The Ventilation and Warming of School Buildings, Bind 1

D. Appleton, 1887 - 173 sider

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Side ii - THE RISE AND EARLY CONSTITUTION OF UNIVERSITIES. WITH A SURVEY OF MEDIAEVAL EDUCATION. By SS LAURIE, LL. D., Professor of the Institutes and History of Education, University of Edinburgh.
Side 113 - The whole of the air so contaminated, and which may be in volume twenty, fifty, or even a hundred times greater than that of the true smoke, or burned air, is then all called smoke, and must all be allowed to ascend away from the room, that none of the true smoke may remain. It is evident, then, that if a cover or hood of metal be placed over a fire, as represented by the letters...
Side 92 - British thermal unit (BTU) is the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.
Side i - IT is proposed to publish, under the above title, a library for teachers and school managers, and text-books for normal classes. The aim will be to provide works of a useful practical character in the broadest sense. The following conspectus will show the ground to be covered by the series : I.— History Of Education. (A.) Original systems as expounded by their founders. (B.) Critical histories which set forth the customs of the past and point out their advantages and defects, explaining the grounds...

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