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PENHALLOW, SAMUEL (son of Hamond Penhalow and Anne his wife). Educated by Rev. Chas. Morton (q.v. ante i, 371-72) at Newington-Green 1683-86; Embarked for New England, and arrived there July 1686; Justice of the Superior Court of Judicature, Portsmouth 1714-17 and Chief Justice 1717-26. b. St. Mabyn 2 July 1665. bapt. 11 July. d. Portsmouth, New Hampshire 2 Dec. 1726. cf. Will. Allen's American Biog. Dict. (1857) p. 649; Thos. Bridgman's Memorials of the Dead in Boston (1853) p. 231; John Farmer's Genealogical Register of First Settlers of New England (1829) p. 223; F. S. Drake's Dict. of American Biog. (1872) p. 704; New England Historical and Geneal. Register iv, 335 (1850) vii, 126 (1853) xvii, 315 (1863) xxiii, 264, 439 (1869) xxiv, 15-16 (1870) xxv, 40, 117, 389 (1871); Nathaniel Adams' Annals of Portsmouth [New Hampshire] 1825, pp. 111, 115, 119, 136–37, 140, 149-50; Charles W. Brewster's Rambles about Portsmouth (1859) pp. 40, 41, 78, 146, 161, 163, 214, 284, 295, 315-16, 325, 326, 338-40, 352, 355; Collections of Massachusetts Hist. Soc. 2 S. i, 161–62 (1814).

The History of the Wars of New England with the Eastern-Indians; or, a narrative of their continued perfidy and cruelty, from the 10th August 1703, to the peace renewed 13 July 1713, and from the 25 July 1722, to their submission 15 December 1725, which was ratified August 5, 1726. By Samuel Penhallow Esq...Boston, printed by T. Fleet for S. Gerrish at the lower end of Cornhill and D. Henchman over against the Brick Meeting-House in Cornhill 1726, 8°. Grenville Lib. Br. Museum.

NOTE. Title 1 leaf, The preface pp. i-iv, The Introduction 1 leaf, The History pp. 1-134, Advertisement 1 page. The first edition of this work is now exceedingly scarce. A copy has recently (1874) been sold for £30.

Collections of the New Hampshire Historical Society for the year 1824, Vol. 1. Concord published by Jacob B. Moore 1824, 8°.

NOTE. This work contains,

Memoir of Hon. S. Penhallow one of the Counsellors of the Province of New Hampshire and author of a Narrative of Indian Wars etc. By Nathaniel Adams, pp. 9-13.

Penhallow's Indian Wars, pp. 13-135.

The history of the wars of New England... By S. Penhallow Esq. Cincinnati, reprinted from the Boston edition of 1726, with a memoir and notes, for W. Dodge by J. Harpel, corner Third and Vine Sts. 1859, 4°. pp. 129.

NOTE. A privately printed edition of 150 copies. PENHALURICKE, WILLIAM, of Helston. Warrant or passport for Mr. Will. Penhalwricke


to pass from the main to the Isles of Silly and Jersey. Signed "Rob. Bennett, Mount Garrison 26 Dec. 1648." Br. Museum Addit. MSS. 5501, fol. 43.

PENHELEY, JOHN. Bayliff to Sir J. Arundell.

A Book declaring the royalties which Sir John Arundell of Lanherne, Knight and his ancestors have had within the hundred of Penwith, as here in this book may appear. Written by John Penheley, Gentleman. Anno 1580 MSS.

NOTE. We are not aware who is the present owne of this MS.

PENKEVELL, RICHARD, of Rosserowe in St. Minver.

De concessione licentiae Richardo Penkevell. Licence to Richard Penkevell of Rossørowe in County of Cornwall to discover the passage to China, Cathay, the Moluccas and other regions of the East Indies, by the north, north east or north west, for seven years, and to form a company to be called The Collegues of The Fellowship for the discoverie of the North Passage. Westminster 19 January 1607. Pat. 4 Jac i, p. 9 m. 24; Thos. Rymer's Fadera (1715) xvi, 660-63; Callendar of State Papers, Colonial Series 1513-1616 (1862) pp. xxxiii and 146; Sir T. Hardy's Syllabus of the Fodera (1873) ii, 835.

PENKIVELL, THOMAS, PETER, AND JOHN. Three brothers implicated in the first conspiracy against James I. cf. Rev. M. A. Tierney's Ed. of Dodd's Ch. Hist. iv (Appendix) pp. ix, xlii, xciii.

PENLEZ, BOSAVERN ("son of a Rev. Clergyman of the Church of England") Peruke Maker. Executed Tyburn 18 Oct. 1749, aged 23. bur. St. Clement Danes. Monu. in church. cf. H. Walpole's Memoirs of last 10 years of Geo. II, (1822) i, 11; Private Journ. and Lit. Remains of John Byrom (Chetham Soc.) ii, pt. ii, 49495; The Penny London Post 20, 23, 25, 27 Oct. 1749; Monthly Rev. ii, 61-65 (1749); Gent. Mag. xix 329, 426, 465, 474, 512-13, 522 (1749); N. and Q. 4 S. iv, 437 (1869).

The case of the unfortunate Bosavern Penlez. [Anon.] Lond. printed for T. Clement near St. Paul's 1749, 8°. pp. 55, 1/-.

A true state of the case of Bosavern Penlez who suffered on account of the late riot in the Strand. In which the law regarding these offences and the statute of George the First, commonly called the Riot Act are fully considered. By Henry Fielding, Esq. Barrister at Law and one of his Majesty's Justices of the

[blocks in formation]


Reply to queries relative to price of corn, etc. Young's Annals of Agriculture xxxiv, 282-83 (1800).

PENNANT, THOMAS, D.C.L. b. Downing, Flintshire 1726. d. Downing 16 Dec. 1798.

The literary life of the late Thomas Pennant Esq. written by himself... Lond. sold by B. and J. White, Fleet St. 1793, 4°.

NOTE.-Mr. Pennant mentions "A tour I made into Cornwall from Oxford in the year 1746 or 1747, gave me a strong passion for minerals and fossils in which I was greatly encouraged by that able and worthy man the late reverend doctor William Borlase of Ludgvan." pp. i, and 31.

PENNECK, HENRY, M.D. (son of Rev. Henry Penneck, V. of Paul. b. 1715. d. 23 Aug. 1784, and Juliana dau. of Thos. Clutterbuck). b. Paul. bapt. 5 Jan. 1762. d. Penzance 31 March 1834. bur. 5 Apl. Monu. in St. Mary's Penzance, where his father is erroneously called John. cf. J. P. Jones' Botanical Tour (1820) pp. 29-33.

An essay on the nature and treatment of the Indian pestilence commonly called Cholera. By H. Penneck, M.D. Lond. printed by Compton and Ritchie, Middle St., Cloth Fair and published by S. Highley 32 Fleet St. 1831, 8°. pp. 40.

NOTE.-The Dedication to Dr. Clutterbuck is dated Penzance Nov. 24, 1831.

A.D. 1802. Specification of H. Penneck and R. Dunkin for Methods for improving the sailing of ships. See Dunkin, Robert.

A.D. 1821 Feb 7, No. 4539. Specification of Henry Penneck of Penzance, Doctor of Physic, for

An improvement or improvements of machinery for the purpose of lessening the consumption of fuel in working steam engines." With drawing annexed. Lond. 1821, fol.Reprinted, Lond. Eyre and Spottiswoode 1854, fol. pp. 10, 14d.

Penneck's patent improvement in the condensation of Steam-engines. With drawing annexed.

[blocks in formation]

PENNECK, REV. HENRY, M.A. (son of H. Penneck, M.D. and Sarah dau. of Thos. Pidwell). Of St. Peter's Coll. Camb. B.A. 1827, M.A. 1830. b. Market-Jew St. Penzance 7 Aug. 1800. privately bapt. 10 Aug. d. Penzance 24 Apl. 1862. bur. St. Mary's Churchyard 30 Apl. cf. Gent. Mag. (By L. H. Courtney) xiii, 106-7 (1862).

Apostolical Succession, everything else and a few things beside. A Letter originally addressed to the Editor of the Penzance Gazette. By Mr. Bayle [pseud. i.e. Rev. H. Penneck]. Penzance, printed for Wyless, Wisemore and Co. by R. D. Rodda 1842, 8o. pp. 94, 1/-.

The Guide to J. S. Courtney 1845, 8°.

NOTE.-The Sketch of the botany of West Penwith in this work App. pp. 1-23 was the joint production of John Ralfs and the Rev. H. Penneck.

A Song composed for a party to Beefsteaks on tin. By Kappa [pseud. i.e. Rev. H. Penneck]. Cornish Mag. iii, 106 (1828).

Flora. Rep. R.I.C. 1838, pp. 42-43.
Notices of two plants new to the Cornish

pt. ii, p. 28.
Letter on Names of Cornish Estates ib. 1861,

St. Piran's Church and the destruction of Antiquities. [Reprinted from the Cornwall Gazette and the West Briton]. Signed "P." Gent. Mag. xxi, 483-88 (1844).

Memoir of Rev. C. V. Le Grice. ib. vi, 32224 (1859).

Sir Harry Trelawny. Signed "H.P., Penzance." N. and Q. 2 S. x, 13-15 (1860).

King John and the Monastry of St. Matthew in Brittany. ib. xi, 281-83, 301-303 (1861).

PENNECK, JOHN (son of John Penneck of Trescow, Breage). b. 1633. d. Tregembo 27 May 1710. bur. St. Hilary. monument there. Letter from J. Penneck to John Rogers. London 27 Feb. 1670. MS. penes J. J. Rogers Esq. Penrose.

PENNECK, REV. JOHN, M.A. (son of the preceding). Admitted at Exeter Coll. 13 Feb. 1688; Admitted Commoner of Lincoln Coll. Oxon. 15 Mch. 1692 (being 14 terms standing in Exeter Coll.); B.A. 23 Feb. 1683; M.A. 28 May 1695; V. of St. Hilary 24 Mch. 16991724; R. of St. Ewe 1700-1724; Chancellor of Exeter Cathedral 11 Dec. 1706 to 1724; Canon of Exeter 15 Nov. 1705 to 1724. b. Trescow 1671. d. St. Hilary 15 Apl. 1724. bur. 17 Apl. monu. St. Hilary. cf. Cat. of portraits exhibited at Exeter at Meeting of Roy. Archæological Instit. 1873, 2nd ed. p. 14.

PENNECK, REV. JOHN (son of Rev. John Penneck). Educated at Exeter School; Admitted at Trin. Coll. Camb. 16 May 1766; B.A. 1770; M.A. of Peter House 1775; V. of Gulval 1773-89. b. 1747. d. Gulval 11 Mch. 1789. bur. Gulval Church. Monu. in the Church. cf. Gent. Mag. lix, pt. i, 280 (1789). PENNECK, REV. RICHARD, F.R.S. (5th son of Chas. Penneck of Taskus and Lydia dau. of John Borlase). Educated at Helston School under Mr. White; Admitted Trin. Coll. Camb. 7 Mch. 1748; B.A. 1749; M.A. 1753; Chaplain to Lord Bristol's Embassy at Madrid 1760; Lecturer of St. Catherine Cree; R. of Abinger 26 July 1764 to 1803; V. of St. John's, Horsleydown 9 Oct. 1765 to 1803; Keeper of the British Museum Reading Room 17601801. bapt. St. Gwinear 14 Apl. 1728. d. British Museum 29 Jan. 1803. cf. Rich. Cumberland's Memoirs (1807) i, 146; Letters of Lady Hervey (1821) p. 263; W. Hazlitt's Conversations of Jas. Northcote (1830) p. 143; Nichols' Lit. Anecdotes iii, 260, viii, 650; Man

ning and Bray's Hist. and Antiq. of Surrey (1809-14) ii, 144, iii, 613; Records of my Life. By John Taylor, Author of Monsieur Tonson

(1832) i, 145, 173-75, 228, 320, ii, 81, 87, 162, 225, 229, 306, 307, 379, 410-411; Gent. Mag. lxxiii, 94, 189-90, 376 (1803) lxxxi, pt. i, 239 (1811); N. and Q. 4 S. iii, 26, 27, 53, 54 (1869).

A Sermon preached on the general fast day March the 12th 1762 at the parish church of St. Catherine Cree. By R. Penneck, M.A. Lond. printed in the year 1762, 4°. Title 1 leaf, Dedication to Francis, Earl of Godolphin 1 leaf, sermon pp. 1-19.

History of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. By Rev. John Brand. Lond. 1789, 2 vols. 4o.

NOTE.-Mr. Penneck rendered assistance in this work. cf. Preface, p. viii.

Two Letters No. xv, xvi from C. Dibdin to Rev. Mr. Penneck 1801. See Dibdin, Charles ante i, 115.


Letter of Rev. R. Penneck to Earl of Buchan relative to the death of Queen Mary of Scotland, dated British Museum 18 June 1767. MS. on sale at T. Thorpe's 1836.

PENNINGTON, FITZ ANTHONY, of Lezant. drowned whilst crossing Antony ferry, with a bell intended for Landulph Church, 30 Apl. 1768, aged 38. bur. in the tower of Landulph Church, where is monument. cf. Rev. H. T. Ellacombe's Church Bells of Devon (1872) pp. 57-58, 168.

NOTE. The Penningtons of Lezant and Stokeclimsland cast 489 of the church bells now existing in Devonshire, besides a large number of those in Cornwall. For particulars of the family cf. Sir John Maclean's History of the Deanery of Trigg Minor (1873) i, 301303, 372.

PENROS, JOHN. Judge of King's bench in Ireland 1385, removed to the English bench 1391. b. Cornwall. cf. Edw. Foss' The Lives of the Judges of England (1848-64) iv, 66. PENROSE, REV. CHARLES THOMAS (son of Rev. John Penrose who d. 1859). Of Trinity Coll. Camb. B.A. 1839, M.A. 1842; Head Master of Grosvenor Coll. Bath 184- to 1845; Head Master of the Grammar School, Sherborne 1845-50; Curate of North Hykeham, Lincoln; P.C. of North Hykeham 1859-68. b. Bracebridge near Lincoln 15 July 1816. d. North Hykeham 5 May 1868, and bur. there. cf. John E. Morgan's University Oars (1873) pp. 148, 152.

Eight village sermons by C. T. Penrose. Published in aid of the funds for building a new church at North Hykeham. Lincoln printed and published by W. and B. Brooke, sold also by Simpkin, Marshall and Co. London n.d. [1857] 8°. pp. vi and 64, 2/6.

NOTE.-Advertisement signed "C.T.P., Bracebridge Heath Nov. 1857."

Select private orations of Demosthenes, after the text of Dindorf, with various readings of Reiske and Bekker. With English notes for the use of schools. By the Rev. Charles T. Penrose Head Master of the Grosvenor College, Bath. Cambridge printed at the University Press for J. and J. J. Deighton, Cambridge, and John W. Parker, London 1843, 12o. Title and preface pp. i-vi, Text and notes pp. 1-198, 4/

Select private orations of Demosthenes... By the Rev. Charles T. Penrose M.A., late Head Master of the King's School, Sherborne. 2nd ed. revised and corrected. Cambridge, John Deighton...1853, 12o. Half title, title, preface and contents pp. i-viii, Text and notes pp. 1196, 4/-.

PENROSE, LIEUT. CHARLES VINICOMBE (2nd son of Rev. John Penrose who d. 1829). Entered the Navy Nov. 1793; Second Lieutenant Mch. 1800. b. Cardynham 13 Nov. 1781. d. on board H.M.S. "Sans Pareil" at Martinique 13 May 1800. cf. Lives of Penrose and Trevenen (1850) pp. 19, 162–63.

PENROSE, VICE ADMIRAL SIR CHARLES VINICOMBE (2nd son of Rev. John Penrose, V. of Gluvias). Midshipman on board H.M. frigate "Levant" 1775; Lieut. Aug. 1779; Commander Apl. 1794; Post Captain 7 Oct. 1794; Commander of Sea Fencibles in the Padstow District 1803-1810; Commodore at Gibraltar 10 Nov. 1810; Colonel of Marines 12 Aug. 1812 to 4 Dec. 1813; Rear Admiral of the Blue 4 Dec. 1813; K.C.B. Jan. 1816; K.G.C. St. Michael and St. George. b. St. Gluvias 20 June 1759. d. Ethy, St. Winnow 1 Jan. 1830. bur. St. Winnow. cf. Rev. W. J. Conybeare's and Rev. J. S. Howson's Life and Epistles of St. Paul (1856), Notes ii, 369-436; Gent. Mag. lxxx, pt. ii, 471 (1810), lxxxi, pt. ii, 466-67 (1811), lxxxii, pt. i, 273, 373, pt. ii, 169, 185, (1812), lxxxiii, pt. ii, 697 (1813), lxxxiv, pt. i, 386, 490, 593, 600, (1814) lxxxv, pt. i, 626, pt. ii, 450 (1815), lxxxvi, pt. i, 81, 209, 556, pt. ii, 264, 355 (1816), lxxxvii, pt. ii, 178 (1817), c, pt. i, 367 (1830); Annual Biog. for 1831, pp. 1-18; Christian Observer xxx, 384-87 (1830); Nelson Despatches ii, 465; The Naval Chronicle xxxi, 347, 433 (1814); William James' Naval Hist. (1859) vol. v; E. P. Brenton's Naval Hist. (1837) ii, 404, 509-10, 579; John Marshall's Naval Biog. (1823-35); E. Osler's Life of Viscount Exmouth (1854) pp. 203, 204, 216; Cyrus Redding's Fifty Years' Recollections (1858) i, 206-207; Wellington Despatches vii, 297, 298, 299, 305, 307, 311, 315-17, 322, 330, 336, 367, 377, 378, 387.

A friendly address to the seamen of the British Navy. [Anon. By Admiral C. V. Penrose]. Bodmin, printed and sold by J. Liddell and Son, sold also by G. and W. B. Whittaker, London... 1820, 8°. pp. 16.

NOTE. The copy in the Br. Museum is a presentation copy from the author to Mr. J. W. Croker.

Observations on corporal punishment, impressment, and other matters relative to the present state of His Majesty's Royal Navy. By Sir C. V. Penrose, K.C.B., Vice Admiral of the Blue. Bodmin, printed and sold by J. Liddell and Son, sold also by G. and W. B. Whittaker, London 1824, 8°. pp. xi and 66.

NOTE.-cf. Christian Observer xxv, 360-73, 441-48 (1825). A note at the end of this pamphlet says "In


consequence of an unexpected delay in the arrival of paper from London, the publication of this publication has been retarded several weeks." Signed "Printer."

Lives of Vice-Admiral Sir C. V. Penrose, K.C.B. and Captain James Trevenen, Knight of the Russian Orders of St. George and St. Vladimir. By their nephew, The Rev. John Oxford. Lond. John Murray 1850, 8°. pp. x Penrose formerly of Corpus Christi College in and 301, 10/6.

NOTE. The Life of Sir C. V. Penrose (with portrait) occupies pp. 1-180. The Life of Capt. Trevenen is compiled from a MS. written by Admiral Penrose, who m. 2 Jan. 1787 Elizabeth eld. dau. of Rev. John Trevenen and sister of Capt. Trevenen.

General view of the Agriculture of the County of Cornwall...By G. B. Worgan, 1811 8o.

NOTE. The address to the Hon. the President and other Members of the Board of Agriculture is signed by Robert Walker, Jeremiah Trist and C. V. Penrose. An account of Admiral Penrose's system of farming is printed in pp. 75-83 and signed C. V. P[enrose].

The Naval Chronicle...Lond. printed and published by Joyce Gold, Shoe Lane. Vol. i, 17991800, 8°.

NOTE. During the years 1803-1810 whilst Capt. Penrose was resident at Ethy and in command of the Padstow district of Sea Fencibles he contributed many letters to the above publication under the signature of AFY and EFG.

Seymour. The Naval Chronicle vi, 462-65 (1801).

Particulars relating to the death of Lord Hugh

H. M. S. "Cleopatra," Capt. Penrose, in a storm in the Gulf Stream in 1794. With engraving. ib. xxxi, 136 (1814).

Naval Battles from 1744 to the peace in 1814 critically reviewed and illustrated. By Charles Ekins, Rear Admiral. Lond. 1824, 4°.

NOTE.-Contains (pp. 115-21) Notes [by Admiral Penrose] on an Engagement between the English and Dutch Squadron on the Dogger Bank, August 5th 1781."

PENROSE, ELIZABETH (2nd dau. of Rev. Edmond Cartwright D.D., R. of Goadby-Marwood, Leicestershire and the Inventor of the Power Loom, and wife in 1814 of Rev. John Penrose V. of Bracebridge). b. Goadby-Marwood, 3 Aug. 1780. d. Lincoln 24 Jan. 1837. bur. in Cloisters of Lincoln Minster. cf. Gent. Mag. vii, 332 (1837); Autobiography of Mrs. Fletcher of Edinburgh (printed for private circulation only 1874) p. 162.

A History of England from the first invasion by the Romans to the end of the reign of George


the third, with Conversations at the end of each chapter. For the use of young persons [Anon. by Mrs. Markham i.e. Elizabeth Penrose]. Lond. printed for Archibald Constable and Co. Edinburgh, and Hurst Robinson and Co. London 1823, 2 vols. 12o.

A History of England from the first invasion by the Romans to the end of the reign of George the third, with conversations at the end of each

chapter. For the use of young persons. [By Mrs. Markham i.e. E. Penrose]. New edition with 14 illustrative plates. Lond. John Murray, Albemarle St. 1826, 2 vols. 12o. 12/-.

A History of England etc. By Mrs. Markham. 10th ed. With a continuation to the end of the reign of William the fourth. Lond. J. Murray 1843, 2 vols. 8°.

A History of England from the first invasion by the Romans to the 14th year of the reign of Queen Victoria. With conversations at the end of each chapter. By Mrs. Markham. For the use of young persons. New and revised edition. Sixty eighth thousand. Illustrated with numerous woodcuts. Lond. J. Murray 1853, 12o. pp. viii and 581,6/--New and revised ed. with numerous woodcuts. Eighty eighth thousand. Lond. J. Murray 1856, 12°. pp. viii and 581, 6/--New ed. 1857, 12o.-New ed. 1862, 12°. 6/--New ed. 1865, 12°. 4/-.-Author's ed. carefully revised 1872, 12°. pp. x and 517, 3/6-Author's ed. carefully revised 1873, 8°. pp. x and 517.

Mrs. Markham's History of England from the first invasion of the Romans to the end of the reign of George the 3rd, with conversations at the end of each chapter for the use of young persons. New edition, edited and continued to the present time by Mary Howitt. Lond. T. J. Allman 1865, 12°. 4/-.-Lond. T. J. Allman 1871, post 8°. 2/6.-Lond. T. J. Allman 1873, 12o. pp. vi and 568, 4/-, Cheap edition 2/6.

NOTE. The information in various editions of the Histories of England and France has been brought down to the latest dates.

The following works referring to the History of England have also been published:

Promiscuous questions on Mrs. Markham's History of England. By E. C. Hadwen. Lond. 1856, 18°.

Questions on Mrs. Markham's History of England. By Miss Steele Perkins. Lond. 1858, 12o.

Questions on Markham's History of England. [Anon.] Bury St. Edmunds 1845, 12o.

Questions adapted to Mrs. Markham's History of England. [Anon.] Lond. Whittaker [18-] 18°. 1/-.

A History of France with conversations at the end of each chapter. By Mrs. Markham, Author of The History of England. [pseud. i.e. Elizabeth Penrose]. For the use of young persons. Lond. J. Murray 1828, 2 vols. 12o. 12/--Forty eighth thousand. Lond. J. Murray 1856, 12°. 6/-.


New ed. Lond. J. Murray 1857, 12°.-New ed. Lond. J. Murray 1862, 12o. 6/-.-New and revised ed. Illustrated with numerous woodcuts. Lond. J. Murray 1867, 12o. pp. viii and 541 4/-. -Author's ed. carefully revised 1874, 120. pp. xii and 541.

A history of France for the use of young persons, with conversations at the end of each chapter, by Mrs. Markham, with a continuation to the year 1871 by Francis Young. Lond. T. J. Allman 1871, 8o. 4.-Lond. T. J. Allman 1873, 12o. pp. iv and 569 4/-, Cheap edition, 2/6.

NOTE. The following works referring to the History of France have also been published :

Miscellaneous Questions on Mrs. Markham's History of France. By E. L. Bennett. 1854, 12°.

Questions on Mrs. Markham's History of France. Manchester 1853, 12o.

Questions on Mrs. Markham's History of France and Sententiæ Chronologica on the same. By Miss J. Cassell. Lond. 1854, 12o.

Four hundred and eighty one questions carefully selected from Markham's History of France. By E. M. Lindars. Lond. 1860, 8°.

Amusements of Westernheath or moral stories for children. [Anon. by Mrs. Penrose]. Lond. Harris; Derby, H. Mozley and Son 1824, 2 vols. 18o. 4/

New children's friend, consisting of tales and conversations. By Mrs. Markham, Author of The Histories of England and France. Lond. printed for Longman, Rees...1832, 2 vols. 12o. 10/6.

Historical conversations on Malta and Poland for young people. By Mrs. Markham. [With map of Poland]. Lond. J. Murray 1836, 8°. Title, contents and advertisement pp. 1-6, Historical Conversations pp. 1-389, 6/-.

Sermons for children. By Mrs. Markham, Author of The Histories of England and France. Lond. J. Murray 1837, fep. 8°. pp. viii and 150, 3--2nd ed. Lond. J. Murray 1846, fcp. 8°. 3/-.

A visit to the Zoological Gardens. By Mrs. Markham. The Christmas Box (Edited by T. Crofton Croker) 1829, pp. 150-74.

NOTE. The "History of Germany on the plan of Mrs. Markham's Histories" is by the Rev. R. B. Paul, q.v. Histories of Greece and Rome by Mrs. Markham were at one time announced as in preparation, but were never published.

PENROSE, FANNY. Companion and Friend of the family of J. S. Enys of Enys for many years. b. 1740. d. Penryn, 4 July 1835. cf. Rev. R. Polwhele's Reminiscences (1836) ii, 16970.

PENROSE, FRANCIS CRANMER, F.R. I. B. A. 1848, F.R.A.S. 1865. (son of Rev. John Pen

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