed and published by W. Penaluna 1824, 12., 2/6.

Excursions from Helston to Lizard, Kynans, Porthleven, Wheal Vor etc. [Anon. By W. Penaluna]. Helston, printed and sold by W. Penaluna 1834, 12°. pp. 44.

NOTE.-Contains a folding coloured plate of Helston reproduced from "The Circle" from which work a portion of the text is also taken.

An historical survey of the county of Corn wall etc. Compiled by the Printer. [6 plates]. Helston, printed and published by W. Penaluna and sold by Messrs. Whittaker and Co., London 1838, 2 vols. 12°.-2nd. ed. 1843, 2 vols. 12o.

NOTE. The half-title reads "An historical survey of Cornwall to which is added the borough boundaries, an account of the Scilly Islands, mines and fisheries and a Cornish-English Vocabulary. This work peculiarly distinguishes the county and Scilly Islands in surface, scenery, architecture and general character." This Survey is chiefly taken from "The Circle" 1819. PENBERTHY, ISAAC (son of Isaac Penberthy). Captain of Providence Mines. b. Trevorrow farm house, Lelant 1796? d. Halsetown 18 Feb. 1849. bur. Lelant.

Notice of the discovery of a quantity of pitchblende at the Providence Mines near St. Ives. Trans. R.G.S.C. vi, 106-107 (1846).

PENDAR, MARY (dau. of James Tresilian of Tresidar, Buryan and second wife of Will. Pendar of Trevider). d. Trevider, St. Buryan 10 Oct. 1793. bur. Buryan 20 Oct. cf. Gent. Mag. lxiii, pt. ii, 1051 (1793).

PENDARVES, ALEXANDER (son of John Pendarves, bur. St. Gluvias 1 July 1712 and Bridget dau. of Sir Alex. Carew). Surveyor of the Crown and Duchy Lands in Cornwall; M.P. Penryn 1689-1705, 1710-13; M.P. Helston 171314; M.P. Launceston 1721-26. b. Roscrow, St. Gluvias. bapt. St. Gluvias 11 Nov. 1662. mar. Mary dau. of Bernard Granville 17 Feb. 1718. d. Beaufort Buildings, Strand, London 8 Mch. 178. bur. Savoy Church 12 Mch. cf.


The Autobiography of Mrs. Delany (1861) i, 22-116; Historical Register iii, 8 (1718) x, 12 (1725); N. Luttrell's Brief Hist. Relation of State Affairs (1857) v, 313, 318, 336, 569; Nichols Lit. Anecdotes iv, 715; Gent. Mag. xiii, 332 (1743), lviii, 463 (1788).

NOTE.-See also Delany, Mary, ante, vol. 1, p. 114.

PENDARVES, EDWARD WILLIAM WYNNE, F.R.S. (2nd son of John Stackhouse). Assumed the additional name of Wynne by Sign Manual 4 Jan. 1815, and that of Pendarves in lieu of Stackhouse by Royal Decree 28 Feb. 1815; Elected, from Trinity Coll. as Fellow of All Souls Coll. as Founder's kin in 1796; Sub Warden of All Souls 1803-1804; B.A. 1 June 1797, M.A. 15 Apl. 1801; M.P. for Cornwall 20 June 1826-32; M.P. for West Cornwall Dec. 1832 to 1853; F.R.S. 24 May 1827. b. 6 Apl. 1775. privately bapt. Camborne 7 Apl. 1775 and received into the church 7 July. d. Pendarves 26 June 1853. bur. St. John's Chapel, Treslothan. monu. Camborne Church. cf. Gent. Mag. xl, 417 (1853); Rev. R. Polwhele's Biog. Sketches (1831) i, 17, ii, 131; Charles C. F. Greville's Journal of reigns of Geo. IV and Will. IV (1874) iii,


Correspondence between Lord Ebrington, Mr. Pendarves and Mr. T. Woollcombe relating to the Election at Devonport. Devonport, Colman 1832, 8°.

Notice of the native copper of the Condorrow Mine, Cornwall. Trans. R.G.S.C. iii, 333-34 (1827).

PENDARVES, GRACE. See Percival, Grace.

PENDARVES, JOHN. bur. St. Gluvias 1 July 1712.

An act [6th Geo. I] for vesting the estate of John Pendarves, late of Roscrow in the County of Cornwall, Esq. deceased, in new trustees to and for the same uses as are mentioned in his will. n.p. or d. [Lond. 1719], fol. pp. 6.

NOTE. Cf. Letter from Lord Lansdowne to Mrs.


Alexander Pendarves 20 Feb. 1718 in " The Autobiography of Mrs. Delany" (1861) i, 49.

PENDARVES, JOHN (7th son of Samuel Pendarves of Constantine, Sheriff of Cornwall in 1621, who d. 5 Sep. 1643. According to Wood son of Jo. Pendarves of Crowan). Admitted Servitor of Ex. Coll. 11 Dec. 1637; B.A. 3 Mch. 1641; Took his name off the Coll. Books 14 July 1642; Lecturer of Wantage; Anabaptist Minister of Abingdon. b. Skewes in


Crowan 1622 (but no existing register of this date). d. London Sep. 1656. bur. Abingdon in the Anabaptist burial place 30 Sep. cf. Bliss' Wood iii, 419-21 and Fasti. Pt. ii, pp. 3, 107; Benjamin Brook's Puritans (1813) iii, 256–57.

NOTE. In the Caution Book of Ex. Coll. under date of 11 Dec. 1637 there is the following entry 'Magistro Snow pro Johanne Pendarvis paupere scholari £2."

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NOTE. This sermon with 4 others each having distinct titles and pagination form a volume, bearing the general title of "Certaine Sermons... By Jas. Mayne D.D. Lond. 1653," 4°.

Arrowes against Babylon or certaine quæries serving to a cleere discovery of the mystery of iniquity, whereunto are added Endeavours for reformation in Saints apparrell, with some queries for the people called Quakers. By John Pendarves a well-wisher to Sion... Lond. printed by M.S. for Livewell Chapman at the Crowne in Popes-head-Alley 1656, 4°.

NOTE. Title 1 leaf, The epistle dedicatory To the precious sonnes of Sion signed J. P. 2 leaves. A word of exhortation to the people of God in Babylon, signed J. P. 1 leaf. Arrowes against Babylon pp. 1-12. Endeavovrs for reformation, etc. See next article.

Endeavovrs for reformation in [Saints] Apparrel or some reasons rendered for saints forbearing to put upon their Garments such trimmings and ornaments as are altogether superfluous and apparently uselesse.... Lond. printed for Livewell Chapman in Popes-head Alley 1656, 4o.

NOTE. Title 1 leaf. To the reader, signed J. Pendarves 2 leaves. Endeavours for reformation pp. 19-39. Queries for the people called Quakers pp. 41-45. This work forms a portion of the preceding but has a distinct title etc., the pagination runs on.

ΥΠΕΡΑΣΠΙΣΤΗΣ or A Buckler for the Church of England, against certaine queries propounded by Mr. Pendarvis (late Lecturer of Wanting) called Arrowes against Babylon...By William Ley, Minister of the Gospell at Wanting in Berkshire...Oxford, printed by Leon Lichfield printer to the University for Tho. Robinson 1656, 4o. Title 1 leaf, Dedication 1 page, To the author of the Queries 1 page, then pp. 1


An Answer to some qveries put out by one


John Pendarves in a book called Arrowes against Babylon etc. for the people called Quakers to answer. [Signed James Nayler (sic.)] Lond. printed for Giles Calvert at the Black-SpreadEagle neer the West end of Pauls [25 Jan.] 1656, 4°. Title 1 leaf, then pp. 1-12.

The skirts of the whore discovered and the mingled people in the midst of her, in a letter sent by Denys Hollister to the Independent Baptiz'd People who call themselves a Church of Christ in Bristol, but are found to be a Synagogue of Satan... Together with another Letter written by him to Thomas Ewens. And likewise An Answer to 16 Antiqueries directed to the people called Quakers, which Answer was sent to Thomas Ewens, from whom the Antiqueries were received, though John Pendarviss a long time after published the Antiqueries by the name of Queries, without the Answer to them or taking the least notice of it, in a Book entituled Arrows against Babylon... Lond. printed for Giles Calvert and are to be sold at his shop at the sign of the Black-Spread-Eagle at the West-end of Pauls [3 Dec.] 1656, 4°. Title and To the reader 2 leaves, then pp. 1-34.

NOTE. "The Antiquæries answered" occupies pp. 26-32.

Church Rules proposed to the Church in Abingdon and approved by them. To the rules are added the testimonies of severall eminent and worthy men. An essay toward the removing of some stumbling blocks laid by Anabaptist spirits in the way of the weake. And in the close of all a few antiquaeries to Mr. Pendarve's (sic) his quaeries against our churches and ministry, in his pamphlet called Arrowes against Babylon. Published for the use of Abingdon and for the preventing of false reports whatever the issue of all may be. By John Tickell, M.A. Oxford, printed by L. Lichfield printer to the University, Anno. Dom. 1656, 4o. pp. 18.

NOTE. The portion referring to "Mr. Pendarvys" is on pp. 17-18.

Sighs for Sion, or faith and love, constraining some grievings in her sorrow and groanings for her deliverance. By a few of her weak and unworthy children. Lond. printed for Livewel Chapman at the Crown in Pope's head alley 1656, 4°. pp. 1-22

NOTE, This essay is addressed "To the several congregations respectively to which we stand especially related, viz. in Plymouth, Abingdon, Totness, BovheyTracy and Dartmouth," and is signed Abraham Cheare, Henry Forty, John Pendarves, Tho. Glasse, Robert Steede.


Sighs for Sion, etc. Another ed. Lond. printed for Livewell Chapman...1657, 4°. pp. 1-20.

The prophets Malachy and Isaiah prophecying to the saints and professors of this generation of the great things the Lord will doe in this their day and time; by A Well Wisher to the kingdom of the Lord Jesus; to which is prefixed two very useful Epistles by Christopher Peake and John Pendarves, Ministers of the Gospel. Lond. printed for Livewell Chapman at the Crown in Popes Head Alley 1656, 4°.

NOTE.-C. Peake's Epistle pp. 1-17, J. Pendarves' Epistle pp. 18-29, then pp. 1-99.

The Fear of God; VVhat it is, and exhorted to as one of the great lessons God calls upon men to learn by his great dispensations in the last days. In a sermon preached unto the Church of Christ meeting in Petty France, London, the tenth day of the sixth month, anno 1656. By that faithful servant of Christ John Pendarves a little before his death. Lond. printed by R. I. for Livewell Chapman, and are to be sold at the Crown in Pope's-head Alley 1657, 4o.

NOTE. Title 1 leaf, Dedication "To the Church of God... meeting at Abingdon," signed "John Cox," 2 leaves, Sermon pp. 1-32,

Munster and Abingdon; or the open rebellion. there and unhappy tumult here (bred in the same wombe) that from Sleidans Comm. L. 10; this from Eye and Eare witnesses. With marginall notes of Mvncer and Mahomet. Faithfully communicated to English readers, in a booke and postscript, for a seasonable caution to the Brittish nation and a serious check to rash and giddy spirits. By W. H[ughes.] Oxon. printed by Henry Hall, printer to the University for Robert Blagrave 1657, 8°.

NOTE. Title 1 leaf, The translator's preface 6 leaves, The History of John a-Leyden pp. 1-61, The Postscript of the late tumult at Abingdon, signed W. Hughes, Hinton, Berks Dec. 26, 1656, pp. 63-110. The tumult at Abingdon was upon the sepulture of J. Pendarves, his body having been brought there from London in a large chest by water. The concourse of people being very large Major General Bridges with 8 troops of horse was sent to disperse the meeting when resistance being offered several arrests were made.

PENDARVES, SIR WILLIAM, Knight (only son of Rev. Thos. Pendarves R. of St. Columb Major and St. Mawgan, d. 16 Mch. 1703) M.P. St. Ives 1713-14. b. 1689. d. Pendarves 13 Mch. 1726. bur. Camborne Church. cf. Autobiography of Mrs. Delany (1861) i, 63-66.

William Bickford and Damaris his wife, appellants, Sir W. Pendarves Knt. and Dame Penelope his wife... respondents 1724. See Bickford William ante i, 22.

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