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1878, April 27th.-I land at Dieppe, in the north of France, having crossed the English Channel from New Haven. The most striking object, as we approach the shore, is the great crucifix raised aloft with the image of the agonizing Jesus, the head surrounded by gilded rays. And next I notice the mansard roofs. It seems to me that there is more dirt and more freedom than in England. As I wish to walk out and see the town, they will set my box into a little room free of charge. The only question asked of me by the customs' officer is whether I have any tea. You may have studied French for years, and scarcely understand a word of the babel which strikes the ear on landing. I walk out for fifteen minutes to get a glance at Dieppe, a town in Normandy, containing twelve thousand people. Women are walking the street in caps. There is a donkey with panniers and a high old wooden saddle. How many women on the street! How much fish! It is Saturday, and the market is still animated, although it is towards noon. What quantities of women are selling fish,

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