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of the Difcourfe we fhall fhew the Beauties, Ufes, Advantages and Excellencies of bit, which we fhall do by way of Represen tation, in eleven different Draughts or Portraictures,viz. In the multitude of Teftimonies given in favour of it; in its Oppofition to all falfe Religions; in the Purity and h Self-denial of its End; in its wonderful - Effects manifefted in the Heart of Man; n in the Church, and even in the general Society of Mankind; in the Morality of it, which is fo holy; in its Myfteries, which are fo fublime, and yet fall in fo well with the Principles of Confcience; in the Conformity of its Mysteries to the Lights of Reafon in the effential Relation it has to the Glory of God; in its Divine Agreeablenefs to our Heart, which it frees from its Mifery, Vilenefs and Corruption; in the 1 exact Proportion it bears to the Jewish Religion, which is the Caufe that it contains neither any Reason nor Wisdom, when feparated from the Chriftian Religion, which is the Key of it, and is represented in the Jewish, as in a great and magnificent Looking-glafs: And laftly, in the Proportion it bears to Natural Religion, of which Chriftianity is a perfect Reftauration, as Paganifm was the Corruption of it.

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Such is the Plan and Defign of this Work, in which we principally propofed to do four things, viz. to lay down the Principles of Reli

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Religion in fuch Order and Connection, as might serve to manifeft the Truth of it, to difcover the secret Principles of Infidelity, and confute it, by fhewing whence it fprings; to fatisfy, as far as 'tis poffible all the Difficulties objected to us either in Books or Converfation; thofe, I mean, which have any Shew of Probability. And laftly, to use no Arguments but fuch as have convinced us, and to urge them no further than we our felves are convinced by them, not making it our Business to copy those who have wrote upon the fame Subject, nor affecting to avoid what they have faid; but endeavouring to raise our selves above all Oftentation of Wit and Learning, which is fo fatal to 'fuch fort of Works, our Design in this prefent Treatife being only to find out what establishes the Truth of the Christian Religion, and not that which only proves the Subtilty or Learning of the Author.

Though we dare not flatter our felves with the Hopes of having fucceeded in all these our Undertakings, yet we may truly give this Teftimony in our own Behalf, that we have endeavoured it with Sincerity and Application. God who has put this Defign into our Heart, and fupported our Weakness by his Grace, grant it may fucceed to the Glory of his Truth, and the Sal vation of all thofe that oppose it.





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Of the Existence of God.

HAP. 1. The Defign of this Section, Pag.1. Chap. 2. Wherein 'tis proved, by enquiring into the Principles of our Errors, that the Opinion afferting the Existence of God, is not Sa falfe Prejudice,

P. 5.

ar Chap. 3. In which 'tis further demonstrated that the Opinion we have of the Existence of God is no Prejudice, p. 14. Chap. 4. In which we shall examine the Arguments that prove the Existence of God, P. 18. Chap. 5. The Confideration of the Arguments for the Existence of God, taken from the Principles of Philofophy,

p. 27. Chap. 6. Containing a further Confideration of the Arguments for the Existence of God, together with the Spirituality and Immortality of the Soul, taken from the Principles of Philofophy, p. 38. Chap. 7. That there are in the World certain Marks and Signs of Novelty, which lead us to the Truth of the Existence of God,

p. 58. Chap.8. Containing fome Arguments for the Exiftence of God, taken from the Confideration of Society, the first Argument drawn from the Succeffion of Generations,

р.бо. Chap. 9. That there are certain Marks of Novelty in humane Society, which prove the Existence


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and firft that be is a surfary Being, cuida ke
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Chap. 3. Toz Wilcm, Hice and Good-
nefs do nere Fastly belong to the day God, past
Chap. 4. When we joal we de Neg
Religion in general, by the leay God

Chap. 5. Wer we fal proe die Trice of
Natural Religion,

Chap. 6. Wantie 'tis proed that time are
Some Principles of a my Natural H
planted in us,

Chap. 7. Werein me fodd yet it M

a Revelation to be fageraded to tet i ha

Chap. 8. Vereine prata there a u-
ceflary and named fæða bez zoril Good
and Évil,

Chap. 9. In at me foal came in One
ons of the Delts,

Chap. 10. Woere were

jections of the Deilis,


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Wherein we frall prove the Trab of the


Jeaib Religica.

Hap. 1. An Exzy i en kertation
fuperadded to toz of Name, na Nand
which we are in fime weejere compress & an

Chap. 2. To the Chief Dromaj zij
brightly vifitle in the Jewih kereta, va se
cannot but acknowledg form at the fo998, p.201
Chap. 3. Wherein we furcia szauna Vit Cha

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