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300 engravings. Lond. Routledge, Warne and Routledge 1861, cr. 8°. pp. viii, 504 7/6.

NOTE. Contains a great deal of general information respecting Cornwall and its mineral productions. PEPPERELL, WILLIAM. Settled at Isle of Shoals, New England 1676. b. Cornwall? 1648. d. Kittery, Maine 15 Feb. 1733. cf. Lorenzo Sabine's Biog. Sketches of Loyalists of American Revolution ii, 157-58, 167-76; John Farmer's Geneal. Register of First Settlers of New England (1829) p. 223; Jas. Savage's Geneal. Dict. of First Settlers (1861) iii, 392-93.

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NOTE. Was father of Sir Will. Pepperell, Bart. who d. 6 July 1759 aged 63. In 1855 a life of Sir W. Pepperell, Bart. By Usher Parsons" was published. In this volume the elder Pepperell is stated to have been born in Ravistock Parish, near Plymouth in Wales." cf. also The Times 6 Oct. 1874 p. 3 col. 5. PERCIVAL, GRACE (only dau. of Rev. Thos. Pendarves who d. 1703 and wife 1st of Robert Coster of Truro, and 2ndly of Samuel Percival of Clifton). bapt. St. Columb Major 11 Aug. 1696. d. Pendarves 27 May 1763. bur. Camborne. Monu. in the Church. cf. Autobiography of Mrs. Delany (1861) iii, 448–51; Gent. Mag. xxxiii 314 (1763).

NOTE.-See also Moore, Rev. Mr. ante i, 367. PERCIVAL, THOMASINE. See Bonaventura, Thomasine ante i, 31.

PERCY, JOHN, M.D., F. R.S. (son of Henry Percy) Lecturer on Metallurgy in the Royal School of Mines 1851. b. Nottingham 1817. Metallurgy. The art of extracting metals from their ores and adapting them to various purposes of manufacture. By John Percy M.D., F.R.S. Lecturer on Metallurgy at the Government School of Mines. Lond. J. Murray 186170, 3 vols. 8°.

NOTE.-Contains many details respecting Cornish mines and mining &c. scattered throughout the work. The Author acknowledges aid from Mr. Octavius Williams, Manager of the Morfa Tin Plate Works, Llanelly.


Duprez's Trip up the Tamar (Barbican Pier to the Weir Head) illustrated with plates. Plymouth, printed and published by Smith and Perry 34 Ebrington Street, n.d. [1870] 12°. pp. 54, 1/-.

NOTE. The Text is by G. B. Perry. The work is dedicated to the Dowager Countess of Mount Edgcumbe. PERYMAN, JOHN, Undersheriff of Cornwall.

Fees by John Peryman, Undersheriff of Cornwall, 12 Jac. i. Tanner MSS. (Bodl. Lib.) 101, fol. 32, et seq.


Pedigree of the family of Peter of Devon and Cornwall, drawn up by Henry Smedley. MS. on sale at T. Thorpe's 1836.

PETER of Cornwall. cf. Thomas Tanner's Bibliotheca Britannico-Hibernica (1748) p. 594 note b.

PETER, HENRY, of Padstow (son of John Peter d. 1579 and Wilmot Peter of Boway near Exeter). Settled at Trenearn near Padstow. cf. N. and Q. 2 S. xi, 187, 300 (1861).

Digitus Dei; or Good Newes from Holland. Sent to the Wor". John Treffry and John Treffusis, Esquires; as also to all that have shot Arrows agaynst Babel's Brats and wish well to Sion wheresoever. Printed by Abraham Neringh, Printer in Rotterdam, by the Ould Head 1631 4o. pp. 14.

NOTE.-Signed "Your lovg. kinsman H. P[eter]." PETER, REV. HOBLYN (2nd son of Hollyn Peter who d. Porthcothan Jan. 1804). b. 1780. d. Porthcothan Cottage, St. Merryn 22 Nov. 1847. cf. Gent. Mag. xxvii, 101 (1847).

PETER, REV. HUGH. See Peters, Rev. Hugh.

PETER, JOHN (son of Edward Peter) Local Preacher 1844-50. Purser of Redmoor and Tamar Mines. b. Linkinhorne 1 July 1792. d. Callington 24 Aug. 1872.

The triumph of faith being an essay, memorial sketch and fragments from the letters of the late Mr. John Peter of Callington. Published by request. Callington, E. Philp; Helston, printed by R. Cunnack, Market Place 1874 8°. pp. 56 1/4.


NOTE. This work was compiled by the Rev. Joseph

PETER, ROBERT (son of Robert Peter b. Hollyvag farm near Launceston Oct. 1770. d. Pittsburg, Alleghany County, Pennsylvania June 1848). Lecturer in the Natural Sciences, Rensselaer Institute, Troy, New York 1828; Professor of Chemistry Morrison College, Transylvania University 1832; Assistant to the Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy in the Medical Department of Transylvania University 1832; M.D. of Transylvania University 14 March 1834; Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy in the same 1838; Corresponding Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia; Member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Lexington; Professor of Chemistry and Experimental Philosophy in Kentucky University, Lexington (formerly the


Transylvania University) 1865. b. Launceston, Cornwall 21 Jan. 1805. Now (Mch. 1875) resident at Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky. cf. F. S. Drake's Dict. of American Biog. (1872) p. 709.

Report of the geological survey in Kentucky made during the years 1854 and 1855 by David Dale Owen Principal Geologist, assisted by R. Peter, Chemical Assistant... Frankfort, Kentucky, A. G. Hodges, State printer 1856, 8o. pp. 416.

NOTE.-Contains "Chemical Reports of the minerals, rocks and soils made by R. Peter M.D." pp. 251379.

Second report of the geological survey in Kentucky made during the years 1856 and 1857 by D. D. Owen...assisted by R. Peter, Chemical Assistant... Frankfort Kentucky, A. G. Hodges State printer 1857, 8°. pp. 392.

NOTE.-Contains "Second Chemical report of the ores, rocks, soils, coals, mineral-waters, etc. of Kentucky. By Robert Peter M.D." pp. 117-300.

Third report of the geological survey in Kentucky made during the years 1856 and 1857 by D. Ď. Owen...assisted by R. Peter, Chemical Assistant...Frankfort Kentucky, A. G. Hodges State printer 1857, 8o. PP. 590.

NOTE.-Contains "Third chemical report of the soils, marls, ores, rocks, coals, mineral-waters, etc. of Kentucky. By R. Peter M.D."

Fourth report of the Geological Survey of Kentucky made during the years 1858 and 1859, by D. D. Owen...assisted by Robert Peter, Chemical Assistant... Frankfort, Kentucky, printed at the Yeoman office, G. B. Major, State printer 1861, roy. 8°. pp. 617.

NOTE. This work contains "Fourth Chemical Report of the soils, marls, ores, rocks, coals, iron-furnace products, mineral-waters, &c., &c. of Kentucky. By Robert Peter M.D." pp. 39-220. 'Obituary notice of the late David Dale Owen, by R. Peter M.D." pp. 223230.

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Report of a Geological Reconnoissance of Indiana, made during the years 1859 and 1860, under the direction of the late D. D. Owen... By Richard Owen M.D., Principal Assistant, now State Geologist; also Reports of the Analy ses of the soils by R. Peter M.D... Published by authority of the Indiana Legislature. Indianapolis, H. H. Dodd and Co. Book Printers, 1862 8°. pp. xvi and 368.

NOTE. Contains "A Report of the Chemical Analyses of thirty-three soils of Indiana, made for the State Geological and Agricultural Survey, by Robert Peter M.D." pp. 241-268.

Second Report of a geological reconnoissance of the middle and southern counties of Arkansas,

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made during the years 1859 and 1860. By D. D. Owen...assisted by Robert Peter, Chemical Assistant... Philadelphia, C. Sherman and Son printers 1860, 8°. pp. 399.

NOTE.-Contains "Chemical analysis of the soils, subsoils, underclays, clays and nitre earths of Arkansas ...analysed by R. Peter M.D." pp. 163-294.

The Hesperus. Pittsburg, Johnston and Stockton 1828-29, 4°. 1 dollar per an.

NOTE. In this bi-monthly journal R. Peter wrote numerous short articles, scientific, literary and poetical. The Transylvania Journal of Medicine and Associated Sciences. Edited by Robert Peter M.D...vol. x. Lexington, Ky. J. Clarke and Co. 1837, 8°. pp. 800. 5 dollars per an.

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Thoughts on medical education in America. An introductory lecture to the medical students of Transylvania University on 11th Nov. 1838. By R. Peter. Published at the request of the Medical Class. Lexington Ky. Printed at the Observer and Reporter Office 1838, 12°. pp. 22. A brief sketch of the history of Lexington, Ky. and of Transylvania University. By R. Peter. Delivered as an introductory lecture to the winter course in the Medical department of Transylvania University Nov. 6, 1854. Published at the request of the class. Lexington, D. C. Wickliffe, printer 1854, 8°. pp. 21.

The Farmer's Home Journal, devoted to agriculture, mechanical arts, education, science and pure literature. Edited by J. J. Miller and J. R. Marrs, Lexington 1867-69, fol, 3 dollars per an.

NOTE.-A weekly sheet of 8 pages. Mr. Peter assisted in editing this journal during the years above mentioned and also contributed many articles to its columns, principally on scientific agriculture.

A catalogue of the native phenogamous plants of Kentucky. By Professors Ch. W. Short, Robt. Peter and Henry A. Griswold. Transylvania Journ. of Medicine and the Associated Sciences (Lexington 80.) vi, 490-501 (1833); vii, 598600 (1834).

Thoughts on some of the applications of chemistry to medicine. By R. Peter. ib. vii, 453-69 (1834).

On the preservation of objects of natural history with a view to the formation of a cabinet or to their transportation. ib. vii, 133–49.

An account of the vegetable alkalies including their therapeutic action when applied internally or by the endermic method. ib. vii, 157204.

NOTE. This was Mr. Peter's M.D. diploma thesis.


Notice of the Crab Orchard Springs of Lincoln county, Ky. with analyses of four of the waters. ib. viii, 408-14 (1835).

Remarks on the fracture of the femur within the capsule of the hip joint, with a case cured without shortening or deformity. ib. viii, 46369.

Remarks on the functions of respiration in animals and on ventilation. ib. ix, 70-85 (1836). On the application of galvanic electricity to medicine. ib. ix, 641-59.

On the influence of caloric on the living animal body. ib. xi, 321-42 (1838).

On Ozone. Transylvania Medical Journ. (Ed. by Professor Ethelbert L. Dudley, M.D., Lexington Ky.) i, 148–57 (1849).

The quantitative chemical analysis of the waters of the Lower Blue Lick Springs in Nicholas County, Ky. with remarks on some other salt springs of the blue limestone formation. ib. ii, 1-11 (1850).

Notices of two operations of lithotomy performed by James M. Bush, M.D. and descriptions of several urinary calculi, with remarks by Professor Robert Peter. ib. ii, 243-49.

Notices of other operations and analyses of the calculi. ib. ii, 119-23.

On the chemical relations of organic bodies. ib. i, N.S. 234–44 (1852).

On the chemistry of the urine. ib. i, N.S. 245-53, 261-68, 295-302, 309-16, 325-33, 341-49, 357-64; ii, 33-44.

Chemical analyses of the urinary calculi in the Museum of the Medical department of Transylvania University with remarks on the relative frequency of calculus in Lexington Ky. and the probable causes. The Western Lancet, Ed. by L. M. Lawson M.D. (Cincinnati, Ohio, 8.) v, No. 4, pp. 37 (1846). And with Additions in Transylvania Medical Journ. iii, 20925, (1849).

NOTE.-cf. also Golding Bird's Urinary Deposits (3rd London ed. 1851), p. 409 and (2nd American ed., Philadelphia, Blanchard and Son 1851), p. 323.

Remarks on the Agricultural Value of the blue limestone of Kentucky with its analysis. The Albany Cultivator. (Ed. by Luther Tucker, Albany, New York) vi, 105-107 (1849).

On the Blue Lick Spring, Licking River. Silliman Journ. xi, 284-86 (1851)..

PETER, REV. ROBERT GODOLPHIN (3rd son of William Peter, who d. 1853). Of Jesus Coll. Camb. B.A. 1842, M.A. 1845, Fellow 1845 to 5 Dec. 1860; Curate of St. Alphege and St. Mary, Northgate, Canterbury; R. of St. George the Martyr and St. Mary Magdalene,

PETER, REV. R. G. (Con. ).

Canterbury 1851-58; R. of Cavendish, Suffolk 1860. b. Cadogan Square, Chelsea 31 July 1818.

A manual of prayer for students. Consisting mostly of selections from various authors. By R. G. Peter, Tutor of Jesus College Cambridge and late Rector of S. George the Martyr and S. Mary Magdalene, Canterbury. Cambridge, Deighton Bell and Co.; Lond. Bell and Daldy 1859, 12°. pp. iii and 119, 1/6.

Non-communicant vestries and churchwardens. A letter to the Lord Bishop of Ely. By R. G. Peter, M.A. Cambridge, Deighton Bell and Co. 1868, 8°.

A letter to churchmen and to dissenters. From R. G. Peter, M.A. Rector of Cavendish and late Fellow and Tutor of Jesus College, Cambridge. Cambridge, Deighton Bell and Co.; Lond. Bell and Daldy 1870, 8°. pp. 48, 1/-.

NOTE.-On the first page of this work is found the following title: "The Temple and the Synagogue.” PETER, SAMUEL.

Thoughts on the all sufficiency of Christ or a glance at the glory of Messiah's Reign. A New Poem. By Samuel Peter. Penryn, printed for the Author by T. Whitehorn 1845, 8°. pp.


PETER, SARAH (dau. of Hon. Thomas Worthington, sometime governor of Ohio and wife in 1844 of William Peter, who d. 1853). b. Chillicothe in Ohio. cf. Mrs. S. J. Hale's Woman's Record (1855), pp. 870-71.

PETER, REV. WILLIAM (eld. son of Rev. Will. Peter, R. of Mawnan, who d. 1750). Of Balliol College B.A. 16 Oct. 1755; R. of Mawnan 1761-98. d. Mawnan 9 Oct. 1798. cf. Gent. Mag. lii, 598 (1782); lxviii, 912 (1798).

PETER, WILLIAM (eld. son of Hen. Peter, who d. 18 Sep. 1821). Of Christ Church, Oxford B.A. 19 Mar. 1807, M.A. 7 Dec. 1809; Deputy Warden of the Stannaries; Barrister-at-law 28 May 1813; M.P. for Bodmin 1832-35; H.M. Consul for Pennsylvania and New Jersey 1840-53. b. Harlyn, St. Merryn 22 Mch. 1788. d. Philadelphia 6 Feb. 1853. Monu. St. Peter's Churchyard, Philadelphia. cf. Gent. Mag. xxxix, 441-42 (1853); Rufus W. Griswold's Poets and Poetry of England 19th Cent. (1854), pp. 240-43; Rev. R. Poluhele's Biog. Sketches (1831) ii, 107-108.

Thoughts on the present crisis in a letter from a constituent to his Representative [i.e. Sir W.


Lemon]. By W. Peter. 2nd ed. with considerable additions. The Pamphleteer viii, 216-80 (1816).

The speeches of Sir Samuel Romilly in the House of Commons. Lond. printed for James Ridgway and Sons, Piccadilly 1820, 2 vols. 8°. 21/-.

NOTE.-The Advertisement to Vol. i is signed William Peter; The Memoir of Sir S. Romilly [by W. Peter] occupies i, pp. vii-lxxi.

Sacred Songs, being an attempted paraphrase of some portions of scripture, with other poems. By a Layman [pseud i.e. W. Peter] A new edition. Lond. J. Hatchard and Son 1834, 8o. pp. xi and 108, 2/6.

NOTE.-Dedicated to the Rev. Thomas Fisher, Rector of Roche. On pp. 79-80 is a poem to this gentleman, dated 10 Nov. 1823.

A Letter from an Ex-M.P. to his late constituents, containing a short review of the acts of the Whig Administration with a vindication of its supporters. Lond. James Ridgway and Sons Piccadilly 1835, 8o.

NOTE. A Letter addressed "To the Electors of Bodmin" and signed "William Peter 26 January 1835," pp. 1-53; Appendix pp. 55-60.

William Tell; an historical play from the German of Schiller; with notes and illustrations. By William Peter M.A. Ch. Ch. Oxford. Heidelberg, printed for C. F. Winter; London, Black and Armstrong 1839, 8°. pp. viii and 200.-2nd ed. Luzern, printed for A. Gebhart. London, Williams and Norgate 1867, 8°. pp. viii and 200.

NOTE.-The Dedication to T. W. Coke of Holkham, Earl of Leicester, &c. is dated " The Holy-house, Rütli, 1 Oct. 1837," Preface dated "Lucerne 30 Sept. 1837."

Schiller's William Tell, translated from the German ; and other poems by W. Peter A.M. of Christ Church, Oxford. Philadelphia 1840, 12o.pp. 234.-3rd ed. Philadelphia 1851, 12o.

Mary Stuart; a Tragedy from the German. of Schiller, with other versions of some of his best poems. By William Peter Esq., A.M. Ch. Ch. Oxford. Heidelberg, printed for C. F. Winter; Lond. Ridgway, Piccadilly, 1841 12°. pp. 262.

NOTE.-Dedicated to Sir Richard Hussey Vivian. Amongst the miscellaneous poems is that "To the Rev. Thomas Fisher of Roche," (dated 10 Nov. 1823) p. 246; "To her" (his wife who d. 21 Aug. 1836) p. 247; "On a dear child" (his son G. C. Peter who d. 17 July 1833)

pp. 248-50.

Mary Stuart, a tragedy etc. By W. Peter. Philadelphia 1840, 12°.-1841, 12o. pp. 255.

The Maid of Orleans and other poems. By William Peter A.M...Cambridge, published by John Owen 1843, 12°. pp. 230, 5/6.


The Agamemnon of Eschylus translated from the Greek. By W. Peter A.M., 1852, 12o.

Specimens of the poets and poetry of Greece and Rome, by various translators. Edited by William Peter A.M. of Christ-Church, Oxford. Philadelphia, Carey and Hart 1847, 8°. pp. xiv and 530.

NOTE.-Prefixed is an engraved title, which reads "The Poets and Poetry of the Ancients. By William Peter A.M. Philadelphia, Carey and Hart." The volume is dedicated to his wife; it contains 37 translations by W. Peter.

Johannis Gilpini Iter Latine redditum. Ed. altera. Philadelphia, 1848, 12o.

Letters on the resources and commerce of Philadelphia; from Job R. Tyson, LL.D. to William Peter, Her Britannic Majesty's Consul for Pennsylvania. With Mr. Peter's answer prefixed. Published by order of the Philadelphia Board of Trade. Philadelphia, C. Sherman printer 1852, 8°.

NOTE. Mr. Peter's letter, pp. 3-5; Mr. Tyson's letters, pp. 7-83.


Some account of the Peters family. New England Historical and Geneal. Register ii, 58-64 (1848).

PETERS, REV. CHARLES (son of Rich. Peters of Tregony). Matriculated at Exeter College 3 Apl. 1707 to 19 July 1709; B.A. 27 Oct. 1710, M.A. 5 June 1713; R. of Boconnoc 171523; R. of Bratton Clovelly 10 Dec. 1723 to 1775; R. of St. Mabyn 1726-75. b. Tregony? 1690. d. St. Mabyn 11 Feb. 1775. cf. E. Smith's Life Reviewed (1780) pp. 5, 7; Rev. R. Polwhele's Biog. Sketches in Cornwall (1831) i, 71-74, App. 17-28; Isaac D'Israeli's Calamities and Quarrels of Authors (1859), p. 269; Monthly Rev. v, 401-409 (1751); Nichols' Lit. Anecdotes viii, 633; Gent. Mag. lxv, 461, 1085 (1795), lxvi, 478 (1796); Rose.

A critical dissertation on the book of Job wherein the account given of that book by the Author of The Divine Legation of Moses demonstrated etc. [The Rt. Rev. Will. Warburton D.D. Dean of Bristol and Bp. of Gloucester] is particularly considered, the antiquity of the book vindicated, the great text (Chap. xix, 25) explained, and a future state shewn to have been the popular belief of the ancient Jews or Hebrews. By C. Peters A.M. Rector of St. Mabyn, Cornwall. Lond. printed by E. Owen and sold by S. Birt and B. Dod in Ave-Mary-Lane... 1751, 8°. Introduction pp. 1-10, Dissertation pp. 11-465, Advertisement 1 page, 15/-.


A critical dissertation on the book of Job, etc. 2nd ed. corrected. Lond. printed for W. Johnston in St. Paul's Church-yard and P. Davey and B. Law in Ave-Mary-Lane 1757, 8°. Title and introduction pp. 1-12, Preface pp. iiixci, Dissertation pp. 1-470, 15/-.

NOTE.-cf. Richard Hurd's The Works of W. Warburton, Bp. of Gloucester (Divine Legation of Moses) (1788) iii, 227-29, 516-40.

An appendix to the critical dissertation on the book of Job, giving a farther account of the Book of Ecclesiastes. To which is added A reply to some Notes of the late D-n of B1 [Dean of Bristol] in his new edition of the Divine Legation etc. vol. ii, part ii. By the Author of the Critical Dissertation [i.e. Rev. C. Peters]. Lond. printed for W. Johnston in Ludgate-Street and P. Davey and B. Law in Ave-Mary Lane 1760, 8o. pp. 63.

NOTE."The remaining part of the reply" was left in MSS. at the author's decease. cf. Rev. R. Polwhele's Biog. Sketches (1831) i, 72.

Sermons by the late Rev. Charles Peters M.A. ...Published from his MSS. by his nephew Jon. Peters M.A. Vicar of St. Clement's near Truro, Cornwall. Lond. printed and sold by C. Bathurst in Fleet St.; Mr. Thorn in Exeter; Mr. Allison at Falmouth and Mr. Buckland at Truro 1776, 8°. Title 1 leaf, Advertisement 1 leaf, Contents pp. i-vii, Sermons pp. 1-441.

NOTE.-Dr. Bliss wrote on his copy of these sermonsThis is the scarcest single volume of sermons I am acquainted with."

Extracts from the Rev. C. Peters' Recollections and Meditations. From MSS. in possession of his family. cf. The Rev. R. Polwhele's Biog. Sketches (1831) i, App. pp. 17–28.

PETERS, REV. CHARLES (son of Rev. Jonathan Peters, V. of St. Clement) Adm. Queen's Coll. Oxf. 27 May 1786; Michel Exhibitioner 178691; Scholar 1791-94; Fellow 1794-1804; B.A. 20 May 1790, M.A. 16 May 1793. R. of St. George and Roseau Dominica 179-, 1800. bapt. St. Clement's 19 Jan. 1768. cf. Rev. R. Polwhele's Biog. Sketches (1831) i, 74. Two Sermons preached at Dominica on the 11th and 13th of April 1800 and officially noticed by his Majesty's Privy Council in that island. To which is added an appendix containing Minutes of three trials which occurred at Roseau in the spring of the preceding year; together with remarks and strictures on the issue of those trials as well as on the slave-trade and the condition of slaves in general in our West


Indian colonies. By the Rev. C. Peters A.M... Lond. printed for John Hatchard, 190 Piccadilly 1802 8°.

NOTE.-Preface pp. 1-6, Sermon pp. 6-24, Appendix pp. 25-82. Mr. Peters deemed it advisable to leave the island of Dominica on account of the preaching of these two sermons.

PETERS, ELIZABETH (only dau. of Rev. Hugh Peters by his second wife Deliverance Sheffield). Returned to England after the accession of Will. iii, and recovered from the crown her father's foreign possessions. bapt. Salem, Massachusetts 8 Jan. 1640. Married Mr. Barker of Newport, Rhode Island. cf. Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Soc. 4 S. vi, 116 (1863); William B. Sprague's Annals of the American pulpit (1857) i, 70-75.

A dying father's last legacy to an only child or Mr. Hugh Peter's advice to his daughter. 1660, 12o. See Peters, Rev. Hugh.

PETERS OR PETER, REV. HUGH, M.A. (son of Thos. Dyckwoode alias Peters and Martha dau. of John Treffry of Treffry) of Jesus College, Cambridge circa 1612; Entered at Trinity Coll. Camb. 1612, B.A. 1616; M.A. 1622; Licensed by Dr. Geo. Montaigne Bishop of London; Lecturer St. Sepulchre's London 1622; Pastor of Scottish Church,, Rotterdam 1623-32; went to New England 6 Oct. 1635; Minister of first Church at Salem, Massachusetts 21 Dec. 1636 to 3 Aug. 1641; one of the Trustees of New Cambridge University; Overseer of Harvard College 1637; departed for Great Britain 3 Aug. 1641; Chaplain to Oliver Cromwell; one of the Triers for the Ministry; Commissioner for amending the Laws 20 Jan. 1651. bapt. Fowey 11 June 1598; Tried at Hick's Hall 9 and 13 Oct; hung and beheaded Charing Cross, 16 Oct. 1660, and his head set on a pole on London Bridge. cf. John Farmer's Geneal. Register of First Settlers of New England (1829) p. 224; J. B. Felt's Annals of Salem (1845) i, 48, 92, 173, 204, 284, 509, ii, 203, 211, 231, 233, 530, 573–77, 626, 631; J. B. Felt's Eccl. Hist. of New England (1855) i, 98, 101, 228-29, 256, 267, 377, 379-80, 413, 434-36, 468-69, 538-39; John B. Deane's Life of Rich. Deane (1870) pp. 18485, 195, 264, 288, 348, 352, 364-81; Edw. Edwards' Libraries and Founders of Libraries (1864) pp. 166, 249; Edw. Edwards' Memoirs of Libraries (1859) i, 420-21; Letters and Journals of Robt. Baillie (Bannatyne Club 1841-42) ii, 165, iii, 407, 443; J. G. Palfrey's Hist. of New England (1858) i, 43637, 476, 582, 586, ii, 86, 334-35, 426-28;

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