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ral things he freely offers unto God, because he is sensible that they are gifts bestowed upon us by the Almighty for the relief of our temporal wants, in the enjoyment of which we should recognize the goodness of God, and render unto him unfeigned thanks for all his gifts, but should not feast our souls upon these things, nor receive from them our chief delight; but our treasure should be laid up in heaven, our comfort and our joy should be in the law of the Lord, both day and night (Ps. 1, 2. 112, 1.); our spiritual meat should be to do the will of Jesus. John 4, 34. and 6, 27. Therefore, search thy heart, and scan thyself well in the six following articles of examination, learn the state of thy mind, and discover the tendency of thy desires.

1. Examine thyself when thou awakest from thy sleep. Where are thy thoughts? Canst thou say with the prophet, In the way of thy judgment, oh Lord, have I waited for thee; the desire of my soul is to thy name, and to the remembrance of thee; with my soul have I desired thee in the night, yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early (Isaiah 26, 8. 9.); or with the prophet king, When I reD

member thee upon my bed, and meditate on thee in the night-watches, I praise thee, (Ps. 63, 7.) my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness and of thy praise, all the day long. Ps. 35, 28. Dost thou trust in God at all times, and pour out thy heart before him? and is God alone thy refuge? Ps. 62, 9. If this is the case with thee, God will be a present help in every time of need, and will comfort thee, filling thee with all the fulness of God.

2. Examine thyself when employed in thy daily calling. Is even then thy mind engaged with God, that thou mayest do something for thy poor soul? Or are thy thoughts chiefly absorbed in endeavors to provide for the body, which quickly passes away, or in the acquisition of the riches and treasures of this world? If the latter is thy condition, thou hast not hungered aright after righteousness; the one thing needful is still wanting (Luke 10, 42.); thou art still encumbered with viewing thy land and oxen; thou art yet bound unto a wife; and therefore thou art prevented from being present at the feast of the Lord. Luke 14. Thou art yet rich in thy own good things, for which cause thou remainest destitute of the good things

of Christ. Luke 1, 53. Thou art yet full of the world, therefore it is said, Wo unto you that are full! for ye shall hunger. Luke 6, 25. Thou art still a servant of the unrighteous mammon, and therefore thou canst not serve God. Matth. 6, 24. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for thee in thy present state to enter into the kingdom of God. Matt. 19, 24. Luke 18, 25.

3. Examine thyself, when, seated at ta- . ble, thou partakest thy meal, whether thou feelest thankfulness arise in thy heart towards God for this temporal food, which he hath bestowed upon thee as necessary to thy sustenance; and whether thou hast a real desire that he may not only supply thy body, but also satisfy thy soul with good things, that it may delight itself in fatness, (Isaiah 55, 2.) and, when thou hast finished thy meal, whether thou considerest that thou livest not by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, (Matt. 4, 4.) and strivest to receive the word of God, that it may be ingrafted in thee to the saving of thy soul. James 1, 21. If thou proceedest not upon this plan, but enjoyest thy meal without reflection, having thy heart

fixed upon earthly things, thou doest nothing more than the heathen, thou bearest the name of christian unjustly and in vain, nay, thou hungerest not after righteous


4. Examine thyself when thou hast finished thy daily business, and see whether thy heart is not filled with the world and all kinds of cares and thoughts about how or what thou shalt perform the next day, though thou art not certain of living till morning; or whether thou layest all temporal concerns at the feet of God, and enterest into meditation with thyself and considerest whether thou hast finished a day's work in the spirit, that thy soul and mind may have acquired something for which thou canst praise God and render unto him an acceptable sacrifice. But if thou actest not in this manner, if thou hast no care but that of gaining a livelihood, the day will come upon thee as a snare, and thou shalt not escape. Luke 21, 34. 35.

5. Examine whether thou seekest honor from men, and feelest distressed when they treat thee with scorn; whether thou art yet irascible and revengeful; whether thou dost not desire to render evil for evil, and railing for railing; whether there do

not proceed out of thy mouth both blessing and cursing (1 Pet. 3, 9. James 3, 10.); whether thou dost not rejoice when thou hast it in thy power to injure thy enemy or adversary, and whether thou art not greatly pleased with thyself when thou decoratest thyself in a splendid manner, in order to conform with the fashions of the world. Or art thou dead unto the world, seeking naught but the honor that cometh from God? Canst thou rejoice when men revile and persecute thee, and say, though falsely, all manner of evil of thee? Matt. 5, 11. 12. Is thy irascible and envious nature become changed into a mild, affectionate and sober demeanor, so that when a person curses thee, thou canst bless him in thy heart, knowing that thou art hereunto called, that thou mayest inherit the blessing? Canst thou refrain thy tongue from evil, and thy lips that they speak no guile? 1 Pet. 3, 9. 10.

Canst thou cheerfully pray for thy enemies, and, when in necessity, render them assistance? Hast thou acquired, in humility of spirit, a just abhorrence of thyself? Hast thou turned thy back upon the friendship of the world? And are they become thy friends who do the will of God? Mark 3, 34, 35,

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