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1. An Analyfis of Mr. Locke's Doctrine of Ideas, on a large Sheet.
II. A Defence of Mr. Locke's Opinion concerning Personal Identity,

with an Appendix.
III. A Treatise on the Conduct of the Understanding,
IV. Some Thoughts concerning Reading and Study for a Gentleman.
V. Elements of Natural Philosophy.
VI, A New Method of a Common-Place-Book.




Printed for T. Longman, B. Law and Son, J. Johnson, C. Dilly,
G. G. J. and J. Robinson, T. Cadell, W. Richardson, W. Otridge,
J. Sewell, F. and C. Rivington, Ogilvy and Speare, S. Hayes, Leigh
and Sotheby, T. Payne, W. Lowndes, R. Faulder, B. and J. White,
Vernor and Hood, G.and T. Wilkie, Scatcherd and Whitaker, E.Jefferey,
and Cadell and Davies,


B 1290 1706

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Baron Herbert of Cardiff, Lord Ross, of Kendal,

Par, Fitzhugh, Marmion, St. Quintin, and Shurland; Lord President of his Majesty's Most

; Honourable Privy Council

, and Lord Lieutenant of the County of Wilts, and of South-Wales,


THIS Treatise, which is

Treatise, which is grown up under your lordship's eye, and has ventured into the world by your order, does now, by a natural kind of right, come to your lordship for that protection, which

years fince promised it. It is not that I think any name, how great soever, set at the beginning of a book, will be able to cover the faults that are to be found in it. Things in print must stand and fall by their own worth, or the Reader's fancy. But there being nothing more to be desired for truth, than a fair unprejudiced hearing, nobody is more likely to procure me that, than your lordship, who are allowed to have got to intimate an acquaintance with her, in her more retired recesses. Your lordship is known to have so far

you several


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