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James Fenimore Cooper.

Works. New Household Edition.

With Introductions

to many of the volumes by Susan Fenimore Cooper, and Illustrations. In 32 volumes. Each, 16m0, $1.00; the set, $32.00; half calf, $64.00.

Sea Tales. First Series. New Household Edition. With Introductions by Susan Fenimore Cooper. Illustrated. In 5 vols., the set, 16m0, $5.00; half calf, $10.00.

Sea Tales. Second Series. New Household Edition. With Introductions by Susan Fenimore Cooper. Illustrated. In 5 vols., the set, 16m0, $5.00; half calf, $10.00.

Leather - Stocking Tales. New Household Edition. With Portrait, Introductions, and Illustrations. In 5 vols., the set, 16m0, $5.00; half calf, $10.00. Cooper Stories.

Narratives of Adventure selected from Cooper's Works. Illustrated. Stories of the Prairie. Stories of the Woods. Stories of the Sea. 3 vols. 16m0, $1.00 each; the set, $3.00.

Mary Hallock Foote.

The Chosen Valley. 16mo, $1.25.

The Led-Horse Claim. Illustrated.

per, 50 cents.

16mo, $1.25; pa

John Bodewin's Testimony. 12mo, $1.50; paper, 50


The Last Assembly Ball, and the Fate of a Voice.

16mo, $1.25.

In Exile, and Other Stories. 16mo, $1.25.

Arthur Sherburne Hardy.

But Yet a Woman. 16mo, $1.25; paper, 50 cents. The Wind of Destiny. 16mo, $1.25; paper, 50 cents. Passe Rose. 16mo, $1.25; paper, 50 cents.

Joel Chandler Harris.

Mingo, and other Sketches in Black and White. 16mo,

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paper, 50 cents.

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Baalam and his Master, and other Stories. 16mo, $1.25.

Uncle Remus and His Friends. Old Plantation Stories, Songs, and Ballads. With Sketches of Negro Character. With 12 illustrations by Frost.


I 2mo,


Bret Harte.

The Luck of Roaring Camp, and Other Sketches.

16m0, $1.25.

Mrs. Skaggs's Husbands, etc. 16m0, $1.25.

Tales of the Argonauts, etc. 16mo, $1.25.
Thankful Blossom. 18m0, $1.00.

18mo, $1.00.

Two Men of Sandy Bar. A Play.
The Story of a Mine. 18mo, $1.00.
Drift from Two Shores. 18m0, $1.00.
The Twins of Table Mountain.

18mo, $1.00.

Flip, and Found at Blazing Star. 18mo, $1.00.

In the Carquinez Woods. 18m0, $1.00.

On the Frontier. Stories. 18mo, $1.00.

By Shore and Sedge. 18mo, $1.00.

Maruja. 18mo, $1.00.

Snow-Bound at Eagle's.

18m0, $1.00.

A Millionaire of Rough-and-Ready, and Devil's Ford. 18mo, $1.00.

A Phyllis of the Sierras, and Drift from Redwood Camp. 18mo, $1.00.

The Argonauts of North Liberty.

A Waif of the Plains.

18m0, $1.00.

18mo, $1.00.

Novels and Tales. 15 vols. 18mo, $15.00.

Cressy. 16m0, $1.25.

The Crusade of the Excelsior. $1.25; paper, 50 cents.


The Heritage of Dedlow Marsh, etc.


16mo, $1.25.

A Ward of the Golden Gate. 16mo, $1.25; paper, 50


A Sappho of Green Springs, and other Stories. 16m0, $1.25; paper, 50 cents.

A First Family of Tasajara. 16m0, $1.25.

Colonel Starbottle's Client, and Some Other People. 16mo, $1.25.

Susy. A Story of the Plains. 16m0, $1.25.

A Protégée of Jack Hamlin's, and other Tales. 16mo, $1.25.

Margaret Deland.

John Ward, Preacher. 16mo, $1.25; paper, 50 cents. Sidney. 16mo, $1.25; paper, 50 cents.

The Story of a Child.

16mo, $1.00.

Mr. Tommy Dove, and Other Stories. 16mo, $1.00.

Mary Catherine Lee.

A Quaker Girl of Nantucket. 16mo, $1.25.
In the Cheering-Up Business. 16mo, $1.25.


Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Works. Little Classic Edition. Each volume contains vignette illustration. In 25 volumes (including Index). 18mo, each $1.00; the set, in box, $25 00; half calf, $50.00; half morocco, gilt top, $62.50; tree calf, $75.00.

Twice-Told Tales. 2 vols.

The Snow-Image, and other Twice-Told Tales.
Mosses from an Old Manse. 2 vols.

The Scarlet Letter.

True Stories from History and Biography.
A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys.

Tanglewood Tales.

American Note-Books.

English Note-Books.

2 vols.

2 vols.

The House of the Seven Gables.

The Blithedale Romance.

The Marble Faun. 2 vols.

Our Old Home. English Sketches.
French and Italian Note-Books.

Septimius Felton.

Fanshawe, and other Pieces.

The Dolliver Romance, etc.

Sketches and Studies.

Index, and Sketch of Life.

Riverside Edition. With Introductory Notes by George P. Lathrop. With 12 original full-page Etchings and 13 vignette Woodcuts and Portrait. In 13 volumes. Crown 8vo, gilt top, $2.00 each; the set, $26.00; half calf, $39.00; half calf, gilt top, $42.00; half levant, $52.00. The set, 15 vols., including “Nathaniel Hawthorne and His Wife: " A Biography, by Julian Hawthorne (2 vols.), $30.00; half calf, $45.00; half calf, gilt top, $48.00. Twice-Told Tales.

Mosses from an Old Manse.

The House of the Seven Gables, and The Snow-Image. A Wonder-Book, Tanglewood Tales, etc.

The Scarlet Letter, and The Blithedale Romance.

The Marble Faun.

Our Old Home, and English Note-Books. 2 vols.
American Note Books.

French and Italian Note-Books.

The Dolliver Romance, Fanshawe, Septimius Felton, and, in an Appendix, The Ancestral Footstep.

Tales, Sketches, and other Papers. With Biographical Sketch, by G. P. Lathrop, and Indexes.

Dr. Grimshawe's Secret.


Miriam Coles Harris.

Writings. New Edition, uniform. Each volume, 16mo, $1.25; the set, II vols., $13.25.


The Sutherlands.
St. Philip's.


A Perfect Adonis.

Frank Warrington.

Richard Vandermarck.



An Utter Failure.

Louie's Last term at St. Mary's (for Young People). 16m0, $1.00.

Happy-Go-Lucky. 16mo, paper, 50 cents.

Blanche Willis Howard.

One Summer. New Popular Edition. Illustrated by Hoppin. 16mo, $1.25.

Aulnay Tower. 12mo, $1.50; paper, 50 cents.

Aunt Serena. 16mo, $1.25; paper, 50 cents.

Guenn. Illustrated. 12mo, $1.50; paper, 50 cents. The Open Door. Crown 8vo, $1.50; paper, 50 cents. A Fellowe and His Wife. Collaborated with William Sharp. 16mo, $1.25; paper, 50 cents.

No Heroes. A Story for Boys. Illustrated. Square 12mo, 75 cents.

William Dean Howells.

Their Wedding Journey. Illustrated. 12m0, $1.50; 18mo, $1.00.

A Chance Acquaintance. Illustrated. 12m0, $1.50; 18mo, $1.00.

A Foregone Conclusion. 12mo, $1.50; paper, 50 cents. The Lady of the Aroostook. 12m0, $1.50; paper, 50


The Undiscovered Country. 12m0, $1.50; paper, 50


The Minister's Charge. 12mo, $1.50; paper, 50 cents. Indian Summer. 12mo, $1.50; paper, 50 cents.

The Rise of Silas Lapham. 12mo, $1.50; paper, 50


A Fearful Responsibility, etc. 12m0, $1.50; paper, 50


A Modern Instance.
A Woman's Reason.
Dr. Breen's Practice.

12m0, $1.50; paper, 50 cents. 12mo, $1.50; paper, 50 cents. 12m0, $1.50; paper, 50 cents. 12m0, $1.00.

The Sleeping-Car, and other Farces.

Rev. George A. Jackson.
The Son of a Prophet. 16m0, $1.25.


Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Elsie Venner. Crown 8vo, $1.50; paper, 50 cents. The Guardian Angel. Crown 8vo, $1.50; paper, 50 cents. A Mortal Antipathy. Crown 8vo, $1.50.

Augustus Hoppin.

Recollections of Auton House.
Author. Square 8vo, $1.25.

Illustrated by the

A Fashionable Sufferer. Illustrated by the Author.

12m0, $1.50.

Two Compton Boys.
Square 8vo, $1.50.

Henry James.

Illustrated by the Author.

Watch and Ward. 18mo, $1.25.

A Passionate Pilgrim, and other Tales.

Roderick Hudson. 12mo, $2.00.

The American. 12mo, $2.00.

The Europeans.

12mo, $1.50.

12m0, $2.00.

Confidence. 12mo, $1.50; paper, 50 cents.

The Portrait of a Lady. 12mo, $2.00.

The Author of Beltraffio; Pandora; Georgina's Reasons; Four Meetings, etc. 12mo, $1.50.

The Siege of London; The Pension Beaurepas; and The Point of View. 12mo, $1.50.

Tales of Three Cities (The Impressions of a Cousin;

Lady Barberina; A New-England Winter).


$1.50; paper, 50 cents.

Daisy Miller: A Comedy.

12mo, $1.25.

The Tragic Muse. 2 vols. 16mo, $2.50.

Sarah Orne Jewett.

The King of Folly Island, and other People. 16m0, $1.25.

Tales of New England. In Riverside Aldine Series. 16m0, $1.00.

A White Heron, and Other Stories. 18mo, $1.25.

A Marsh Island. 16mo, $1.25; paper, 50 cents.

A Country Doctor. 16mo, $1.25; paper, 50 cents,
Deephaven. 18mo, gilt top, $1.25.

Old Friends and New. 18mo, gilt top, $1.25.
Country By-Ways. 18mo, gilt top, $1.25.

The Mate of the Daylight, and Friends Ashore. 18mo, gilt top, $1.25.

Betty Leicester. 18mo, gilt top, $1.25.
Strangers and Wayfarers. 16mo, $1.25.
A Native of Winby. 16m0, $1.25.

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