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God, dispersed over the face of the earth; which is Christ's spouse, and Christ's body; being gathered of the fathers of the old world, of the Church of the Jews, of the spirits of the faithful dissolved, of1 the spirits of the faithful militant, and of the names yet to be born, which are already written in the book of life. That there is also a visible Church, distinguished by the outward works of God's covenant, and the receiving of the holy doctrine, with the use of the mysteries of God, and the invocation and sanctification of his holy name. That there is also a holy succession in the prophets of the new testament and fathers of the Church, from the time of the apostles and disciples which saw our Saviour in the flesh, unto the consummation of the work of the ministry; which persons are called from God by gift, or inward anointing, and the vocation of God followed by an outward calling and ordination of the Church.

I believe that the souls of those that die in the Lord are blessed, and rest from their labours, and enjoy the sight of God, yet so as they are in expectation of a further revelation of their glory in the last day; at which time all flesh of man shall arise and be changed, and shall appear and receive from Jesus Christ his eternal judgment; and the glory of the saints shall then be full, and the kingdom shall be given up to God the Father, from which time all things shall continue for ever in that being and state which they shall receive ; 2 so as there are three times (if times they may be called) or parts of eternity: The first, the time before beginnings, when the Godhead was only, without the

1 and. R.

2 which then they shall receive. R.

being of any creature: The second, the time of the mystery, which continueth from the time of creation 1 to the dissolution of the world: And the third, the time of the revelation of the sons of God; which time is the last, and is everlasting without change.

1 from the creation. R.


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