Pestalozzi: His Life and Work

D. Appleton, 1902 - 445 sider

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Side 150 - The want of beds compelled me at first to send some of the poor children home at night; these children generally came back the next day covered with vermin. Most of them on their arrival were very degenerated specimens of humanity. Many of them had a sort of chronic skin-disease, which
Side 247 - Language must be connected with sense-impression. 3 " The time for learning is not the time for judgment and criticism. 4. " In each branch, instruction must begin with the simplest elements, and proceed gradually by following the child's development; that is, by a series of steps which are
Side 152 - is to have any real value, it must imitate the methods which make the merit of domestic education ; for it is my opinion that if public education does not take into consideration the circumstances of family life, and everything else
Side 373 - founder of the popular school, at Yverdun the educator of humanity; man. Christian, and citizen. All for others, nothing for himself, Peace to his ashes. To our Father Pestalozzi Grateful Aargau. 1 The same day witnessed the inauguration of a still worthier memorial to this faithful friend of the poor. Pestalozzi's
Side 164 - to be reasonable, and make them submit to what is just and right. And that is what I must do now. If you do not willingly assist in the maintenance of order, our establishment cannot go on, you will fall back into your former condition, and your misery—now that you have been
Side 163 - Many things that make no difference in a small household could not be tolerated where the numbers were so great. I tried to make my children feel this, always leaving them to decide what could or could not be allowed. It is true that, in my intercourse with them, I never spoke of liberty or
Side 159 - It was in this way that I strove to awaken the feeling of each virtue before talking about it, for I thought it unwise to talk to children on subjects which would compel them to speak without thoroughly understanding what they were saying.
Side 169 - to be able to take his mother's place for a moment, so my children were delighted when they knew something that they could teach others. A sentiment of honour awoke in them, and they learned twice as well by making the younger ones repeat their words,

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