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1. Chansons de P. J. De Béranger.

2. Chansons Inédites de P. J. De Béranger, suivies des Procès.

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MAY, 1831.

ART. I.-Letters and Journals of Lord Byron, with Notices of his Life. By THOMAS MOORE. In 2 Vols. Vol. ii. NewYork. J. & J. Harper, 1831.

THE second volume of Mr. Moore's work is one of the most interesting books in the language. The success of the author is exactly in the inverse ratio of the space which he occupies in his own pages-of which he has, for this time, yielded the almost exclusive possession to the hero of his story. He has, indeed, presented us with the "Confessions" of Lord Byron, made up of the most authentic and least suspicious of all possible materials-his letters, journals and the like relics, thrown off with the impression of every varying mood upon them, and apparently without any intention, or even the remotest idea of giving them to the public. They exhibit, accordingly, without disguise or palliation, a view of his whole course of life during his last residence on the continent. We need not say that the life of which the secret post-scenia and deepest recesses are thus unexpectedly laid bare to the gaze of the world, is that of a man of pleasure-dashed, it is true, with the gloom of a complexional melancholy, or more brilliantly diversified by the mingled glories of genius and literature, and abruptly and prematurely terminating in a high tragic catastrophe-an atoning self-sacrifice, and a hero's grave. A book of this character, it may very well be conceived, will, in spite of its attractions, or rather in consequence of them, find a place in the Index Expurgatorius of the sterner sort of censors-along with the "Mémoires de Grammont," and the "Amours des Gaules" of the Count de BussyVOL. VII.--No. 13. 1

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