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Age 16. laft Line makeft read makes. p. 22. 1. 14. He


Words as a Parenthefis, (a thing quite) p. 27. 1. 24. having, read, who had. p. 29. 1. 3. Befanzon, r. Bezançon. p. 35. 1. 29. Churches, r. Church. p. 40. 1. 4. 1228, r. 1382. id. 1. 29. remembrance, r. mentioning. p. 72. 1. 11. De Breze, r. De Brezé. 1. 12. Normandy, after, r. Normandy. After. p. 73. Note, 91. r. 75. p. 78. 1. 29. Thefe, r. The. p. 177. 14. if, r. whether p. 184. 1. 5. proceeded, r. fhould proceed. 1. 8. of the Lutherans, r. against the Lutherans. p. 214.1. 18. Circumftances. There. r. Circumftances, there. p. 223. 1. 12. long. r. along. p. 274. 1. 17. King's Ufe. r. King's Service. p. 280. 1. 7. by r. with. p. 290. 1. 37. while he and Montbrun. t. while he himself. p. 323. 1.15. Groflet, r. Groflot. p. 327. 1. 33. fourth and laft Attempt, r. fourth Attempt. p. 342. 1. 23. John Artuis, add the Son. p. 547: 1. 30. and granted, -r. or granted. p. 598.1. 3, and 4. Seeing the danger, without the King of Navarr and the Constable's privity, which the ancient Religion, &c. r. (without the King of Navarr, or the Conftable's privity:) feeing the danger which the ancient Religion, &c. p. 603. 1. 6. be, r. they. p. 610. 1. 29. liable, r. able.


Which contains the Hiftory of thirty eight Years

and a half, from 1520, to the Death of

Henry II. the 11th of July 1559.

The Contents of this Book.

I. Some general Confiderations on the Caufes which
occafioned the Reformation. (1) The Pope's
Pride, Avarice, &c. (2) Ignorance and Vices
of the Clergy. (3) Reftauration of Learning in
the Weft. (4) Difperfion of the Waldenfes.
(5) Leo's Bull of Indulgences. (6) Difputes oc-
cafioned by it. II. The Effects of thofe Disputes
in France. III. Briffonnet Bishop of Meaux,
countenances the Reformation in his Diocese.
No. I.
IV. He


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IV. He recants because of the Perfecution.

V. John le Clerc, first Martyr of the Reformed

Religion in France. VI. Francis I's Proceed-

ings against the Reformed. VII. Their Doc-

trine receiv'd by feveral at Orleans, &c.

VIII. Afhort Account of Calvin. IX. Refor-

mation preached at Thouloufe, and how received
there. X. Margaret Queen of Navarr coun-
tenances the Reformation. XI. Francis I's

Inclination to it. XII. The Placards, and their
Effects. XIII. A fevere Edi&t against the Re-
formed. XIV. The Queen of Navarr in dan-
ger of being perfecuted. XV. Anabaptifts for-
ced at Munfter. XVI. The first French Re-
formed Bible. XVII. Cardinal Du Prat's
Death, and Character. XVIII. A great
Drought in France. XIX. Julius Cæfar Sca-
liger in Trouble.
XX. Charles V's Paffage
through France. XXI. Paul III. appoints a
general Council at Trent. XXII. Proceeding of
the Parliaments in France against the Reform-

ed. XXIII. Landri's Sermons, and their Ef-

fect. XXIV. His Death. XXV. Marot leaves

the Court, and the Kingdom. XXVI. Articles

of Faith drawn by the Sorbonifts. XXVII. Per-

fecution at Aubigny. XXVIII. Of the Walden-

fes. XXIX. Their Meffage to Ecolampadius,

and Ecolampadius's Letters to them. XXX. The

Jefuit Daniel's Impofture on their Account,

proved by his own Quotations. XXXI. The

Maffacre of Cabrieres, Merindol, &c. XXXII.

Francis I's Refentment against the Authors of

it. XXXIII. Their Tryal and the Event.

XXXIV. The Council is appointed anew at

Trent. XXXV. Conference of Divines at Me-

lun about the Council. XXXVI. Peter Danes

is fent Embaffador to the Council. XXXVII.Her-

man Elector of Cologn fummoned by the Emperor

and the Pope. XXXVIII. Reafon of thefe Sum-

mons. XXXIX. Perfecution at Meaux, and in

other Places. XL. Henry VIII's Death.

XLI. Francis I's Death. XLII. His Charac-

ter. XLIII. Complaints of the Sorbonists against

Caftellan. XLIV. Mendoza's Answer to them.

XLV. Progreffes of the Reformation under this

Reign. XLVI. Henry II. fucceeds to the Crown.

XLVII. His Favourites Character. XLVIII.

Of the Conftable Montmorency. XLIX. Of

Charles Cardinal of Lorrain. L. Of Diana

Dutchefs of Valentinois. LI. Of the Marshal of

St. Andrew. LII. They provoke the King against

the Reformed. LIII. A Proceffion ending by

the burning of fome of them. LIV. The Death

of Margaret Queen of Navarr, and her Cha-

rader. LV. Of Caftellan Bishop of Mafcon.

LVI. Of Caraccicli Bishop of Troyes. LVII.

Henry's Proteft against the Council of Trent.

LVIII. The Edit of Chateau-briant.

Henry's League with Maurice Elector of Saxony,

&c. LX. His Expedition in Lorrain. LXI. The

Treaty of Paffaw. LXII. Perfecutions in France.

LXIII. Lewis de Marfac's Martyrdom. LXIV.

The Gag first put in Ufe. LXV. Martyrdom of

Simon Laloe. LXVI. King Edward's Death.

LXVII. A Reformed Church fettled at Paris.

LXVIII. Of Mr. de la Riviere firft Minister of

it. LXIX. Pope Marcel fucceeds to Julius III.

and Paul IV. to Marcel. LXX. The Death of

Henry King of Navarr. LXXI. New Regu-

lations for the Tryal of Hereticks. LXXII.

Henry II. breaks the Truce with the Emperor.

LXXIII. Cardinal of Lorrain's Defigns to fettle

an Inquifition in France. LXXIV. Warmly

oppofed by the Parliament of Paris. LXXV.

The Battle of St. Quentin. LXXVI. The As-

fembly of St. James's-ftreet at Paris difcovered.


LXXVII. Calumnies fpread against the Res

formed. LXXVIII. Perfecutions against them.

LXXIX. Jealoufies between the Houfes of Guife,

and Montmorency. LXXX. Very little probabi-

lity that the King had ever fettled the Inquifition

in France by his own Authority. LXXXI. The

Marriage of the Dauphin with Mary Queen of

Scots. LXXXII.Charles V's Death. LXXXIII.

Some great Princes and Lords of the Court de-

clare themfelves for the Reformed Religion.

LXXXIV. A folemn Embaffy from the Prote-

ftant Princes of Germany. LXXXV. The fing-

ing of Pfalms in the Clerk's Meadow LXXXVI.

The Treaty of Cateau-Cambrefis. LXXXVII.

Secret Conference of the Cardinal of Lorrain

with Cardinal Granvelle. LXXXVIII. He

charges Dandelot with Herefy. LXXXIX.

Dandelot's Defence and Perfecution. XC. Vil-

legagnon's Voyage into Brafil. XCI. Munier's

Condemnation. XCII. The Death of Mary

Queen of England. XCIII. The great Increase

of the Reformed Churches in France. XCIV.

The Mercuriale. XCV. Counsellor Dubourg

and fome others arrested Prisoners. XCVI. James

Spifame condemned. XCVII. The first National

Synod of the Reformed Churches in France.

XCVIII. Their Confeffion of Faith. XCIX.

Their Difcipline. C. An extraordinary Em-

baffy from the Proteftant Princes of Germany.

CI. Dubourg's Tryal begins. CII. King Henry's

Death unexpected. CIII. His Character. CIV.

A General View of the Reformed Churches fet-

tled in France under his Reign, more especially

of that of La Rochelle. CV. Francis II. fuc-

ceeds to Henry II.

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