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pillow, I clasp that loving hand in mine, and through my sobs and tears try to say "Goodbye," I do not mean "I shall never see you again," I only mean this, "May your by-and-bye be good in the land to which you are hastening, and may you "see good days."


As I stand beside that dying bed, I won't say

farewell," I will only say "good night." In a few moments the lips that have so often moved to bless me shall be silent as the grave; the face that through the long, changing years I have so loved to look upon, shall cease to smile upon me. So far as this life goes, I shall see you no more; I shall hear you speak no more; I shall feel no more the clasp of your loving hand. All this is nearly at an end. Already the pulse beats low; the eyes are being glazed over; the voice so feeble that it can scarce utter a word; the breathing quick and deep. It is all but the end; still, I will only say "good night." We shall meet again in the morning, when "the day breaks and the shadows flee away." We shall meet again when the sun rises from behind the eternal hills. I will only say "good night;

for when after life's hard fight, and work, and care, the body has rested in the sleep of death, I shall meet you again, refreshed, and made a child again in the Kingdom of Heaven. Then take my hand in yours again, and let me once more say "good night." May angels from the Fatherland spread their white wings over you, and guide you to the Morning Land; may Jesus come to thee, and say, "Child of My love, lean hard,' for the Arm that upholds the worlds can support thee-thou frail one, as thou passest through the waters.'" Sleep sweetly, dear soul. Blessed let thy rest be, for past are thy griefs, thy pains, thy sorrow, and God will come and wake thee on the morrow.

Bad Behaviour in Church.

IST EPISTLE OF ST. PAUL the Apostle to TIMOTHY III. 15. "That thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the House of God."

It is my wish to-night, and on the two following Sunday Evenings, to speak to you upon,-Ist, Bad behaviour in Church; 2ndly, Bad behaviour towards the Church; 3rdly, Behaviour out of Church.

To-night, then, I will speak to you,—or rather I must ask your forbearance this evening while I speak to a minority amongst you upon the first of these three subjects, viz: Bad behaviour in Church, which is a great, and, I fear, common sin.

I am speaking to-night to a body of

Christians; some "Low Church," others "High Church," others "Broad Church," others "No Church," but all I suppose claiming the title of Christians. I am not speaking to that pitiable, melancholy, unhappy class of persons who never frequent any place of worship; but I am addressing those who at least assent to the truth of Christianity, by countenancing with their presence a service in a Christian Church. Then what does our common Christianity teach us? What may I put down as the outline of a belief, which most men hold in common, and which escapes the criticism of controversy? Well, a broad creed to which all parties assert their allegiance, is this. That we are the creatures of God. That He made us; and His only-begotten Son died for us. That our sins helped to crucify Him to the tree; and that we have to live for ever, and to stand before God in His open presence after we are (what we call) "dead." That our life on earth is a very short one,-"threescore years and ten;" that death is a very awful thing; the result being, that before a hundred

years have passed away, every body, generally speaking, in this Church to-night and in the world will be in their graves, the food for corruption; and that their souls will be away in another world, to be judged according to the works done in the body, whether they are good, or whether they be bad. More than this. That our lives are entirely in God's Hands. That He can crush us as a man crushes a moth. That eternity is before us; and that we are all dying men and women. That death is so near to us, that in all probability the tree is now growing that will provide the wood for our coffin!

of creatures we are. derful God; a God, hensible, Eternal.

These are the sort The creation of a WonHoly, Awful, IncompreDoes such a God, does

such a life, demand our reverence? And the message God sends to you and to me, is this"Prepare to meet thy God." Whoever you are, young or old, rich or poor, tradesman or professional man, school-boy, apprentice, aye, whoever or whatever you may be, "Prepare to meet thy God." Death is before you, young man,


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