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SIMCOE, REV. H. A. (Con.).

NOTE.-Brought out in penny monthly numbers ea. pp. 24. No. 1 dated Jan. 1832. The last volume of this series that has been seen is vol. xvii, 1848.

The Cornish preacher being a course of sermons on the leading doctrines of the gospel. [Part i. The authority of scripture--The covenant of works]. Cornwall, rev. H. A. Simcoe, Penheale press...1832, 4°. pp. 92, 8d.

A sermon (with additions) preached at Egloskerry church, on Friday, February 8, 1833, on occasion of the death of Elizabeth Ann, wife of John King Lethbridge, esq. of Tregeare, Cornwall. By the rev. H. A. Simcoe, M.A. Cornwall, rev. H. A. Simcoe, Penheale press [printed] 1833, 12o. pp. 36.

Helps for Sunday schools consisting of addresses on prayer, questions etc. (From an unpublished manuscript). By miss Mary Jane Graham, late of Stoke Fleming, Devon, author of "The test of truth," "Sovereignty of Grace" etc. Part III. Questions and addresses on parts of Genesis and St. Matthew. Cornwall, rev. H. A. Simcoe, Penheale press [printed] may be had of L. B. Seeley and Sons, London...1834, 8°. pp. 43, 6d.

The necessity and advantages of church establishments proved by an appeal to history, reason, experience and scripture, a sermon preached at the parish church of St. Stephens, near Launceston, on Tuesday, June 10, 1834 before the North Cornwall clerical society, with an appendix. By the rev. E. Budge, M.A. Cornwall, rev. H A. Simcoe, Penheale-press...1834, 8°. pp. 53, 1/-.

Baptism and the baptismal service, a sermon preached at the parish church of Treneglos, on Tuesday, Sep. 2, 1834 before the North Cornwall clerical society, with an appendix. By the rev. H. A. Simcoe, A.M. Cornwall, rev. H. A. Simcoe, Penheale press...1834, 8°. pp. 32, 6d. -Reprinted in "A course of sermons 1836,


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Reflections from passages of scripture. By A Lady. Cornwall, rev. H. A. Simcoe, Penheale press. May be had of Seeley and Sons, London; Cater, Launceston and all booksellers 1835, 8o. Title 1 leaf, then pp. 1-118.-.Second ed. Penheale Press...1837, 8°. Title 1 leaf, then pp. 1– 118.-.Third edition. Lond. Whittaker and Co., Seeley and Co., Piper and Co., C. A. Bartlett; Margate, W. C. Brasier [printed]. n.d. [1859], 16o. pp. xiv and 210.

Burial and the burial service, a sermon preached in the parish church of Bridgerule, on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 1835 before the North Cornwall clerical society, with an appendix. By the rev. H. A. Simcoe, A.M. Launceston, rev. H. A. Simcoe, Penheale press...1835, 8o. pp. 20.

A sinner's justification, or the Lord Jesus

SIMCOE, REV. H. A. (Con.).

Christ the Lord our righteousness. Reprinted. By Obadiah Grew, D.D. late minister of the gospel at Coventry. Cornwall, rev. H. A. Simcoe, Penheale press...1835, 8°. pp. vi and 118.

The posthumous letters of the late rev. W. H. Black, a clergyman of the church of England who lately died at Plymouth. Cornwall, rev. H. A. Simcoe, Penheale press 1836, 12o. pp. 124.

A course of sermons on the occasional services of the church of England as set forth in the book of common prayer and recognized by scripture. Launceston, rev. H. A. Simcoe, Penhealepress 1836, 8°. 4-.

NOTE.-Contains the following sermons which have distinct titles and pagination

The necessity of church establishments. By rev. E. Budge, 1834.

Baptism and the baptismal service. By rev. H. A. Simcoe, 1834. By

Confirmation and the confirmation service. rev. T. T. Smith, 1835.

The Lord's supper. By rev. J. A. H. Laffer, 1835.
Marriage. By rev. W. Sollis, 1836.

The title and function of the ministers of the Church of England. By rev. E. Budge, 1835.

Burial and the burial service. By rev. H. A. Simcoe, 1835.

The devout communicant exemplified in his behaviour before at and after the sacrament of the Lord's supper, practically suited to all the parts of that solemn ordinance. Reprinted from the seventh edition of 1700 and edited by the rev. H. A. Simcoe, with a preface on the duty of weekly communion... Penheale press, rev. H. A. Simcoe... may be had of L. and G. Seeley, London 1840, 8°. Frontispiece, title, the editor's preface, author's dedication, a premonition to the reader and the contents 10 leaves, then pp.


Aphorisms or select propositions of the scripture shortly determining the doctrine of the sabbath, written by George Hughes, B.D., [V. of St. Andrew's, Plymouth] reprinted from an edition of 1670. Penheale-press rev. H. A. Simcoe near Launceston, Cornwall. May be had of L. and G. Seeley, London.... 1841, 8°. Title 1 leaf, Dedication pp. i-iv, Preface pp. v-viii, Aphorisms pp. 1-306.

The Preacher's Tripartite (Part iii) to establish truth and peace, in several sermons against the present heresies and schisms... By Robert Mossom. 1657. Penheale-press, rev. H. A. Simcoe, Launceston, Cornwall. Published by Seeley London; Maddox, Launceston; Rowe, Plymouth; Liddell, Bodmin; 1845, 8°. pp. 302.

The history of William W, By the rev. H. A. Simcoe, M. A. Lond. J. Groom, Bazaar, Soho square and 185 Broad st., Birmingham n.d. [1855] 32°. pp. 8.

SIMCOE, REV. H. A. (Con.).

NOTE. On the first page is as follows "The History of William W. who was converted by means of the subjoined hymn."

A sermon preached at Mawgan church Oct. 28th, 1855 on the occasion of the death of the rev. Gerard Mann. By the rev. J. P. Mayne. Penheale press, rev. H. A. Simcoe, Launceston, Cornwall 1855, 12o. pp. 20.

A sermon preached at Mawgan church, Nov. 4th, 1855 on the occasion of the death of the rev. Gerard Mann. By the rev. Saltren Rogers. Penheale press rev. H. A. Simcoe, Launceston, Cornwall 1855, 12o. pp. 21.

Ημέρα Αναπαύσεως or a discourse of the morality of the sabbath being an exposition of Exodus xx, 8, 9, 10, 11. With prayers relating thereto, humbly offered to the present age by John Gregory archdeacon of Gloucester. Frontispiece. Lond. printed for Richard Royston 1681. -James Nisbet and Co. 21 Berners st.; Maddox Launceston, Reprinted 1866, 8°. pp. xii and 114.

NOTE. This reprint contains a notice "To the christian reader" (pp. ix-xi) signed "H. A. Simcoe." The distinct principles of evangelical truth. By the rev. H. A. Simcoe, 1868.

A commentary on the psalms. By the rev. H. A. Simcoe, 8°.

NOTE. Brought out in Parts at 1/- each.

A funeral sermon preached at Egloskerry on 29th Nov. 1868 on the death of the rev. H. A. Simcoe, M.A. Penheale. By the rev. Heneage Gibbes, M. B., incumbent of All Saints, Sidmouth. (Taken down in short hand from the extempore preaching). Lond. W. Macintosh. n.d. [1868], 8o. pp. 15.

NOTE. The wrapper reads "In memoriam H. A. Simcoe of Penheale who entered into his rest on Sunday morning Nov. 15th 1868 aged 68."

Recollections of the bright dying testimony of the rev. H. A. Simcoe, M.A... By the rev. G. O. Corbett, M.D.... Printed for the author by Cassell, Petter and Galpin, London. n.d. [1870], 12°. pp. 31.

NOTE.-"Dedicated to J. C. Baron Lethbridge, esq J.P. &c., Tregeare, Launceston, Cornwall." On p. 23 is an "Acrostic, on a much respected name, Henry Addington Simcoe." Signed "S. Č. C[larke], St. Thomas, Nov. 23, 1868."

[Tract]. No. 28. Nehemiah's Prayer. Rev. H. A. Simcoe, Penheale-press, Cornwall [printed]. n.d. [18-], 12o. pp. 8, 2/- per 100.

The late rev. Henry Addington Simcoe. Signed "R. H. T[ripp], Alternon, Cornwall, Dec. 17, 1868." The Christian Observer lxix, 149-53 (1869).

SIMCOE, REV. H. A. (Con.),

NOTE. The following tracts were also published at the Penheale press:

Which is the way; Christ the way; God is just; Church missions; Earth to earth, a funeral tract; A Voice to England, the Cholera Morbus; Comfort for the sick soul, a reprint from Bishop Hall.

SIMEON, REV. CHARLES, M.A. (4th son of Rich. Simeon). b. Reading 24 Sept. 1759. V. of Holy Trinity ch. Cambridge 1783-1836. d. Cambridge 13 Nov. 1836.

Memoir of the life of the rev. C. Simeon, M.A. Edited by the rev. William Carus, M.A. Lond. Hatchard and son 1847, 8°. pp. xxx and 848, 14/-.

NOTE. The account of Mr. Simeon's visit to Cornwall is contained in pp. 225-27. This work gives also many details respecting the rev. H. Martyn, q.v. SIMMONS, GEORGE FRANCIS CARLYON (eld. son of rev. Clement Winstanley Carlyon, R. of St. Just in Roseland, b. Truro 19 May 1810, m. Harriet, dau. of Geo. Simmons of Trevella, b. St. Austell 1813, d. St. Just 31 Mch. 1866). b. St. Blazey 11 Sep. 1834; Ed. at Helston and Chudleigh Gram. Schools; By royal li cence and in pursuance of a provision in an indenture made 31 May 1853 by George Simmons of Trevella in St. Erme, took surname of Simmons only in lieu of Carlyon 16 Feb. 1858; Capt. East Kent Militia 5 May 1865; Hon. Major 1875; Resident (July 1876) at 18 Clarence parade, Southsea. m. Bovey Tracey, Devon 24 Apl. 1860 Elizabeth Caroline Eliott, youngest dau. of major F. E. Manning of the Bengal Army and his wife Susanna, dau. of Robt. Kekewich of Devon and widow of sir H. M. Farrington. cf. The London Gazette i, 772 (1858).

NOTE.-Geo. Simmons (son of Geo. Simmons) was b. St. Austell, d. Truro 18 Aug. 1857, aged 74, he m. Miss Harriet Nicholls who d. Trevella 6 Sep. 1856, aged 65. SIMMONS, REV. JOHN. b. Birmingham 28 Oct. 1778. Wesleyan minister 1802-66. d. 1 May 1866.

Memoir of Arthur (son of Mr. Thomas Williams of St. Ives) who died at Salisbury 25 Mch. 1832, aged 84. Wesleyan Methodist Mag. lv. 597 (1832).

Memoir of Mr. Will. Trounce who died at Port-Looe 11 Jan. 1835, aged 85. ib. lviii, 160 (1835).

SIMMONS, WILLIAM, of Redruth Highway, afterwards in service of Famatina mining Co. An Elegy written at Vera Cruz. By W. Simmons. cf. The Quarterly Rev. xxxvi, 102 (1827).

NOTE.-W. Simmons was one of a party of Cornish


Miners sent out to Mexico to work the Famatina Mines, the larger portion of whom died soon after their arrival in that country.

SIMOND, LOUIS. b. France 1767. d. Geneva July 1831.

Journal of a tour and residence in Great Britain during the years 1810 and 1811 by a French Traveller [i.e. L. Simond]. With remarks on the country, its arts, etc. Edinburgh, printed by George Ramsay and Co. for A. Constable and Co. Edinburgh, and Longman, London 1815, 2 vols. 8°. 31/6.

NOTE. The account of Falmouth, Mount Edgcumbe, &c. is contained in i, 1-10.

SIMONIN, LOUIS LAURENT. b. Marseilles 1830. An engineer. Living July 1876.

Underground life or mines and miners. By L. Simonin. Translated by H. W. Bristow... Lond. Chapman and Hall 1869, 4o. pp. xx and 522, 42/-.

NOTE.-M. Simonin visited the Cornish mines in 1862. His work contains numerous accounts of Cornwall and its mining works, and a map of the carboniferous system of Devon and Cornwall.

SIMPLEX. pseud. i.e.

Holy wells in Cornwall. Signed "Simplex, Penzance, May 17." Gent. Mag. lxxxix, pt. ii, 132 (1819).

SIMPSON, JONATHAN (son of a gentleman in Launceston). A linen-draper at Bristol, then a highwayman in the neighbourhood of London. b. Launceston. executed at Tyburn. cf. Charles Johnson's Lives of highwaymen (4th ed. 1839), pp. 390-93.

SIMPSON, JUSTIN (third son of James Simpson, corn and seed merchant and malster, Stamford, and his wife Anna Maria). b. Stamford 25 Jan. 1833; Newspaper reporter and bookkeeper; Now (July 1876) resident at Burghley lane, Stamford.

A list of the sepulchral brasses of England, alphabetically arranged in counties. By Justin Simpson. Stamford, John Ford, Red lion square 1857, 8°. pp. 108.

NOTE. The account of the Cornish brasses occupies p. 16 only.

SIMS, HUGH (4th son of Will. and Joanna Sims). b. Gwennap 21 Nov. 1799.

A.D. 1858, July 30, No. 1726. Letters patent to John Davey, Hugh Sims, accountant, John Mayne, mine agent, William Hodge, smith, and John Gerrans, miner, all of Gwennap for the invention of "An improved construction of valve

SIMS, HUGH. (Con.).

applicable to various descriptions of engines or machinery." With diagram. Lond. 1859, fol. pp. 5, 10d.

SIMS, JAMES (second son of Will. Sims, d. 1834). b. Treskerby, Gwennap 29 Jan. 1795. d. Redruth 30 Oct. 1862. cf. Will. Pole's A treatise on the Cornish pumping engine (1844), Pref. p. 8 and 58, 69, 135; W. J. Henwood's Address in Journ. R.I.C. Apl. 1872, p. lvi.

A.D. 1841, Apl. 29, No. 8942. Specification. of James Sims of for "Certain improvements in steam engines." With drawing. Lond. 1841, fol.-.Reprinted. Lond. Eyre and Spottiswoode 1855, fol. pp. 4, 8d.

A.D. 1847, Sept. 9, No. 11,859. Specification of J. Sims of Redruth for "Certain improvedrawings. Lond. 1847, fol.-. Reprinted. Lond. ments in steam engines." With two folding ...1855, fol. pp. 5, 1/-.

An improved method of working with the expansive action of steam. Rep. R.C.P. Soc. 1837, p. 20.

Steam or hydraulic wheel. ib. 1848, pp. xxviixxix.

SIMS, RICHARD (eld. son of Rich. Sims of Wadham coll. Oxf.). b. Oxford 14 Sep. 1816.

An index to the pedigrees and arms contained in the heralds' visitations and other genealogical manuscripts in the British Museum. By R. Sims. Lond. J. R. Smith 1849, 8°. 15/-.

NOTE. Cornish portion contained in pp. 49-57.

A manual for the genealogist, topographer, antiquary and legal professor, consisting of public records, parochial and other registers, wills, county and family histories, heraldic collections in public libraries etc. etc. By Richard Sims. Lond. J. R. Smith 1856, 8°. 15/-.

NOTE. The portions more particularly referring to Cornwall are pp. 4, 5, 56, 163, 202, 231, 289, 327, 335, 424.

SIMS, WILLIAM. b. near Chacewater 29 Dec. 1762. Mining engineer. d. Whitehall, Kenwyn 16 Oct. 1834. cf. W. J. Henwood's Address in Journ. R.I.C. Apl. 1872, pp. xlix-1; Edinb. Journ. of Sci. x, 37 (1829); W. Pole's Cornish Pumping Engine (1844), p. 58.

SIRIUS. pseud. i.e.

Spring hunting on western moors [in Cornwall]. Gent. Mag. viii, 703–711 (1872). SKELTON, SIR BEVIL (son of sir John Skelton). b. Holland. English envoy at Amsterdam, Mch. 168; Groom of the bedchamber and


captain of the guard 1672; Proposed for Sec. of State, Aug. 1684; English envoy at Versailles 1688; Imprisoned in the tower of London 17 Sep. 1688; Lieut. of the Tower of London 26 Nov. 1688. m. Frances, dau. and heir of sir Robt. Lemster of Ravely, Huntingdonshire. cf. Macaulay's Hist. of Eng. (1856) i, 545, 566, 567, 568, ii, 446, 522; London Gaz 29 Nov. 3 Dec. 1688; Clarendon's Correspondence and Diary (1828), i, 96, 126-27, 163-64, 166-67, 636, ii, 187, 208; Bishop Burnet's Hist. of his own times (1823), iii, 12, 41-42, 162, 275; Agnes Strickland's Lives of the Queens of England (1851-52) vi, 225, vii, 95, 100103, 146, 157.

Letter from B. Skelton to Dr. Covel. Paris 26 Feb. 1687. Br. Museum Addit. MSS. 22,910, f. 253.

SKELTON, CHARLES (5th son of sir John Skelton). Lieut. of H.M.S. "Gloucester" 1672; In the action with the Dutch Smyrna fleet, Mch. 1672; Commander of H.M.S. "Coronation " 1690. drowned in the foundering of the "Coronation" off Rame Head 4 Sep. 1690 with 300 men. cf. Charnock's Biog. Navalis i, 375–76. SKELTON, SIR JOHN, KNT. Of Bittleford in Landulph; Commander of the "Sorlings" 1665; Lieut.-gov. of Plymouth 1660 and deputy lieut. of Devon 1665; Superintendent of H.M. ships on the western coasts. d. 24 Dec. 1672. bur. South aisle of St. Andrew's church, Plymouth where is Monu. m. Bridget dau. of sir Peter Prideaux and lady Christian Grenville. cf. Charnock's Biog. Navalis i, 178; Llewellynn Jewitt's Plymouth (1873) pp. 230,



A.D. 1865, Jan. 5, No. 34. Letters patent to Joseph Skelton of Lostwithiel, smith, for the invention of "Improvements in ploughs." With diagram. Lond. Eyre and Spottiswoode 1865, fol. pp. 3, 6d.


State of the poor. Signed "G. Skerrey, Chiverton Dec. 9, 1799." A. Young's Annals of Agriculture xxxiv, 272–77 (1800).

SKEWES, REV. JOSEPH HENRY, M.A. (son of Will. Skewes, b. Constantine 4 Nov. 1807, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph and Bathsheba Glasson. She was b. Truthall, Sithney 20 Mch. 1808). b. Constantine 29 Apl. 1837. Wesleyan minister 1862, left the connection 1875 and entered the Ch. of England 1876.

SKEWES, REV. J. H. (Con.).

A complete and popular digest of the polity of methodism, each subject alphabetically arranged. By the rev. J. H. Skewes. Lond. Elliot Stock 1869, 8°. pp. xvi and 224.

NOTE. Dedication dated "Dumfries, Dec. 1868." This work was in the 7th thousand in 1873.

A plan proposed for the maintenance of unity and peace in the Wesleyan Methodist societies. [Anon. By rev. J. H. Skewes]. Amos Osborne [printer] 29 Farringdon st. London. n.d. [1870], 8°. s. sh. 1/1 per 100.

A complete and classified index (to suit all editions) of the Journals of the rev. John Wesley M.A. By the rev. J. H. Skewes. Lond. Elliot Stock 1872, 8°. pp. 64, 1/-.

SKEWYS, SKEWISH OR SKUISH, JOHN. b. Cornwall; Of Exeter coll. or Hart hall; Member of Lincoln's inn 1518; A Member of the household of cardinal Wolsey and acted as Deputy for him when he was lord chancellor; Had lease of tolls on tin in Tewington, Tywarnhayle and Helston in Kirrier; Had the privilege of wearing his hat in the king's presence; d. circa 1533. Will dated 30 Hen. VIII in St. Sepulchre's parish, London. cf. Matthew Paris' Historia Minor (sir F. Madden's ed.) preface p. xlii; Hardy's Cat. of materials iii, 152-53; J. Bale's De scriptoribus Britannicis p. 696; Bliss' Wood i, 58-59; Thos. Fuller's Worthies (1811) i, 217; T. Tanner's Bibl. Britannico-Hibernica (1748) p. 677; Miles Davies Icon Libellorum (1715) pp. 49-50; Sir Rich. Baker's Chronicle (1730), p. 300; Sir N. H. Nicolas' Testamenta Vetusta ii, 495; Will. Prynne's Register of Writs (1659–64), iv, 280. A brevyat of a cronacle made by Matthewe Paris monke of Sent Alban of the conquest of duke William of Normandy uppon this realme. Harl. MSS. 2258, art 9, pp. 35-125 paper, sm. fol. xiv cent.

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NOTE. This volume contains the following writing 'Raynold Mohun, owner hereof, by the gyfte of John Skewys, lawyar, and borne in the contye of Cornewalle, whoo drew and wrote thys worke wythe hys owne honde and brevyatyed owte of dyvers antyke auctors."-In the Harl. MSS. Index this writer is by mistake called Rewys. J. Skewys also wrote a work called "De bello Trojano."

SKRINE, HENRY. d. Walton on Thames 1803. A general account of all the rivers of note in Great Britain with their several courses, their peculiar characters etc. By Henry Skrine esq. L.L.B. of Warley in Somersetshire. Lond. printed for T. Bensley 1801, 8°. pp. xx and 412.

NOTE. The account of the rivers of Devon and Cornwall (with map) occupies pp. 249-67.

SKUES, RICHARD. Deputy steward of H. M. coinage in Cornwall and Devon; Took the surname of Scott instead of that of Skues by royal licence and authority 12 Mch. 1827. m. Susanna Maria Martha, dau. of John Scott of Saltash, Principal officer in H.M. Dockyard, Devonport. cf. London Gazette i, 631 (1827).

SLANNING, SIR NICHOLAS (son of Gamaliel Slanning of Hele, Devon and Margaret Marler of Kent). b. 1611; By letters patent Governor and vice admiral of Pendennis castle 17 Apl. 1635 to 1643; M.P. Penryn 1640; Commander of the second tertia of foot under prince Rupert 1643; Wounded at the siege of Bristol 26 July 1643. d. Bristol 9 August 1643. cf. Eliot Warburton's Prince Rupert (1849) ii, 257, 258; Clarendon's Hist. of the rebellion (1849) ii, 491, 496, 590, iii, 73, 93, 97, 110, 114-15, vi, 419-20; S. P. Oliver's Pendennis and St. Mawes (1875) pp. 28-30; J. Prince's Worthies of Devon (1810), pp. 713-16.

Letter from Nicholas Slanning, Bevill Grenvile, Peter Courtenay, John Arundell of Trerise, J. Bassett, J. the earl of Bath in reference to sir Richard Buller, Mr. Carie, Mr. Erisey, Mr. Godolphin of Treveneague and Mr. Thomas Arundell attempting to inhibit the execution of the commission of array. Launceston 5 Aug. 1642. Sealed with the Grenville arms. MS. penes Earl De La Warr at Knole park.

7 Sep. 1642. Letter from sir N. Slanning at Lostwithiel to the house of lords; has taken notice of their lordships' order that he should be sent for as a delinquent, but as he is a member of parliament, and has taken the protestation, he submits that he cannot appear before their lordships without the leave of the house of Commons. MS. House of Lords.


Slater's (late Pigot and Co.) Royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Berkshire, Cornwall, Devonshire etc. Beautiful county maps engraved on steel... Printed and published by Isaac Slater, Manchester and London 1852-53, 8°.

NOTE. Each county has a distinct .pagination. Cornwall with Map occupies pp. 1-68.

SLATER, REV. JOHN. Wesleyan Minister in Cornwall 1812-22. d. Plymouth 29 Aug. 1844, aged 56.

Account of Mr. John Paul of Launceston who died on the 14 Feb. 1822, aged 87. Wesleyan Methodist Mag. xlv, 414 (1822).

SLATER, REV. MARTIN. b. Sawston, Cambridgeshire 16 Oct. 1792. Minister of Inde


pendent chapel, Stonehouse, Jan. 1854; At Fowey 1858 to 1862. d. Fowey 27 Aug. 1862. bur. 29 Aug. cf. The Congregational Year Book for 1863, pp. 266-67.

SLEECH, THE VEN. JOHN (son of rev. Rich. Sleech, canon of Windsor). Ed. at Eton; Scho. of King's coll. Camb. 1729, B.A. 1733, M.A. 1737; Asst. master at Eton; V. of Sudbury, Devon 1737; Preb. of Gloucester 26 Aug. 1769 to 1788; Preb. of Exeter 13 Sep. 1739 to 1788; Archd. of Cornwall 25 Aug. 1741 to 1788; Can. Res. of Exeter, Mch. 1744. d. Exeter 1 Feb. 1788. cf. Gent. Mag. lviii, pt. i, 157, 180, 269 (1788); Nichols' Illustrations iii, 139-40, iv, 861.

A sermon preach'd before the...bishop of Exeter and the governors of the Devon and Exeter hospital for the sick and lame in the cathedral church of S. Peter, Exon, on Saturday the 27th day of August, the anniversary for the foundation of the said hospital, by John Sleech, M.A. ...To which is added A brief account of the rise, progress and present state of the hospital ...Exon, printed by A. and S. Brice...1743, 4o. Title and dedication 2 leaves, Sermon pp. 1-28, A brief account and list of subscribers pp. 29– 39.-.Second ed. 1743, 4o.

Mr. Pitfield's reason for charging Dr. Andrew with a design to cheat him in the purchase of his estate examined and disproved, with the writer's motives for meddling in this dispute. To which is added a Postscript, in answer to a Paper dated June 30, and published under the names of William Chapple and William Pitfield. By John] S[leech], A[rchdeacon] [of] C[ornwall... Exeter, printed by J. Spencer in Gandy's lane 1762, 8°. Title 1 leaf, Reasons pp. 3-15, Postscript &c. pp. 16-57, 6d.

Remarks on a pamphlet lately published by the rev. Mr. archdeacon Sleech. By William Pitfield. To which are subjoined by William Chapple some further Observations... Printed by A. Brice in Northgate-street, Exon 1762, 8°. Title and preface 2 leaves, Remarks pp. 1-36, Observations pp. 37-48.

A letter to the reverend Mr. archdeacon Sleech occasion'd by his pamphlet called "Mr. Pitfield's Reasons, &c. examined and disproved, with the writer's motives for meddling." By Richard Tremlett... Printed by A. Brice in Northgatestreet, Exon 1762, 8°. pp. 73, 6d.

NOTE. The above pamphlets form a portion of a long controversy respecting a dispute between John Andrew, M.D. and Mr. William Pitfield as to the value of an estate at Alphington near Exeter sold by the latter to the former in Aug. 1759.

On the death and burial of Mr. Sleech, arch

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