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"If the scenery failed to charm," says the writer, "the names of places did not fail to astonish us. Acadie, Tracadie, Shubenacadie, rang in my ears for days, and so did the less harmonious refrain of Tignish, Antigonish and Merigonish. When I heard of Pugwash the climax seemed attained. It did not seem possible that any swain could go a-courting a girl from Pugwash." The writer is an expert ornithologist and has a series of charmingly sympathetic chapters on the Ways of the Owl, Bird Traits, Individuality in Birds, and the like. Canadians may learn from this book much concerning their easternmost provinces.

The School of Life. By THEODORE F. SEWARD. New York: James Pott & Co. Toronto: William Briggs. Price, $1.50.

This book is a treatment of some of the deepest problems of human cxistence. It discusses the august theme of the relation of man to God and of man to man. It shows the immanence of God-the great Soul of the world-in nature, and affirms that the time is rapidly approaching when the presence of an unseen God in the universe will be accepted on the same ground as the presence of an unseen soul in man. We see sure evidence in the universe, as in the human body, of a will working in and through it-a conscious Being who feels, loves, plans and execu:cs. This volume is an admirable antidote to the materialistic tendenc es of the age, and is in an important sense an "aid to faith" for earnest souls groping after God if haply they may find Him.

Canadian Independence, Annexation, and British Imperial Federation. By JAMES DOUGLAS. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. Toronto: William Briggs. 8vo, price, 75c. We regret that a notice of this book has been unduly delayed on account of pressure of work. It is one of the most sensible discussions of an important subject that we have yet met. It sets forth the

difficulties and perils of annexation on account of the racial and religious divergencies of the people concerned. Iturges the freest possible commercial intercourse and utmost political and social harmony between Canada and the United States. But the author looks with favour rather towards the creation of a group of separate English-speaking states in both hemispheres, controlling without interference their own domestic affairs, but bound together by common constitutional ties and common interests, each working out its own individual destiny while contributing to the strength, the influence and the prosperity of the whole.

A Sketch of the History of the Apostolic Church. By OLIVER J. THATCHER, of the University of Chicago. Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin & Company. Toronto: William Briggs. Price, $1.25.

The study of the early years of Christianity is of ever fresh interest. The beginning of that moral kingdom which was to fill the world is full of lessons of profoundest importance to this fin de siecle age. A moral Hercules even in its babehood, around its cradle lay the strangled snakes-paganism and pagan vices. In a series of its important chapters Professor Thatcher discusses the condition of the world at the advent of the Messiah, the Expansion of Judaism, the Spirit of Christianity, the Breaking of Jewish Bonds, and the burning questions between the Judaizers and St. Paul. A noble study of the great apostle and cognate themes make a book of unusual importance.

Master and Men, or the Sermon on the Mountain Practised on the Plain. By WILLIAM BURNETT WRIGHT. Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin and Company. Toronto: William Briggs. Price, $1.25.

The sub-title of this book most happily explains its method. It expresses also the great need of the age-not abstract ethical sentiments

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but the words of Jesus translated in the living act and fact. There is in these chapters a fresh and unconventional manner of preaching and a literary grace which make them fascinating reading, as well as fasten the truth they teach like barbed arrows in the soul. Parallel with the beatitudes expounded are given illustrious examples of their embodiment. These are remarkable character-studies of George Macdonald, the illustration of Blessedness and Power; St. Paul, of the Blessedness of Sorrow; Moses, of the Inheritance of the Meek; Socrates, of Hunger and Thirst after Righteousness; King Alfred, of Mercy; George Fox, of Seeing God; and Charles George Gordon, that heroic English Bayard, by a bold metaphor, soldier though he was, of the Blessedness

of the Peacemaker.

In Distance and in Dream. By M. F. SWEITZER. Boston: Joseph Knight Company. Toronto: Wm. Briggs. Price, $1.50.

This is a tender and sympathetic story of a life after death. The translated soul does not forget the home joys and sorrows of survivors, and is permitted to minister heavenly consolations. It reminds one of Miss Mullock's beautiful "Little Pilgrim," but is of more human interest. It makes the other life seem more real and more vivid.

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Better Days for Working-People. By WILLIAM GARDEN BLAIKIE, D.D., LL.D. Edinburgh and London: Oliphant, Anderson and Ferrier. Toronto: Wm Briggs. Price, 35c. the times. This is emphatically a book for The most pressing questions of the day are not so much political, scientific or religious questions, as social questions. The venerable Dr. Blaikie discusses in this little book_such live topics as, What are Better Days? A True Guide to Better Days, The Sweat of the Brow, A Fair Day's Wage for a Fair Day's Work, Health and Strength and How to Keep Them, Home Sunshine, Reading and Recreation, Holy Rest, and Some Possibilities of the Future. Every preacher and teacher, every lover of his kind, will have larger views at once of the difficulties of the problem and of the importance of its


LAST June we had the pleasure of hearing an admirable lecture on "The Language and Literature of the Old Testament" by the Rev. H. C. Hatcher, B.D., delivered before the Theological Union and the Newfoundland Conference, in St. In- John.


The Revival and the Pastor. JONAS ORAMEL PECK, D.D. troduction by J.M. BUCKLEY, D.D. Pp. 279. New York: Hunt & Eaton. Toronto: William Briggs. This is the last word to the world of the late lamented Dr. J O. Peck. His pastorates were always blessed with great revivals, and he here writes out of a full experience as to the wisest methods of securing that all-important end of the Christian ministry. It is the pastor's supreme work, and is the result of a passion for souls. He discusses Revival Power," Personal Work," "Revival Hindrances,' "Preparation for a Revival," "Its Prosecution,' and the important question of the duty of the Church after a revival

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We were so impressed with the value of this lecture that we requested permission to print it in this MAGAZINE and had it put in We subsetype for that purpose. that it was an quently learned understanding that the lectures of the Theological Union should be published in the Methodist Quarterly. We have therefore transferred the article to the editor of that period


IN the November number of this MAGAZINE there is a typographical misprint which conveys an erroneous impression. On page 428, line four, for 91,000 read 1,000-which is a very different thing.

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Hawker's Nerve and Stomach Tonic

A perfect Nerve and Brain Invigorator, and Blood and Flesh Builder, as wel! as a valuable and efficient Stomach Tonic and aid to Digestion.

By its use, nervous and muscular energy are restored to the stomach, and the process of digestion aided and assisted. The blood is renewed and re-vitalized and supplied with the necessary constituents for the reconstruction of wasted tissues and the renewing of nervous energy. The nervous system is invigorated, strengthened and reinforced, and mental and physical vigour fully restored.

Its Principles and Practice.



Superintendent of Nurses and Principal of the Training School for Nurses, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md.

In one very handsome post 8vo. volume of 484 pages, profusely illustrated.

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Hawker's Nerve and Stomach Tonic gencies which are constantly arising, and in

is for sale by all Druggists.

Price 50 cts. a bottle, six bottles $? 50.


which it is necessary to know exactly what to do and how to do it.





Wesley Buildings,


S. S. Catalogue

E HAVE JUST ISSUED from press a splendid new Catalogue of Sunday school Library Books and Requisites, compiled with great labour and care, and which we expect will be valued by every school and be of special service to the Librarian.

Under the various prices we have grouped the publications of The Religious Tract Society, Nelson & Sons, Wesleyan Conference Office and other reputable houses, as well as our own publications.

A second section is devoted to Popular Authors and Special Series.

Then follow complete lists of S. S. Lesson Helps, Helps to Bible Study, S. S. Decorations, Wall Rolls, Maps, S. S. Requisites, Reciters and Dialogue Books, Music Books, &c.

The prices given in the Catalogue are full retail prices, but subject to liberal discounts. The Catalogue well supports our claim to be THE LIBRARY BOOK EMPORIUM OF ČANADA.

Write for a copy and inquire our terms.



Buildings, Toronto.



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"CAMPAIGN ECHOES' which we just finished reading, is a delightfully interesting work, and those of us who fought side by side with Mrs. Youmans in the days of the old Dunkin Act contests, as well as the younger temperance reformers of to-day, will, we trust, value this as one of the books they cannot do without."-Royal Templar.

"Mrs. Youmans' book, 'CAMPAIGN ECHOES,' is one of the most interesting books we have read for some time, and we would advise everybody to secure one. Temperance workers will find in CAMPAIGN ECHOES material for further effort; discouraged ones will take heart again, loving the writer more than ever for the trials she has passed through."-Woman's Journal.

"Mrs. Youmans' enthusiasm and her consecration to this branch of work made her a power wherever she went, until illness prevented further action. While in this volume there is no attempt at a high literary tone, the energetic personality of the writer bursts out into cloquence as she relates incident after incident of her long lifelabour, and waxes hot over the evils she has seen and known."-New York Christian Advocate.

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These thoughtful, able lectures, interesting to any reader, will be especially valued by preachers. The pithy sayings, brilliant flashes of thought, clever character-sketches, will give point to many a sermon. They form a valuable supplement to the grand old allegory. The two series comprise in all fifty-two lectures on as many characters.

"In the hands of some preachers or lecturers, Bunyan's characters would have become caricatures; but here they are delineated with a master-hand. The author does not treat these characters as mythical; to him they are living personalities, the representatives of many to-day whom we recognize either as friends or foes. We feel perfectly safe in the hands of an author who can quote most

approvingly such divines as Goodwin, Owen, and Rutherford, and whose soul revels in Bunyan's Grace Abounding.' All lovers of the immortal allegory should get these 'Bunyan Characters,' especially ministers, who would know men, and be soul-winners. Having read this book from cover to cover, we can say, as Christian said when he left the gate of the interpreter's house, 'Rare and profitable.'- Sword and Trowel.


Methodist Book & Publishing House, Toronto.

C. W. COATES, Montreal, Que.

S. F. HUESTIs, Halifax, N.S.

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