The Beauties of England and Wales, Or, Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive, of Each County, Bind 13,Del 2


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Side 1031 - Tis Flora's page: — In every place, In every season, fresh and fair, It opens with perennial grace, And blossoms everywhere. On waste and woodland, rock and plain, Its humble buds unheeded rise; The Rose has but a summer reign, — The Daisy never dies.
Side 997 - Some unhappy suits in law, and waste of his fortune in those suits, made some impression on his mind; which, being improved by domestic afflictions, and those indulgences to himself which naturally attend those afflictions, rendered his age less reverenced than his youth had been, and gave his best friends cause to have wished that he had not lived so long.
Side 100 - Should I ten thousand years enjoy my life, I could not praise enough so good a wife! On the south wall is a monument to a woman of equal excellence: Elizabeth, wife of major-general Hamilton, who was married near forty-seven years, and never did one thing to disoblige her husband!
Side 33 - For the application of this fortune to charitable uses, the public," says Highmore, in his History of the Public Charities of London, " are indebted to a trifling circumstance. He employed a female servant whom he had agreed to marry. Some days previous to the intended ceremony, he had ordered the pavement before his door to be mended up to a particular stone which he had marked, and then left his house on business.
Side 182 - ... their utmost speed), and not only kept his seat gracefully, in spite of every effort of the affrighted beast, but drawing his sword, with it guided him towards the Queen, and coming near her presence, plunged it in his throat, so that the animal fell dead at her feet.
Side 1005 - O my beloved nymph, fair Dove, Princess of rivers, how I love Upon thy flowery banks to lie, And view thy silver stream, When gilded by a Summer's beam ! And in it all thy wanton fry Playing at liberty, ' And, with my angle, upon them The all of treachery I ever learned industriously to try...
Side 1060 - ... 4. Jasper ; a white porcelain biscuit of exquisite beauty and delicacy, possessing the general properties of the basaltes, together with the singular one of receiving through its whole substance, from the admixture of metallic calces with the other materials, the same colours which those calces communicate to glass or enamels in fusion — a property which no other porcelain or earthenware body of ancient or modern composition has been found to possess. This renders it peculiarly fit for making...
Side 74 - Destitute, an asylum for persons discharged from prison, or from the hulks ; for unfortunate and deserted females, and others, who, from loss of character, or extreme indigence, cannot procure an honest maintenance, though willing to work.
Side 110 - a notable man at a thanksgiving dinner," says a pamphleteer of the time quoted by Lysons, " having terrible long teeth, and a prodigious stomach to turn the archbishop's chapel into a kitchen, and to swallow up that palace and lands at a morseL" After the ^Restoration this edifice was fitted up and restored to its former state by Archbishop Juxon.
Side 2 - Hill), hides itself, or is rather swallowed up, at the foot of the hill there; and, for that reason, the place is called the Swallow; but, about two miles below, it bubbles up and rises again, so that the inhabitants of this tract, no less than the Spaniards, may boast of having a bridge that feeds several flocks of sheep.

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