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Alexander Campbeli.

I saw another messenger flying through the midst of heaven, having everlasting good
news to proclaim to the inhabitants of the earth, even to every nation, and tribe, and
tongue, and people; saying with a loud voice-Foar God, and give glory to him, for the
hour of his judgments is come; and worship him who made heaven, and earth, and sea,
and the fountains of water.

Great is the truth, and mighty above all things, and will prevail.






[blocks in formation]

YEARS roll on: the pulse of Time never ceases: the wheels of Nature carry down all the living with a constant and rapid motion. We are born, we live, we die, and are forgotten amidst the bustle of coming years. We are now the actors-the dramatis persona on the stage of time. Each one plays his part, and retires behind the curtains of death. But the sequel is on another theatre, before other spectators and auditors. The plaudits and the hissings are eternal. We play for crowns and kingdoms-for deathless fame and imperishable treasures. A heaven is lost, or a heaven is won at the close of the last act.

There are many subordinate parts in the great drama of human existence. There are also very conspicuous and high places-great responsibilities-immense prizes-while every one has his own destiny at stake, and all are to be rewarded according to their works.

Such reflections crowd upon us on the commencement of a new volume in the progress of a great revolution—a reformation—a change for the better in the ecclesiastic and moral relations and positions of society. We feel our obligations and responsibilities to be very great. The cause on hand is above all causes now before the bar of public opinion. It demands all our powers-it calls for all our resources.— The question is variously propounded; but the substance is, Who shall rule in Zion?-Jesus or the Pope?-Christ or Antichrist?-the twelve Apostles or twelve hundred Synods and Councils?-the New Testament or a human Creed?-the Word of the Lord or the Opinions of Men?-Union or Schism?-Catholicity or Sectarianism?—one Lord, one faith, one baptism, or three Lords, three faiths, and three baptisms? W may change the terms, the propositions, the questions; but the real points in issue cannot be changed. The issue is between-whether the church began in Jerusalem or in Rome-whether the acts of the Apostles, or the acts of four or seven general Councils, shall be first, last, or midst in deciding what the gospel is-what the gospel ministry, the gospel church, the gospel salvation, and the gospel institutions are.

A hundred sects, or even two, cannot be right: all may, however, be wrong. All, indeed, are wrong that are built on any thing but the one foundation of Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ himself the chief corner stone. There cannot be two houses built upon the same foundation. There is but one true, visible, real church of Christ on earth. Houses are not branches of a house; neither are Roman, Greek, or Protestant parties branches of Christ's church. There may be partial followers of Christ in all parties; but this will not make the parties Christian churches. Republicans in England, France, and Spain will

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