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" Brugg, the i7th of February, 1827 Saviour of the poor at Neuhof, at Stanz the father of orphans, at Burgdorf and Munchenbuchsee founder of the popular school, at Yverdun the educator of humanity; man, Christian, and citizen. All for others, nothing for... "
Pestalozzi, His Life and Work - Side 367
af Roger de baron Guimps - 1904 - 445 sider
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Heroes of charity

James Francis Cobb - 1876 - 260 sider
...for the people. At Yverdun, the educator of mankind. He was a man, a Christian, a citizen. Everything for others ; nothing for himself. Peace to his ashes. To our Father Pestalozzi, the grateful Aargau." BARON AUGET DE MONTYON. THE FRENCH PHILANTHROPIST. N a steep crag of rock in...
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Pestalozzi: His Life and Work

Roger de baron Guimps - 1890 - 474 sider
...wall a niche containing the bust of Pestalozzi, below which is the following inscription : Here Rests HENRY PESTALOZZI ; Born at Zurich, the 12th of January,...found at last at Neuhof the poor-school he had so long di earned of. A printed appeal, circulated in Switzerland and abroad, had at once brought in a considerable...
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Methodist Magazine, Bind 40

1894 - 680 sider
...Munchen-Buschsee founder of a popular school ; at Yverdun •educator of humanity. Man, Christian, Citizen, — All for others, nothing for himself. Peace to his ashes, To our father Pestalozxi." The leading lessons of Pestalozzi were : 1. That the use of words by children, which they...
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The Making of a Teacher: A Contribution to Some Phases of the Problem of a ...

Martin Grove Brumbaugh - 1905 - 376 sider
...been." His grateful countrymen inserted on the tablet the following tribute to his ATHtate" &reat work: "Saviour of the poor at Neuhof, at Stanz the father...ashes. To our Father Pestalozzi Grateful Aargau." This is an example of what teachers may do when they understand their exalted privileges, and work...
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Religious Education: A Comprehensive Text Book, Bind 81;Bind 879

William Walter Smith - 1909 - 540 sider
...FER'Y, 1827 Savior of the Poor at Neuboff, At Stanz the Father of Orphans, at Burgdorf and Muchenbuchsee Founder of the Popular School, at Yverdun the Educator...Citizen. All for others, Nothing for Himself. Peace be to his Ashes. To OUR FATHER PESTALOZZI GRATEFUL AAROAU. lar order. The initiative must be taken...
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