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Side 161 - O for the coming of that glorious time When, prizing knowledge as her noblest wealth And best protection, this Imperial Realm, While she exacts allegiance, shall admit An obligation, on her part, to teach Them who are born to serve her and obey ; Binding herself by Statute to secure For all the Children whom her soil maintains The rudiments of Letters, and inform The mind with moral and religious truth...
Side 210 - This statement moreover, as far as I understand it, refers only to the common lands, which have been enclosed by acts of parliament. " With scarcely any exception," he says again, " the revenue drawn in the form of rent from the ownership of the soil, has been at least doubled in every part of Great Britain since 1790.
Side 49 - The manufacture of cotton, mixed and plain, is arrived at so great perfection within these twenty years, that we not only make enough for our own consumption, but supply our colonies and many of the nations of Europe. The benefits arising from this branch are such as to enable the manufacturers of Manchester alone to lay out about £30,000 a year, for many years past, on additional buildings. >Tis computed that two thousand new houses have been built in that industrious town within these twenty years.
Side 114 - Llanidloes out of £2,000 spent on the poor, nearly £800, and in Bodedern out of £360, £113, are thus exhausted. In Anglesea and part of Caernarvonshire, overseers frequently give written guarantees, making the parish responsible for the rent of cottages let to the Poor..
Side 216 - That it is the bounden duty of the responsible advisers of the Crown to recommend to his Majesty for grants of pensions on the civil list such persons only as have just claims on the royal beneficence, or who, by their personal services to the Crown, by the performance of duties to the public, or by their useful discoveries in science, and attainments in literature and the arts, have merited the gracious consideration of their Sovereign, and the gratitude of their country.
Side 15 - They were also in the nature of benefit societies from which the workman, in return for the contributions which he had made when in health and vigour to the common stock of the guild might be relieved in sickness, or when disabled by the infirmities of age. This character speedily attracted donations for other charitable purposes from benevolent persons who could not find any better trustees than, the ruling members of these communities ; and hence arose the numerous charitable gifts and foundations...
Side 56 - ... only 300 died of that distemper. And it is probable, that even this mortality, however comparatively small, is owing to the continued partial practice of inoculation, which is liable to disseminate far and wide its contagious influence, to the imminent danger of all who have not been protected by previous vaccination, or by having had the disease already.
Side 6 - Corporation is under the control of the Court of Aldermen, the Court of Common Council, and the Court of Common Hall. The Court of Aldermen consists of the Lord Mayor and the aldermen, who are ex-officio Justices of the Peace.
Side 15 - July, 1697, that no person should be allowed to take upon himself the clothing of any of the twelve companies, unless he have an estate of 1,000/., of the inferior companies unless he have an estate of 500...
Side 196 - An Account of the aggregate Amount of Notes circulated in England and Wales by Private Banks, and by Joint Stock Banks and their Branches : distinguishing Private from Joint Stock Banks, (from Returns directed by 3 and 4 Will.

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