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Notices to Correspondents.

"Mr. Doyal, 21, Bowling-street, Westminster."-It is not our intention to fix any price upon an article until we are certain that it is worthy of occupying a place in our pages.

"A Luckless Legatee," and "Etchings by my Fosterkin," are declined, and left at the Publishers.

"H. V. J." is accepted, and will appear most likely in our


We shall be happy to hear again from " H. J. A.”

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FOR the first time since the death of a beloved father, Henry Cleveland visited his magnificent paternal estate. The enthusiasm which welcomed him from an honest and industrious tenantry, arose as well from the excellence of his own conduct, as the remembrance of the benevolence of their late landlord.

The first being upon whom his affections were lavished on his arrival, was a tender and excellent mother; who adored her only son, and looked with an eye of pride on his promising talents. Every thought was centered in him, and she fondly anticipated the delight of seeing honours showered upon his head.

Her expectations had been somewhat checked by the political principles he had avowed during the short session in which he had an opportunity, as a Member of the House of Commons, of asserting those independent notions which a liberal education had implanted in him; though his conduct, shunning on the one hand the offers of corruption, and on the other, the thoughtless applause of the multitude, had inspired his friends with a sense of his moral rectitude, and given them a promise of honest fame.

But his fond mother, educated with high aristocratical notions, had cherished the hope, he would have joined the ministerial phalanx, and obtain for himself what in her eye was honour, but which he considered an empty title, gained by the sacrifice of virtue.

He was accompanied by a young man of fashion, fortune and title, the ornament of every circle in which he moved; whose



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