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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Of duration and its simple modes.


1. Duration is fleeting ex-


2-4. Its idea from reflection on

the train of our ideas.
5. The idea of duration ap-
plicable to things whilst
we sleep.

6-8. The idea of succession
not from motion.

9-11. The train of ideas has a
certain degree of quick-


12. This train, the measure
of other successions.
13-15. The mind cannot fix long
on one invariable idea.
16. Ideas, however made,
include no sense of mo-


[blocks in formation]

1. Both capable of greater

and less.

2. Expansion not bounded

by matter.

3. Nor duration by motion.
4. Why men more easily

admit infinite duration,
than infinite expansion.
5. Time to duration, is as
place to expansion.

6. Time and place are taken
for so much of either as
are set out by the ex-
istence and motion of bo-

7. Sometimes for so much
of either as we design by
measure taken from the
bulk or motion of bodies.
8. They belong to all be-


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9. All the parts of exten-

sion, are extension; and

9. Number affords us the
clearest idea of infinity.

all the parts of duration 10, 11. Our different conception

[blocks in formation]

of the infinity of number,

duration, and expansion.
12. Infinite divisibility.

13, 14. No positive idea of infi-
15-19. What is positive, what ne.
gative, in our idea of in-

16, 17. We have no positive idea
of infinite duration.

18. No positive idea of infi-

nite space.

20. Some think they have a

positive idea of eternity,

and not of infinite space.

21, Supposed positive idea of

infinity, cause of mis-


22. All these ideas from sen-

sation and reflection.

[blocks in formation]
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