Exercises in Stewart's Plane and Solid Geometry: With Solutions for Teachers

American book Company, 1893 - 225 sider

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Side 223 - This is a manual of science for teachers, containing answers to the practical questions and problems in the author's scientific text-books. It also contains many valuable hints to teachers, minor tables, etc. Wells's Science of Common Things. By DAVID A. WELLS, A. M $0.85. This is a familiar explanation of the first principles of physical science for schools, families, and young students. Illustrated with numerous engravings. It is designed to furnish for the use of schools and young students an...
Side 220 - From the earliest ages to the present time. A clear, fresh, carefully arranged and condensed work, beautifully illustrated. It treats ancient civilization in the light of the most recent discoveries. The whole history of the past condensed into a moderate-sized volume that can be readily mastered in the ordinary school year. Copies...
Side 220 - A complete outline of the world's history. Some of the prominent features comprise : blackboard analysis ; summaries to assist in review ; lists of reading references ; colored maps ; scenes in real life ; chapters on civilization ; genealogical tables ; foot-notes ; chapters devoted to the rise of modern nations.
Side 219 - Astronomy, accompanied with numerous Illustrations, a Colored representation of the Solar, Stellar, and Nebular Spectra, and Celestial Charts of the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres.
Side 220 - Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern, with special reference to the History of Mankind. Its anatomical synopses, its maps showing the political divisions at the great epochs, its collateral information, its surveys of the great events, distinguished men, and important discoveries. furnish in an entertaining style just what is valuable to the beginner of the study of history.
Side 219 - Reduced to a single term, and better adapted to school use than any work heretofore published. Not written for the information of scientific men, but for the Inspiration of youth, the pages are not burdened with a multitude of figures which no memory could possibly retain. The whole subject is presented in a clear and concise form.
Side 220 - Copies of these or any of the publications of the American Book Company for the use of teachers or school officers, or for examination with a view to introduction^ 'will be sent by mail, postpaid, on receipt of the list or introduction price, AMERICAN BOOK COMPANY, NEW YORK .-. CINCINNATI .-. CHICAGO.
Side 151 - The square of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.
Side 221 - ... the result of a thorough and complete revision of that of 1874. To a large extent it is a new and independent work, yet the paradigms, rules of construction, and in general all parts intended for recitation, have been only slightly changed. The aim of the work in its present form is threefold : 1. To be a clear, simple, and convenient elementary Latin Grammar, giving the essentials for that use in distinctive type, and in the form best adapted to the end. 2. To be an adequate and trustworthy...
Side 217 - Ph. D $1.20. This book proceeds, by natural development, from the lowest form of organism to man. A cut is given of every animal named, since a good picture of an object is worth more than pages of description. Tenney's Elements of Zoology. By SANBORN TENNEY, A. M $1.60. Illustrated by seven hundred and fifty wood engravings. It gives an outline of the animal kingdom, and presents the elementary facts and principles of zoology. Tenney's Natural History of Animals. By SANBORN TENNEY and ABBY A. TENNEY.

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